Power Rankings: Rangers make big -- but likely unnecessary -- Garza move

by | Baseball Writer

So the Rangers made a big splash this week in trading for one of the best starting pitchers on the market in Matt Garza.

Does this tilt the balance of power in the American League significantly in the favor of the Rangers? Or even the AL West?

Nah. I'm not buying it.

Garza is a good pitcher. There's no doubt about that. He's just not elite and the Rangers' rotation may have been just fine without him come mid- to late-August.

Yu Darvish and Alexi Ogando just came off the disabled list. They already have Derek Holland. Colby Lewis is on a minor-league rehab stint as he looks to return from elbow surgery. Matt Harrison is throwing at 75 percent effort right now as he attempts to come back from injury.

Obviously there's time before Lewis and Harrison return and they're still question marks, so this gives some level of certainty. Still, Martin Perez is already in house and it just felt like an incredible reach to give up what appears to be a good chunk of talent for a two-month rental. It was probably a worthwhile gamble, because going for a ring is more important than clinging to guys who might become busts down the line, but the impact in my opinion is going to be minimal.

I still like the A's in the AL West and the Rangers are going to have a big fight on their hands with at least two AL East teams -- maybe three, and maybe the Indians -- for one of the two wild-card spots.

It was a move we obviously need to talk about, but it wasn't a move that will have a major impact who grabs a ring in late October.

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