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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 5@CHW Lost 0-60-1Mark Buehrle/Jake Westbrook 
Apr 7@CHW Won 5-31-1Fausto Carmona (1-0)/Randy Williams (0-1)Chris Perez (1)
Apr 8@CHW Won 5-32-1Jensen Lewis (1-0)/J.J. Putz (0-1)Chris Perez (2)
Apr 9@Det Lost 2-52-2Rick Porcello (1-0)/David Huff (0-1)Jose Valverde (1)
Apr 10@Det Lost 2-42-3Jeremy Bonderman (1-0)/Mitch Talbot (0-1)Ryan Perry (1)
Apr 11@Det Lost 8-92-4Phil Coke (1-0)/Chris Perez (0-1) 
Apr 12Tex Lost 2-42-5Frank Francisco (2-2)/Jamey Wright (0-1)Neftali Feliz (1)
Apr 14Tex Lost 2-62-6Colby Lewis (2-0)/Justin Masterson (0-1)Neftali Feliz (2)
Apr 15Tex Won 3-23-6David Huff (1-1)/Matt Harrison (0-1) 
Apr 16CHW Won 6-24-6Mitch Talbot (1-1)/Mark Buehrle (2-1) 
Apr 17CHW Won 3-25-6Jensen Lewis (2-0)/Matt Thornton (1-1)Chris Perez (3)
Apr 18CHW Won 7-46-6Fausto Carmona (2-0)/Gavin Floyd (0-2)Chris Perez (4)
Apr 20@Min Lost 1-56-7Kevin Slowey (2-1)/Justin Masterson (0-2) 
Apr 21@Min Lost 0-66-8Francisco Liriano (2-0)/David Huff (1-2) 
Apr 22@Min Won 8-17-8Mitch Talbot (2-1)/Scott Baker (2-2) 
Apr 23@Oak Lost 0-107-9Justin Duchscherer (2-0)/Jake Westbrook (0-2) 
Apr 24@Oak Won 6-18-9Fausto Carmona (3-0)/Chad Gaudin (0-2) 
Apr 25@Oak Lost 0-118-10Gio Gonzalez (2-1)/Justin Masterson (0-3) 
Apr 26@LAA Lost 2-58-11Jered Weaver (3-0)/David Huff (1-3)Brian Fuentes (3)
Apr 27@LAA Won 9-29-11Mitch Talbot (0-0)/Joe Saunders (0-0) 
Apr 28@LAA Lost 3-49-12Brian Fuentes (1-1)/Joe Smith (0-1) 
Apr 30Min Lost 3-99-13Kevin Slowey (3-2)/Fausto Carmona (3-1) 
May 1Min Won 5-410-13Jamey Wright (1-1)/Alex Burnett (0-1) 
May 2Min Lost 3-810-14Francisco Liriano (4-0)/David Huff (1-4) 
May 3Tor Lost 1-510-15Brett Cecil (2-1)/Mitch Talbot (3-2) 
May 4Tor Lost 5-810-16Ricky Romero (3-1)/Jensen Lewis (2-1)Kevin Gregg (7)
May 5Tor Lost 4-510-17Jason Frasor (1-1)/Chris Perez (0-2) 
May 7DetPPD  
May 8Det Lost 4-610-19Justin Verlander (3-2)/Kerry Wood (0-1)Jose Valverde (8)
May 9Det Won 7-411-19Mitch Talbot (4-2)/Max Scherzer (1-3)Chris Perez (5)
May 11@KC Won 8-212-19Jake Westbrook (1-2)/Brian Bannister (1-3) 
May 12@KC Won 4-013-19Fausto Carmona (4-1)/Kyle Davies (2-2) 
May 13@KC Lost 4-613-20Zack Greinke (1-4)/David Huff (1-5)Joakim Soria (8)
May 14@Balt Lost 1-813-21Jeremy Guthrie (2-4)/Justin Masterson (0-4) 
May 15@Balt Won 8-214-21Mitch Talbot (5-2)/Alfredo Simon (0-1) 
