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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 3@LAD Won 11-101-0Oscar Villarreal (1-0)/Derek Lowe (0-1)Chris Reitsma (1)
Apr 4@LAD Lost 4-51-1Brad Penny (1-0)/John Smoltz (0-1)Danys Baez (1)
Apr 5@LAD Won 9-82-1Oscar Villarreal (2-0)/Franquelis Osoria (0-1)Chris Reitsma (2)
Apr 6@SF Lost 4-62-2Jeff Fassero (1-0)/Jorge Sosa (0-1)Tim Worrell (2)
Apr 7@SF Won 14-63-2Mike Remlinger (1-0)/Tyler Walker (0-1) 
Apr 8@SF Lost 6-123-3Jamey Wright (1-0)/Tim Hudson (0-1) 
Apr 9@SF Lost 5-63-4Tim Worrell (1-0)/Chris Reitsma (0-1) 
Apr 10Phi Won 5-34-4Oscar Villarreal (3-0)/Ryan Franklin (0-1)Chris Reitsma (3)
Apr 12Phi Lost 5-74-5Cory Lidle (1-1)/Jorge Sosa (0-2)Tom Gordon (1)
Apr 13Phi Lost 6-74-6Gavin Floyd (1-1)/Kyle Davies (0-1)Tom Gordon (2)
Apr 14SD Won 5-45-6Oscar Villarreal (4-0)/Scott Linebrink (0-1)Chris Reitsma (4)
Apr 15SD Won 2-06-6John Smoltz (1-1)/Jake Peavy (1-2) 
Apr 16SD Lost 3-46-7Scott Linebrink (1-1)/Mike Remlinger (1-1)Trevor Hoffman (1)
Apr 17@NYM Lost 3-46-8Pedro Martinez (3-0)/Jorge Sosa (0-3)Billy Wagner (4)
Apr 18@NYM Won 7-17-8Kyle Davies (1-1)/Victor Zambrano (1-1) 
Apr 19@NYM Won 2-18-8Tim Hudson (1-1)/Tom Glavine (2-1) 
Apr 21@Wash Lost 3-78-9Mike Stanton (1-2)/Lance Cormier (0-1) 
Apr 22@WashPPD  
Apr 23@Wash Won 3-19-9Lance Cormier (1-1)/Gary Majewski (1-1)Mike Remlinger (1)
Apr 24@Mil Lost 2-39-10Chris Capuano (3-2)/Kyle Davies (1-2)Derrick Turnbow (6)
Apr 25@Mil Lost 2-49-11Tomo Ohka (2-1)/Tim Hudson (1-2)Derrick Turnbow (7)
Apr 26@Mil Lost 4-59-12Ben Sheets (1-2)/Jorge Sosa (0-4)Derrick Turnbow (8)
Apr 28NYM Lost 2-59-13Pedro Martinez (5-0)/John Smoltz (1-2)Billy Wagner (6)
Apr 29NYM Lost 0-19-14Tom Glavine (3-2)/John Thomson (0-1)Billy Wagner (7)
Apr 30NYM Won 8-510-14Kyle Davies (2-2)/Steve Trachsel (2-2)Chris Reitsma (5)
May 1Colo Won 2-011-14Tim Hudson (2-2)/Jason Jennings (1-2) 
May 2Colo Won 5-412-14Lance Cormier (2-1)/Ray King (1-2)Chris Reitsma (6)
May 3@Phi Lost 4-512-15Rheal Cormier (2-0)/Mike Remlinger (1-2)Tom Gordon (9)
May 4@Phi Lost 3-612-16Cory Lidle (3-3)/John Thomson (0-2)Arthur Rhodes (1)
May 5@NYM Lost 7-812-17Jorge Julio (1-1)/Jorge Sosa (0-5) 
May 6@NYM Lost 5-612-18Bartolome Fortunato (1-0)/Tim Hudson (2-3)Jorge Julio (1)
May 7@NYM Won 13-313-18John Smoltz (2-2)/Jose Lima (0-1) 
