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Milwaukee Brewers

Stadium: Miller Park | Manager: Ron Roenicke
NL Central Division3rd2nd3rd4th
National League 6th5th5th10th
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All times are US/Eastern
DH = Double Header
  = Home Games
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Played games
Regular Season
Mar 31@CHC Won 4-31-0Eric Gagne (1-0)/Bob Howry (0-1)David Riske (1)
Apr 2@CHC Won 8-22-0Jeff Suppan (1-0)/Ted Lilly (0-1) 
Apr 3@CHC Lost 3-62-1Ryan Dempster (1-0)/Dave Bush (0-1)Kerry Wood (1)
Apr 4SF Won 13-43-1Carlos Villanueva (1-0)/Jonathan O. Sanchez (0-1)Salomon Torres (1)
Apr 5SF Won 5-44-1Manny Parra (1-0)/Kevin Correia (0-1)Eric Gagne (1)
Apr 6SF Won 7-05-1Ben Sheets (1-0)/Barry Zito (0-2) 
Apr 8Cin Won 3-26-1Salomon Torres (1-0)/David Weathers (0-1) 
Apr 9Cin Lost 4-126-2Josh Fogg (1-1)/Dave Bush (0-2) 
Apr 10Cin Lost 1-46-3Aaron Harang (1-1)/Carlos Villanueva (1-1)Francisco Cordero (2)
Apr 11@NYM Lost 2-46-4Nelson Figueroa (1-0)/Manny Parra (1-1)Billy Wagner (1)
Apr 12@NYM Won 5-37-4Ben Sheets (2-0)/Johan Santana (1-2)Eric Gagne (2)
Apr 13@NYM Won 9-78-4Salomon Torres (2-0)/Jorge Sosa (1-1)Eric Gagne (3)
Apr 15@StL Lost 1-68-5Braden Looper (3-0)/Dave Bush (0-3) 
Apr 16@StL Lost 4-58-6Adam Wainwright (2-1)/Carlos Villanueva (1-2)Jason Isringhausen (6)
Apr 17@StL Won 5-39-6Brian Shouse (1-0)/Brad Thompson (1-1)Eric Gagne (4)
Apr 18@Cin Won 5-210-6Ben Sheets (3-0)/Bronson Arroyo (0-2)Eric Gagne (5)
Apr 19@Cin Won 5-311-6Guillermo Mota (1-0)/David Weathers (0-2)Eric Gagne (6)
Apr 20@Cin Lost 3-411-7Jared Burton (1-1)/Eric Gagne (1-1) 
Apr 21StL Lost 3-411-8Ryan Franklin (1-1)/Derrick Turnbow (0-1)Jason Isringhausen (7)
Apr 22StL Won 9-812-8Seth McClung (1-0)/Jason Isringhausen (1-1) 
Apr 23Phi Won 5-413-8Mitch Stetter (1-0)/Cole Hamels (2-3)Derrick Turnbow (1)
Apr 24Phi Lost 1-313-9Tom Gordon (1-2)/David Riske (0-1)Brad Lidge (5)
Apr 25Fla Lost 0-313-10Kevin Gregg (3-0)/Guillermo Mota (1-1) 
Apr 26Fla Won 4-314-10Salomon Torres (3-0)/Renyel Pinto (1-1)Eric Gagne (7)
Apr 27Fla Lost 2-314-11Matt Lindstrom (1-0)/Seth McClung (1-1)Kevin Gregg (4)
Apr 29@CHC Won 10-715-11Ben Sheets (4-0)/Jason Marquis (1-1)Eric Gagne (8)
Apr 30@CHC Lost 5-1915-12Ryan Dempster (4-0)/Jeff Suppan (1-1) 
May 1@CHC Won 4-316-12Brian Shouse (2-0)/Kerry Wood (2-1)Eric Gagne (9)
May 2@Hou Lost 4-716-13Roy Oswalt (3-3)/Carlos Villanueva (1-3)Jose Valverde (6)
