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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 4@Ariz Won 16-61-0Glendon Rusch (1-0)/Javier Vazquez (0-1) 
Apr 5@Ariz Lost 4-51-1Russ Ortiz (1-0)/Greg Maddux (0-1)Brandon Lyon (1)
Apr 6@Ariz Lost 3-81-2Brandon Webb (1-0)/Ryan Dempster (0-1) 
Apr 8Mil Lost 3-61-3Jorge De La Rosa (1-0)/Jon Leicester (0-1)Mike Adams (1)
Apr 9Mil Won 4-02-3Carlos Zambrano (1-0)/Ben Sheets (1-1) 
Apr 10Mil Won 6-53-3Glendon Rusch (2-0)/Derrick Turnbow (0-1) 
Apr 11SD Lost 0-13-4Adam Eaton (1-0)/Ryan Dempster (0-2)Trevor Hoffman (1)
Apr 12SDPPD  
Apr 13SD Lost 3-83-5Jake Peavy (1-0)/Kerry Wood (0-1) 
Apr 13SD Won 8-34-5Mark Prior (1-0)/Brian Lawrence (0-2) 
Apr 15@Pitt Lost 5-84-6Salomon Torres (1-0)/Mike Remlinger (0-1)Jose Mesa (4)
Apr 16@Pitt Won 4-35-6Ryan Dempster (1-2)/Kip Wells (0-3)LaTroy Hawkins (1)
Apr 17@Pitt Won 4-26-6Michael Wuertz (1-0)/Mark Redman (1-1)LaTroy Hawkins (2)
Apr 18@Cin Lost 6-76-7Kent Mercker (1-0)/Jon Leicester (0-2)Danny Graves (5)
Apr 19@Cin Won 7-17-7Mark Prior (2-0)/Brandon Claussen (0-1) 
Apr 20@StL Won 3-18-7Carlos Zambrano (2-0)/Jeff Suppan (1-2)LaTroy Hawkins (3)
Apr 21@StL Lost 0-48-8Chris Carpenter (3-1)/Ryan Dempster (1-3) 
Apr 22PittPPD  
Apr 23Pitt Lost 3-48-9John Grabow (1-0)/LaTroy Hawkins (0-1)Jose Mesa (6)
Apr 24Pitt Won 5-29-9Kerry Wood (1-1)/Dave Williams (1-2)Chad Fox (1)
Apr 25Cin Won 10-610-9Mark Prior (3-0)/Paul Wilson (1-2) 
Apr 26Cin Lost 9-1110-10David Weathers (1-0)/Michael Wuertz (1-1)Danny Graves (8)
Apr 27Cin Won 8-711-10LaTroy Hawkins (1-1)/Matt Belisle (1-3) 
Apr 29@Hou Won 3-212-10Greg Maddux (1-1)/Roger Clemens (1-1)LaTroy Hawkins (4)
Apr 30@Hou Lost 5-712-11Brandon Backe (2-1)/Cliff Bartosh (0-1) 
May 1@Hou Lost 3-912-12Roy Oswalt (4-2)/Mark Prior (3-1) 
May 3@Mil Lost 1-412-13Chris Capuano (2-2)/Carlos Zambrano (2-1)Derrick Turnbow (4)
May 4@Mil Lost 3-412-14Derrick Turnbow (2-1)/Roberto Novoa (0-1) 
May 5@Mil Lost 5-612-15Derrick Turnbow (3-1)/LaTroy Hawkins (1-2) 
May 6Phi Lost 2-312-16Billy Wagner (1-0)/LaTroy Hawkins (1-3) 
May 7Phi Lost 1-412-17Jon Lieber (5-1)/Glendon Rusch (2-1)Billy Wagner (7)
May 8Phi Won 2-113-17Carlos Zambrano (3-1)/Brett Myers (2-2) 
May 9NYM Lost 4-713-18Mike DeJean (2-1)/LaTroy Hawkins (1-4)Braden Looper (8)
May 10NYM Won 7-014-18Greg Maddux (2-1)/Kris Benson (0-1) 
May 11NYM Won 4-315-18Ryan Dempster (2-3)/Heath Bell (0-1) 
