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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Played games
Regular Season
Mar 31Mil Lost 3-40-1Eric Gagne (1-0)/Bob Howry (0-1)David Riske (1)
Apr 2Mil Lost 2-80-2Jeff Suppan (1-0)/Ted Lilly (0-1) 
Apr 3Mil Won 6-31-2Ryan Dempster (1-0)/Dave Bush (0-1)Kerry Wood (1)
Apr 4Hou Lost 3-41-3Wesley Wright (1-0)/Jon Lieber (0-1)Jose Valverde (1)
Apr 5Hou Won 9-72-3Kevin Hart (1-0)/Roy Oswalt (0-2)Kerry Wood (2)
Apr 6Hou Won 3-23-3Carlos Zambrano (1-0)/Oscar Villarreal (0-2)Kerry Wood (3)
Apr 7@Pitt Won 10-84-3Jon Lieber (1-1)/Evan Meek (0-1)Carlos Marmol (1)
Apr 9@Pitt Won 6-45-3Kevin Hart (2-0)/Phil Dumatrait (0-1)Sean Marshall (1)
Apr 10@Pitt Won 7-36-3Jon Lieber (2-1)/ 
Apr 11@Phi Lost 3-56-4Brett Myers (1-1)/Carlos Zambrano (1-1)Brad Lidge (2)
Apr 12@Phi Lost 1-76-5Cole Hamels (2-1)/Ted Lilly (0-2) 
Apr 13@Phi Won 6-57-5Kerry Wood (1-0)/Rudy Seanez (0-1)Bob Howry (1)
Apr 15Cin Won 9-58-5Ryan Dempster (2-0)/Aaron Harang (1-2) 
Apr 16Cin Won 12-39-5Carlos Zambrano (2-1)/Josh Fogg (1-2) 
Apr 17Cin Lost 2-99-6Edinson Volquez (2-0)/Ted Lilly (0-3) 
Apr 18Pitt Won 3-210-6Rich Hill (1-0)/Ian Snell (2-1)Kerry Wood (4)
Apr 19Pitt Won 13-111-6Jason Marquis (1-0)/Tom Gorzelanny (1-2) 
Apr 20Pitt Won 13-612-6Ryan Dempster (3-0)/Zach Duke (0-1) 
Apr 21NYM Won 7-113-6Carlos Zambrano (3-1)/John Maine (1-2) 
Apr 22NYM Won 8-114-6Ted Lilly (1-3)/Nelson Figueroa (1-1) 
Apr 23@Colo Won 7-615-6Kerry Wood (2-0)/Kip Wells (1-1)Carlos Marmol (2)
Apr 24@Colo Lost 2-415-7Aaron Cook (3-1)/Kevin Hart (2-1)Brian Fuentes (1)
Apr 25@Wash Lost 3-515-8Jon Rauch (2-0)/Bob Howry (0-2) 
Apr 26@Wash Won 7-016-8Carlos Zambrano (4-1)/Matt Chico (0-5) 
Apr 27@Wash Lost 0-216-9John Lannan (2-2)/Ted Lilly (1-4)Jon Rauch (4)
Apr 29Mil Lost 7-1016-10Ben Sheets (4-0)/Jason Marquis (1-1)Eric Gagne (8)
Apr 30Mil Won 19-517-10Ryan Dempster (4-0)/Jeff Suppan (1-1) 
May 1Mil Lost 3-417-11Brian Shouse (2-0)/Kerry Wood (2-1)Eric Gagne (9)
May 2@StL Lost 3-517-12Ron Villone (1-0)/Chad Fox (0-1) 
May 3@StL Won 9-318-12Ted Lilly (2-4)/Kyle Lohse (3-1) 
May 4@StL Lost 3-518-13Todd Wellemeyer (0-0)/Jason Marquis (0-0)Jason Isringhausen (0)
May 5@Cin Lost 3-518-14Johnny Cueto (2-3)/Ryan Dempster (4-1)Francisco Cordero (5)
May 6@Cin Won 3-019-14Carlos Zambrano (5-1)/Aaron Harang (1-5)Kerry Wood (5)