May 3@Hou Lost 2-616-14Brandon Backe (2-3)/Manny Parra (1-2) 
May 4@Hou Lost 6-816-15Tim Byrdak (1-0)/Mitch Stetter (1-1) 
May 6@Fla Lost 0-316-16Scott Olsen (4-1)/Jeff Suppan (1-2)Kevin Gregg (6)
May 7@Fla Lost 2-616-17Burke Badenhop (1-2)/Dave Bush (0-4) 
May 8@Fla Lost 2-716-18Logan Kensing (1-0)/Carlos Villanueva (1-4) 
May 9StL Won 4-317-18Brian Shouse (3-0)/Jason Isringhausen (1-4) 
May 10StL Lost 3-517-19Russ Springer (1-0)/Eric Gagne (1-2)Ryan Franklin (2)
May 11StL Won 5-318-19Jeff Suppan (2-2)/Braden Looper (5-2)Brian Shouse (1)
May 12StL Won 8-319-19Dave Bush (1-4)/Adam Wainwright (3-2)Guillermo Mota (1)
May 13LAD Won 5-320-19Carlos Villanueva (2-4)/Brad Penny (5-4)Eric Gagne (10)
May 14LAD Lost 4-620-20Jonathan Broxton (2-1)/Guillermo Mota (1-2)Takashi Saito (6)
May 15LAD Lost 2-720-21Chad Billingsley (3-5)/Ben Sheets (4-1) 
May 16@BosPPD  
May 17@Bos Lost 3-520-22Daisuke Matsuzaka (7-0)/Jeff Suppan (2-3)Jonathan Papelbon (12)
May 17@Bos Lost 6-720-23Craig Hansen (1-2)/Salomon Torres (3-1)Mike Timlin (1)
May 18@Bos Lost 7-1120-24Josh Beckett (5-3)/Carlos Villanueva (2-5) 
May 20@Pitt Won 7-221-24Manny Parra (2-2)/Paul Maholm (2-5) 
May 21@Pitt Won 4-122-24Ben Sheets (5-1)/Ian Snell (2-3) 
May 22@Pitt Lost 4-822-25Tom Gorzelanny (4-4)/Dave Bush (1-5) 
May 23@Wash Lost 1-522-26Brian Sanches (1-0)/Jeff Suppan (2-4) 
May 24@Wash Won 5-223-26Seth McClung (2-1)/John Lannan (4-5)Salomon Torres (2)
May 25@Wash Lost 6-723-27Jon Rauch (3-1)/Guillermo Mota (1-3) 
May 26@Wash Won 4-324-27Carlos Villanueva (3-5)/Saul Rivera (3-2)Salomon Torres (3)
May 27Atl Won 3-225-27Salomon Torres (4-1)/Jeff Bennett (0-3) 
May 28Atl Won 1-026-27Jeff Suppan (3-4)/Jo-Jo Reyes (2-3)Salomon Torres (4)
May 29Atl Lost 1-826-28Jorge Campillo (2-0)/Seth McClung (2-2) 
May 30Hou Won 5-127-28Manny Parra (3-2)/Brandon Backe (4-6) 
May 31Hou Won 4-128-28Ben Sheets (6-1)/Brian Moehler (2-2)Salomon Torres (5)
Jun 1Hou Won 10-129-28Dave Bush (2-5)/Shawn Chacon (2-1) 
Jun 2Ariz Won 4-330-28Guillermo Mota (2-3)/Doug Slaten (0-2)Salomon Torres (6)
Jun 3Ariz Won 7-131-28Seth McClung (3-2)/Randy Johnson (4-2)Brian Shouse (2)
Jun 4Ariz Won 10-132-28Manny Parra (4-2)/Micah Owings (6-4) 
Jun 6@Colo Lost 4-632-29Manny Corpas (1-3)/Guillermo Mota (2-4)Brian Fuentes (9)
Jun 7@Colo Lost 2-732-30Greg Reynolds (1-3)/Dave Bush (2-6) 
Jun 8@Colo Won 3-233-30Jeff Suppan (4-4)/Jeff Francis (2-6)Salomon Torres (7)