May 13@Wash Won 6-316-18Will Ohman (1-0)/Luis Ayala (2-2)Todd Wellemeyer (1)
May 14@Wash Lost 3-416-19Livan Hernandez (6-2)/Carlos Zambrano (3-2)Chad Cordero (8)
May 15@Wash Lost 4-516-20Hector Carrasco (1-0)/Cliff Bartosh (0-2)Chad Cordero (9)
May 17@Pitt Won 4-317-20Will Ohman (2-0)/Jose Mesa (0-2)Ryan Dempster (1)
May 18@Pitt Won 3-218-20Michael Wuertz (2-1)/Jose Mesa (0-3)Ryan Dempster (2)
May 20CHW Lost 1-518-21Freddy An. Garcia (4-3)/Greg Maddux (2-2) 
May 21CHW Lost 3-518-22Jose A. Contreras (2-1)/Michael Wuertz (2-2)Dustin Hermanson (10)
May 22CHW Won 4-319-22Mark Prior (4-1)/Luis Vizcaino (2-2) 
May 23Hou Won 4-120-22Glendon Rusch (3-1)/Wandy Rodriguez (0-1)Ryan Dempster (3)
May 24Hou Won 4-221-22Michael Wuertz (3-2)/Brad Lidge (1-2)Ryan Dempster (4)
May 25Hou Lost 1-521-23Brandon Backe (4-3)/Greg Maddux (2-3) 
May 26Colo Lost 2-521-24Jason Jennings (2-6)/Carlos Zambrano (3-3) 
May 27Colo Won 10-322-24Todd Wellemeyer (1-0)/Joe Kennedy (3-5) 
May 28Colo Won 5-123-24Glendon Rusch (4-1)/Byung-Hyun Kim (0-4) 
May 29Colo Won 11-624-24Roberto Novoa (1-1)/Marcos Carvajal (0-2) 
May 30@LAD Won 5-325-24Greg Maddux (3-3)/Wilson Alvarez (1-3)Ryan Dempster (5)
May 31@LAD Won 2-126-24Michael Wuertz (4-2)/Yhency Brazoban (2-1)Ryan Dempster (6)
Jun 1@LAD Won 9-527-24John Koronka (1-0)/Derek Lowe (4-5) 
Jun 2@SD Won 5-028-24Glendon Rusch (5-1)/Tim Stauffer (1-2) 
Jun 3@SD Lost 2-628-25Adam Eaton (8-1)/Sergio Mitre (0-1)Akinori Otsuka (1)
Jun 4@SD Won 11-529-25Greg Maddux (4-3)/Darrell May (0-1) 
Jun 5@SD Won 4-030-25Carlos Zambrano (4-3)/Woody Williams (2-3) 
Jun 6Tor Lost 1-430-26Gustavo Chacin (6-4)/John Koronka (1-1)Miguel Batista (10)
Jun 7Tor Lost 4-630-27Scott Schoeneweis (2-1)/Todd Wellemeyer (1-1)Miguel Batista (11)
Jun 8Tor Won 2-031-27Sergio Mitre (1-1)/Roy Halladay (9-3)Ryan Dempster (7)
Jun 10Bos Won 14-632-27Greg Maddux (5-3)/Bronson Arroyo (4-3) 
Jun 11Bos Won 7-633-27Todd Wellemeyer (2-1)/Wade Miller (2-2)Ryan Dempster (8)
Jun 12Bos Lost 1-833-28Tim Wakefield (5-6)/Glendon Rusch (5-2) 
Jun 13Fla Lost 1-933-29Dontrelle Willis (11-2)/John Koronka (1-2) 
Jun 14Fla Won 14-034-29Sergio Mitre (2-1)/Josh Beckett (7-5) 
Jun 15Fla Lost 5-1534-30A.J. Burnett (4-4)/Greg Maddux (5-4) 
Jun 17@NYY Lost 6-934-31Mike Stanton (1-1)/Will Ohman (2-1)Mariano Rivera (15)
Jun 18@NYY Lost 1-834-32Chien-Ming Wang (4-2)/Glendon Rusch (5-3) 
