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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 5StL Lost 6-110-1Chris Carpenter/Aaron Harang 
Apr 7StL Lost 3-60-2Adam Wainwright (1-0)/Danny Herrera (0-1)Ryan Franklin (1)
Apr 8StL Won 2-11-2Francisco Cordero (1-0)/Jason Motte (0-1) 
Apr 9CHC Won 5-42-2Micah Owings (1-0)/Esmailin Caridad (0-1)Francisco Cordero (1)
Apr 10CHC Lost 3-42-3Carlos Zambrano (1-1)/Arthur Rhodes (0-1)Carlos Marmol (2)
Apr 11CHC Won 3-13-3Nick Masset (1-0)/John Grabow (0-2)Francisco Cordero (2)
Apr 12@Fla Won 6-54-3Nick Masset (2-0)/Burke Badenhop (0-1)Francisco Cordero (3)
Apr 13@Fla Won 10-85-3Micah Owings (2-0)/Dan Meyer (0-1)Francisco Cordero (4)
Apr 14@Fla Lost 3-55-4Chris Volstad (1-1)/Homer Bailey (0-1)Burke Badenhop (1)
Apr 15@Fla Lost 2-105-5Josh Johnson (1-1)/Aaron Harang (0-2) 
Apr 16@Pitt Lost 3-45-6Octavio Dotel (1-0)/Nick Masset (2-1) 
Apr 17@Pitt Lost 4-55-7Jack Taschner (1-0)/Francisco Cordero (1-1) 
Apr 18@Pitt Lost 3-55-8Paul Maholm (1-1)/Bronson Arroyo (0-1)Octavio Dotel (3)
Apr 20LAD Won 11-96-8Mike Lincoln (1-0)/Ramon Troncoso (1-1)Francisco Cordero (5)
Apr 21LAD Lost 6-146-9Hiroki Kuroda (2-0)/Aaron Harang (0-3) 
Apr 22LAD Won 8-57-9Mike Leake (1-0)/Hong-Chih Kuo (0-1)Francisco Cordero (6)
Apr 23SD Lost 4-107-10Kevin Correia (3-1)/Bronson Arroyo (0-2) 
Apr 24SD Lost 0-57-11Wade LeBlanc (1-0)/Johnny Cueto (0-1) 
Apr 25SD Won 5-48-11Arthur Rhodes (1-1)/Mike Adams (0-1)Francisco Cordero (7)
Apr 27@Hou Won 6-29-11Aaron Harang (1-3)/Bud Norris (1-2) 
Apr 28@Hou Won 6-410-11Mike Leake (2-0)/Felipe Paulino (0-3) 
Apr 29@Hou Won 4-211-11Bronson Arroyo (1-2)/Roy Oswalt (2-3)Francisco Cordero (8)
Apr 30@StL Won 3-212-11Johnny Cueto (0-0)/Brad Penny (0-0)Francisco Cordero (0)
May 1@StL Lost 3-612-12Ryan Franklin (1-0)/Carlos Fisher (0-1) 
May 2@StL Lost 0-612-13Chris Carpenter (4-0)/Aaron Harang (1-4) 
May 3NYM Won 3-213-13Nick Masset (3-1)/Manny Acosta (1-1) 
May 4NYM Lost 4-513-14Pedro Feliciano (1-0)/Francisco Cordero (1-2)Francisco Rodriguez (4)
May 5NYM Won 5-414-14Micah Owings (3-0)/Pedro Feliciano (1-1) 
May 7CHC Lost 7-1414-15Carlos Silva (3-0)/Homer Bailey (0-2) 
May 8CHC Won 14-215-15Aaron Harang (2-4)/Tom Gorzelanny (1-4) 
May 9CHC Won 5-316-15Mike Leake (3-0)/Ryan Dempster (2-3)Francisco Cordero (10)
May 10@Pitt Won 2-117-15Bronson Arroyo (2-2)/Ross Ohlendorf (0-1)Francisco Cordero (11)
May 11@Pitt Won 9-018-15Johnny Cueto (2-1)/Charlie Morton (1-6) 
