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Williams peers into White Sox's future

The Sports Xchange

Talking about next season hasn't been real fun for anyone associated with the White Sox lately, especially after an 11-1 laugher to Kansas City in which the Sox were completely embarrassed in the loss.

But general manager Ken Williams knows there are more questions than answers as far as the immediate future of not only him, but manager Ozzie Guillen, so addressed the topic on Friday.

"I would rather do it privately," Williams said of meeting with Guillen and White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf in the offseason. "Whether or not we have plans to sit down, or when, where, how, what the ultimate result is going to be and all that, I think it's speculation that is dangerous. And it's unnecessary. Now I know that it hasn't been exactly private, but I think everybody is better served if it is. It's just a more respectful way to do business."

Guillen has been adamant that he would like to know his status before he leaves for a vacation to Spain after the season ends, and has also insisted that he would like a contract extension beyond the deal he has that runs out after 2012.

Asked if he would give himself an extension after the underachieving that has taken place with the 76-81 Sox this season, Guillen answered quickly with a "Nope."

"Because I'm part of this (underachieving) group," Guillen said. "(President Barack) Obama asked for an extension, why shouldn't I ask for one? (President) Obama wants four more years. You always knock on the door to see what you get. I don't think they have to, but my job is just to make sure to ask, you know what I mean?"

Williams made it seem that the idea that things had to change with the coaching staff and the front office was exaggerated by the media.

"I mean, listen, last year in September we were in first place," Williams said. "We didn't make the playoffs last year but it's not like we were, you know, scrubs. We have spent, over the last decade, a lot of time in first place. I'll be the first to admit that the goals haven't been accomplished because if they had, there would be more banners up there on the rafters.

"I'm not one to easily give up the ship and change course of direction. I'm in the listening phase right now and that's all I can do. I'll continue to be listening and we'll see where we end up as a result. Ozzie's got some ideas that I think he's still developing. We'll see."

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