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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 3Wash Won 3-21-0Tom Glavine (1-0)/Livan Hernandez (0-1)Billy Wagner (1)
Apr 5Wash Lost 5-91-1Chad Cordero (1-0)/Jorge Julio (0-1) 
Apr 6Wash Won 10-52-1Pedro Martinez (1-0)/Ramon Ortiz (0-1) 
Apr 7Fla Won 9-33-1Steve Trachsel (1-0)/Jason M. Vargas (0-1) 
Apr 8FlaPPD  
Apr 9Fla Won 3-24-1Billy Wagner (1-0)/Carlos Martinez (0-1) 
Apr 11@Wash Won 7-15-1Brian Bannister (1-0)/Ramon Ortiz (0-2) 
Apr 12@Wash Won 3-16-1Pedro Martinez (2-0)/Tony Armas (0-2)Billy Wagner (2)
Apr 13@Wash Won 13-47-1Victor Zambrano (1-0)/Livan Hernandez (1-2) 
Apr 14Mil Won 4-38-1Tom Glavine (2-0)/Chris Capuano (1-2)Billy Wagner (3)
Apr 15Mil Lost 2-88-2Tomo Ohka (1-1)/Steve Trachsel (1-1) 
Apr 16Mil Won 9-39-2Brian Bannister (2-0)/Ben Sheets (0-1) 
Apr 17Atl Won 4-310-2Pedro Martinez (3-0)/Jorge Sosa (0-3)Billy Wagner (4)
Apr 18Atl Lost 1-710-3Kyle Davies (1-1)/Victor Zambrano (1-1) 
Apr 19Atl Lost 1-210-4Tim Hudson (1-1)/Tom Glavine (2-1) 
Apr 20@SD Won 7-211-4Duaner Sanchez (1-0)/Scott Linebrink (1-2) 
Apr 21@SD Lost 1-211-5Brian Sweeney (1-0)/Chad Bradford (0-1) 
Apr 22@SD Won 8-112-5Pedro Martinez (4-0)/Chris R. Young (2-1) 
Apr 23@SD Lost 4-712-6Clay Hensley (1-1)/Victor Zambrano (1-2)Trevor Hoffman (3)
Apr 24@SF Lost 2-612-7Matt Cain (1-2)/Tom Glavine (2-2) 
Apr 25@SF Won 4-113-7Steve Trachsel (2-1)/Jamey Wright (2-1)Billy Wagner (5)
Apr 26@SF Won 9-714-7Darren Oliver (1-0)/Scott Munter (0-1) 
Apr 28@Atl Won 5-215-7Pedro Martinez (5-0)/John Smoltz (1-2)Billy Wagner (6)
Apr 29@Atl Won 1-016-7Tom Glavine (3-2)/John Thomson (0-1)Billy Wagner (7)
Apr 30@Atl Lost 5-816-8Kyle Davies (2-2)/Steve Trachsel (2-2)Chris Reitsma (5)
May 1Wash Won 2-117-8Billy Wagner (2-0)/Gary Majewski (1-2) 
May 2Wash Lost 2-617-9Mike O'Connor (1-1)/John Maine (0-1) 
May 3Pitt Won 4-318-9Chad Bradford (1-1)/Mike Gonzalez (0-2) 
May 4Pitt Won 6-019-9Tom Glavine (4-2)/Paul Maholm (1-4) 
May 5Atl Won 8-720-9Jorge Julio (1-1)/Jorge Sosa (0-5) 
May 6Atl Won 6-521-9Bartolome Fortunato (1-0)/Tim Hudson (2-3)Jorge Julio (1)
May 7Atl Lost 3-1321-10John Smoltz (2-2)/Jose Lima (0-1) 
May 9@Phi Lost 4-521-11Tom Gordon (2-1)/Aaron Heilman (0-1) 
May 10@Phi Won 13-422-11Tom Glavine (5-2)/Cory Lidle (3-4) 
May 11@Phi Lost 0-222-12Gavin Floyd (4-2)/Steve Trachsel (2-3) 
