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MLB Player Rankings

Regular Season
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Team by Team
1. Los Angeles Dodgers, 2nd CAC 117.141st11th2nd9th.667
2. Los Angeles Angels, CAC 116.5212th2nd7th2nd.520
3. Kansas City Royals, 3rd CAC 114.7417th8th9th1st.630
4. Washington Nationals, GRFT 111.4823rd7th1st6th.435
5. St. Louis Cardinals, 6th GRFT 106.417th5th3rd18th.545
6. Baltimore Orioles, GRFT 98.6226th10th8th3rd.407
7. Pittsburgh Pirates, 2nd GRFT 96.4019th9th26th4th.583
8. Miami Marlins, GRFT 96.2329th1st13th10th.500
9. Seattle Mariners, CAC 96.048th17th5th8th.423
10. Cincinnati Reds, 5th CAC 93.4213th13th11th16th.542
11. Milwaukee Brewers, CAC 92.1814th3rd24th12th.458
12. Chicago White Sox, CAC 91.255th12th12th14th.375
13. Chicago Cubs, CAC 91.2421st22nd4th15th.464
14. Cleveland Indians, CAC 89.7115th6th22nd11th.444
15. Atlanta Braves, GRFT 89.5118th15th18th7th.481
16. San Diego Padres, 4th CAC 88.6627th18th6th21st.577
17. New York Mets, 1st GRFT 86.2211th21st14th24th.607
18. New York Yankees, 5th GRFT 84.4522nd16th23rd17th.556
19. Tampa Bay Rays, GRFT 84.3120th24th17th13th.500
20. Houston Astros, GRFT 81.589th23rd19th23rd.500
21. Detroit Tigers, GRFT 80.382nd29th10th26th.370
22. San Francisco Giants, CAC 80.3616th19th16th19th.310
23. Philadelphia Phillies, GRFT 80.2525th27th25th5th.423
24. Minnesota Twins, GRFT 79.026th14th21st27th.440
25. Toronto Blue Jays, 2nd GRFT 78.784th25th20th28th.571
26. Oakland Athletics, 1st CAC 78.2430th28th15th20th.679
27. Colorado Rockies, 5th CAC 77.413rd4th29th29th.536
28. Boston Red Sox, 2nd GRFT 73.1310th26th30th22nd.583
29. Texas Rangers, CAC 65.4824th20th27th25th.375
30. Arizona Diamondbacks, CAC 54.4128th30th28th30th.500
The Team Rankings are derived by creating an average of each team's positional players as well as top 5 starters and top 3 relievers. These players' averages are then combined to create the overall ranking. Players are penalized for games missed and pitchers need to meet innings pitched criteria to make the list. The Rankings are updated daily.
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