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Colorado Rockies

Stadium: Coors Field | Manager: Walt Weiss
NL West Division1st1st1st5th
National League 1st1st1st13th
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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 5@Mil Won 5-31-0Ubaldo Jimenez/Yovani GallardoFranklin Morales
Apr 6@Mil Lost 5-71-1Randy Wolf (1-0)/Greg Smith (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (1)
Apr 7@Mil Lost 4-51-2Todd Coffey (1-0)/Aaron Cook (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (2)
Apr 9SD Won 7-02-2Jorge De La Rosa (1-0)/Clayton Richard (0-1) 
Apr 10SD Lost 4-52-3Tim Stauffer (1-0)/Manny Corpas (0-1)Heath Bell (2)
Apr 11SD Won 4-23-3Ubaldo Jimenez (2-0)/Jon Garland (0-2)Franklin Morales (2)
Apr 13NYM Won 11-34-3Greg Smith (1-1)/John Maine (0-1) 
Apr 14NYM Won 6-55-3Randy Flores (1-0)/Jenrry Mejia (0-1) 
Apr 15NYM Lost 0-55-4Mike Pelfrey (2-0)/Jorge De La Rosa (1-1) 
Apr 16@Atl Lost 5-95-5Derek Lowe (3-0)/Jason Hammel (0-1) 
Apr 17@Atl Won 4-06-5Ubaldo Jimenez (3-0)/Kenshin Kawakami (0-2) 
Apr 18@Atl Lost 3-46-6Eric O'Flaherty (1-0)/Franklin Morales (0-1) 
Apr 19@Wash Lost 2-56-7Craig Stammen (1-0)/Aaron Cook (0-2)Matt Capps (6)
Apr 20@Wash Won 10-47-7Jorge De La Rosa (2-1)/Scott Olsen (0-1) 
Apr 21@Wash Lost 4-67-8Tyler Clippard (3-0)/Rafael Betancourt (0-1)Matt Capps (7)
Apr 22@Wash Won 2-08-8Ubaldo Jimenez (4-0)/Livan Hernandez (2-1)Franklin Morales (3)
Apr 23FlaPPD  
Apr 24Fla Lost 1-48-9Ricky Nolasco (2-0)/Greg Smith (1-2)Leo Nunez (4)
Apr 24Fla Won 8-19-9Aaron Cook (1-2)/Nate Robertson (2-1) 
Apr 25Fla Won 8-410-9Jorge De La Rosa (3-1)/Chris Volstad (1-2) 
Apr 26Ariz Lost 3-510-10Dan Haren (3-1)/Jason Hammel (0-2)Chad Qualls (5)
Apr 27Ariz Won 12-111-10Ubaldo Jimenez (5-0)/Edwin Jackson (1-2) 
Apr 28Ariz Lost 11-1211-11Bob Howry (1-0)/Franklin Morales (0-2)Juan Gutierrez (1)
Apr 30@SF Lost 2-511-12Barry Zito (4-0)/Aaron Cook (1-3)Jeremy Affeldt (2)
May 1@SF Lost 1-611-13Matt Cain (1-1)/Esmil Rogers (0-1) 
May 2@SF Won 4-112-13Jhoulys Chacin (1-0)/Jonathan Sanchez (2-2) 
May 3@SD Won 5-213-13Ubaldo Jimenez (0-0)/Kevin Correia (0-0) 
May 4@SD Lost 2-313-14Heath Bell (2-0)/Franklin Morales (0-3) 
May 5@SD Won 6-514-14Manny Corpas (0-0)/Tim Stauffer (0-0) 
May 7@LAD Lost 5-614-15Jeff Weaver (1-1)/Matt Daley (0-1)Jonathan Broxton (2)
May 8@LAD Won 8-015-15Jhoulys Chacin (0-0)/Charlie Haeger (0-0) 
May 9@LAD Lost 0-215-16Clayton Kershaw (2-2)/Ubaldo Jimenez (6-1)Jonathan Broxton (3)
