MLB Top 10s: NL Central hitters, an embarrassment of riches

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So my esteemed colleague Dayn Perry took the controls of our Power Rankings from me last week while I was on vacation, which means I owed him. So you guys get to call me names on the Eye On Baseball Top 10s list for this week, as well as on Power Rankings. Aren't you excited? I know I am.

I won't change course here, as Mr. Perry is on a trek through each MLB division, and it's time to name the top 10 position players and top 10 pitchers residing in the National League Central.

I will stick with the same criteria as this feature's owner, which is the following:

"As for deciding who merits inclusion, we're focusing on players performing at least solidly in 2013 and have the track record and/or pedigree to suggest their 2013 numbers are sustainable or even headed upward. That is, these are good players playing well or soon to play well. What's unfolded in 2013 matters, but so does body of work and established expectations. If a player isn't here despite strong numbers in the current season, then you should assume all-powerful I have determined his performance to be somewhat fluke-ish. It is so because I said it is so. Such are the privileges of boundless authority."

With that in mind, you won't find Brewers phenom Jean Segura on the list. And here's why: If we're basing everything on this season's .337/.371/.538 line with eight triples and his sparkling defense, Segura would obviously be here. But it's been just 62 games and we can't be sure he won't come crashing back to Earth. I don't necessarily think it'll be a bad crash, but until we're sure this is all legit, he sits this one out. One thing, though, is for damn sure: The Brewers won the Zack Greinke trade.

I could make similar comments -- albeit to a lesser extent -- on the exclusion of talented Pirates youngster Starling Marte. Over on the pitcher's side, we do have Shelby Miller, but the pitching pool of talent in this division is far exceeded by its position players.

I'm sure people won't have read this intro and will go crazy in the comments about how I forgot Marte and Segura, but I didn't. It was rather tough narrowing this thing down to 20 from so many great players. If you think a guy should be in, then tell who to leave out, OK? (Feel free to email me with comments:

Let's dive in.


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