Jun 19@NYY Lost 3-634-33Mike Mussina (8-4)/Sergio Mitre (2-2)Mariano Rivera (16)
Jun 20@Mil Won 5-435-33Greg Maddux (6-4)/Tomo Ohka (5-4)Ryan Dempster (9)
Jun 21@Mil Won 4-236-33Jerome Williams (1-2)/Victor Santos (2-7)Ryan Dempster (10)
Jun 22@Mil Lost 4-936-34Doug Davis (9-6)/Carlos Zambrano (4-4) 
Jun 23@Mil Lost 7-836-35Ricky Bottalico (1-1)/Mike Remlinger (0-2)Derrick Turnbow (12)
Jun 24@CHW Lost 2-1236-36Freddy An. Garcia (7-3)/Sergio Mitre (2-3) 
Jun 25@CHW Won 6-237-36Greg Maddux (7-4)/Jose A. Contreras (3-4) 
Jun 26@CHW Won 2-038-36Mark Prior (5-1)/Jon Garland (12-3)Ryan Dempster (11)
Jun 28Mil Won 2-039-36Carlos Zambrano (5-4)/Doug Davis (9-7)Ryan Dempster (12)
Jun 29Mil Won 3-240-36Roberto Novoa (2-1)/Julio Santana (1-2) 
Jun 30Mil Lost 6-1040-37Chris Capuano (8-6)/Greg Maddux (7-5) 
Jul 1Wash Lost 3-440-38Livan Hernandez (12-2)/Mark Prior (5-2)Hector Carrasco (2)
Jul 2Wash Lost 2-440-39Tony Armas (4-4)/Jerome Williams (1-3)Chad Cordero (29)
Jul 3Wash Lost 4-540-40Joey Eischen (2-0)/Sergio Mitre (2-4) 
Jul 4@Atl Lost 0-440-41Kyle Davies (4-2)/Kerry Wood (1-2) 
Jul 5@Atl Lost 1-540-42Roman Colon (1-4)/Greg Maddux (7-6) 
Jul 6@AtlPPD  
Jul 7@Atl Lost 0-640-43Horacio Ramirez (8-5)/Mark Prior (5-3) 
Jul 7@Atl Lost 4-940-44John Foster (2-1)/Roberto Novoa (2-2) 
Jul 8@Fla Won 9-641-44Carlos Zambrano (6-4)/Dontrelle Willis (13-4)Ryan Dempster (13)
Jul 9@Fla Won 8-242-44Kerry Wood (2-2)/Guillermo Mota (1-2) 
Jul 10@Fla Won 9-243-44Greg Maddux (8-6)/Al Leiter (3-7) 
Jul 14Pitt Won 5-144-44Mark Prior (6-3)/Mark Redman (4-9) 
Jul 15Pitt Won 11-145-44Kerry Wood (3-2)/Josh Fogg (4-5) 
Jul 16Pitt Lost 0-345-45Zach Duke (2-0)/Greg Maddux (8-7)Jose Mesa (22)
Jul 17Pitt Won 8-246-45Carlos Zambrano (7-4)/Kip Wells (6-10) 
Jul 18@Cin Won 9-447-45Jerome Williams (2-3)/Brandon Claussen (4-7) 
Jul 19@Cin Won 7-348-45Mark Prior (7-3)/Luke Hudson (1-5) 
Jul 20@Cin Lost 3-948-46Aaron Harang (6-8)/Kerry Wood (3-3) 
Jul 21@Cin Lost 6-948-47Brian Shackelford (1-0)/Roberto Novoa (2-3) 
Jul 22@StL Lost 1-248-48Al Reyes (3-1)/Sergio Mitre (2-5) 
Jul 23@StL Won 6-549-48Jerome Williams (3-3)/Matt Morris (11-3)Ryan Dempster (14)
Jul 24@StL Won 8-450-48Ryan Dempster (3-3)/Al Reyes (3-2) 
Jul 25SF Won 3-251-48Ryan Dempster (3-3)/Tyler Walker (3-3) 
Jul 26SF Lost 2-351-49Jason Christiansen (6-1)/Glendon Rusch (5-4)Tyler Walker (16)
Jul 27SF Won 4-352-49Ryan Dempster (4-3)/Kevin J. Correia (1-3) 