May 12@Pitt Won 5-019-15Homer Bailey (1-2)/Zach Duke (2-4) 
May 14StL Lost 3-419-16Jaime Garcia (4-2)/Aaron Harang (2-5)Ryan Franklin (8)
May 15StL Won 4-320-16Mike Leake (4-0)/Adam Wainwright (5-2)Francisco Cordero (12)
May 16StL Won 7-221-16Bronson Arroyo (3-2)/Brad Penny (3-4) 
May 17Mil Won 6-322-16Johnny Cueto (3-1)/Todd Coffey (1-1)Francisco Cordero (13)
May 18Mil Won 5-423-16Carlos Fisher (1-1)/Trevor Hoffman (1-3) 
May 19@Atl Lost 4-523-17Billy Wagner (4-0)/Nick Masset (3-2) 
May 20@Atl Lost 9-1023-18Craig Kimbrel (1-0)/Francisco Cordero (1-3) 
May 21@Cle Won 7-424-18Bronson Arroyo (4-2)/Aaron Laffey (0-1)Francisco Cordero (14)
May 22@Cle Won 6-425-18Johnny Cueto (4-1)/Fausto Carmona (4-2) 
May 23@Cle Lost 3-425-19David Huff (2-6)/Danny Herrera (0-2)Kerry Wood (1)
May 24Pitt Won 7-526-19Aaron Harang (3-5)/Brian Burres (2-2)Francisco Cordero (15)
May 25Pitt Lost 1-226-20Joel Hanrahan (1-0)/Nick Masset (3-3)Octavio Dotel (10)
May 26Pitt Won 4-027-20Bronson Arroyo (5-2)/Ross Ohlendorf (0-3) 
May 27Pitt Won 8-228-20Johnny Cueto (5-1)/Charlie Morton (1-9) 
May 28Hou Won 15-629-20Sam LeCure (1-0)/Wandy Rodriguez (2-7) 
May 29Hou Won 12-230-20Aaron Harang (4-5)/Brian Moehler (0-2) 
May 30Hou Lost 0-230-21Brandon Lyon (4-1)/Micah Owings (3-1)Matt Lindstrom (11)
May 31@StL Lost 4-1230-22Jaime Garcia (5-2)/Bronson Arroyo (5-3) 
Jun 1@StL Won 9-831-22Enerio Del Rosario (1-0)/Dennys Reyes (2-1)Francisco Cordero (16)
Jun 2@StL Lost 1-431-23Chris Carpenter (7-1)/Sam LeCure (1-1)Kyle McClellan (1)
Jun 4@Wash Lost 2-431-24Tyler Clippard (8-3)/Enerio Del Rosario (1-1)Matt Capps (18)
Jun 5@Wash Won 5-132-24Mike Leake (5-0)/Luis Atilano (5-2) 
Jun 6@Wash Won 5-433-24Francisco Cordero (2-3)/Doug Slaten (2-1)Nick Masset (1)
Jun 7SF Lost 5-633-25Sergio Romo (2-3)/Danny Herrera (0-3)Brian Wilson (15)
Jun 8SF Lost 0-333-26Matt Cain (5-4)/Sam LeCure (1-2) 
Jun 9SF Won 6-334-26Aaron Harang (5-5)/Jonathan Sanchez (4-5) 
Jun 10SF Won 7-635-26Arthur Rhodes (2-1)/Guillermo Mota (0-2)Francisco Cordero (17)
Jun 11KC Lost 5-635-27Victor Marte (1-0)/Micah Owings (3-2)Joakim Soria (15)
Jun 12KC Won 11-536-27Johnny Cueto (6-1)/Brian Bannister (6-4) 
Jun 13KC Lost 3-736-28Zack Greinke (2-8)/Sam LeCure (1-3) 
Jun 15LAD Lost 0-1236-29Hiroki Kuroda (6-4)/Aaron Harang (5-6) 
Jun 16LAD Lost 2-636-30Clayton Kershaw (7-3)/Mike Leake (5-1)Hong-Chih Kuo (1)
Jun 17LAD Won 7-137-30Bronson Arroyo (6-3)/John Ely (3-4) 
