Power Rankings: Throwing out predictions for how the season ends

by | Baseball Writer

So with less than a month left, I decided to predict the games the rest of the way to see how things might fall.

Now, this isn't football and predicting individual games would be an exercise in futility. Someone like, say, the Astros can beat a team like the Braves on any given night. So I picked series and I avoided assigning sweeps -- unless in the cases of the rare two-game series. Call these conservative predictions.

And in two divisions, I unbelievably ended up with two ties. I did not set out for this to happen, as I tallied up all the games and did the math. What I was left with would be pretty astounding.

In the NL Central, the Pirates and Cardinals ended up 96-66 for me. In the AL West, the Athletics and the Rangers ended up 95-67. Amazing.

That would mean that we'd get two one-game playoffs. Each of the two losing clubs then would play another one-game playoff -- this time the wild-card round. If said teams won the wild-card game, they'd have to face the top seed in each league (Braves and Red Sox in this exercise) after having burned through two starting pitchers and probably some bullpen arms during the two play-in games. They also might have to play in three different cities in four nights.

As for us, the spectators, we'd get to revel in the joy of seeing two do-or-die games each on both Monday, Sept. 30 and Wednesday, Oct. 2.

On the Monday version, what if it worked out for all the aces to be available? Yu Darvish vs. Bartolo Colon sounds like a great matchup while Adam Wainwright vs. Francisco Liriano enters into are-you-freaking kidding-me territory with how awesome it could be.

Man, I really can't wait for October, but September is going to be fun as well. Lots of teams are still in the mix, particularly in the AL wild-card race after the Rays' rough patch.

Please feel free to contact me with comments either on Twitter (@MattSnyderCBS) or via email: matt.snyder@cbs.com. These were posted the morning of Sept. 4. Any action coming after posting wasn’t included here.

In sticking with the prediction theme, each of the comments below will include a prediction as to how the team finishes things off in the 2013 regular season. And remember, if you disagree, you aren't allowed to do so respectfully. Nope, instead tell me I'm an awful person and deserve to be fired. Because, you know, Internet ya'll.


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