May 12@Mil Lost 6-922-13Dave Bush (3-4)/Jose Lima (0-2)Derrick Turnbow (12)
May 13@Mil Won 9-823-13Chad Bradford (2-1)/Derrick Turnbow (0-1)Billy Wagner (8)
May 14@Mil Lost 5-623-14Jorge De La Rosa (2-0)/Chad Bradford (2-2) 
May 16@StL Won 8-324-14Tom Glavine (6-2)/Jeff Suppan (4-3) 
May 17@StL Lost 0-124-15Mark Mulder (5-1)/Steve Trachsel (2-4)Jason Isringhausen (12)
May 18@StL Lost 3-624-16Jason Marquis (5-4)/Jose Lima (0-3)Jason Isringhausen (13)
May 19NYY Won 7-625-16Billy Wagner (3-0)/Mariano Rivera (1-3) 
May 20NYY Lost 4-525-17Mariano Rivera (2-3)/Jorge Julio (1-2) 
May 21NYY Won 4-326-17Tom Glavine (7-2)/Aaron Small (0-2)Billy Wagner (9)
May 23Phi Won 9-827-17Darren Oliver (2-0)/Ryan Madson (4-3) 
May 24Phi Won 5-428-17Pedro Feliciano (1-0)/Rheal Cormier (2-1)Billy Wagner (10)
May 25Phi Lost 3-528-18Brett Myers (3-2)/Pedro Feliciano (1-1)Tom Gordon (14)
May 26@Fla Lost 1-528-19Josh Johnson (4-2)/Pedro Martinez (5-1) 
May 27@Fla Won 7-429-19Tom Glavine (8-2)/Dontrelle Willis (1-6)Billy Wagner (11)
May 28@Fla Won 7-330-19Orlando Hernandez (3-4)/Ricky Nolasco (3-2) 
May 29Ariz Won 8-731-19Duaner Sanchez (2-1)/Jose Valverde (2-3) 
May 30Ariz Lost 2-731-20Miguel Batista (5-2)/Alay Soler (0-1) 
May 31Ariz Won 1-032-20Duaner Sanchez (3-1)/Jason Grimsley (1-2) 
Jun 2SFPPD  
Jun 3SF Lost 4-632-21Matt Cain (4-5)/Orlando Hernandez (3-5)Armando Benitez (4)
Jun 3SF Won 3-233-21Duaner Sanchez (4-0)/Brian Wilson (0-1) 
Jun 4SF Lost 6-733-22Jonathan O. Sanchez (1-0)/Pedro Feliciano (1-2)Jeremy Accardo (1)
Jun 5@LAD Won 4-134-22Alay Soler (1-1)/Brett Tomko (5-4)Chad Bradford (1)
Jun 6@LAD Lost 5-834-23Derek Lowe (5-3)/Pedro Martinez (5-2)Eric Gagne (1)
Jun 7@LAD Won 9-735-23Tom Glavine (9-2)/Odalis Perez (4-2)Billy Wagner (12)
Jun 8@Ariz Won 7-136-23Orlando Hernandez (4-5)/Claudio Vargas (6-3) 
Jun 9@Ariz Won 10-637-23Steve Trachsel (3-4)/Miguel Batista (6-3) 
Jun 10@Ariz Won 5-038-23Alay Soler (2-1)/Brandon Webb (8-1) 
Jun 11@Ariz Won 15-239-23Pedro Martinez (6-2)/Russ Ortiz (0-5) 
Jun 13@Phi Won 9-740-23Chad Bradford (3-2)/Ryan Madson (6-4)Billy Wagner (13)
Jun 14@Phi Won 9-341-23Darren Oliver (3-0)/Brett Myers (4-3) 
Jun 15@Phi Won 5-442-23Steve Trachsel (4-4)/Cory Lidle (4-6)Billy Wagner (14)
Jun 16Balt Lost 3-642-24Erik Bedard (6-6)/Aaron Heilman (0-2)Chris Ray (17)
Jun 17Balt Lost 2-442-25Kris Benson (8-5)/Pedro Martinez (6-3)Chris Ray (18)
Jun 18Balt Won 9-443-25Tom Glavine (10-2)/Adam Loewen (0-2) 