May 7@Cin Lost 0-919-15Edinson Volquez (5-1)/Jon Lieber (2-2) 
May 9Ariz Won 3-120-15Ted Lilly (3-4)/Dan Haren (4-2)Kerry Wood (6)
May 10Ariz Won 7-221-15Scott Eyre (1-0)/Chad Qualls (0-4) 
May 11Ariz Won 6-422-15Carlos Marmol (1-0)/Tony A. Pena (0-1)Kerry Wood (7)
May 12SD Won 12-323-15Carlos Zambrano (6-1)/Randy Wolf (2-3) 
May 13SD Lost 3-423-16Shawn Estes (1-0)/Jason Marquis (1-3)Trevor Hoffman (7)
May 14SD Won 8-524-16Ted Lilly (4-4)/Jake Peavy (4-3) 
May 15SD Won 4-025-16Ryan Dempster (5-1)/Greg Maddux (3-4)Kerry Wood (8)
May 16Pitt Won 7-426-16Sean Gallagher (1-0)/Tom Gorzelanny (3-4)Kerry Wood (9)
May 17Pitt Lost 6-726-17Damaso Marte (3-0)/Carlos Marmol (1-1)Matt Capps (10)
May 18Pitt Won 4-327-17Jason Marquis (2-3)/Phil Dumatrait (1-2)Kerry Wood (10)
May 19@Hou Won 7-228-17Ted Lilly (5-4)/Brian Moehler (1-1) 
May 20@Hou Lost 2-428-18Chris Sampson (3-3)/Ryan Dempster (5-2)Jose Valverde (13)
May 21@Hou Lost 3-528-19Shawn Chacon (1-0)/Sean Gallagher (1-1)Jose Valverde (14)
May 23@Pitt Won 12-329-19Carlos Zambrano (7-1)/Zach Duke (2-3) 
May 24@Pitt Lost 4-529-20John Grabow (4-1)/Michael Wuertz (0-1) 
May 25@Pitt Lost 5-629-21Damaso Marte (4-0)/Jon Lieber (2-3) 
May 26LAD Won 3-130-21Ryan Dempster (6-2)/Chad Billingsley (4-6)Kerry Wood (11)
May 27LAD Won 3-131-21Sean Gallagher (2-1)/Hiroki Kuroda (2-4)Kerry Wood (12)
May 28LAD Won 2-132-21Bob Howry (1-2)/Chan Ho Park (1-1) 
May 29Colo Won 8-433-21Michael Wuertz (1-1)/Matt Herges (2-2) 
May 30Colo Won 10-934-21Scott Eyre (2-0)/Manny Corpas (0-3)Kerry Wood (13)
May 31Colo Won 5-435-21Ryan Dempster (7-2)/Glendon Rusch (1-3)Carlos Marmol (3)
Jun 1Colo Won 5-336-21Sean Gallagher (3-1)/Ubaldo Jimenez (1-6)Kerry Wood (14)
Jun 2@SD Won 7-637-21Carlos Zambrano (8-1)/Cha Seung Baek (1-2)Kerry Wood (15)
Jun 3@SD Won 9-638-21Jason Marquis (3-3)/Bryan Corey (1-1)Kerry Wood (16)
Jun 4@SD Lost 1-238-22Heath Bell (3-3)/Ted Lilly (5-5)Trevor Hoffman (12)
Jun 5@LAD Won 5-439-22Bob Howry (0-0)/Takashi Saito (0-0)Kerry Wood (0)
Jun 6@LAD Lost 0-339-23Hiroki Kuroda (3-5)/Sean Gallagher (3-2) 
Jun 7@LAD Lost 3-739-24Derek Lowe (4-5)/Carlos Zambrano (8-2) 
Jun 8@LAD Won 3-140-24Jason Marquis (0-0)/Brad Penny (0-0)Kerry Wood (0)
Jun 10Atl Won 10-541-24Ted Lilly (6-5)/Tom Glavine (2-3) 
Jun 11Atl Won 7-242-24Ryan Dempster (8-2)/Jeff Bennett (0-4) 