May 16@Balt Won 5-115-21Jake Westbrook (2-2)/Mark Hendrickson (1-1) 
May 17@TB Lost 3-415-22Andy Sonnanstine (1-0)/Jamey Wright (1-2) 
May 18@TB Lost 2-615-23David Price (6-1)/David Huff (1-6) 
May 19KC Lost 4-815-24Bruce Chen (1-0)/Kerry Wood (0-2) 
May 20KC Lost 3-915-25Luke Hochevar (4-2)/Mitch Talbot (5-3) 
May 21Cin Lost 4-715-26Bronson Arroyo (4-2)/Aaron Laffey (0-1)Francisco Cordero (14)
May 22Cin Lost 4-615-27Johnny Cueto (4-1)/Fausto Carmona (4-2) 
May 23Cin Won 4-316-27David Huff (2-6)/Danny Herrera (0-2)Kerry Wood (1)
May 24CHW Lost 2-716-28John Danks (4-3)/Justin Masterson (0-5) 
May 25CHW Won 7-317-28Mitch Talbot (6-3)/Jake Peavy (3-4) 
May 26CHW Lost 4-517-29Tony A. Pena (1-1)/Jake Westbrook (2-3) 
May 28@NYY Lost 2-817-30Phil Hughes (6-1)/Fausto Carmona (4-3) 
May 29@NYY Won 13-1118-30Rafael Perez (1-0)/Joba Chamberlain (1-3)Kerry Wood (2)
May 30@NYY Lost 3-718-31A.J. Burnett (6-2)/Tony Sipp (0-1) 
May 31@NYY Lost 2-1118-32Andy Pettitte (7-1)/Mitch Talbot (6-4) 
Jun 1@Det Won 3-219-32Jake Westbrook (3-3)/Jeremy Bonderman (2-3)Kerry Wood (3)
Jun 2@Det Lost 0-319-33Armando Galarraga (2-1)/Fausto Carmona (4-4) 
Jun 3@Det Lost 6-1219-34Brad Thomas (2-0)/Hector Ambriz (0-1) 
Jun 4@CHW Won 10-120-34Justin Masterson (1-5)/John Danks (4-5) 
Jun 5@CHW Won 3-121-34Mitch Talbot (7-4)/Jake Peavy (4-5)Kerry Wood (4)
Jun 6@CHW Lost 7-821-35J.J. Putz (1-2)/Tony Sipp (0-2)Bobby Jenks (9)
Jun 7Bos Lost 1-421-36Daisuke Matsuzaka (5-2)/Fausto Carmona (4-5) 
Jun 8Bos Lost 2-321-37Tim Wakefield (2-4)/David Huff (2-7)Daniel Bard (2)
Jun 9Bos Won 11-022-37Justin Masterson (2-5)/Clay Buchholz (8-4) 
Jun 10Bos Won 8-723-37Kerry Wood (1-2)/Daniel Bard (1-2) 
Jun 11Wash Won 7-224-37Jake Westbrook (4-3)/Luis Atilano (5-3)Chris Perez (6)
Jun 12Wash Won 7-125-37Fausto Carmona (5-5)/J.D. Martin (0-2) 
Jun 13Wash Lost 4-925-38Stephen Strasburg (2-0)/David Huff (2-8) 
Jun 15NYM Lost 6-725-39Johan Santana (5-3)/Justin Masterson (2-6)Francisco Rodriguez (14)
Jun 16NYM Lost 4-825-40Jonathon Niese (4-2)/Mitch Talbot (7-5) 
Jun 17NYM Lost 4-625-41R.A. Dickey (5-0)/Jake Westbrook (4-4)Francisco Rodriguez (15)
Jun 18@Pitt Won 4-326-41Fausto Carmona (6-5)/Paul Maholm (4-5)Kerry Wood (5)
Jun 19@Pitt Lost 4-626-42Jeff Karstens (2-2)/David Huff (2-9)Octavio Dotel (13)
Jun 20@Pitt Lost 3-526-43Brendan Donnelly (3-1)/Jensen Lewis (2-2)Octavio Dotel (14)