May 9@Fla Won 10-214-18John Thomson (1-2)/Brian Moehler (0-4) 
May 10@Fla Lost 3-1114-19Josh Johnson (3-2)/Kyle Davies (2-3) 
May 11@Fla Won 9-115-19Tim Hudson (3-3)/Dontrelle Willis (1-4) 
May 12Wash Won 6-216-19John Smoltz (3-2)/Ramon Ortiz (0-4) 
May 13Wash Won 8-517-19Chris Reitsma (1-1)/Chad Cordero (1-1) 
May 14Wash Lost 1-817-20Tony Armas (4-2)/John Thomson (1-3) 
May 15Fla Won 11-818-20Oscar Villarreal (5-0)/Randy Messenger (0-2)Chris Reitsma (7)
May 16Fla Won 4-319-20Macay McBride (1-0)/Joe Borowski (0-1) 
May 17Fla Won 6-420-20Oscar Villarreal (6-0)/Randy Messenger (0-3) 
May 18Fla Won 9-121-20Jorge Sosa (1-5)/Scott Olsen (2-3) 
May 19@Ariz Lost 9-1021-21Jose Valverde (2-1)/Chris Reitsma (1-2) 
May 20@Ariz Lost 0-1321-22Brandon Webb (7-0)/Travis Smith (0-1) 
May 21@Ariz Won 2-122-22Tim Hudson (4-3)/Juan Cruz (1-3)Macay McBride (1)
May 22@SD Won 3-123-22John Smoltz (4-2)/Jake Peavy (3-5)Chris Reitsma (8)
May 23@SD Lost 1-223-23Mike Thompson (2-0)/Jorge Sosa (1-6)Trevor Hoffman (8)
May 24@SD Won 10-624-23John Thomson (2-3)/Chris R. Young (3-3) 
May 26@CHC Won 6-525-23Mike Remlinger (2-2)/Ryan Dempster (0-3)Ken Ray (1)
May 27@CHC Won 2-126-23Horacio Ramirez (1-0)/Sean Marshall (3-3)Mike Remlinger (2)
May 28@CHC Won 13-1227-23Oscar Villarreal (7-0)/Scott Eyre (0-1)Ken Ray (2)
May 29LAD Lost 5-1227-24Joe Beimel (2-0)/John Thomson (2-4) 
May 30LAD Lost 3-827-25Danys Baez (3-2)/Mike Remlinger (2-3) 
May 31LAD Won 9-328-25Tim Hudson (5-3)/Brett Tomko (5-3) 
Jun 1Ariz Lost 1-228-26Juan Cruz (3-3)/Horacio Ramirez (1-1)Jorge Julio (2)
Jun 2ArizPPD  
Jun 3Ariz Lost 2-428-27Enrique Gonzalez (1-0)/John Smoltz (4-3)Jorge Julio (3)
Jun 3Ariz Lost 9-1328-28Claudio Vargas (6-2)/John Thomson (2-5) 
Jun 4Ariz Lost 3-928-29Miguel Batista (6-2)/Jorge Sosa (1-7) 
Jun 5Wash Lost 4-528-30Livan Hernandez (5-5)/Tim Hudson (5-4)Chad Cordero (10)
Jun 6Wash Won 5-329-30Horacio Ramirez (2-1)/Shawn Hill (0-1)Ken Ray (3)
Jun 7Wash Lost 2-529-31Ramon Ortiz (5-4)/John Smoltz (4-4)Chad Cordero (11)
Jun 8@Hou Lost 4-729-32Andy Pettitte (5-7)/John Thomson (2-6)Brad Lidge (16)
Jun 9@Hou Lost 2-729-33Fernando Nieve (2-3)/Jorge Sosa (1-8) 
Jun 10@Hou Won 4-230-33Tim Hudson (6-4)/Taylor Buchholz (3-6)Ken Ray (4)
Jun 11@Hou Lost 4-1430-34Wandy Rodriguez (8-3)/Horacio Ramirez (2-2) 
Jun 13@Fla Lost 1-430-35Josh Johnson (5-4)/John Smoltz (4-5)Joe Borowski (9)
