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Chicago White Sox

Stadium: U.S. Cellular Field | Manager: Robin Ventura
White Sox.2556241464.33
AL Central Division3rd4th2nd4th
American League 6th8th5th13th
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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 4Cle Won 1-01-0Mark Buehrle (1-0)/Jake Westbrook (0-1)Shingo Takatsu (1)
Apr 6Cle Won 4-32-0Damaso Marte (1-0)/Bob Wickman (0-1) 
Apr 7Cle Lost 5-112-1Arthur Rhodes (1-0)/Luis Vizcaino (0-1) 
Apr 8@Min Won 5-13-1Orlando Hernandez (1-0)/Kyle Lohse (0-1) 
Apr 9@Min Won 8-54-1Jon Garland (1-0)/Brad Radke (0-2)Shingo Takatsu (2)
Apr 10@Min Lost 2-54-2Johan Santana (2-0)/Mark Buehrle (1-1)Joe Nathan (2)
Apr 11@Cle Won 2-15-2Freddy An. Garcia (1-0)/Kevin Millwood (0-1)Shingo Takatsu (3)
Apr 13@Cle Won 5-46-2Luis Vizcaino (1-1)/Bob Howry (0-1)Dustin Hermanson (1)
Apr 14@Cle Lost 6-86-3Rafael Betancourt (1-0)/Orlando Hernandez (1-1)Bob Wickman (3)
Apr 15Sea Won 6-47-3Jon Garland (2-0)/Joel Pineiro (0-1)Dustin Hermanson (2)
Apr 16Sea Won 2-18-3Mark Buehrle (2-1)/Ryan Franklin (1-1) 
Apr 17Sea Lost 4-58-4Gil Meche (1-0)/Freddy An. Garcia (1-1)Eddie Guardado (3)
Apr 18Min Won 5-49-4Luis Vizcaino (2-1)/Kyle Lohse (1-2)Shingo Takatsu (4)
Apr 19Min Won 3-110-4Orlando Hernandez (2-1)/Brad Radke (1-3)Damaso Marte (1)
Apr 20@Det Won 9-111-4Jon Garland (3-0)/Wil Ledezma (1-1) 
Apr 21@Det Won 4-312-4Mark Buehrle (3-1)/Jeremy Bonderman (2-2)Shingo Takatsu (5)
Apr 22@KC Won 8-213-4Freddy An. Garcia (2-1)/Runelvys Hernandez (1-3) 
Apr 23@KC Won 3-214-4Damaso Marte (2-0)/Mike M. MacDougal (1-1) 
Apr 24@KC Won 4-315-4Neal Cotts (1-0)/Shawn Camp (0-2)Shingo Takatsu (6)
Apr 25@Oak Won 6-016-4Jon Garland (4-0)/Barry Zito (0-4) 
Apr 26@Oak Lost 7-916-5Justin Duchscherer (1-0)/Damaso Marte (2-1)Octavio Dotel (5)
Apr 27@Oak Lost 1-216-6Justin Duchscherer (2-0)/Damaso Marte (2-2) 
Apr 29Det Lost 2-316-7Jamie Walker (1-0)/Shingo Takatsu (0-1)Franklyn German (1)
Apr 30Det Won 4-317-7Orlando Hernandez (3-1)/Jason M. Johnson (2-2)Dustin Hermanson (3)
May 1Det Won 8-018-7Jon Garland (5-0)/Wil Ledezma (1-2) 
May 3KC Won 5-419-7Mark Buehrle (4-1)/Andrew Sisco (0-1)Shingo Takatsu (7)
May 4KC Won 4-220-7Freddy An. Garcia (3-1)/Runelvys Hernandez (1-4)Dustin Hermanson (4)
May 5KC Won 2-121-7Jose A. Contreras (1-0)/Zack Greinke (0-3)Shingo Takatsu (8)
May 6@Tor Won 5-322-7Orlando Hernandez (4-1)/Jason Frasor (1-2)Dustin Hermanson (5)
May 7@Tor Won 10-723-7Jon Garland (6-0)/Ted Lilly (1-3) 
May 8@Tor Won 5-424-7Mark Buehrle (5-1)/Gustavo Chacin (4-2)Damaso Marte (2)
May 9@TB Lost 2-424-8Lance Carter (1-0)/Freddy An. Garcia (3-2)Danys Baez (3)