Jun 12Atl Won 3-243-24Kerry Wood (3-1)/Manny Acosta (3-5) 
Jun 13@Tor Lost 2-343-25A.J. Burnett (6-6)/Sean Gallagher (3-3)B.J. Ryan (14)
Jun 14@Tor Won 6-244-25Jason Marquis (5-3)/Roy Halladay (8-6) 
Jun 15@Tor Won 7-445-25Ted Lilly (7-5)/Jesse Litsch (7-3) 
Jun 17@TB Lost 2-345-26Grant Balfour (1-0)/Neal Cotts (0-1)Troy Percival (16)
Jun 18@TB Lost 4-545-27Andy Sonnanstine (8-3)/Carlos Zambrano (8-3)Troy Percival (17)
Jun 19@TB Lost 3-845-28Grant Balfour (2-0)/Carlos Marmol (1-2) 
Jun 20CHW Won 4-346-28Kerry Wood (4-1)/Scott Linebrink (2-2) 
Jun 21CHW Won 11-747-28Jason Marquis (6-3)/Jose A. Contreras (6-6)Kerry Wood (19)
Jun 22CHW Won 7-148-28Ryan Dempster (0-0)/Javier Vazquez (0-0) 
Jun 24Balt Lost 5-748-29Jeremy Guthrie (4-7)/Sean Marshall (0-1)George Sherrill (26)
Jun 25Balt Won 7-449-29Ted Lilly (8-5)/Matt Albers (3-3)Kerry Wood (20)
Jun 26Balt Lost 4-1149-30Radhames Liz (2-0)/Jason Marquis (6-4) 
Jun 27@CHW Lost 3-1049-31Jose A. Contreras (7-6)/Ryan Dempster (9-3) 
Jun 28@CHW Lost 5-649-32Matt Thornton (4-1)/Carlos Marmol (1-3)Bobby Jenks (18)
Jun 29@CHW Lost 1-549-33Mark Buehrle (0-0)/Sean Marshall (0-0) 
Jun 30@SF Won 9-250-33Ted Lilly (0-0)/Barry Zito (0-0) 
Jul 1@SF Lost 1-250-34Matt Cain (5-6)/Jason Marquis (6-5)Brian Wilson (23)
Jul 2@SF Won 6-551-34Carlos Marmol (0-0)/Tyler Walker (0-0)Kerry Wood (0)
Jul 3@SF Lost 3-851-35Tim Lincecum (10-1)/Sean Gallagher (3-4) 
Jul 4@StL Won 2-152-35Carlos Zambrano (9-3)/Braden Looper (9-6)Kerry Wood (22)
Jul 5@StL Lost 4-552-36Kyle McClellan (1-3)/Kerry Wood (4-2) 
Jul 6@StL Won 7-153-36Sean Marshall (1-2)/Todd Wellemeyer (7-4) 
Jul 8Cin Won 7-354-36Ryan Dempster (10-3)/Aaron Harang (3-11) 
Jul 9Cin Won 5-155-36Carlos Zambrano (10-3)/Johnny Cueto (7-9)Kerry Wood (23)
Jul 10Cin Lost 7-1255-37Bronson Arroyo (7-7)/Ted Lilly (9-6) 
Jul 11SF Won 3-156-37Bob Howry (3-2)/Tyler Walker (3-5)Kerry Wood (24)
Jul 12SF Won 8-757-37Sean Marshall (2-2)/Brian Wilson (0-2) 
Jul 13SF Lost 2-457-38Tim Lincecum (11-2)/Ryan Dempster (10-4)Brian Wilson (25)
Jul 18@Hou Lost 1-257-39Geoff Geary (2-1)/Bob Howry (3-3) 
Jul 19@Hou Lost 1-457-40Wandy Rodriguez (5-3)/Carlos Zambrano (10-4)Jose Valverde (25)
Jul 20@Hou Won 9-058-40Ryan Dempster (11-4)/Brandon Backe (6-10) 
Jul 21@Ariz Lost 0-258-41Randy Johnson (7-7)/Rich Harden (5-2)Chad Qualls (2)