Jun 14@Fla Lost 5-630-36Taylor Tankersley (1-0)/Oscar Villarreal (7-1) 
Jun 15@Fla Lost 2-330-37Ricky Nolasco (5-3)/Jorge Sosa (1-9)Joe Borowski (10)
Jun 16Bos Lost 1-430-38Jon Lester (1-0)/Tim Hudson (6-5)Jonathan Papelbon (21)
Jun 17Bos Lost 3-530-39Josh Beckett (8-3)/Lance Cormier (2-2)Jonathan Papelbon (22)
Jun 18Bos Lost 7-1030-40Rudy Seanez (2-0)/Macay McBride (1-1)Jonathan Papelbon (23)
Jun 20Tor Lost 5-630-41Scott Schoeneweis (2-0)/Tyler Yates (0-1)B.J. Ryan (18)
Jun 21Tor Lost 3-630-42Ted Lilly (7-7)/Tim Hudson (6-6)B.J. Ryan (19)
Jun 22Tor Lost 2-330-43Ty Taubenheim/Mike RemlingerB.J. Ryan
Jun 23@TB Won 4-331-43Jorge Sosa (2-9)/Chad Harville (0-1) 
Jun 24@TB Lost 2-331-44Tim Corcoran (1-0)/Lance Cormier (2-3)Chad Harville (1)
Jun 25@TB Won 4-132-44Chuck H. James (1-0)/Mark Hendrickson (4-8)Jorge Sosa (1)
Jun 26@NYY Lost 2-532-45Randy Johnson (9-6)/Tim Hudson (6-7)Mariano Rivera (17)
Jun 27@NYY Won 5-233-45Horacio Ramirez (3-2)/Jaret Wright (4-5) 
Jun 28@NYY Lost 3-433-46Ron Villone (1-1)/Jorge Sosa (2-10) 
Jun 30Balt Won 5-334-46Chuck H. James (2-0)/Kurt Birkins (2-1)Jorge Sosa (2)
Jul 1Balt Lost 4-734-47Kurt Birkins (3-1)/Tim Hudson (6-8) 
Jul 2Balt Won 10-335-47Horacio Ramirez (4-2)/Kris Benson (9-6) 
Jul 3StL Won 6-336-47John Smoltz (5-5)/Anthony Reyes (1-3)Jorge Sosa (3)
Jul 4StL Lost 3-636-48Chris Carpenter (7-4)/John Thomson (2-7)Jason Isringhausen (25)
Jul 5StL Won 14-437-48Chuck H. James (3-0)/Jeff Suppan (6-5) 
Jul 6Cin Won 8-738-48Ken Ray (1-0)/Todd Coffey (3-4) 
Jul 7Cin Lost 5-1038-49Eric Milton (5-4)/Horacio Ramirez (4-3) 
Jul 8Cin Won 4-139-49John Smoltz (6-5)/Aaron Harang (9-6)Ken Ray (5)
Jul 9Cin Won 8-340-49Oscar Villarreal (8-1)/Bronson Arroyo (9-6) 
Jul 14@SD Won 15-1241-49Jorge Sosa (3-10)/Clay Hensley (5-7)Tyler Yates (1)
Jul 15@SD Won 11-342-49John Smoltz (7-5)/Chan Ho Park (6-5) 
Jul 16@SD Won 10-543-49Chuck H. James (4-0)/Jake Peavy (4-9) 
Jul 17@StL Won 15-344-49Horacio Ramirez (5-3)/Jeff Weaver (3-11) 
Jul 18@StL Won 14-545-49Tim Hudson (7-8)/Jason Marquis (11-7) 
Jul 19@StL Lost 3-845-50Chris Carpenter (9-4)/Jason Shiell (0-1) 
Jul 21@Phi Lost 5-645-51Cory Lidle (7-7)/Ken Ray (1-1)Tom Gordon (23)
Jul 22@PhiPPD  
Jul 23@Phi Won 5-146-51Macay McBride (2-1)/Brett Myers (6-4) 
Jul 24@Phi Won 10-847-51Tim Hudson (8-8)/Cole Hamels (2-5)Bob Wickman (16)