Jun 10@Hou Lost 1-633-31Roy Oswalt (5-6)/Seth McClung (3-3) 
Jun 11@Hou Won 10-634-31Manny Parra (5-2)/Brandon Backe (4-8) 
Jun 12@Hou Won 9-635-31Ben Sheets (7-1)/Brian Moehler (3-3) 
Jun 13Min Lost 2-1035-32Kevin Slowey (3-6)/Dave Bush (2-7) 
Jun 14Min Lost 4-935-33Brian Bass (3-2)/Julian Tavarez (0-2) 
Jun 15Min Won 4-236-33Seth McClung (4-3)/Scott Baker (2-2)Salomon Torres (8)
Jun 17Tor Won 7-037-33Manny Parra (6-2)/Dustin McGowan (5-5) 
Jun 18Tor Won 5-438-33Ben Sheets (8-1)/Shaun Marcum (5-4)Salomon Torres (9)
Jun 19Tor Won 8-739-33Dave Bush (3-7)/A.J. Burnett (6-7)Salomon Torres (10)
Jun 20Balt Lost 5-839-34Lance Cormier (1-2)/Jeff Suppan (4-5)George Sherrill (25)
Jun 21Balt Won 3-240-34Seth McClung (5-3)/Daniel Cabrera (5-3)Salomon Torres (11)
Jun 22Balt Won 7-341-34Manny Parra (7-2)/Garrett Olson (5-3)Salomon Torres (12)
Jun 23@Atl Won 4-142-34Ben Sheets (9-1)/Jo-Jo Reyes (3-5) 
Jun 24@Atl Won 4-343-34Dave Bush (4-7)/Charlie Morton (1-1)Salomon Torres (13)
Jun 25@Atl Lost 2-443-35Jorge Campillo (3-2)/Jeff Suppan (4-6)Mike Gonzalez (2)
Jun 27@Min Lost 6-743-36Matt Guerrier (4-2)/Guillermo Mota (2-5)Joe Nathan (22)
Jun 28@Min Won 5-144-36Manny Parra (8-2)/Livan Hernandez (8-5) 
Jun 29@Min Lost 0-544-37Kevin Slowey (5-6)/Ben Sheets (9-2) 
Jun 30@Ariz Lost 3-644-38Doug Davis (3-3)/Dave Bush (4-8)Brandon Lyon (17)
Jul 1@Ariz Won 8-645-38Jeff Suppan (5-6)/Randy Johnson (4-7)Salomon Torres (14)
Jul 2@Ariz Won 4-346-38David Riske (1-1)/Brandon Lyon (2-3)Salomon Torres (15)
Jul 3@Ariz Lost 5-646-39Leo Rosales (1-0)/Salomon Torres (4-2) 
Jul 4Pitt Won 9-147-39Ben Sheets (10-2)/Tom Gorzelanny (6-7)Carlos Villanueva (1)
Jul 5Pitt Won 2-148-39Eric Gagne (2-2)/Tyler Yates (3-2) 
Jul 6Pitt Won 11-649-39Mitch Stetter (2-1)/Denny Bautista (1-2) 
Jul 7Colo Lost 3-449-40Ubaldo Jimenez (4-8)/Seth McClung (5-4)Brian Fuentes (14)
Jul 8Colo Won 7-350-40CC Sabathia (7-8)/Mark Redman (2-4) 
Jul 9Colo Lost 3-850-41Glendon Rusch (2-3)/Ben Sheets (10-3) 
Jul 10Colo Won 11-151-41Dave Bush (5-8)/Jorge De La Rosa (3-5) 
Jul 11Cin Lost 5-651-42Mike Lincoln (1-2)/Brian Shouse (3-1)Francisco Cordero (19)
Jul 12Cin Lost 2-851-43Edinson Volquez (12-3)/Seth McClung (5-5) 
Jul 13Cin Won 3-252-43CC Sabathia (8-8)/David Weathers (2-5) 
Jul 18@SF Won 9-153-43CC Sabathia (9-8)/Matt Cain (5-8) 
Jul 19@SF Won 8-554-43Carlos Villanueva (4-5)/Osiris Matos (0-2)Salomon Torres (16)
Jul 20@SF Won 7-455-43Manny Parra (9-2)/Tim Lincecum (11-3)Salomon Torres (17)