Jun 22@Phi Lost 1-226-44Jamie Moyer (8-6)/Mitch Talbot (7-6)Brad Lidge (5)
Jun 23@Phi Lost 6-726-45J.C. Romero (1-0)/Kerry Wood (1-3) 
Jun 24@Phi Lost 3-1226-46Joe Blanton (3-5)/Fausto Carmona (6-6) 
Jun 25@Cin Lost 3-1026-47Aaron Harang/Aaron Laffey 
Jun 26@Cin Lost 4-626-48Danny Herrera (1-3)/Justin Masterson (2-7)Francisco Cordero (20)
Jun 27@Cin Won 5-327-48Mitch Talbot (8-6)/Bronson Arroyo (7-4)Kerry Wood (6)
Jun 28Tor Won 2-128-48Jake Westbrook (5-4)/Ricky Romero (6-4)Kerry Wood (7)
Jun 29Tor Won 5-429-48Fausto Carmona (7-6)/Brandon Morrow (5-6)Kerry Wood (8)
Jun 30Tor Won 3-130-48Aaron Laffey (1-2)/Jesse Litsch (0-3)Chris Perez (7)
Jul 1Tor Won 6-131-48Justin Masterson (3-7)/Shaun Marcum (7-4)Frank Herrmann (1)
Jul 2Oak Lost 0-331-49Gio Gonzalez (7-5)/Mitch Talbot (8-7)Andrew Bailey (16)
Jul 3Oak Won 5-432-49Tony Sipp (1-2)/Craig Breslow (3-2) 
Jul 4Oak Lost 1-332-50Vin Mazzaro (4-2)/Fausto Carmona (7-7)Andrew Bailey (17)
Jul 5@Tex Won 9-333-50Joe Smith (1-1)/Omar Beltre (0-1) 
Jul 6@Tex Lost 1-1233-51C.J. Wilson (7-4)/Justin Masterson (3-8) 
Jul 7@Tex Lost 3-433-52Colby Lewis (8-5)/Mitch Talbot (8-8)Neftali Feliz (23)
Jul 8@TB Lost 2-533-53Wade Davis (6-9)/Jake Westbrook (5-5)Dan Wheeler (1)
Jul 9@TB Won 9-334-53Fausto Carmona (8-7)/James Shields (7-9) 
Jul 10@TB Lost 0-434-54Matt Garza (10-5)/Aaron Laffey (1-3) 
Jul 11@TB Lost 5-634-55Andy Sonnanstine (2-0)/Kerry Wood (1-4) 
Jul 16Det Won 8-235-55Jake Westbrook (6-5)/Max Scherzer (6-7) 
Jul 17Det Won 4-336-55Fausto Carmona (9-7)/Phil Coke (5-1)Chris Perez (8)
Jul 17Det Won 2-137-55Rafael Perez (2-0)/Robbie Weinhardt (0-1) 
Jul 18Det Won 7-238-55Jeanmar Gomez (1-0)/Andrew Oliver (0-4) 
Jul 19@Min Won 10-439-55Aaron Laffey (2-3)/Scott Baker (7-9) 
Jul 20@Min Won 4-340-55Rafael Perez (3-0)/Jose Mijares (1-1)Chris Perez (9)
Jul 21@Min Lost 0-640-56Francisco Liriano (8-7)/Jake Westbrook (6-6) 
Jul 23TB Won 3-141-56Fausto Carmona (10-7)/Jeff Niemann (8-3)Tony Sipp (1)
Jul 24TB Lost 3-641-57David Price (13-5)/Mitch Talbot (8-9)Rafael Soriano (25)
Jul 25TB Lost 2-441-58Wade Davis (8-9)/Justin Masterson (3-9)Rafael Soriano (26)
Jul 26NYY Lost 2-341-59Javier Vazquez (9-7)/Jake Westbrook (6-7)Mariano Rivera (21)
Jul 27NYY Won 4-142-59Josh Tomlin (1-0)/CC Sabathia (13-4)Chris Perez (10)
Jul 28NYY Lost 0-842-60A.J. Burnett (9-8)/Fausto Carmona (10-8) 