Jun 18@Sea Lost 0-137-31Cliff Lee (5-3)/Johnny Cueto (6-2) 
Jun 19@Sea Lost 1-537-32Felix Hernandez (0-0)/Sam LeCure (0-0) 
Jun 20@Sea Lost 0-137-33Ryan Rowland-Smith (1-6)/Aaron Harang (5-7)David Aardsma (15)
Jun 21@Oak Won 6-438-33Francisco Cordero (3-3)/Michael Wuertz (2-1)Jordan Smith (1)
Jun 22@Oak Won 4-239-33Bronson Arroyo (7-3)/Dallas Braden (4-7)Francisco Cordero (18)
Jun 23@Oak Won 3-040-33Johnny Cueto (7-2)/Vin Mazzaro (2-2)Francisco Cordero (19)
Jun 25Cle Won 10-341-33Aaron Harang/Aaron Laffey 
Jun 26Cle Won 6-442-33Danny Herrera (1-3)/Justin Masterson (2-7)Francisco Cordero (20)
Jun 27Cle Lost 3-542-34Mitch Talbot (8-6)/Bronson Arroyo (7-4)Kerry Wood (6)
Jun 28Phi Won 7-343-34Johnny Cueto (8-2)/Kyle Kendrick (4-3) 
Jun 29Phi Lost 6-943-35Brad Lidge (1-0)/Arthur Rhodes (2-2)J.C. Romero (3)
Jun 30Phi Won 4-344-35Arthur Rhodes (3-2)/Roy Halladay (9-7)Francisco Cordero (21)
Jul 1@CHC Won 3-245-35Jordan Smith (1-0)/Bob Howry (1-2)Francisco Cordero (22)
Jul 2@CHC Won 12-046-35Bronson Arroyo (8-4)/Ryan Dempster (6-7) 
Jul 3@CHC Lost 1-346-36Randy Wells (4-6)/Jordan Smith (1-1)Carlos Marmol (15)
Jul 4@CHC Won 14-347-36Mike Leake (6-1)/Ted Lilly (3-7) 
Jul 5@NYM Won 8-648-36Jordan Smith (2-1)/Mike Pelfrey (10-3)Francisco Cordero (23)
Jul 6@NYM Lost 0-348-37Johan Santana (6-5)/Matt Maloney (0-1) 
Jul 7@NYM Won 3-149-37Bronson Arroyo (9-4)/Jonathon Niese (6-3)Francisco Cordero (24)
Jul 8@Phi Lost 3-449-38Nelson Figueroa (2-1)/Jordan Smith (2-2) 
Jul 9@Phi Lost 7-949-39Ryan Madson (2-0)/Arthur Rhodes (3-3) 
Jul 10@Phi Lost 0-149-40Jose Contreras (4-3)/Bill Bray (0-1) 
Jul 11@Phi Lost 0-149-41Cole Hamels (7-7)/Matt Maloney (0-2)Brad Lidge (6)
Jul 16Colo Won 3-250-41Bronson Arroyo (10-4)/Jason Hammel (7-4)Francisco Cordero (25)
Jul 17Colo Won 8-151-41Edinson Volquez (1-0)/Jorge De La Rosa (3-2) 
Jul 18Colo Lost 0-151-42Aaron Cook (4-5)/Travis Wood (0-1)Huston Street (6)
Jul 19Wash Won 7-252-42Johnny Cueto (9-2)/J.D. Martin (1-5) 
Jul 20Wash Won 8-753-42Mike Leake (7-1)/Luis Atilano (6-7)Francisco Cordero (26)
Jul 21Wash Lost 5-853-43Stephen Strasburg (5-2)/Bronson Arroyo (10-5)Matt Capps (24)
Jul 22Wash Lost 1-753-44Livan Hernandez (7-6)/Edinson Volquez (1-1) 
Jul 23@Hou Won 6-454-44Logan Ondrusek (1-0)/Tim Byrdak (1-1)Francisco Cordero (27)
Jul 24@Hou Won 7-055-44Johnny Cueto (10-2)/Roy Oswalt (6-12) 
Jul 25@Hou Lost 0-455-45Wandy Rodriguez (8-11)/Mike Leake (7-2) 
