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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Played games
Regular Season
Mar 31TorPPD  
Apr 1Tor Won 3-21-0Chien-Ming Wang (1-0)/Roy Halladay (0-1)Mariano Rivera (1)
Apr 2Tor Lost 2-51-1A.J. Burnett (1-0)/Mike Mussina (0-1)Jeremy Accardo (1)
Apr 3Tor Won 3-22-1Joba Chamberlain (1-0)/Brian Wolfe (0-1)Mariano Rivera (2)
Apr 4TB Lost 4-132-2Andy Sonnanstine (1-0)/Ian Kennedy (0-1) 
Apr 5TB Lost 3-62-3Edwin Jackson (1-0)/Andy Pettitte (0-1)Troy Percival (1)
Apr 6TB Won 2-03-3Chien-Ming Wang (2-0)/James Shields (1-1)Mariano Rivera (3)
Apr 7TB Won 6-14-3Mike Mussina (1-1)/Jason Hammel (0-1) 
Apr 8@KC Lost 2-54-4Brian Bannister (2-0)/Phil Hughes (0-1)Joakim Soria (4)
Apr 9@KC Lost 0-44-5Zack Greinke (2-0)/Kyle Farnsworth (0-1)Jimmy Gobble (1)
Apr 10@KC Won 6-15-5Andy Pettitte (1-1)/John Bale (0-2) 
Apr 11@Bos Won 4-16-5Chien-Ming Wang (3-0)/Mike Timlin (0-1) 
Apr 12@Bos Lost 3-46-6Josh Beckett (1-1)/Mike Mussina (1-2)Jonathan Papelbon (4)
Apr 13@Bos Lost 5-86-7Daisuke Matsuzaka (0-0)/Phil Hughes (0-0) 
Apr 14@TB Won 8-77-7Brian Bruney (1-0)/Al Reyes (1-2)Mariano Rivera (4)
Apr 15@TB Won 5-38-7Andy Pettitte (2-1)/Edwin Jackson (2-1)Mariano Rivera (5)
Apr 16Bos Won 15-99-7LaTroy Hawkins (1-0)/Julian Tavarez (0-1)Brian Bruney (1)
Apr 17Bos Lost 5-79-8Josh Beckett (2-1)/Mike Mussina (1-3) 
Apr 18@Balt Lost 2-89-9Daniel Cabrera (1-0)/Phil Hughes (0-3) 
Apr 19@Balt Lost 0-69-10Brian Burres (2-1)/Ian Kennedy (0-2)Jim R. Johnson (1)
Apr 20@Balt Won 7-110-10Andy Pettitte (3-1)/ 
Apr 22@CHW Won 9-511-10Chien-Ming Wang (4-0)/Jose A. Contreras (1-2) 
Apr 23@CHW Won 6-412-10Mike Mussina (2-3)/Javier Vazquez (3-2)Mariano Rivera (6)
Apr 24@CHW Lost 6-712-11Bobby Jenks (1-0)/Joba Chamberlain (1-1) 
Apr 25@Cle Lost 4-612-12Paul Byrd (1-2)/Andy Pettitte (3-2)Rafael Betancourt (2)
Apr 26@Cle Lost 3-412-13Masahide Kobayashi (1-0)/Ross Ohlendorf (0-1) 
Apr 27@Cle Won 1-013-13Chien-Ming Wang (5-0)/CC Sabathia (1-4)Mariano Rivera (7)
Apr 28@Cle Won 5-214-13Mike Mussina (3-3)/Aaron Laffey (0-1)Mariano Rivera (8)
Apr 29Det Lost 4-614-14Kenny Rogers (2-3)/Phil Hughes (0-4) 
Apr 30Det Lost 2-614-15Jeremy Bonderman (2-2)/Andy Pettitte (3-3) 
May 1Det Lost 4-814-16Nate Robertson (1-3)/Jonathan Albaladejo (0-1) 
May 2Sea Won 5-115-16Chien-Ming Wang (6-0)/Erik Bedard (2-1) 
May 3Sea Won 6-116-16Mike Mussina (4-3)/Felix Hernandez (2-2) 
May 4Sea Won 8-217-16Darrell Rasner (1-0)/Carlos Silva (3-1) 
May 6Cle Lost 3-517-17Rafael Perez (1-1)/Joba Chamberlain (1-2)Rafael Betancourt (3)
May 7Cle Lost 0-317-18Cliff Lee (6-0)/Chien-Ming Wang (6-1)Rafael Betancourt (4)
May 8Cle Won 6-318-18Mike Mussina (5-3)/Paul Byrd (1-3)Mariano Rivera (9)