Jul 29NYY Lost 4-1142-61Dustin Moseley (1-0)/Frank Herrmann (0-1) 
Jul 30@Tor Lost 1-842-62Shaun Marcum (10-4)/Justin Masterson (3-10) 
Jul 31@Tor Won 2-143-62Jensen Lewis (3-2)/Brian Tallet (1-4)Chris Perez (11)
Aug 1@Tor Won 5-444-62Jeanmar Gomez (2-0)/Jesse Litsch (1-5)Chris Perez (12)
Aug 2@Bos Won 6-545-62Fausto Carmona (11-8)/John Lackey (10-6)Chris Perez (13)
Aug 3@Bos Lost 1-345-63Josh Beckett (3-1)/David Huff (2-10)Jonathan Papelbon (25)
Aug 4@Bos Won 9-146-63Justin Masterson (4-10)/Jon Lester (11-7) 
Aug 5@Bos Lost 2-646-64Daisuke Matsuzaka (8-3)/Josh Tomlin (1-1)Jonathan Papelbon (26)
Aug 6Min Won 7-647-64Chris Perez (1-2)/Matt Guerrier (2-7) 
Aug 7Min Lost 2-747-65Carl Pavano (14-7)/Fausto Carmona (11-9) 
Aug 8Min Lost 4-547-66Brian Duensing (5-1)/David Huff (2-11)Matt Capps (28)
Aug 10Balt Lost 8-1447-67Jake Arrieta (4-3)/Justin Masterson (4-11) 
Aug 11Balt Lost 1-347-68Brad Bergesen (4-9)/Josh Tomlin (1-2) 
Aug 12Balt Won 4-148-68Jeanmar Gomez (3-0)/Kevin Millwood (2-12)Chris Perez (14)
Aug 13Sea Lost 2-348-69David Pauley (1-4)/Fausto Carmona (11-10)David Aardsma (23)
Aug 14Sea Lost 3-948-70Jason Vargas (9-5)/Mitch Talbot (8-10) 
Aug 15Sea Won 9-149-70Tony Sipp (2-2)/Felix Hernandez (8-10) 
Aug 17@KC Lost 1-249-71Zack Greinke (8-11)/Jeanmar Gomez (3-1)Joakim Soria (34)
Aug 18@KC Lost 7-949-72Bruce Chen (8-6)/Fausto Carmona (11-11)Joakim Soria (35)
Aug 19@KC Won 7-350-72Rafael Perez (4-0)/Blake Wood (1-3)Chris Perez (15)
Aug 20@Det Lost 0-650-73Armando Galarraga (4-5)/Justin Masterson (4-12) 
Aug 21@Det Lost 2-550-74Max Scherzer (9-9)/Josh Tomlin (1-3)Jose Valverde (24)
Aug 22@Det Lost 1-850-75Justin Verlander (14-8)/Jeanmar Gomez (3-2) 
Aug 24Oak Lost 0-550-76Gio Gonzalez (11-8)/Fausto Carmona (11-12) 
Aug 25Oak Lost 1-650-77Trevor Cahill (14-5)/Mitch Talbot (8-11) 
Aug 26Oak Won 3-251-77Justin Masterson (5-12)/Vin Mazzaro (6-6)Chris Perez (16)
Aug 27KC Won 15-452-77Josh Tomlin (2-3)/Bryan Bullington (1-3) 
Aug 28KC Won 4-353-77Chris Perez (2-2)/Jesse Chavez (5-4) 
Aug 29KC Lost 2-653-78Bruce Chen (9-7)/Fausto Carmona (11-13) 
Aug 30CHW Lost 6-1053-79Scott Linebrink (2-1)/Rafael Perez (4-1) 
Aug 31CHW Lost 3-453-80Edwin Jackson (9-10)/Joe Smith (1-2)Bobby Jenks (25)
Sep 1CHW Lost 4-653-81Tony A. Pena (4-2)/Justin Germano (0-1)Chris Sale (1)
Sep 2@Sea Won 6-354-81Josh Tomlin (3-3)/Doug Fister (4-11)Chris Perez (17)