Jul 26@Mil Lost 2-355-46Carlos Villanueva (1-0)/Bronson Arroyo (10-6)John Axford (15)
Jul 27@Mil Won 12-456-46Logan Ondrusek (2-0)/Yovani Gallardo (9-5) 
Jul 28@Mil Won 10-257-46Travis Wood (1-1)/Chris Narveson (8-7) 
Jul 30Atl Lost 4-657-47Jesse Chavez (3-2)/Francisco Cordero (3-4)Billy Wagner (24)
Jul 31Atl Won 5-258-47Bronson Arroyo (11-6)/Jair Jurrjens (3-4)Francisco Cordero (28)
Aug 1Atl Won 2-159-47Edinson Volquez (2-1)/Tommy Hanson (8-8)Francisco Cordero (29)
Aug 2@Pitt Won 4-060-47Travis Wood (2-1)/Ross Ohlendorf (1-9) 
Aug 3@Pitt Lost 6-760-48Paul Maholm (7-9)/Mike Leake (7-3)Joel Hanrahan (1)
Aug 4@Pitt Won 9-461-48Johnny Cueto (11-2)/Jeff Karstens (2-7) 
Aug 6@CHC Won 3-062-48Bronson Arroyo (12-6)/Tom Gorzelanny (6-6)Francisco Cordero (30)
Aug 7@CHC Won 4-363-48Logan Ondrusek (3-0)/Randy Wells (5-10)Nick Masset (2)
Aug 8@CHC Won 11-464-48Travis Wood (3-1)/Thomas Diamond (0-2) 
Aug 9StL Lost 3-764-49Chris Carpenter (13-3)/Mike Leake (7-4) 
Aug 10StL Lost 4-864-50Jaime Garcia (10-5)/Johnny Cueto (11-3)Ryan Franklin (20)
Aug 11StL Lost 1-664-51Adam Wainwright (17-6)/Bronson Arroyo (12-7) 
Aug 13Fla Won 7-265-51Edinson Volquez (3-1)/Josh Johnson (10-5) 
Aug 14Fla Won 5-466-51Mike Leake (8-4)/Sean West (0-2)Francisco Cordero (31)
Aug 15Fla Won 2-067-51Homer Bailey (2-2)/Anibal Sanchez (9-8)Francisco Cordero (32)
Aug 17@Ariz Won 6-268-51Bronson Arroyo (13-7)/Daniel Hudson (4-2) 
Aug 18@Ariz Won 11-769-51Arthur Rhodes (4-3)/Aaron Heilman (3-4) 
Aug 19@Ariz Won 9-570-51Travis Wood (4-1)/Joe Saunders (7-13) 
Aug 20@LAD Won 3-171-51Homer Bailey (3-2)/Carlos Monasterios (3-4)Francisco Cordero (33)
Aug 21@LAD Lost 5-871-52Chad Billingsley (10-7)/Johnny Cueto (11-4)Jonathan Broxton (22)
Aug 22@LAD Won 5-272-52Bronson Arroyo (14-7)/Clayton Kershaw (11-8)Francisco Cordero (34)
Aug 23@SF Lost 2-1172-53Matt Cain (10-10)/Edinson Volquez (3-2) 
Aug 24@SF Lost 5-1672-54Santiago Casilla (5-2)/Travis Wood (4-2) 
Aug 25@SF Won 12-1173-54Francisco Cordero (4-4)/Barry Zito (8-9) 
Aug 27CHC Won 7-174-54Johnny Cueto (12-4)/Tom Gorzelanny (7-8) 
Aug 28CHC Lost 2-374-55Randy Wells (6-12)/Bronson Arroyo (14-8)Carlos Marmol (24)
Aug 29CHC Won 7-575-55Logan Ondrusek (4-0)/Sean Marshall (6-5)Francisco Cordero (35)
Aug 30Mil Won 5-476-55Francisco Cordero (5-4)/Trevor Hoffman (2-7) 
Aug 31Mil Won 8-477-55Sam LeCure (2-4)/Yovani Gallardo (11-7) 
Sep 1Mil Won 6-178-55Aroldis Chapman (1-0)/Todd Coffey (2-3) 