Jul 28Ariz Lost 0-652-50Brad Halsey (7-7)/Jerome Williams (3-4) 
Jul 29Ariz Won 4-353-50Roberto Novoa (3-3)/Brian Bruney (1-3) 
Jul 30Ariz Lost 2-353-51Lance Cormier (7-1)/Roberto Novoa (3-4)Greg Aquino (1)
Jul 31Ariz Lost 6-1353-52Brandon Webb (9-8)/Greg Maddux (8-8) 
Aug 2@Phi Won 2-154-52Carlos Zambrano (8-4)/Vicente Padilla (5-10)Ryan Dempster (15)
Aug 3@Phi Lost 3-454-53Billy Wagner (4-1)/Mike Remlinger (0-3) 
Aug 4@Phi Lost 4-654-54Brett Myers (10-5)/Mark Prior (7-4)Billy Wagner (25)
Aug 5@NYM Lost 5-954-55Tom Glavine (8-9)/Rich Hill (0-1) 
Aug 6@NYM Lost 0-254-56Jae Seo (3-1)/Greg Maddux (8-9)Braden Looper (23)
Aug 7@NYM Lost 1-654-57Victor Zambrano (6-9)/Carlos Zambrano (8-5) 
Aug 8Cin Lost 4-954-58Brandon Claussen (7-8)/Jerome Williams (3-5) 
Aug 9Cin Lost 3-854-59Aaron Harang (8-10)/Will Ohman (2-2) 
Aug 10Cin Lost 2-854-60Eric Milton (6-12)/Rich Hill (0-2) 
Aug 11StL Won 11-455-60Greg Maddux (9-9)/Mark Mulder (13-6) 
Aug 12StL Won 4-156-60Carlos Zambrano (9-5)/Jason Marquis (9-11) 
Aug 13StL Lost 2-556-61Chris Carpenter (17-4)/Jerome Williams (3-6) 
Aug 14StL Won 5-457-61Mark Prior (8-4)/Matt Morris (12-5)Ryan Dempster (16)
Aug 15@Hou Lost 4-1257-62Wandy Rodriguez (8-5)/Glendon Rusch (5-5) 
Aug 16@Hou Won 4-158-62Greg Maddux (10-9)/Andy Pettitte (10-9)Ryan Dempster (17)
Aug 17@Hou Won 4-259-62Carlos Zambrano (10-5)/Roy Oswalt (14-10)Ryan Dempster (18)
Aug 19@Colo Won 5-360-62Mark Prior (9-4)/Byung-Hyun Kim (3-10)Ryan Dempster (19)
Aug 20@Colo Lost 2-460-63Aaron Cook (2-1)/Glendon Rusch (5-6)Brian Fuentes (21)
Aug 21@Colo Lost 7-960-64Sun-Woo Kim (2-2)/Greg Maddux (10-10) 
Aug 22Atl Lost 2-460-65Tim Hudson (10-7)/Kerry Wood (3-4) 
Aug 23Atl Won 10-161-65Jerome Williams (4-6)/John Thomson (3-4) 
Aug 24Atl Lost 1-361-66Jorge Sosa (9-2)/Mark Prior (9-5)Kyle Farnsworth (7)
Aug 26Fla Lost 5-761-67Jason M. Vargas (5-1)/Glendon Rusch (5-7)Todd Jones (30)
Aug 27Fla Lost 1-261-68Dontrelle Willis (18-8)/Greg Maddux (10-11)Todd Jones (31)
Aug 28Fla Won 14-362-68Carlos Zambrano (11-5)/Josh Beckett (12-8) 
Aug 29LAD Lost 6-962-69D.J. Houlton (5-7)/Jerome Williams (4-7)Duaner Sanchez (5)
Aug 30LAD Won 6-363-69Mark Prior (10-5)/Brad Penny (6-9)Ryan Dempster (20)
Aug 31LAD Lost 0-763-70Derek Lowe (9-13)/Glendon Rusch (5-8) 
Sep 2@Pitt Won 7-364-70Greg Maddux (11-11)/Josh Fogg (6-10)Ryan Dempster (21)
Sep 3@Pitt Won 9-565-70Carlos Zambrano (12-5)/Dave Williams (10-11) 