Jul 22@Ariz Lost 2-958-42Yusmeiro Petit (1-1)/Jason Marquis (6-6) 
Jul 23@Ariz Won 10-659-42Ted Lilly (0-0)/Doug Davis (0-0) 
Jul 24Fla Won 6-360-42Carlos Zambrano (11-4)/Scott Olsen (6-5)Carlos Marmol (4)
Jul 25Fla Lost 2-360-43Justin Miller (3-2)/Bob Howry (3-4)Kevin Gregg (21)
Jul 26Fla Lost 2-360-44Justin Miller (4-2)/Chad Gaudin (5-4)Kevin Gregg (22)
Jul 27Fla Won 9-661-44Chad Gaudin (6-4)/Mark Hendrickson (7-8)Jeff Samardzija (1)
Jul 28@Mil Won 6-462-44Chad Gaudin (7-4)/Salomon Torres (5-3)Carlos Marmol (5)
Jul 29@Mil Won 7-163-44Carlos Zambrano (12-4)/Ben Sheets (10-4) 
Jul 30@Mil Won 7-264-44Ryan Dempster (12-4)/Manny Parra (9-4) 
Jul 31@Mil Won 11-465-44Rich Harden (6-2)/Dave Bush (5-9) 
Aug 1Pitt Lost 0-365-45Jeff Karstens (1-0)/Jason Marquis (6-7)John Grabow (1)
Aug 2Pitt Won 5-166-45Ted Lilly (11-6)/Paul Maholm (7-7) 
Aug 3Pitt Won 8-567-45Chad Gaudin (8-4)/Craig Hansen (1-4)Carlos Marmol (6)
Aug 4Hou Lost 0-267-46Brian Moehler (7-4)/Ryan Dempster (12-5)LaTroy Hawkins (1)
Aug 5Hou Won 11-768-46Bob Howry (4-4)/Chris Sampson (5-4) 
Aug 6Hou Won 11-469-46Jason Marquis (7-7)/Brandon Backe (6-11) 
Aug 8StL Won 3-270-46Bob Howry (5-4)/Ryan Franklin (4-5) 
Aug 9StL Lost 3-1270-47Todd Wellemeyer (9-4)/Carlos Zambrano (12-5) 
Aug 10StL Won 6-271-47Ryan Dempster (0-0)/Chris Carpenter (0-0) 
Aug 12@AtlPPD  
Aug 13@Atl Won 10-272-47Jason Marquis (8-7)/Charlie Morton (3-6) 
Aug 13@Atl Won 8-073-47Rich Harden (7-2)/Jorge Campillo (7-5) 
Aug 14@Atl Won 11-774-47Ted Lilly (12-6)/Tom Glavine (2-4) 
Aug 15@Fla Won 6-575-47Chad Gaudin (9-4)/Kevin Gregg (6-5)Kerry Wood (25)
Aug 16@Fla Lost 1-275-48Anibal Sanchez (2-2)/Sean Marshall (2-3)Kevin Gregg (27)
Aug 17@Fla Won 9-276-48Ryan Dempster (14-5)/Renyel Pinto (2-5) 
Aug 19Cin Won 5-077-48Rich Harden (8-2)/Johnny Cueto (8-12) 
Aug 20Cin Lost 1-277-49Bronson Arroyo (11-10)/Ted Lilly (12-7)Francisco Cordero (24)
Aug 21Cin Won 3-278-49Carlos Zambrano (13-5)/Josh Fogg (2-6)Kerry Wood (26)
Aug 22Wash Lost 5-1378-50John Lannan (7-12)/Neal Cotts (0-2) 
Aug 23Wash Won 9-279-50Ryan Dempster (15-5)/Odalis Perez (5-10) 
Aug 24Wash Won 6-180-50Rich Harden (9-2)/Jason Bergmann (2-10) 
Aug 25@Pitt Won 12-381-50Ted Lilly (13-7)/Jeff Karstens (2-3) 
Aug 26@Pitt Won 14-982-50Sean Marshall (3-3)/Craig Hansen (1-5) 
Aug 27@Pitt Won 2-083-50Jason Marquis (9-7)/Zach Duke (4-13)Kerry Wood (27)
