Your Red Sox controversies of the day

Sometimes actual baseball is played at Fenway. (Getty Images)

Because the Boston Herald cannot stand idly by while the British tabloids suck the air out of the room with their saucy Prince Harry photos, there's this: some members of the Red Sox's front office are reportedly upset that more players didn't attend Johnny Pesky's funeral.

We know that David Ortiz, Clay Buchholz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Vicente Padilla showed up, and we know that a team spokesman said this: "Between the ownership, front office, current players and staff, and former players, we were well represented by the people who knew Johnny best."

However, the Herald's Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa have spoken to Someone Who Knows (emphasis mine; phrasing, capitalization and absurdity theirs), and Someone Who Knows says that, "The front office was not happy."

Elsewhere at the Fens, CEO Larry Lucchino, appearing on the Dennis & Callahan Show, was asked whether recently fired pitching coach Bob McClure might have been the leak for Jeff Passan's recent story on the failed putsch against Bobby Valentine. McClure, after all, was with the Royals for quite a while, and Passan is based Kansas City.

Rather than taking the tack of normal people and swatting away the question, Lucchino opted to do what he does: "There's no way of knowing whether Bob McClure or whoever . . . of course, Bob McClure was not in that meeting," said Lucchino. "I'm well aware of the overlap in Kansas City. That's not a surprise to me. That was called to my attention. But, again there's no way of knowing so I'm not going to make any baseless acquisitions."

Good of him to take the high road like that and avoid any "baseless accusations."

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