May 10@TB Lost 6-724-9Jesus Colome (1-0)/Shingo Takatsu (0-2) 
May 11@TB Won 5-225-9Orlando Hernandez (5-1)/Dewon Brazelton (1-7)Dustin Hermanson (6)
May 12Balt Won 3-226-9Jon Garland (7-0)/Bruce Chen (4-2)Dustin Hermanson (7)
May 13Balt Won 5-327-9Mark Buehrle (6-1)/Todd Williams (3-3)Dustin Hermanson (8)
May 14Balt Lost 6-927-10Daniel Cabrera (3-2)/Freddy An. Garcia (3-3)B.J. Ryan (10)
May 15Balt Lost 2-627-11Erik Bedard (4-1)/Jose A. Contreras (1-1) 
May 16Tex Lost 6-727-12Nick Regilio (1-1)/Damaso Marte (2-3)Francisco Cordero (13)
May 17Tex Won 5-228-12Jon Garland (8-0)/Pedro Astacio (1-5)Dustin Hermanson (9)
May 18Tex Won 7-029-12Mark Buehrle (7-1)/Ryan Drese (3-4) 
May 20@CHC Won 5-130-12Freddy An. Garcia (4-3)/Greg Maddux (2-2) 
May 21@CHC Won 5-331-12Jose A. Contreras (2-1)/Michael Wuertz (2-2)Dustin Hermanson (10)
May 22@CHC Lost 3-431-13Mark Prior (4-1)/Luis Vizcaino (2-2) 
May 23@LAA Lost 0-431-14Ervin Santana (1-1)/Jon Garland (8-1) 
May 24@LAA Won 2-132-14Damaso Marte (3-3)/Esteban Yan (0-1) 
May 25@LAA Won 4-233-14Freddy An. Garcia (5-3)/Jarrod Washburn (3-3)Dustin Hermanson (11)
May 26@LAA Lost 2-333-15John Lackey (5-2)/Jose A. Contreras (2-2)Scot Shields (6)
May 27@Tex Lost 2-633-16Chris R. Young (5-2)/Brandon McCarthy (0-1)Francisco Cordero (16)
May 28@TexPPD  
May 29@Tex Lost 4-1233-17Chan Ho Park (5-1)/Jon Garland (8-2) 
May 30LAA Won 5-434-17Cliff Politte (1-0)/Scot Shields (4-2) 
May 31LAA Won 5-435-17Cliff Politte (2-0)/Brendan Donnelly (2-1) 
Jun 1LAA Lost 7-1035-18Paul Byrd (5-4)/Kevin Walker (0-1) 
Jun 3Cle Won 6-436-18Orlando Hernandez (6-1)/Jake Westbrook (2-8)Dustin Hermanson (12)
Jun 4Cle Won 6-537-18Jon Garland (9-2)/Jason T. Davis (2-2)Dustin Hermanson (13)
Jun 5Cle Lost 4-637-19David Riske (2-2)/Dustin Hermanson (0-1) 
Jun 6@Colo Won 9-338-19Freddy An. Garcia (6-3)/Joe Kennedy (3-6) 
Jun 7@Colo Won 2-139-19Jose A. Contreras (3-2)/Byung-Hyun Kim (0-5)Dustin Hermanson (14)
Jun 8@Colo Won 15-540-19Orlando Hernandez (7-1)/Jeff Francis (5-3) 
Jun 10@SD Won 4-241-19Jon Garland (10-2)/Woody Williams (2-4)Dustin Hermanson (15)
Jun 11@SD Lost 1-241-20Scott Linebrink (3-1)/Dustin Hermanson (0-2) 
Jun 12@SD Won 8-542-20Cliff Politte (3-0)/Trevor Hoffman (0-3) 
Jun 13Ariz Lost 1-842-21Shawn Estes (5-4)/Jose A. Contreras (3-3) 
Jun 14Ariz Lost 4-1042-22Javier Vazquez (7-4)/Orlando Hernandez (7-2) 
Jun 15Ariz Won 12-643-22Jon Garland (11-2)/Russ Ortiz (4-6) 
Jun 17LAD Won 6-044-22Mark Buehrle (8-1)/D.J. Houlton (2-1) 
Jun 18LAD Won 5-345-22Cliff Politte (4-0)/Yhency Brazoban (2-2) 
Jun 19LAD Won 4-346-22Cliff Politte (5-0)/Duaner Sanchez (1-3)Dustin Hermanson (16)