Jun 19Cin Lost 2-443-26Bronson Arroyo (9-3)/Orlando Hernandez (4-6) 
Jun 20Cin Won 9-244-26Steve Trachsel (5-4)/Elizardo Ramirez (2-6) 
Jun 21Cin Lost 5-644-27Jason Standridge (1-0)/Billy Wagner (3-1)Todd Coffey (5)
Jun 22Cin Won 6-245-27Pedro Martinez/Eric MiltonChad Bradford
Jun 23@Tor Won 6-146-27Tom Glavine (11-2)/Casey Janssen (5-6) 
Jun 24@Tor Lost 4-746-28Roy Halladay (9-2)/Orlando Hernandez (4-7)B.J. Ryan (21)
Jun 25@Tor Won 7-447-28Steve Trachsel (6-4)/Josh Towers (1-9)Billy Wagner (15)
Jun 27@Bos Lost 4-947-29Jon Lester (3-0)/Alay Soler (2-2) 
Jun 28@Bos Lost 2-1047-30Josh Beckett (10-3)/Pedro Martinez (7-4) 
Jun 29@Bos Lost 2-447-31Curt Schilling (10-2)/Aaron Heilman (0-3)Jonathan Papelbon (24)
Jun 30@NYY Lost 0-247-32Ron Villone (2-1)/Orlando Hernandez (4-8)Mariano Rivera (18)
Jul 1@NYY Won 8-348-32Steve Trachsel (7-4)/Randy Johnson (9-7) 
Jul 2@NYY Lost 7-1648-33Ron Villone (3-1)/Alay Soler (2-3) 
Jul 3Pitt Lost 1-1148-34Paul Maholm (3-7)/John Maine (0-2) 
Jul 4Pitt Won 7-649-34Duaner Sanchez (5-0)/Roberto Hernandez (0-2)Billy Wagner (16)
Jul 5Pitt Won 5-050-34Orlando Hernandez (5-8)/Kip Wells (0-4) 
Jul 6Pitt Won 7-551-34Steve Trachsel (8-4)/Tom S. Gorzelanny (0-1)Billy Wagner (17)
Jul 7Fla Lost 3-751-35Dontrelle Willis (6-7)/Jose Lima (0-4) 
Jul 8Fla Lost 2-351-36Josh Johnson (8-4)/John Maine (0-3)Joe Borowski (16)
Jul 8Fla Won 17-352-36Mike Pelfrey (1-0)/Ricky Nolasco (6-6) 
Jul 9Fla Won 7-653-36Pedro Feliciano (2-2)/Logan Kensing (1-2)Billy Wagner (18)
Jul 14@CHC Won 6-354-36Steve Trachsel (9-4)/Greg Maddux (7-10) 
Jul 15@CHC Lost 2-954-37Carlos Zambrano (9-3)/Tom Glavine (11-3) 
Jul 16@CHC Won 13-755-37Pedro Feliciano (3-2)/Sean Marshall (5-8) 
Jul 18@Cin Won 8-356-37Mike Pelfrey (2-0)/Eric Milton (6-5) 
Jul 19@Cin Lost 4-756-38Todd Coffey (5-4)/Duaner Sanchez (5-1)Eddie Guardado (9)
Jul 20@Cin Won 4-257-38Pedro Feliciano (4-2)/Gary Majewski (3-3)Billy Wagner (19)
Jul 21Hou Won 7-058-38John Maine (1-3)/Taylor Buchholz (6-8) 
Jul 22Hou Won 4-359-38Orlando Hernandez (6-8)/Brandon Backe (1-1)Billy Wagner (20)
Jul 23Hou Lost 4-859-39Roy Oswalt (7-7)/Mike Pelfrey (2-1) 
Jul 24CHC Lost 7-859-40Greg Maddux (8-11)/Steve Trachsel (9-5)Ryan Dempster (17)
Jul 25CHC Lost 6-859-41Carlos Zambrano (11-3)/Tom Glavine (11-4)Bob Howry (3)
Jul 26CHC Won 1-060-41Aaron Heilman (1-3)/Glendon Rusch (3-8) 