May 9@Det Lost 5-618-19Kenny Rogers (3-3)/Kei Igawa (0-1) 
May 10@Det Won 5-219-19Darrell Rasner (2-0)/Jeremy Bonderman (2-4)Mariano Rivera (10)
May 11@DetPPD  
May 12@TB Lost 1-719-20Matt Garza (2-1)/Andy Pettitte (3-4) 
May 13@TB Lost 1-219-21J.P. Howell (3-0)/Mariano Rivera (0-1) 
May 14@TB Won 2-120-21Mike Mussina (6-3)/James Shields (4-3)Mariano Rivera (11)
May 15@TB Lost 2-520-22Scott Kazmir (2-1)/Ian Kennedy (0-3)Troy Percival (10)
May 16NYMPPD  
May 17NYM Lost 4-720-23Johan Santana (5-2)/Andy Pettitte (3-5)Billy Wagner (9)
May 18NYM Lost 2-1120-24Oliver Perez (0-0)/Chien-Ming Wang (0-0) 
May 20Balt Lost 2-1220-25Daniel Cabrera (5-1)/Mike Mussina (6-4) 
May 21Balt Won 8-021-25Darrell Rasner (3-0)/Garrett Olson (3-1) 
May 22Balt Won 2-122-25Mariano Rivera (1-1)/Jim R. Johnson (0-2) 
May 23Sea Won 13-223-25Andy Pettitte (4-5)/Erik Bedard (3-3) 
May 24Sea Won 12-624-25Mike Mussina (7-4)/Carlos Silva (3-4) 
May 25Sea Won 6-525-25Edwar Ramirez (1-0)/J.J. Putz (1-2)Mariano Rivera (12)
May 26@Balt Lost 1-625-26Garrett Olson (4-1)/Darrell Rasner (3-1) 
May 27@Balt Lost 9-1025-27Matt Albers (3-1)/LaTroy Hawkins (1-1) 
May 28@Balt Won 4-226-27Andy Pettitte (5-5)/Jeremy Guthrie (2-6)Mariano Rivera (13)
May 30@Min Won 6-527-27Mike Mussina (8-4)/Glen Perkins (2-2)Mariano Rivera (14)
May 31@Min Won 7-628-27Ross Ohlendorf (1-1)/Juan Rincon (2-2)Mariano Rivera (15)
Jun 1@Min Lost 1-528-28Brian Bass (2-1)/Darrell Rasner (3-2) 
Jun 2@Min Lost 5-628-29Matt Guerrier (3-1)/Kyle Farnsworth (0-2)Joe Nathan (15)
Jun 3Tor Lost 3-928-30Roy Halladay (7-5)/Dan Giese (0-1) 
Jun 4Tor Won 5-129-30Mike Mussina (9-4)/Jesse Litsch (7-2) 
Jun 5Tor Won 9-830-30Kyle Farnsworth (1-2)/B.J. Ryan (1-2) 
Jun 6KC Lost 1-230-31Kyle Davies (2-0)/Darrell Rasner (3-3)Joakim Soria (13)
Jun 7KC Won 12-1131-31Mariano Rivera (2-1)/Joakim Soria (0-1) 
Jun 8KC Won 6-332-31Dan Giese (1-1)/Zack Greinke (5-4)Mariano Rivera (16)
Jun 9KC Lost 2-332-32Yasuhiko Yabuta (1-0)/Mariano Rivera (2-2)Joakim Soria (14)
Jun 10@Oak Won 3-133-32Chien-Ming Wang (7-2)/Dana Eveland (4-5)Mariano Rivera (17)
Jun 11@Oak Lost 4-833-33Justin Duchscherer (6-4)/Darrell Rasner (3-4) 
Jun 12@Oak Won 4-134-33Andy Pettitte (0-0)/Joe Blanton (0-0)Mariano Rivera (0)
Jun 13@Hou Won 2-135-33Jose Veras (1-0)/Doug Brocail (2-1)Kyle Farnsworth (1)
Jun 14@Hou Won 8-436-33Mike Mussina (10-4)/Wandy Rodriguez (2-3) 
Jun 15@Hou Won 13-037-33Chien-Ming Wang (8-2)/Roy Oswalt (5-7) 
Jun 17SD Won 8-038-33Andy Pettitte (7-5)/Randy Wolf (5-5) 
Jun 18SD Won 8-539-33Darrell Rasner (4-4)/Jake Peavy (5-4)Mariano Rivera (19)
Jun 19SD Won 2-140-33Jose Veras (2-0)/Josh Banks (2-1)Mariano Rivera (20)
Jun 20Cin Lost 2-440-34Edinson Volquez (10-2)/Mike Mussina (10-5)Francisco Cordero (14)