May 10Phi Lost 5-915-17Danys Baez (1-1)/Manny Corpas (1-2) 
May 11PhiPPD  
May 12Phi Won 4-316-17Joe Beimel (1-0)/Chad Durbin (0-1) 
May 12PhiPPD  
May 13Wash Lost 6-1416-18Doug Slaten (1-0)/Jhoulys Chacin (2-1) 
May 14WashPPD  
May 15Wash Won 6-217-18Ubaldo Jimenez (7-1)/Livan Hernandez (4-2) 
May 15Wash Won 4-318-18Jason Hammel (1-2)/Sean Burnett (0-1)Manny Corpas (1)
May 16Wash Won 2-119-18Matt Belisle (1-0)/Tyler Clippard (7-2)Manny Corpas (2)
May 17@CHC Lost 2-419-19Sean Marshall (3-1)/Matt Belisle (1-1) 
May 18@CHC Lost 2-619-20Carlos Silva (5-0)/Jhoulys Chacin (2-2) 
May 19@Hou Lost 3-719-21Brandon Lyon (3-1)/Esmil Rogers (0-2) 
May 20@Hou Won 4-020-21Ubaldo Jimenez (8-1)/Roy Oswalt (2-6) 
May 21@KC Lost 2-920-22Brian Bannister (3-3)/Jason Hammel (1-3) 
May 22@KC Won 3-021-22Jeff Francis (1-0)/Kyle Davies (3-3)Manny Corpas (3)
May 23@KC Won 11-722-22Esmil Rogers (1-2)/Zack Greinke (1-5) 
May 25Ariz Won 3-223-22Jhoulys Chacin (3-2)/Ian Kennedy (3-3)Manny Corpas (4)
May 26Ariz Won 7-324-22Ubaldo Jimenez (9-1)/Rodrigo Lopez (2-3) 
May 27Ariz Won 8-225-22Jason Hammel (2-3)/Dan Haren (5-4) 
May 28LAD Lost 4-525-23Carlos Monasterios (2-0)/Jeff Francis (1-1)Jonathan Broxton (12)
May 29LAD Won 11-326-23Aaron Cook (2-3)/Hiroki Kuroda (5-3) 
May 30LAD Lost 3-426-24Clayton Kershaw (5-3)/Jhoulys Chacin (3-3)Jonathan Broxton (13)
May 31@SF Won 4-027-24Ubaldo Jimenez (10-1)/Tim Lincecum (5-2) 
Jun 1@SF Won 2-128-24Rafael Betancourt (1-1)/Santiago Casilla (1-1)Manny Corpas (5)
Jun 2@SF Lost 1-428-25Matt Cain (4-4)/Jeff Francis (1-2)Brian Wilson (13)
Jun 4@Ariz Lost 6-728-26Chad Qualls (1-2)/Manny Corpas (1-3) 
Jun 5@Ariz Lost 3-428-27Dontrelle Willis (2-2)/Jhoulys Chacin (3-4)Chad Qualls (10)
Jun 6@Ariz Won 3-229-27Ubaldo Jimenez (11-1)/Rodrigo Lopez (2-4)Manny Corpas (6)
Jun 7Hou Won 5-130-27Jason Hammel (3-3)/Wandy Rodriguez (3-8)Manny Corpas (7)
Jun 8Hou Lost 3-430-28Wilton Lopez (3-0)/Matt Belisle (1-2)Matt Lindstrom (14)
Jun 9Hou Lost 2-630-29Brandon Lyon (5-1)/Matt Belisle (1-3) 
Jun 10Hou Lost 4-530-30Roy Oswalt (4-8)/Jhoulys Chacin (3-5)Brandon Lyon (1)
Jun 11Tor Won 5-331-30Ubaldo Jimenez (12-1)/Ricky Romero (5-3) 
Jun 12Tor Won 1-032-30Jason Hammel (4-3)/Brandon Morrow (4-5)Manny Corpas (8)
Jun 13Tor Won 10-333-30Jeff Francis (2-2)/Jesse Litsch (0-1) 
Jun 15@Min Lost 3-933-31Carl Pavano (7-6)/Aaron Cook (2-4) 
Jun 16@Min Lost 1-233-32Scott Baker (6-5)/Jhoulys Chacin (3-6)Jon Rauch (17)