Sep 3@StL Lost 2-378-56Jaime Garcia (13-6)/Bronson Arroyo (14-9)Ryan Franklin (23)
Sep 4@StL Won 6-179-56Travis Wood (5-2)/Adam Wainwright (17-10) 
Sep 5@StL Lost 2-479-57Chris Carpenter (15-5)/Homer Bailey (3-3)Ryan Franklin (24)
Sep 6@Colo Lost 5-1079-58Ubaldo Jimenez (18-6)/Bill Bray (0-2) 
Sep 7@Colo Lost 3-479-59Jhoulys Chacin (8-9)/Johnny Cueto (12-5)Huston Street (16)
Sep 8@Colo Lost 2-979-60Aaron Cook (6-8)/Bronson Arroyo (14-10) 
Sep 9@Colo Lost 5-679-61Matt Belisle (7-5)/Nick Masset (3-4)Huston Street (17)
Sep 10Pitt Won 4-380-61Jordan Smith (3-2)/Wil Ledezma (0-2) 
Sep 11Pitt Won 5-481-61Francisco Cordero (6-4)/Justin Thomas (0-1) 
Sep 12Pitt Lost 1-381-62Chan Ho Park (3-2)/Francisco Cordero (6-5)Joel Hanrahan (5)
Sep 13Ariz Won 7-282-62Bronson Arroyo (15-10)/Barry Enright (6-4) 
Sep 14Ariz Lost 1-382-63Daniel Hudson (7-2)/Travis Wood (5-3)Juan Gutierrez (9)
Sep 15Ariz Won 7-583-63Matt Maloney (1-2)/Joe Saunders (8-16)Francisco Cordero (36)
Sep 16Ariz Lost 1-383-64Rodrigo Lopez (6-14)/Edinson Volquez (3-3)Juan Gutierrez (10)
Sep 17@Hou Lost 3-583-65Jeff Fulchino (2-0)/Aroldis Chapman (1-1)Brandon Lyon (17)
Sep 18@Hou Won 11-184-65Bronson Arroyo (16-10)/Nelson Figueroa (5-3) 
Sep 19@Hou Lost 3-484-66Brett Myers (13-7)/Travis Wood (5-4)Brandon Lyon (18)
Sep 20@Mil Won 5-285-66Nick Masset (4-4)/Kameron Loe (3-5)Francisco Cordero (37)
Sep 21@Mil Won 4-386-66Edinson Volquez (4-3)/Dave Bush (7-13)Francisco Cordero (38)
Sep 22@Mil Lost 1-1386-67Randy Wolf (13-11)/Johnny Cueto (12-6) 
Sep 24@SD Lost 3-486-68Luke Gregerson (4-7)/Arthur Rhodes (4-4)Heath Bell (44)
Sep 25@SD Lost 3-486-69Heath Bell (6-0)/Aroldis Chapman (1-2) 
Sep 26@SD Won 12-287-69Homer Bailey (4-3)/Clayton Richard (13-9) 
Sep 28Hou Won 3-288-69Aroldis Chapman (2-2)/Tim Byrdak (2-2) 
Sep 29Hou Lost 0-288-70Nelson Figueroa (6-4)/Johnny Cueto (12-7)Brandon Lyon (20)
Sep 30Hou Won 9-189-70Bronson Arroyo (17-10)/Brett Myers (14-8) 
Oct 1Mil Lost 3-489-71Mike McClendon (2-0)/Sam LeCure (2-5)John Axford (24)
Oct 2Mil Won 7-490-71Logan Ondrusek (5-0)/Todd Coffey (2-4)Francisco Cordero (39)
Oct 3Mil Won 3-291-71Matt Maloney (2-2)/Randy Wolf (13-12)Francisco Cordero (40)
Oct 6@Phi Lost 0-40-1Roy Halladay (1-0)/Edinson Volquez (0-1) 
Oct 8@Phi Lost 4-70-2Jose Contreras (1-0)/Aroldis Chapman (0-1)Brad Lidge (1)
Oct 10Phi Lost 0-20-3Cole Hamels (1-0)/Johnny Cueto (0-1) 

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