Jun 20KC Won 11-847-22Neal Cotts (2-0)/Ryan Jensen (3-2)Dustin Hermanson (17)
Jun 21KC Won 5-148-22Jon Garland (12-2)/Zack Greinke (1-8) 
Jun 22KC Won 5-149-22Mark Buehrle (9-1)/J.P. Howell (1-2) 
Jun 24CHC Won 12-250-22Freddy An. Garcia (7-3)/Sergio Mitre (2-3) 
Jun 25CHC Lost 2-650-23Greg Maddux (7-4)/Jose A. Contreras (3-4) 
Jun 26CHC Lost 0-250-24Mark Prior (5-1)/Jon Garland (12-3)Ryan Dempster (11)
Jun 28@Det Won 2-151-24Mark Buehrle (10-1)/Nate Robertson (3-6)Dustin Hermanson (18)
Jun 29@Det Won 4-352-24Shingo Takatsu (1-2)/Fernando Rodney (1-1) 
Jun 30@Det Won 6-153-24Freddy An. Garcia (8-3)/Mike Maroth (5-9) 
Jul 1@Oak Lost 2-653-25Rich Harden (5-3)/Jose A. Contreras (3-5) 
Jul 2@Oak Won 5-354-25Jon Garland (13-3)/Kirk Saarloos (4-5)Dustin Hermanson (19)
Jul 3@Oak Lost 2-754-26Barry Zito (5-8)/Mark Buehrle (10-2) 
Jul 4TB Won 10-855-26Luis Vizcaino (3-2)/Hideo Nomo (5-7)Dustin Hermanson (20)
Jul 5TB Won 6-456-26Cliff Politte (6-0)/Lance Carter (1-2)Dustin Hermanson (21)
Jul 6TB Won 7-257-26Jose A. Contreras (4-5)/Casey Fossum (3-7) 
Jul 8Oak Lost 2-457-27Kirk Saarloos (5-5)/Jon Garland (13-4)Huston Street (5)
Jul 9Oak Lost 1-1057-28Barry Zito (6-8)/Mark Buehrle (10-3) 
Jul 10Oak Lost 8-957-29Huston Street (3-1)/Luis Vizcaino (3-3) 
Jul 14@Cle Won 1-058-29Jose A. Contreras (5-5)/Kevin Millwood (3-8)Dustin Hermanson (22)
Jul 15@Cle Won 7-159-29Freddy An. Garcia (9-3)/C.C. Sabathia (6-6) 
Jul 16@Cle Won 7-560-29Mark Buehrle (11-3)/Jake Westbrook (6-12)Damaso Marte (3)
Jul 17@Cle Won 4-061-29Jon Garland (14-4)/Scott Elarton (6-4) 
Jul 18Det Won 7-562-29Luis Vizcaino (4-3)/Chris Spurling (2-1)Cliff Politte (1)
Jul 19Det Lost 1-762-30Jeremy Bonderman (12-6)/Jose A. Contreras (5-6) 
Jul 20Det Lost 6-862-31Nate Robertson (5-7)/Freddy An. Garcia (9-4)Craig Dingman (1)
Jul 21Bos Lost 5-662-32Curt Schilling (2-3)/Luis Vizcaino (4-4) 
Jul 22Bos Won 8-463-32Jon Garland (15-4)/Tim Wakefield (8-9) 
Jul 23Bos Lost 0-363-33Wade Miller (3-4)/Orlando Hernandez (7-3)Curt Schilling (2)
Jul 24Bos Won 6-464-33Jose A. Contreras (6-6)/Bronson Arroyo (8-6)Dustin Hermanson (23)
Jul 25@KC Won 14-665-33Freddy An. Garcia (10-4)/Zack Greinke (3-12) 
Jul 26@KC Lost 1-765-34Jose Lima (4-8)/Mark Buehrle (11-4) 
Jul 27@KC Lost 5-665-35Shawn Camp (1-2)/Luis Vizcaino (4-5) 
Jul 29@Balt Won 7-266-35Orlando Hernandez (8-3)/Erik Bedard (5-3) 
Jul 30@Balt Won 9-667-35Neal Cotts (3-0)/Chris Ray (0-3)Dustin Hermanson (24)
Jul 31@Balt Won 9-468-35Freddy An. Garcia (11-4)/Rodrigo Lopez (9-6) 
Aug 1@Balt Won 6-369-35Mark Buehrle (12-4)/Daniel Cabrera (8-9)Dustin Hermanson (25)