Jun 21Cin Lost 0-640-35Bill Bray (2-0)/Dan Giese (1-2) 
Jun 22Cin Won 4-141-35Andy Pettitte (8-5)/Johnny Cueto (5-8)Mariano Rivera (21)
Jun 24@Pitt Lost 5-1241-36Tom Gorzelanny (6-6)/Darrell Rasner (4-5) 
Jun 25@Pitt Won 10-042-36Joba Chamberlain (2-2)/Zach Duke (4-5) 
Jun 26@PittPPD  
Jun 27NYM Lost 6-1543-37Mike Pelfrey (5-6)/Dan Giese (1-3) 
Jun 27@NYM Won 9-044-37Sidney Ponson (5-1)/Pedro Martinez (2-2) 
Jun 28@NYM Won 3-245-37Andy Pettitte (9-5)/Johan Santana (7-7)Mariano Rivera (22)
Jun 29@NYM Lost 1-345-38Oliver Perez (6-5)/Darrell Rasner (4-6)Billy Wagner (18)
Jun 30Tex Lost 1-245-39Scott Feldman (2-3)/Mike Mussina (10-6)C.J. Wilson (18)
Jul 1Tex Lost 2-345-40Frank Francisco (2-2)/Mariano Rivera (2-3)C.J. Wilson (19)
Jul 2Tex Won 18-746-40Edwar Ramirez (2-0)/Warner Madrigal (0-1) 
Jul 3Bos Lost 0-746-41Jon Lester (7-3)/Andy Pettitte (9-6) 
Jul 4Bos Lost 4-646-42Josh Beckett (8-5)/Darrell Rasner (4-7)Jonathan Papelbon (25)
Jul 5Bos Won 2-147-42Mike Mussina (11-6)/Justin Masterson (4-3)Mariano Rivera (23)
Jul 6Bos Won 5-448-42Mariano Rivera (3-3)/Jonathan Papelbon (3-3) 
Jul 8TB Won 5-049-42Andy Pettitte (10-6)/Scott Kazmir (7-4) 
Jul 9TB Won 2-150-42Mariano Rivera (4-3)/Grant Balfour (2-1) 
Jul 10@Pitt Lost 2-450-43Paul Maholm (6-5)/Jose Veras (2-1)Damaso Marte (4)
Jul 11@Tor Lost 0-550-44Roy Halladay (11-6)/Joba Chamberlain (2-3) 
Jul 12@Tor Won 9-451-44Darrell Rasner (5-7)/Jesse Litsch (8-6) 
Jul 13@Tor Lost 1-451-45A.J. Burnett (10-8)/Andy Pettitte (10-7)B.J. Ryan (18)
Jul 18Oak Won 7-152-45Mike Mussina (12-6)/Greg Smith (5-8) 
Jul 19Oak Won 4-353-45David Robertson (1-0)/Lenny DiNardo (1-2) 
Jul 20Oak Won 2-154-45Andy Pettitte (11-7)/Justin Duchscherer (10-6)Mariano Rivera (24)
Jul 21Min Won 12-455-45Sidney Ponson (6-1)/Nick Blackburn (7-6) 
Jul 22Min Won 8-256-45David Robertson (2-0)/Kevin Slowey (6-7) 
Jul 23Min Won 5-157-45Mike Mussina (13-6)/Glen Perkins (7-3)Mariano Rivera (25)
Jul 25@Bos Won 1-058-45Joba Chamberlain (3-3)/Josh Beckett (9-7)Mariano Rivera (26)
Jul 26@Bos Won 10-359-45Andy Pettitte (12-7)/Tim Wakefield (6-8) 
Jul 27@Bos Lost 2-959-46Jon Lester (0-0)/Sidney Ponson (0-0) 
Jul 28Balt Lost 4-1359-47Jeremy Guthrie (7-8)/Mike Mussina (13-7) 
Jul 29Balt Lost 6-759-48Daniel Cabrera (7-6)/Darrell Rasner (5-8) 
Jul 30Balt Won 13-360-48Joba Chamberlain (4-3)/Dennis Sarfate (4-2) 
Jul 31LAA Lost 6-1260-49Jon Garland (10-6)/Andy Pettitte (12-8) 
Aug 1LAA Lost 0-160-50Ervin Santana (12-5)/Mariano Rivera (4-4)Francisco Rodriguez (45)
Aug 2LAA Won 8-261-50Mike Mussina (14-7)/Jered Weaver (9-9) 
Aug 3LAA Won 14-962-50Edwar Ramirez (3-0)/Scot Shields (4-3) 
Aug 4@Tex Lost 5-962-51Eddie Guardado (3-2)/Damaso Marte (4-1) 
Aug 5@Tex Lost 6-862-52Matt Harrison (3-2)/Andy Pettitte (12-9)Eddie Guardado (3)