Aug 28Phi Won 6-484-50Bob Howry (6-4)/Chad Durbin (5-3)Kerry Wood (28)
Aug 29Phi Won 3-285-50Jeff Samardzija (1-0)/Clay Condrey (3-4)Carlos Marmol (7)
Aug 30Phi Lost 2-585-51Brett Myers (8-10)/Ted Lilly (13-8)Brad Lidge (32)
Aug 31Phi Lost 3-585-52Jamie Moyer (12-7)/Sean Marshall (3-4)Brad Lidge (33)
Sep 1Hou Lost 0-385-53Roy Oswalt (13-9)/Jason Marquis (9-8)Jose Valverde (38)
Sep 2Hou Lost 7-985-54Wesley Wright (4-3)/Kerry Wood (4-3)Jose Valverde (39)
Sep 3Hou Lost 0-485-55Randy Wolf (9-11)/Ryan Dempster (15-6) 
Sep 5@Cin Lost 2-1085-56Bronson Arroyo (14-10)/Ted Lilly (13-9) 
Sep 6@Cin Won 14-986-56Jason Marquis (10-8)/Johnny Cueto (8-13) 
Sep 7@Cin Lost 3-486-57Francisco Cordero (5-4)/Kerry Wood (4-4) 
Sep 9@StL Lost 3-486-58Chris Perez (3-2)/Carlos Marmol (2-4) 
Sep 10@StL Won 4-387-58Ted Lilly (14-9)/Braden Looper (12-12)Kerry Wood (29)
Sep 11@StL Won 3-288-58Rich Harden (10-2)/Todd Wellemeyer (12-7)Kerry Wood (30)
Sep 12@HouPPD  
Sep 13@HouPPD  
Sep 14@Hou Won 5-089-58Carlos Zambrano (14-5)/Randy Wolf (10-12) 
Sep 15@Hou Won 6-190-58Ted Lilly (15-9)/Brian Moehler (11-7) 
Sep 16Mil Won 5-491-58Ryan Dempster (16-6)/CC Sabathia (15-9)Kerry Wood (31)
Sep 17Mil Lost 2-691-59Mark DiFelice (1-0)/Jason Marquis (10-9) 
Sep 18Mil Won 7-692-59Kerry Wood (5-4)/Carlos Villanueva (4-7) 
Sep 19StL Lost 6-1292-60Adam Wainwright (10-3)/Carlos Zambrano (14-6) 
Sep 20StL Won 5-493-60Ted Lilly (16-9)/Joel Pineiro (6-7)Kerry Wood (32)
Sep 21StL Won 5-194-60Ryan Dempster (17-6)/Braden Looper (12-14) 
Sep 22@NYM Won 9-595-60Jason Marquis (11-9)/Jonathon Niese (1-1)Kerry Wood (33)
Sep 23@NYM Lost 2-695-61Johan Santana (15-7)/Chad Gaudin (9-5)Luis Ayala (9)
Sep 24@NYM Won 9-696-61Bob Howry (7-4)/Luis Ayala (2-10)Kerry Wood (34)
Sep 25@NYM Lost 6-796-62Joe Smith (6-3)/Kevin Hart (2-2) 
Sep 26@Mil Lost 1-596-63Seth McClung (6-6)/Sean Marshall (3-5) 
Sep 27@Mil Won 7-397-63Ted Lilly (17-9)/Ben Sheets (13-9) 
Sep 28@Mil Lost 1-397-64CC Sabathia (17-10)/Bob Howry (7-5) 

2015 Team Leaders
AVGAnthony Rizzo , 1B.278
HRAnthony Rizzo , 1B31
RBIAnthony Rizzo , 1B101
OBPAnthony Rizzo , 1B.387
SLGAnthony Rizzo , 1B.512
RDexter Fowler , CF102
SBDexter Fowler , CF20
WJake Arrieta , SP22
ERAJake Arrieta , SP1.77
WHIPJake Arrieta , SP0.86
KJake Arrieta , SP236
SVHector Rondon , RP30

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