Jul 28@Atl Won 6-461-41Pedro Martinez (8-4)/Horacio Ramirez (5-4)Billy Wagner (21)
Jul 29@Atl Won 11-362-41Orlando Hernandez (7-8)/Tim Hudson (8-9) 
Jul 30@Atl Won 10-663-41Darren Oliver (4-0)/Chuck H. James (4-2)Billy Wagner (22)
Aug 1@Fla Lost 5-663-42Matt Herges (1-2)/Billy Wagner (3-2) 
Aug 2@Fla Won 6-564-42Steve Trachsel (10-5)/Ricky Nolasco (9-7)Billy Wagner (23)
Aug 3@Fla Lost 1-464-43Dontrelle Willis (7-8)/Aaron Heilman (1-4)Joe Borowski (22)
Aug 4Phi Lost 3-564-44Ryan Madson (10-7)/Darren Oliver (4-1)Tom Gordon (27)
Aug 5Phi Won 4-365-44Tom Glavine (12-4)/Jon Lieber (4-9)Billy Wagner (24)
Aug 6Phi Won 8-166-44John Maine (2-3)/Scott Mathieson (1-3) 
Aug 8SD Won 3-267-44Steve Trachsel (11-5)/Woody Williams (4-4)Billy Wagner (25)
Aug 9SD Won 4-368-44Pedro Martinez (9-4)/Clay Hensley (7-9)Billy Wagner (26)
Aug 10SD Won 7-369-44Orlando Hernandez (8-8)/Doug Brocail (2-1) 
Aug 11@Wash Lost 1-269-45Billy Traber (2-1)/Tom Glavine (12-5)Chad Cordero (21)
Aug 12@Wash Won 6-470-45Pedro Feliciano (5-2)/Chris Schroder (0-1)Billy Wagner (27)
Aug 13@Wash Won 3-171-45Chad Bradford (4-2)/Jon Rauch (3-3)Billy Wagner (28)
Aug 14@Phi Lost 0-1371-46Cole Hamels (5-6)/Pedro Martinez (9-5) 
Aug 15@Phi Lost 4-1171-47Randy Wolf (1-0)/Orlando Hernandez (8-9) 
Aug 16@Phi Lost 0-371-48Jon Lieber (5-9)/Tom Glavine (12-6) 
Aug 17@Phi Won 7-272-48John Maine (3-3)/Scott Mathieson (1-4) 
Aug 18Colo Won 6-373-48Steve Trachsel (12-5)/Byung-Hyun Kim (7-8)Billy Wagner (29)
Aug 19Colo Won 7-474-48Dave Williams (3-3)/Jeff Francis (9-10)Billy Wagner (30)
Aug 20Colo Won 2-075-48Orlando Hernandez (9-9)/Jason Jennings (7-10)Billy Wagner (31)
Aug 22StL Won 8-776-48Aaron Heilman (2-4)/Jason Isringhausen (4-7) 
Aug 23StL Won 10-877-48Steve Trachsel (13-5)/Mark Mulder (6-6)Billy Wagner (32)
Aug 24StL Won 6-278-48Dave Williams (4-3)/Jason Marquis (13-12) 
Aug 25Phi Lost 3-478-49Randy Wolf (3-0)/Brian Bannister (2-1)Ryan Madson (2)
Aug 26Phi Won 11-579-49Pedro Feliciano (6-2)/Rick White (2-1) 
Aug 27PhiPPD  
Aug 28Phi Won 8-380-49John Maine (4-3)/Jamie Moyer (7-13) 
Aug 29@Colo Won 10-581-49Steve Trachsel (14-5)/Byung-Hyun Kim (7-10) 
Aug 30@Colo Won 11-382-49Dave Williams (5-3)/Josh Fogg (9-9) 
Aug 31@Colo Lost 4-882-50Jeff Francis (11-10)/Oliver Perez (2-11) 
Sep 1@Hou Won 8-783-50Guillermo Mota (2-3)/Russ Springer (1-1)Billy Wagner (33)
Sep 2@Hou Won 4-284-50John Maine (5-3)/Jason Hirsh (2-3)Billy Wagner (34)