Aug 2Tor Lost 3-769-36Josh Towers (8-8)/Jon Garland (15-5) 
Aug 3Tor Lost 3-469-37Dave Bush (2-5)/Orlando Hernandez (8-4)Miguel Batista (18)
Aug 4Tor Won 5-470-37Luis Vizcaino (5-5)/Justin Speier (1-2)Dustin Hermanson (26)
Aug 5Sea Lost 2-470-38Joel Pineiro (4-7)/Freddy An. Garcia (11-5)Eddie Guardado (26)
Aug 6Sea Won 4-271-38Mark Buehrle (13-4)/Jamie Moyer (9-4)Dustin Hermanson (27)
Aug 7Sea Won 3-172-38Jon Garland (16-5)/Jeff A. Harris (0-1)Dustin Hermanson (28)
Aug 8@NYY Lost 2-372-39Mike Mussina (11-7)/Orlando Hernandez (8-5)Mariano Rivera (30)
Aug 9@NYY Won 2-173-39Jose A. Contreras (7-6)/Shawn Chacon (1-8)Dustin Hermanson (29)
Aug 10@NYY Won 2-174-39Neal Cotts (4-0)/Mariano Rivera (5-3)Dustin Hermanson (30)
Aug 12@Bos Lost 8-974-40Chad Bradford (1-0)/Mark Buehrle (13-5) 
Aug 13@Bos Lost 4-774-41Tim Wakefield (12-9)/Jon Garland (16-6) 
Aug 14@BosPPD  
Aug 15Min Lost 2-474-42Kyle Lohse (8-11)/Jose A. Contreras (7-7)Joe Nathan (30)
Aug 16Min Lost 4-974-43J.C. Romero (3-3)/Jon Adkins (0-1) 
Aug 17Min Lost 1-574-44Johan Santana (12-6)/Mark Buehrle (13-6) 
Aug 19NYY Lost 1-374-45Mike Mussina (12-7)/Jon Garland (16-7)Mariano Rivera (33)
Aug 20NYY Lost 0-574-46Shawn Chacon (3-8)/Orlando Hernandez (8-6) 
Aug 21NYY Won 6-275-46Jose A. Contreras (8-7)/Randy Johnson (11-8) 
Aug 23@Min Lost 0-175-47Johan Santana (13-6)/Freddy An. Garcia (11-6)Joe Nathan (32)
Aug 24@Min Won 6-476-47Mark Buehrle (14-6)/Joe Mays (6-9)Dustin Hermanson (31)
Aug 25@Min Won 2-177-47Dustin Hermanson (1-2)/Jesse Crain (9-3)Bobby Jenks (1)
Aug 26@Sea Won 5-378-47Luis Vizcaino (6-5)/Jeff Nelson (1-3)Dustin Hermanson (32)
Aug 27@Sea Won 4-379-47Jose A. Contreras (9-7)/Joel Pineiro (5-9)Damaso Marte (4)
Aug 28@Sea Lost 2-979-48Jamie Moyer (11-5)/Freddy An. Garcia (11-7) 
Aug 29@Tex Lost 5-779-49Juan Dominguez (2-3)/Mark Buehrle (14-7)Doug Brocail (1)
Aug 30@Tex Lost 6-879-50C.J. Wilson (1-6)/Jon Garland (16-8)Francisco Cordero (29)
Aug 30@Tex Won 8-080-50Brandon McCarthy (1-1)/Edison Volquez (0-1) 
Aug 31@Tex Lost 2-980-51Kameron Loe (7-4)/Orlando Hernandez (8-7) 
Sep 1Det Won 12-381-51Jose A. Contreras (10-7)/Jason M. Johnson (7-11) 
Sep 2Det Won 9-182-51Freddy An. Garcia (12-7)/Sean Douglass (5-3) 
Sep 3Det Won 6-283-51Mark Buehrle (15-7)/Nate Robertson (6-12) 
Sep 4Det Won 2-084-51Jon Garland (17-8)/Jeremy Bonderman (14-12) 
Sep 5@Bos Won 5-385-51Brandon McCarthy (2-1)/Curt Schilling (5-7) 
Sep 6KC Won 6-586-51Orlando Hernandez (9-7)/Jose Lima (5-14)Dustin Hermanson (33)
Sep 7KC Won 1-087-51Jose A. Contreras (11-7)/Mike Wood (4-6)Dustin Hermanson (34)
Sep 8KC Lost 2-487-52J.P. Howell (2-5)/Freddy An. Garcia (12-8)Mike M. MacDougal (18)