Jul 25Fla Lost 1-247-52Anibal Sanchez (4-0)/Chuck H. James (4-1)Joe Borowski (21)
Jul 26Fla Won 6-548-52John Smoltz (8-5)/Taylor Tankersley (1-1)Bob Wickman (17)
Jul 27Fla Lost 1-648-53Scott Olsen (9-4)/Jason Shiell (0-2) 
Jul 28NYM Lost 4-648-54Pedro Martinez (8-4)/Horacio Ramirez (5-4)Billy Wagner (21)
Jul 29NYM Lost 3-1148-55Orlando Hernandez (7-8)/Tim Hudson (8-9) 
Jul 30NYM Lost 6-1048-56Darren Oliver (4-0)/Chuck H. James (4-2)Billy Wagner (22)
Aug 1@Pitt Won 4-249-56John Smoltz (9-5)/Ian Snell (9-7)Bob Wickman (18)
Aug 2@Pitt Won 3-250-56Tyler Yates (1-1)/Salomon Torres (3-5)Bob Wickman (19)
Aug 3@Pitt Lost 2-350-57Shawn Chacon (6-3)/Tim Hudson (8-10)Mike Gonzalez (19)
Aug 4@Cin Lost 4-550-58Aaron Harang (12-7)/Chuck H. James (4-3)Eddie Guardado (12)
Aug 5@Cin Lost 6-850-59David Weathers (4-3)/Tyler Yates (1-2)Bill Bray (2)
Aug 6@Cin Won 6-451-59Macay McBride (3-1)/Gary Majewski (4-4)Bob Wickman (20)
Aug 7Phi Lost 6-951-60Brett Myers (8-5)/Horacio Ramirez (5-5) 
Aug 8Phi Won 3-152-60Tim Hudson (9-10)/Cole Hamels (4-6)Bob Wickman (21)
Aug 9Phi Lost 3-952-61Rick White (2-0)/Tyler Yates (1-3) 
Aug 11Mil Won 2-153-61John Smoltz (10-5)/Derrick Turnbow (4-8) 
Aug 12Mil Lost 5-853-62Ben Sheets (3-4)/Kevin Barry (0-1)Francisco Cordero (12)
Aug 13Mil Won 7-454-62Chad Paronto (1-0)/Matt Wise (5-6)Bob Wickman (22)
Aug 14@Wash Won 10-455-62Chuck H. James (5-3)/Ramon Ortiz (9-10) 
Aug 15@Wash Lost 0-555-63Pedro Astacio (3-2)/Lance Cormier (2-4) 
Aug 16@Wash Lost 6-955-64Billy Traber (3-1)/John Smoltz (10-6)Chad Cordero (22)
Aug 17@Wash Won 5-056-64Oscar Villarreal (9-1)/Jason Bergmann (0-1) 
Aug 18@Fla Won 6-157-64Tim Hudson (10-10)/Scott Olsen (9-7) 
Aug 19@Fla Won 5-358-64Chuck H. James (6-3)/Ricky Nolasco (11-8)Bob Wickman (23)
Aug 20@Fla Lost 3-458-65Dontrelle Willis (8-10)/Tyler Yates (1-4)Joe Borowski (27)
Aug 21Pitt Won 3-059-65John Smoltz (11-6)/Zach Duke (8-11)Bob Wickman (24)
Aug 22Pitt Lost 3-559-66Damaso Marte (1-7)/Danys Baez (5-6)Mike Gonzalez (22)
Aug 23Pitt Lost 4-559-67Matt Capps (1-0)/Chad Paronto (1-1)Mike Gonzalez (23)
Aug 25Wash Lost 6-759-68Ryan Wagner (1-2)/Chad Paronto (1-2)Saul Rivera (1)
Aug 26Wash Won 10-160-68John Smoltz (12-6)/Pedro Astacio (3-4) 
Aug 27Wash Won 13-661-68Macay McBride (4-1)/Billy Traber (3-3) 
Aug 29SF Won 13-862-68Tim Hudson (11-10)/Jason Schmidt (10-8) 