Jul 21@StL Won 6-356-43Salomon Torres (5-2)/Ryan Franklin (3-3) 
Jul 22@StL Won 4-357-43Brian Shouse (4-1)/Kyle McClellan (2-5)Salomon Torres (18)
Jul 23@StL Won 3-058-43CC Sabathia (10-8)/Braden Looper (9-8) 
Jul 24@StL Won 4-359-43Eric Gagne (0-0)/Ryan Franklin (0-0)Salomon Torres (0)
Jul 25Hou Lost 1-359-44Wandy Rodriguez (6-3)/Manny Parra (9-3)Jose Valverde (26)
Jul 26Hou Won 6-460-44Eric Gagne (4-2)/Doug Brocail (4-5)Salomon Torres (20)
Jul 27Hou Lost 6-1160-45Chris Sampson (5-3)/Jeff Suppan (5-7) 
Jul 28CHC Lost 4-660-46Chad Gaudin (7-4)/Salomon Torres (5-3)Carlos Marmol (5)
Jul 29CHC Lost 1-760-47Carlos Zambrano (12-4)/Ben Sheets (10-4) 
Jul 30CHC Lost 2-760-48Ryan Dempster (12-4)/Manny Parra (9-4) 
Jul 31CHC Lost 4-1160-49Rich Harden (6-2)/Dave Bush (5-9) 
Aug 1@Atl Won 9-061-49Jeff Suppan (6-7)/Chuck James (2-4) 
Aug 2@Atl Won 4-262-49CC Sabathia (11-8)/Charlie Morton (2-5)Salomon Torres (21)
Aug 3@Atl Lost 0-562-50Jorge Campillo (6-4)/Ben Sheets (10-5) 
Aug 4@Cin Lost 3-662-51Bronson Arroyo (10-8)/Manny Parra (9-5)Francisco Cordero (22)
Aug 5@Cin Won 8-163-51Dave Bush (6-9)/Edinson Volquez (13-5) 
Aug 6@Cin Won 6-364-51Jeff Suppan (7-7)/Homer Bailey (0-6)Salomon Torres (22)
Aug 8Wash Won 5-065-51CC Sabathia (12-8)/Collin Balester (2-4) 
Aug 9Wash Won 6-066-51Ben Sheets (11-5)/Tim Redding (8-7) 
Aug 10Wash Won 5-467-51Guillermo Mota (3-5)/Luis Ayala (1-8) 
Aug 11Wash Won 7-168-51Dave Bush (7-9)/Garrett Mock (0-3) 
Aug 12@SD Won 5-269-51Jeff Suppan (8-7)/Cha Seung Baek (4-7)Salomon Torres (23)
Aug 13@SD Won 7-170-51CC Sabathia (13-8)/Josh Banks (3-5) 
Aug 14@SD Lost 2-370-52Jake Peavy (9-8)/Ben Sheets (11-6)Trevor Hoffman (26)
Aug 15@LAD Lost 3-570-53Chad Billingsley (12-9)/Manny Parra (9-6)Jonathan Broxton (9)
Aug 16@LAD Won 4-371-53Salomon Torres (6-3)/Jonathan Broxton (3-4)David Riske (2)
Aug 17@LAD Lost 5-771-54Joe Beimel (4-0)/Carlos Villanueva (4-6) 
Aug 18Hou Won 9-372-54CC Sabathia (14-8)/Randy Wolf (8-11) 
Aug 19Hou Lost 2-572-55Brian Moehler (9-4)/Ben Sheets (11-7)Jose Valverde (32)
Aug 20Hou Won 5-273-55Manny Parra (10-6)/Wandy Rodriguez (7-6)Salomon Torres (24)
Aug 22Pitt Won 10-474-55Dave Bush (8-9)/Zach Duke (4-12) 
Aug 23Pitt Won 6-375-55Jeff Suppan (9-7)/Tom Gorzelanny (6-8)Salomon Torres (25)
Aug 24Pitt Won 4-376-55Guillermo Mota (4-5)/Jason T. Davis (1-4) 
Aug 26@StL Won 12-077-55Ben Sheets (12-7)/Todd Wellemeyer (11-5) 