Sep 3@Hou Lost 1-284-51Roy Oswalt (11-8)/Orlando Hernandez (9-10)Brad Lidge (29)
Sep 4Atl Lost 0-584-52Chuck H. James (8-3)/Steve Trachsel (14-6) 
Sep 5AtlPPD  
Sep 6Atl Won 4-185-52Dave Williams (6-3)/John Smoltz (12-8)Billy Wagner (35)
Sep 6Atl Won 8-086-52Oliver Perez (3-11)/Kyle Davies (2-5) 
Sep 7LAD Won 7-087-52Tom Glavine (13-6)/Brad Penny (15-8) 
Sep 8LAD Lost 0-587-53Hong-Chih Kuo (1-4)/John Maine (5-4) 
Sep 9LAD Won 3-288-53Orlando Hernandez (10-10)/Greg Maddux (12-13)Billy Wagner (36)
Sep 10LAD Lost 1-988-54Eric Stults (1-0)/Steve Trachsel (14-7) 
Sep 11@Fla Lost 5-1688-55Anibal Sanchez (8-2)/Dave Williams (6-4) 
Sep 12@Fla Won 6-489-55Guillermo Mota (3-3)/Chris Resop (1-1)Billy Wagner (37)
Sep 13@Fla Won 7-490-55Aaron Heilman (3-4)/Matt Herges (1-3)Billy Wagner (38)
Sep 15@Pitt Lost 3-590-56Paul Maholm (8-10)/Pedro Martinez (9-6)Salomon Torres (8)
Sep 16@Pitt Lost 2-390-57Matt Capps (4-0)/Aaron Heilman (3-5) 
Sep 17@Pitt Lost 0-390-58Zach Duke (10-13)/John Maine (5-5)Salomon Torres (9)
Sep 18Fla Won 4-091-58Steve Trachsel (15-7)/Brian Moehler (7-9) 
Sep 19Fla Won 3-292-58Tom Glavine (14-6)/Chris Resop (1-2)Billy Wagner (39)
Sep 20Fla Lost 3-692-59Dontrelle Willis (12-11)/Oliver Perez (3-12)Joe Borowski (35)
Sep 21Fla Lost 2-592-60Anibal Sanchez (9-3)/Pedro Martinez (9-7)Joe Borowski (36)
Sep 22Wash Lost 2-392-61Pedro Astacio (5-5)/Orlando Hernandez (10-11)Chad Cordero (28)
Sep 23Wash Won 12-693-61John Maine (6-5)/Mike O'Connor (3-8) 
Sep 24Wash Lost 1-593-62Tony Armas (9-12)/Steve Trachsel (15-8) 
Sep 25Wash Lost 3-793-63Beltran Perez (2-0)/Tom Glavine (14-7) 
Sep 26@Atl Lost 0-1293-64John Smoltz (15-9)/Oliver Perez (3-13) 
Sep 27@Atl Lost 1-1393-65Tim Hudson (13-12)/Pedro Martinez (9-8) 
Sep 28@Atl Won 7-494-65Orlando Hernandez (11-11)/Kyle Davies (3-7) 
Sep 29@Wash Won 4-395-65Pedro Feliciano (7-2)/Jon Rauch (4-5)Billy Wagner (40)
Sep 30@Wash Won 13-096-65Tom Glavine (15-7)/Beltran Perez (2-1) 
Oct 1@Wash Won 6-297-65Guillermo Mota (4-3)/Ramon Ortiz (11-16) 

2015 Team Leaders
AVGYoenis Cespedes , CF.291
HRYoenis Cespedes , CF35
RBIYoenis Cespedes , CF105
OBPCurtis Granderson , RF.364
SLGYoenis Cespedes , CF.542
RYoenis Cespedes , CF101
SBCurtis Granderson , RF11
WJacob deGrom , SP14
ERAJacob deGrom , SP2.54
WHIPJacob deGrom , SP0.98
KJacob deGrom , SP205
SVJeurys Familia , RP43

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