Aug 30SF Won 5-363-68Chuck H. James (7-3)/Brad Hennessey (5-4)Bob Wickman (25)
Aug 31SF Lost 6-863-69Matt Morris (10-11)/John Smoltz (12-7)Armando Benitez (17)
Sep 1@PhiPPD  
Sep 2@Phi Won 4-364-69Tyler Yates (2-4)/Arthur Rhodes (1-4)Bob Wickman (26)
Sep 2@Phi Lost 4-1664-70Eude Brito (1-2)/Kyle Davies (2-4) 
Sep 3@Phi Lost 7-864-71Geoff Geary (7-0)/Bob Wickman (1-5) 
Sep 3@Phi Won 3-165-71Chad Paronto (2-2)/Geoff Geary (7-1)Bob Wickman (27)
Sep 4@NYM Won 5-066-71Chuck H. James (8-3)/Steve Trachsel (14-6) 
Sep 5@NYMPPD  
Sep 6@NYM Lost 1-466-72Dave Williams (6-3)/John Smoltz (12-8)Billy Wagner (35)
Sep 6@NYM Lost 0-866-73Oliver Perez (3-11)/Kyle Davies (2-5) 
Sep 8CHC Won 8-467-73Tim Hudson (12-10)/Angel Guzman (0-5) 
Sep 9CHC Won 7-368-73Chuck H. James (9-3)/Wade Miller (0-1) 
Sep 10CHC Won 2-169-73Lance Cormier (3-4)/Juan Mateo (1-3)Bob Wickman (28)
Sep 11CHC Lost 3-869-74Rich Hill (5-6)/John Smoltz (12-9) 
Sep 12PhiPPD  
Sep 13Phi Lost 5-669-75Rick White (4-1)/Chad Paronto (2-3)Tom Gordon (29)
Sep 13Phi Lost 2-769-76Jon Lieber (8-9)/Tim Hudson (12-11) 
Sep 14Phi Won 4-170-76Chuck H. James (10-3)/Jamie Moyer (8-14)Bob Wickman (29)
Sep 15Fla Lost 4-670-77Dontrelle Willis (11-11)/Lance Cormier (3-5)Joe Borowski (34)
Sep 16Fla Won 2-171-77John Smoltz (13-9)/Anibal Sanchez (8-3)Bob Wickman (30)
Sep 17Fla Won 8-772-77Kevin Barry (1-1)/Joe Borowski (3-3) 
Sep 18@Wash Won 6-173-77Kyle Davies (3-5)/Tony Armas (8-12) 
Sep 19@Wash Lost 2-973-78Beltran Perez (1-0)/Chuck H. James (10-4) 
Sep 20@Wash Won 7-374-78Lance Cormier (4-5)/Ramon Ortiz (10-15) 
Sep 21@Colo Won 6-375-78John Smoltz (14-9)/Byung-Hyun Kim (8-12)Bob Wickman (31)
Sep 22@Colo Lost 4-675-79Josh Fogg (10-9)/Tim Hudson (12-12)Brian Fuentes (27)
Sep 23@Colo Lost 9-1075-80Jeff Francis (13-11)/Kyle Davies (3-6)Brian Fuentes (28)
Sep 24@Colo Lost 8-975-81Jeremy Affeldt (8-7)/Tyler Yates (2-5)Brian Fuentes (29)
Sep 26NYM Won 12-076-81John Smoltz (15-9)/Oliver Perez (3-13) 
Sep 27NYM Won 13-177-81Tim Hudson (13-12)/Pedro Martinez (9-8) 
Sep 28NYM Lost 4-777-82Orlando Hernandez (11-11)/Kyle Davies (3-7) 
Sep 29Hou Won 4-178-82Chuck H. James (11-4)/Roger Clemens (7-6)Bob Wickman (32)
Sep 30Hou Lost 4-578-83Trever Miller (2-3)/Bob Wickman (1-6) 
Oct 1Hou Won 3-179-83John Smoltz (16-9)/Chris K. Sampson (1-1)Bob Wickman (33)

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