Jun 17@Min Won 5-134-32Ubaldo Jimenez (13-1)/Francisco Liriano (6-4) 
Jun 18Mil Won 2-035-32Jason Hammel (5-3)/Manny Parra (1-5)Manny Corpas (9)
Jun 19Mil Won 8-736-32Matt Belisle (2-3)/Zach Braddock (1-1)Rafael Betancourt (1)
Jun 20Mil Lost 1-636-33Trevor Hoffman (2-4)/Manny Corpas (1-4)John Axford (0)
Jun 22Bos Won 2-137-33Jhoulys Chacin (4-6)/Jon Lester (8-3)Matt Belisle (1)
Jun 23Bos Won 8-638-33Manny Corpas (2-4)/Jonathan Papelbon (2-4) 
Jun 24Bos Lost 11-1338-34Jonathan Papelbon/Huston Street 
Jun 25@LAA Won 4-339-34Matt Belisle/Francisco M. RodriguezManny Corpas
Jun 26@LAA Lost 2-439-35Joe Saunders (6-8)/Aaron Cook (2-5)Brian Fuentes (13)
Jun 27@LAA Lost 3-1039-36Ervin Santana (8-5)/Jhoulys Chacin (4-7) 
Jun 28@SD Won 10-640-36Ubaldo Jimenez (14-1)/Kevin Correia (5-6) 
Jun 29@SD Won 6-341-36Jason Hammel (6-3)/Wade LeBlanc (4-6)Huston Street (1)
Jun 30@SD Lost 3-1341-37Clayton Richard (6-4)/Jeff Francis (2-3) 
Jul 1SF Won 7-342-37Aaron Cook (3-5)/Madison Bumgarner (0-2) 
Jul 2SF Won 6-343-37Jhoulys Chacin (5-7)/Tim Lincecum (8-4)Huston Street (2)
Jul 3SF Lost 8-1143-38Denny Bautista (2-0)/Manny Corpas (2-5)Brian Wilson (22)
Jul 4SF Won 4-344-38Randy Flores (2-0)/Guillermo Mota (0-3) 
Jul 6StL Won 12-945-38Manny Corpas (3-5)/Ryan Franklin (3-1) 
Jul 7StL Won 8-746-38Huston Street (1-1)/Evan MacLane (0-1) 
Jul 8StL Won 4-247-38Ubaldo Jimenez (15-1)/Chris Carpenter (9-3)Huston Street (3)
Jul 9SD Won 10-848-38Matt Belisle (4-3)/Luke Gregerson (2-5)Huston Street (4)
Jul 10SD Won 4-249-38Jason Hammel (7-3)/Wade LeBlanc (4-7)Huston Street (5)
Jul 11SD Lost 7-949-39Luke Gregerson (3-5)/Matt Belisle (4-4)Heath Bell (24)
Jul 16@Cin Lost 2-349-40Bronson Arroyo (10-4)/Jason Hammel (7-4)Francisco Cordero (25)
Jul 17@Cin Lost 1-849-41Edinson Volquez (1-0)/Jorge De La Rosa (3-2) 
Jul 18@Cin Won 1-050-41Aaron Cook (4-5)/Travis Wood (0-1)Huston Street (6)
Jul 19@Fla Lost 8-950-42Jhan Marinez (1-0)/Huston Street (1-2) 
Jul 20@Fla Won 10-051-42Jeff Francis (3-3)/Nate Robertson (6-8) 
Jul 21@Fla Lost 2-551-43Ricky Nolasco (10-7)/Jason Hammel (7-5)Leo Nunez (23)
Jul 22@Fla Lost 2-351-44Leo Nunez (4-2)/Jhoulys Chacin (5-8) 
Jul 23@Phi Lost 0-651-45Roy Halladay (11-8)/Aaron Cook (4-6)J.C. Romero (0)
Jul 24@Phi Lost 2-1051-46Kyle Kendrick (6-4)/Ubaldo Jimenez (15-2) 
Jul 25@Phi Lost 3-451-47Ryan Madson (3-1)/Joe Beimel (1-1)Brad Lidge (9)
Jul 26@Phi Lost 4-551-48Joe Blanton (4-6)/Jason Hammel (7-6)Brad Lidge (10)
Jul 27Pitt Lost 2-451-49Zach Duke (5-9)/Jorge De La Rosa (3-3)Octavio Dotel (21)
