Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Position Listing
C · 1B · 2B · 3B · SS · LF · CF · RF · DH · SP · RP
Familia, Jeurys RP, New York Mets
Faria, Jacob SP, Tampa Bay Rays
Farmer, Buck RP, Detroit Tigers
Farquhar, Danny RP, Tampa Bay Rays
Faulkner, Andrew RP, Texas Rangers
Feldman, Scott SP, Houston Astros
Feliz, Michael RP, Houston Astros
Feliz, Neftali RP, Pittsburgh Pirates
Fernandez, Jose SP, Miami Marlins
Fernandez, Raul (FA) SP, Chicago White Sox
Ferrell, Jeff RP, Detroit Tigers
Fielder, Prince DH, Texas Rangers
Fields, Daniel CF, Chicago White Sox
Fields, Josh RP, Houston Astros
Fien, Casey RP, Minnesota Twins
Fiers, Mike SP, Houston Astros
Figueroa, Pedro (DL) RP, Texas Rangers
Finnegan, Brandon RP, Cincinnati Reds
Fister, Doug SP, Houston Astros
Flaherty, Ryan 2B, Baltimore Orioles
Flores, Kendry RP, Miami Marlins
Flores, Ramon LF, Milwaukee Brewers
Flores, Wilmer SS, New York Mets
Florimon, Pedro SS, Pittsburgh Pirates
Flowers, Tyler C, Atlanta Braves
Floyd, Gavin SP, Toronto Blue Jays
Flynn, Brian RP, Kansas City Royals
Foltynewicz, Mike SP, Atlanta Braves
Fontana, Nolan 2B, Houston Astros
Forsythe, Logan 2B, Tampa Bay Rays
Fowler, Dexter (FA) CF, Chicago Cubs
Francis, Jeff (FA) RP, Toronto Blue Jays
Franco, Maikel 3B, Philadelphia Phillies
Francoeur, Jeff (FA) RF, Philadelphia Phillies
Frandsen, Kevin (FA) 2B, San Francisco Giants
Franklin, Nick 2B, Tampa Bay Rays
Frasor, Jason (FA) RP, Atlanta Braves
Frazier, Todd 3B, Chicago White Sox
Freeman, Freddie 1B, Atlanta Braves
Freeman, Sam RP, Texas Rangers
Freese, David (FA) 3B, Los Angeles Angels
Frias, Carlos SP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Friedrich, Christian SP, Los Angeles Angels
Fuentes, Reymond CF, Kansas City Royals
Fuld, Sam LF, Oakland Athletics
Fulmer, Michael SP, Detroit Tigers
Furbush, Charlie RP, Seattle Mariners

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