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Position Listing
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Sabathia, CC SP, New York Yankees
Saladino, Tyler 3B, Chicago White Sox
Salas, Fernando RP, Los Angeles Angels
Salazar, Danny SP, Cleveland Indians
Sale, Chris SP, Chicago White Sox
Saltalamacchia, Jarrod C, Arizona Diamondbacks
Samardzija, Jeff SP, Chicago White Sox
Sanchez, Aaron SP, Toronto Blue Jays
Sanchez, Anibal SP, Detroit Tigers
Sanchez, Carlos 2B, Chicago White Sox
Sanchez, Hector C, San Francisco Giants
Sandoval, Pablo 3B, Boston Red Sox
Sano, Miguel DH, Minnesota Twins
Santana, Carlos 1B, Cleveland Indians
Santana, Danny SS, Minnesota Twins
Santana, Ervin SP, Minnesota Twins
Santiago, Hector SP, Los Angeles Angels
Santos, Sergio (DL) RP, New York Yankees
Saunders, Michael (DL) RF, Toronto Blue Jays
Scahill, Rob (DL) RP, Pittsburgh Pirates
Scheppers, Tanner RP, Texas Rangers
Scherzer, Max SP, Washington Nationals
Schoop, Jonathan 2B, Baltimore Orioles
Schultz, Bo RP, Toronto Blue Jays
Schumaker, Skip LF, Cincinnati Reds
Schwarber, Kyle C, Chicago Cubs
Scribner, Evan RP, Oakland Athletics
Seager, Kyle 3B, Seattle Mariners
Segura, Jean SS, Milwaukee Brewers
Sellers, Justin (DL) SS, Pittsburgh Pirates
Semien, Marcus SS, Oakland Athletics
Shaw, Bryan RP, Cleveland Indians
Shields, James SP, San Diego Padres
Shoemaker, Matt SP, Los Angeles Angels
Shreve, Chasen RP, New York Yankees
Shuck, J.B. RF, Chicago White Sox
Siegrist, Kevin RP, St. Louis Cardinals
Simmons, Andrelton SS, Atlanta Braves
Simmons, Shae (DL) RP, Atlanta Braves
Simon, Alfredo SP, Detroit Tigers
Singleton, Jon DH, Houston Astros
Sipp, Tony RP, Houston Astros
Skaggs, Tyler (DL) SP, Los Angeles Angels
Skipworth, Kyle C, Cincinnati Reds
Skole, Jake CF, New York Yankees
Smith, Burch (DL) SP, Tampa Bay Rays
Smith, Carson RP, Seattle Mariners
Smith, Joe RP, Los Angeles Angels
Smith, Seth LF, Seattle Mariners
Smith, Will RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Smoak, Justin 1B, Toronto Blue Jays
Smolinski, Jake LF, Oakland Athletics
Smyly, Drew (DL) SP, Tampa Bay Rays
Snider, Travis LF, Baltimore Orioles
Socolovich, Miguel RP, St. Louis Cardinals
Sogard, Eric 2B, Oakland Athletics
Solano, Donovan 3B, Miami Marlins
Solarte, Yangervis 1B, San Diego Padres
Soler, Jorge RF, Chicago Cubs
Solis, Sammy RP, Washington Nationals
Soria, Joakim RP, Detroit Tigers
Soriano, Rafael RP, Chicago Cubs
Soto, Geovany C, Chicago White Sox
Souza, Steven RF, Tampa Bay Rays
Span, Denard (DL) CF, Washington Nationals
Spangenberg, Cory (DL) 2B, San Diego Padres
Springer, George (DL) RF, Houston Astros
Stammen, Craig (DL) RP, Washington Nationals
Stanton, Giancarlo (DL) RF, Miami Marlins
Stewart, Chris C, Pittsburgh Pirates
Storen, Drew RP, Washington Nationals
Strasburg, Stephen (DL) SP, Washington Nationals
Street, Huston RP, Los Angeles Angels
Strickland, Hunter RP, San Francisco Giants
Stroman, Marcus (DL) SP, Toronto Blue Jays
Strop, Pedro RP, Chicago Cubs
Stubbs, Drew CF, Colorado Rockies
Suarez, Eugenio SS, Cincinnati Reds
Sucre, Jesus C, Seattle Mariners
Susac, Andrew (DL) C, San Francisco Giants
Suzuki, Ichiro LF, Miami Marlins
Suzuki, Kurt C, Minnesota Twins
Swihart, Blake C, Boston Red Sox
Swisher, Nick (DL) DH, Cleveland Indians
Syndergaard, Noah SP, New York Mets

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