Sep 4@Pitt Won 2-066-70Jerome Williams (5-7)/Kip Wells (7-15)Ryan Dempster (22)
Sep 5@StL Lost 4-666-71Ray King (4-2)/Roberto Novoa (3-5)Julian Tavarez (4)
Sep 6@StL Won 5-267-71Glendon Rusch (6-8)/Matt Morris (14-7)Ryan Dempster (23)
Sep 7@StL Won 2-168-71Greg Maddux (12-11)/Mark Mulder (15-7)Ryan Dempster (24)
Sep 8@SF Won 5-369-71Carlos Zambrano (13-5)/Noah Lowry (12-12)Ryan Dempster (25)
Sep 9@SF Lost 1-269-72Matt Cain (2-1)/Jerome Williams (5-8) 
Sep 10@SF Won 5-270-72Mark Prior (11-5)/Brad Hennessey (4-7)Ryan Dempster (26)
Sep 11@SF Won 3-271-72Michael Wuertz (5-2)/LaTroy Hawkins (2-6)Ryan Dempster (27)
Sep 12Cin Lost 2-571-73Aaron Harang (10-12)/Greg Maddux (12-12)David Weathers (13)
Sep 13Cin Won 4-372-73Michael Wuertz (6-2)/David Weathers (7-2) 
Sep 14Cin Lost 4-772-74Todd Coffey (3-0)/Jermaine Van Buren (0-1) 
Sep 15StL Lost 1-672-75Jeff Suppan (15-10)/Mark Prior (11-6) 
Sep 16StL Won 5-373-75Glendon Rusch (7-8)/Matt Morris (14-9)Ryan Dempster (28)
Sep 17StL Lost 1-573-76Mark Mulder (16-7)/Greg Maddux (12-13) 
Sep 18StL Won 7-474-76Carlos Zambrano (14-5)/Anthony Reyes (1-1) 
Sep 20@Mil Lost 3-574-77Doug Davis (11-10)/Jerome Williams (5-9)Derrick Turnbow (33)
Sep 21@Mil Lost 6-774-78Derrick Turnbow (7-1)/Jermaine Van Buren (0-2) 
Sep 22@Mil Won 3-075-78Greg Maddux (13-13)/Rick Helling (2-1)Ryan Dempster (29)
Sep 23Hou Won 5-476-78Glendon Rusch (8-8)/Wandy Rodriguez (10-9)Ryan Dempster (30)
Sep 24Hou Lost 3-876-79Ezequiel Astacio (3-6)/Carlos Zambrano (14-6) 
Sep 25Hou Won 3-277-79Jerome Williams (6-9)/Mike D. Gallo (0-1)Ryan Dempster (31)
Sep 27Pitt Lost 3-577-80Zach Duke (7-2)/Greg Maddux (13-14)Salomon Torres (2)
Sep 28Pitt Lost 2-377-81Paul Maholm (3-1)/Mark Prior (11-7)Mike Gonzalez (3)
Sep 29@Hou Won 3-278-81Glendon Rusch (9-8)/Wandy Rodriguez (10-10)Ryan Dempster (32)
Sep 30@Hou Won 4-379-81Roberto Novoa (4-5)/Brad Lidge (4-4)Ryan Dempster (33)
Oct 1@Hou Lost 1-379-82Roger Clemens (13-8)/Jerome Williams (6-10)Brad Lidge (41)
Oct 2@Hou Lost 4-679-83Roy Oswalt (20-12)/Greg Maddux (13-15)Brad Lidge (42)

2015 Team Leaders
AVGAnthony Rizzo , 1B.278
HRAnthony Rizzo , 1B31
RBIAnthony Rizzo , 1B101
OBPAnthony Rizzo , 1B.387
SLGAnthony Rizzo , 1B.512
RDexter Fowler , CF102
SBDexter Fowler , CF20
WJake Arrieta , SP22
ERAJake Arrieta , SP1.77
WHIPJake Arrieta , SP0.86
KJake Arrieta , SP236
SVHector Rondon , RP30

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