Sep 3@Sea Lost 0-154-82Luke French (4-4)/Fausto Carmona (11-14)David Aardsma (27)
Sep 4@Sea Won 4-255-82Mitch Talbot (9-11)/David Pauley (2-7)Chris Perez (18)
Sep 5@Sea Lost 0-355-83Felix Hernandez (11-10)/Jeanmar Gomez (3-3)David Aardsma (28)
Sep 6@LAA Won 3-256-83Jensen Lewis (4-2)/Fernando Rodney (4-2)Chris Perez (19)
Sep 7@LAA Won 6-157-83Justin Masterson (6-12)/Trevor Bell (2-5) 
Sep 8@LAA Lost 3-457-84Matt Palmer (1-1)/Hector Ambriz (0-2) 
Sep 10Min Won 2-058-84Fausto Carmona (12-14)/Carl Pavano (16-11) 
Sep 11Min Lost 0-158-85Matt Guerrier (4-7)/Justin Germano (0-2)Matt Capps (38)
Sep 12Min Lost 2-658-86Kevin Slowey (12-6)/Mitch Talbot (9-12) 
Sep 14LAA Won 4-359-86Josh Tomlin (4-3)/Scott Kazmir (8-14)Chris Perez (20)
Sep 15LAA Lost 0-759-87Jered Weaver (12-11)/Jeanmar Gomez (3-4) 
Sep 16LAA Won 3-260-87Rafael Perez (5-1)/Bobby Cassevah (0-1) 
Sep 17@KC Won 11-461-87Carlos Carrasco (1-0)/Kyle Davies (8-10) 
Sep 18@KC Won 6-462-87Joe Smith (0-0)/Sean O'Sullivan (0-0)Chris Perez (0)
Sep 19@KC Lost 4-662-88Luke Hochevar (6-5)/Josh Tomlin (4-4)Joakim Soria (39)
Sep 20@Min Lost 3-962-89Brian Duensing (10-2)/Jeanmar Gomez (3-5) 
Sep 21@Min Lost 4-662-90Glen Perkins (1-1)/Justin Masterson (6-13)Matt Capps (41)
Sep 22@Min Lost 1-562-91Nick Blackburn (10-10)/Carlos Carrasco (1-1) 
Sep 23KC Lost 2-462-92Sean O'Sullivan (3-6)/Mitch Talbot (9-13)Joakim Soria (41)
Sep 24KC Won 7-363-92Josh Tomlin (5-4)/Luke Hochevar (6-6) 
Sep 25KC Won 7-164-92Jeanmar Gomez (4-5)/Zack Greinke (9-14) 
Sep 26KC Won 5-365-92Rafael Perez (6-1)/Robinson Tejeda (3-5)Vinnie Pestano (1)
Sep 27Det Won 6-366-92Carlos Carrasco (2-1)/Armando Galarraga (4-8)Chris Perez (22)
Sep 28DetPPD  
Sep 29Det Won 4-067-92Mitch Talbot (10-13)/Max Scherzer (12-11) 
Sep 29Det Won 4-368-92Josh Tomlin (6-4)/Justin Verlander (18-9)Chris Perez (23)
Oct 1@CHW Won 7-369-92Fausto Carmona (13-14)/Tony A. Pena (5-3) 
Oct 2@CHW Lost 2-669-93Mark Buehrle (13-13)/Carlos Carrasco (2-2) 
Oct 3@CHW Lost 5-669-94Edwin Jackson (10-12)/Justin Germano (0-3)Chris Sale (4)

2015 Team Leaders
AVGMichael Brantley , LF.310
HRCarlos Santana , 1B19
RBICarlos Santana , 1B85
OBPMichael Brantley , LF.379
SLGMichael Brantley , LF.480
RJason Kipnis , 2B86
SBMichael Brantley , LF15
WDanny Salazar , SP14
ERADanny Salazar , SP3.45
WHIPCorey Kluber , SP1.05
KCorey Kluber , SP245
SVCody Allen , RP34

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