Aug 27@StL Lost 3-577-56Ryan Franklin (5-5)/David Riske (1-2)Chris Perez (6)
Aug 29@Pitt Won 3-178-56Dave Bush (9-9)/Tom Gorzelanny (6-9)Salomon Torres (26)
Aug 30@Pitt Won 11-379-56Jeff Suppan (10-7)/Paul Maholm (8-8) 
Aug 31@Pitt Won 7-080-56CC Sabathia (15-8)/Jeff Karstens (2-4) 
Sep 1NYM Lost 2-480-57Nelson Figueroa (3-3)/Eric Gagne (4-3)Luis Ayala (4)
Sep 2NYM Lost 5-680-58Joe Smith (3-3)/Salomon Torres (6-4)Luis Ayala (5)
Sep 3NYM Lost 2-980-59Oliver Perez (10-7)/Dave Bush (9-10) 
Sep 4SD Lost 2-580-60Shawn Estes (2-1)/Jeff Suppan (10-8)Trevor Hoffman (28)
Sep 5SD Won 3-281-60Brian Shouse (5-1)/Brian Falkenborg (2-3) 
Sep 6SD Won 1-082-60Ben Sheets (13-7)/Jake Peavy (9-10) 
Sep 7SD Lost 1-1082-61Chris R. Young (5-5)/Manny Parra (10-7) 
Sep 8Cin Lost 4-582-62Jared Burton (5-1)/Salomon Torres (6-5)Francisco Cordero (28)
Sep 9Cin Lost 4-582-63Jon Adkins (1-0)/Seth McClung (5-6)Francisco Cordero (29)
Sep 10Cin Won 4-383-63Guillermo Mota (5-5)/David Weathers (2-6)Salomon Torres (27)
Sep 11@Phi Lost 3-683-64Jamie Moyer (14-7)/Ben Sheets (13-8)Brad Lidge (36)
Sep 12@PhiPPD  
Sep 13@Phi Lost 3-783-65Cole Hamels (13-9)/Manny Parra (10-8) 
Sep 14@Phi Lost 3-783-66Scott Eyre (4-0)/Guillermo Mota (5-6) 
Sep 14@Phi Lost 1-683-67Brett Myers (10-11)/Jeff Suppan (10-9) 
Sep 16@CHC Lost 4-583-68Ryan Dempster (16-6)/CC Sabathia (15-9)Kerry Wood (31)
Sep 17@CHC Won 6-284-68Mark DiFelice (1-0)/Jason Marquis (10-9) 
Sep 18@CHC Lost 6-784-69Kerry Wood (5-4)/Carlos Villanueva (4-7) 
Sep 19@Cin Lost 2-1184-70Ramon A. Ramirez (1-0)/Jeff Suppan (10-10) 
Sep 20@Cin Lost 3-484-71Johnny Cueto (9-13)/CC Sabathia (15-10)Francisco Cordero (32)
Sep 21@Cin Won 8-185-71Todd Coffey (1-0)/Bronson Arroyo (15-11) 
Sep 23Pitt Won 7-586-71Salomon Torres (7-5)/T.J. Beam (2-2) 
Sep 24Pitt Won 4-287-71CC Sabathia (16-10)/Paul Maholm (9-9)Salomon Torres (28)
Sep 25Pitt Won 5-188-71Mitch Stetter (3-1)/Jesse Chavez (0-1) 
Sep 26CHC Won 5-189-71Seth McClung (6-6)/Sean Marshall (3-5) 
Sep 27CHC Lost 3-789-72Ted Lilly (17-9)/Ben Sheets (13-9) 
Sep 28CHC Won 3-190-72CC Sabathia (17-10)/Bob Howry (7-5) 

2014 Team Leaders
AVGJonathan Lucroy , C.304
HRMark Reynolds , 1B22
RBIRyan Braun , RF81
OBPJonathan Lucroy , C.373
SLGJonathan Lucroy , C.476
RCarlos Gomez , CF91
SBCarlos Gomez , CF33
WWily Peralta , SP16
ERAYovani Gallardo , SP3.59
WHIPMatt Garza , SP1.18
KWily Peralta , SP137
SVFrancisco Rodriguez , RP42
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