Jul 28Pitt Lost 2-651-50Sean Gallagher (1-0)/Aaron Cook (4-7) 
Jul 29Pitt Won 9-352-50Ubaldo Jimenez (16-2)/Paul Maholm (6-9) 
Jul 30CHC Won 17-253-50Jeff Francis (4-3)/Ryan Dempster (8-8) 
Jul 31CHC Won 6-554-50Huston Street (2-2)/Sean Marshall (6-3) 
Aug 1CHC Won 8-755-50Jorge De La Rosa (4-3)/Carlos Silva (10-5) 
Aug 3SF Lost 0-1055-51Jonathan Sanchez (8-6)/Aaron Cook (4-8) 
Aug 4SF Won 6-156-51Ubaldo Jimenez (17-2)/Madison Bumgarner (4-4) 
Aug 5@Pitt Lost 1-556-52James McDonald (1-1)/Jeff Francis (4-4) 
Aug 6@Pitt Won 6-357-52Jason Hammel (8-6)/Chan Ho Park (2-2)Huston Street (7)
Aug 7@Pitt Lost 7-857-53Sean Gallagher (2-0)/Huston Street (2-3) 
Aug 8@Pitt Won 8-458-53Esmil Rogers (2-2)/Paul Maholm (7-10) 
Aug 10@NYM Lost 0-158-54Mike Pelfrey (11-6)/Ubaldo Jimenez (17-3)Francisco Rodriguez (25)
Aug 11@NYM Won 6-259-54Matt Belisle (5-4)/Hisanori Takahashi (7-6)Huston Street (0)
Aug 12@NYM Lost 0-459-55Johan Santana (10-6)/Jason Hammel (8-7) 
Aug 13Mil Won 5-460-55Taylor Buchholz (1-0)/Kameron Loe (2-3)Huston Street (8)
Aug 14Mil Lost 4-560-56John Axford (7-1)/Huston Street (2-4) 
Aug 15Mil Won 6-561-56Rafael Betancourt (2-1)/Trevor Hoffman (2-6) 
Aug 17@LAD Lost 0-661-57Clayton Kershaw (11-7)/Jhoulys Chacin (5-9) 
Aug 18@LAD Won 3-262-57Rafael Betancourt (0-0)/Octavio Dotel (0-0)Huston Street (0)
Aug 19@LAD Lost 0-262-58Ted Lilly (0-0)/Jorge De La Rosa (0-0) 
Aug 20@Ariz Lost 3-462-59Aaron Heilman (4-4)/Joe Beimel (1-2) 
Aug 21@Ariz Lost 1-362-60Barry Enright (4-2)/Ubaldo Jimenez (17-4)Juan Gutierrez (4)
Aug 22@Ariz Won 1-063-60Jhoulys Chacin (6-9)/Aaron Heilman (4-5)Huston Street (10)
Aug 23Atl Won 5-464-60Rafael Betancourt (4-1)/Jonny Venters (4-1)Huston Street (11)
Aug 24Atl Won 5-265-60Jorge De La Rosa (5-4)/Derek Lowe (11-12)Huston Street (12)
Aug 25Atl Won 12-1066-60Matt Belisle (6-4)/Jonny Venters (4-2) 
Aug 27LAD Lost 2-666-61Jonathan Broxton (5-4)/Ubaldo Jimenez (17-5)Hong-Chih Kuo (6)
Aug 28LAD Won 5-367-61Jhoulys Chacin (7-9)/Chad Billingsley (10-8) 
Aug 29LAD Won 10-568-61Jason Hammel (9-7)/Ted Lilly (8-9) 
Aug 30@SF Won 2-169-61Rafael Betancourt (5-1)/Brian Wilson (3-2)Huston Street (13)
Aug 31@SF Lost 2-569-62Jeremy Affeldt (4-3)/Matt Belisle (6-5)Brian Wilson (37)
Sep 1@SF Lost 1-269-63Tim Lincecum (12-9)/Ubaldo Jimenez (17-6)Brian Wilson (38)
Sep 2Phi Lost 11-1269-64Antonio Bastardo (1-0)/Manny Delcarmen (3-3)Brad Lidge (19)
Sep 3@SD Won 4-370-64Aaron Cook (5-8)/Cory Luebke (0-1)Huston Street (14)