Sep 9LAA Lost 5-687-53Brendan Donnelly (9-3)/Dustin Hermanson (1-3)Francisco Rodriguez (36)
Sep 10LAA Lost 5-1087-54Bartolo Colon (19-6)/Jon Garland (17-9) 
Sep 11LAA Lost 1-687-55John Lackey (12-5)/Orlando Hernandez (9-8) 
Sep 13@KC Won 6-488-55Jose A. Contreras (12-7)/Mike Wood (4-7)Bobby Jenks (2)
Sep 14@KC Lost 9-1088-56Chris Demaria (1-0)/Dustin Hermanson (1-4) 
Sep 15@KC Lost 5-788-57Ambiorix Burgos (2-5)/Mark Buehrle (15-8)Mike M. MacDougal (19)
Sep 16@Min Won 2-189-57Bobby Jenks (1-0)/Jesse Crain (10-5) 
Sep 17@Min Lost 0-589-58Johan Santana (14-7)/Orlando Hernandez (9-9)Joe Nathan (38)
Sep 18@Min Won 2-190-58Jose A. Contreras (13-7)/Juan Rincon (6-6)Bobby Jenks (3)
Sep 19Cle Lost 5-790-59Rafael Betancourt (4-3)/Damaso Marte (3-4)Bob Wickman (44)
Sep 20Cle Won 7-691-59Dustin Hermanson (2-4)/David Riske (3-4) 
Sep 21Cle Lost 0-891-60Scott Elarton (11-7)/Jon Garland (17-10) 
Sep 22Min Lost 1-491-61Jesse Crain (11-5)/Bobby Jenks (1-1)Joe Nathan (39)
Sep 23Min Won 3-192-61Jose A. Contreras (14-7)/Kyle Lohse (9-13) 
Sep 24Min Won 8-193-61Freddy An. Garcia (13-8)/Joe Mays (6-10) 
Sep 25Min Won 4-194-61Mark Buehrle (16-8)/Francisco Liriano (0-2) 
Sep 26@Det Lost 3-494-62Fernando Rodney (2-3)/Cliff Politte (6-1) 
Sep 27@Det Lost 2-394-63Nate Robertson (7-15)/Brandon McCarthy (2-2)Fernando Rodney (9)
Sep 28@Det Won 8-295-63Jose A. Contreras (15-7)/Sean Douglass (5-5) 
Sep 29@Det Won 4-296-63Freddy An. Garcia (14-8)/Jason Grilli (1-1)Bobby Jenks (4)
Sep 30@Cle Won 3-297-63Cliff Politte (7-1)/Fernando Cabrera (2-1)Bobby Jenks (5)
Oct 1@Cle Won 4-398-63Jon Garland (18-10)/Jake Westbrook (15-15)Bobby Jenks (6)
Oct 2@Cle Won 3-199-63Brandon McCarthy (3-2)/Scott Elarton (11-9)Orlando Hernandez (1)
Oct 4Bos Won 14-21-0Jose A. Contreras (1-0)/Matt Clement (0-1) 
Oct 5Bos Won 5-42-0Mark Buehrle (1-0)/David Wells (0-1)Bobby Jenks (1)
Oct 7@Bos Won 5-33-0Freddy An. Garcia (1-0)/Tim Wakefield (0-1)Bobby Jenks (2)
Oct 11LAA Lost 2-33-1Paul Byrd (1-0)/Jose A. Contreras (1-1)Francisco Rodriguez (3)
Oct 12LAA Won 2-14-1Mark Buehrle (2-0)/Kelvim Escobar (1-1) 
Oct 14@LAA Won 5-25-1Jon Garland (1-0)/John Lackey (0-1) 
Oct 15@LAA Won 8-26-1Freddy An. Garcia (2-0)/Ervin Santana (1-1) 
Oct 16@LAA Won 6-37-1Jose A. Contreras (2-1)/Kelvim Escobar (1-2) 
Oct 22Hou Won 5-38-1Jose A. Contreras (3-1)/Wandy Rodriguez (0-1)Bobby Jenks (3)
Oct 23Hou Won 7-69-1Neal Cotts (1-0)/Brad Lidge (0-2) 
Oct 25@Hou Won 7-510-1Damaso Marte (1-0)/Ezequiel Astacio (0-1)Mark Buehrle (1)
Oct 26@Hou Won 1-011-1Freddy An. Garcia (3-0)/Brad Lidge (0-3)Bobby Jenks (4)

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