2014 MLB Playoff Picture

Final Table
AL Wild Card Game NL Wild Card Game
Athletics Royals
Giants Pirates
AL Division Series NL Division Series
Wild Card:
No. 1 Seed:
Wild Card:
No. 1 Seed:

No. 2 Seed:
No. 3 Seed:
No. 2 Seed:
No. 3 Seed:
American League
 1.  x-Boston9369 - 0
 2.  y-Baltimore (E)897340
 3.  y-Toronto (E)897340
 1.  x-Cleveland9467 - 0
 2.  Detroit (E)867580
 3.  Kansas City (E)818113½0
 1.  x-Texas9567 - 0
 2.  Seattle (E)867690
 3.  Houston (E)8478110
National League
 1.  x-Washington9567 - 0
 2.  y-New York (E)877580
 3.  Miami (E)798215½0
 1.  x-Chicago10358 - 0
 2.  St. Louis (E)867617½0
 3.  Pittsburgh (E)7883250
 1.  x-L.A. Dodgers9171 - 0
 2.  y-San Francisco (E)877540
 3.  Colorado (E)7587160
Wild-Card Standings
American League
 1.  y-Baltimore8973-0
 2.  y-Toronto8973-0
 3.  Detroit (E)86750
 4.  Seattle (E)867630
 5.  Houston (E)847850
National League
 1.  y-New York8775-0
 2.  y-San Francisco8775-0
 3.  St. Louis (E)867610
 4.  Miami (E)79820
 5.  Pittsburgh (E)78830
() - A team's Elimination Number is determined by adding the leading team's number of wins to the trailing team's number of losses. Subtract that total from 163. The first-place team's Magic Number is the same as the second-place team's Elimination Number.
(E) - A team has been eliminated from the division race. Note that a team eliminated from the division race may still be a contender in the Wild-card race.
x - Clinched division title
y - Clinched wild-card
z - Clinched playoff berth

-For the 2012 playoff, clubs from the same division will now be allowed to play one another in either the Wild Card Game or the Division Series.

-Tiebreaker games will be played to determine Division Championships, even if the two tied Clubs are assured of participating in the Postseason. If a Division Championship tiebreaker game is necessary, the head-to-head record between the tied Clubs will determine home-field advantage. If the head-to-head record is tied, then division record will be the next tiebreaker.

-In the event of a tie for the division championship or a Wild Card spot, a one-game playoff will break the tie. If three or four clubs are tied for first place in a division at the end of the regular season, and the two non-division winners would NOT be Wild Card clubs, a playoff will be played among the teams in question.

-If two Clubs are tied for both Wild Card berths, home-field advantage will be determined by the head-to-head record between the tied Clubs. If the head-to-head record is tied, then division record will be the next tiebreaker.