Sep 4@SD Won 6-271-64Jason Hammel (10-7)/Jon Garland (13-10) 
Sep 5@SD Won 4-272-64Jorge De La Rosa (6-4)/Tim Stauffer (3-3)Huston Street (15)
Sep 6Cin Won 10-573-64Ubaldo Jimenez (18-6)/Bill Bray (0-2) 
Sep 7Cin Won 4-374-64Jhoulys Chacin (8-9)/Johnny Cueto (12-5)Huston Street (16)
Sep 8Cin Won 9-275-64Aaron Cook (6-8)/Bronson Arroyo (14-10) 
Sep 9Cin Won 6-576-64Matt Belisle (7-5)/Nick Masset (3-4)Huston Street (17)
Sep 10Ariz Won 13-477-64Jorge De La Rosa (7-4)/Joe Saunders (8-15) 
Sep 11Ariz Won 2-178-64Matt Reynolds (1-0)/Rodrigo Lopez (5-14)Huston Street (18)
Sep 12Ariz Won 4-279-64Huston Street (3-4)/Sam Demel (1-1) 
Sep 13SD Lost 4-679-65Ernesto Frieri (1-1)/Jeff Francis (4-5)Heath Bell (41)
Sep 14SD Lost 6-779-66Jon Garland (14-11)/Jason Hammel (10-8)Heath Bell (42)
Sep 15SD Won 9-680-66Jorge De La Rosa (8-4)/Clayton Richard (12-8)Huston Street (19)
Sep 17@LAD Won 7-581-66Ubaldo Jimenez (0-0)/Hiroki Kuroda (0-0)Huston Street (0)
Sep 18@LAD Won 12-282-66Jhoulys Chacin (9-9)/John Ely (4-8) 
Sep 19@LAD Lost 6-782-67George Sherrill (2-2)/Manny Delcarmen (3-4) 
Sep 21@Ariz Lost 1-382-68Joe Saunders (9-16)/Jorge De La Rosa (8-5)Juan Gutierrez (11)
Sep 22@Ariz Lost 4-882-69Rodrigo Lopez (7-14)/Ubaldo Jimenez (19-7)Sam Demel (2)
Sep 23@Ariz Lost 9-1082-70D.J. Carrasco (0-0)/Jeff Francis (0-0)Juan Gutierrez (0)
Sep 24SF Lost 1-282-71Tim Lincecum (15-10)/Jhoulys Chacin (9-10)Brian Wilson (45)
Sep 25SF Won 10-983-71Huston Street (4-4)/Brian Wilson (3-3) 
Sep 26SF Lost 2-483-72Matt Cain (13-10)/Jorge De La Rosa (8-6) 
Sep 27LAD Lost 1-383-73Ted Lilly (9-12)/Ubaldo Jimenez (19-8)Hong-Chih Kuo (11)
Sep 28LAD Lost 7-983-74Ronald Belisario (3-1)/Octavio Dotel (3-4)Kenley Jansen (3)
Sep 29LAD Lost 6-783-75Ramon Troncoso (2-3)/Jhoulys Chacin (9-11)Ronald Belisario (2)
Sep 30@StL Lost 1-683-76Chris Carpenter (16-9)/Jason Hammel (10-9) 
Oct 1@StL Lost 0-383-77Jake Westbrook (10-11)/Jorge De La Rosa (8-7)Ryan Franklin (27)
Oct 2@StL Lost 0-183-78Jason Motte (4-2)/Franklin Morales (0-4) 
Oct 3@StL Lost 1-683-79Jeff Suppan (3-8)/Esmil Rogers (2-3) 

2014 Team Leaders
AVGJustin Morneau , 1B.319
HRTroy Tulowitzki , SS21
RBIJustin Morneau , 1B67
OBPJustin Morneau , 1B.362
SLGJustin Morneau , 1B.504
RTroy Tulowitzki , SS71
SBCharlie Blackmon , RF22
WJorge De La Rosa , SP13
ERAJorge De La Rosa , SP4.21
WHIPJorge De La Rosa , SP1.22
KJorge De La Rosa , SP109
SVLaTroy Hawkins , RP19
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