Yasiel Puig reportedly has strong words for media

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Regarding Dodgers five-tooler Yasiel Puig and his feelings about the media, there's this ... 

There's no doubt that Puig has been a media fixation over the first 10 weeks of his major-league career, and the Cuban defector's first trip to Miami has probably occasioned even more coverage. For a 22-year-old, it's probably a bit overwhelming at times. 

With that said, the Dodgers tell CBSSports.com that when Puig uttered a phrase similar to the one above, he was speaking privately to a team official about the prospect of an upcoming question-and-answer session with reporters, which he later undertook and completed. The team maintains that his remark, which the Dodgers say was not translated accurately in the above tweet (although it was still profane), was not directly addressed to members of the media within earshot.

In more interesting news, these two guys -- Puig and Marlins 21-year-old ace Jose Fernandez -- will face off on Monday night ... 

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