Aug 6@Tex Won 5-363-52Sidney Ponson (7-2)/Tommy Hunter (0-1)Mariano Rivera (27)
Aug 7@Tex Won 3-064-52Mike Mussina (15-7)/Scott Feldman (4-5)Mariano Rivera (28)
Aug 8@LAA Lost 5-1064-53Jered Weaver (10-9)/Ian Kennedy (0-4) 
Aug 9@LAA Lost 4-1164-54Scot Shields (5-3)/Edwar Ramirez (3-1) 
Aug 10@LAA Lost 3-464-55Francisco Rodriguez (2-2)/Damaso Marte (4-2) 
Aug 11@Min Lost 0-464-56Glen Perkins (9-3)/Sidney Ponson (7-3) 
Aug 12@Min Won 9-665-56Jose Veras (3-1)/Matt Guerrier (6-6)Edwar Ramirez (1)
Aug 13@Min Lost 2-465-57Kevin Slowey (9-8)/Darrell Rasner (5-9)Joe Nathan (32)
Aug 15KC Lost 3-465-58Leo Nunez (4-1)/Mariano Rivera (4-5)Joakim Soria (33)
Aug 16KC Won 3-266-58David Robertson (3-0)/Jeff Fulchino (0-1) 
Aug 17KC Won 15-667-58Mike Mussina (16-7)/Brian Bannister (7-12) 
Aug 19@Tor Lost 1-267-59A.J. Burnett (16-9)/Jose Veras (3-2)B.J. Ryan (24)
Aug 20@Tor Won 5-168-59Andy Pettitte (13-9)/David Purcey (2-4) 
Aug 21@Tor Lost 3-1468-60Roy Halladay (15-9)/Sidney Ponson (7-4) 
Aug 22@Balt Won 9-469-60Jose Veras (4-2)/Jamie Walker (1-1)Mariano Rivera (29)
Aug 23@Balt Won 5-370-60Carl Pavano (1-0)/Jeremy Guthrie (10-10)Mariano Rivera (30)
Aug 24@Balt Won 8-771-60Edwar Ramirez (4-1)/Jamie Walker (1-2)Mariano Rivera (31)
Aug 26Bos Lost 3-771-61Tim Wakefield (8-8)/Andy Pettitte (13-10)Jonathan Papelbon (34)
Aug 27Bos Lost 3-1171-62Paul Byrd (9-11)/Sidney Ponson (7-5) 
Aug 28Bos Won 3-272-62Mariano Rivera (5-5)/Justin Masterson (4-4) 
Aug 29Tor Won 2-173-62Carl Pavano (2-0)/A.J. Burnett (16-10)Mariano Rivera (32)
Aug 30Tor Lost 6-773-63Brandon League (1-2)/Damaso Marte (4-3)B.J. Ryan (25)
Aug 31Tor Lost 2-673-64Roy Halladay (17-9)/Andy Pettitte (13-11) 
Sep 1@Det Won 13-974-64Brian Bruney (2-0)/Justin Verlander (10-15) 
Sep 2@TB Won 7-275-64Mike Mussina (17-7)/Matt Garza (11-8) 
Sep 3@TB Won 8-476-64Edwar Ramirez (5-1)/Edwin Jackson (11-9) 
Sep 4@TB Lost 5-776-65Scott Kazmir (11-6)/Darrell Rasner (5-10)Dan Wheeler (11)
Sep 5@Sea Lost 1-376-66Brandon Morrow (2-2)/Andy Pettitte (13-12)J.J. Putz (11)
Sep 6@Sea Won 7-477-66Sidney Ponson (8-5)/Sean Green (4-5)Mariano Rivera (33)
Sep 7@Sea Lost 2-577-67Ryan Feierabend (1-2)/Mike Mussina (17-8)J.J. Putz (12)
Sep 8@LAA Lost 1-1277-68Jon Garland (13-8)/Carl Pavano (2-1) 
Sep 9@LAA Won 7-178-68Alfredo Aceves (1-0)/Ervin Santana (15-6) 
Sep 10@LAA Lost 2-478-69Dustin Moseley (2-4)/Andy Pettitte (13-13)Francisco Rodriguez (56)
Sep 12TBPPD  
Sep 13TB Lost 1-778-70James Shields (13-8)/Mike Mussina (17-9) 
Sep 13TB Won 6-579-70Damaso Marte (5-3)/J.P. Howell (6-1)Mariano Rivera (34)
Sep 14TB Won 8-480-70Carl Pavano (3-1)/Edwin Jackson (11-11)Mariano Rivera (35)
Sep 15CHW Won 4-281-70Phil Coke (1-0)/Ehren Wassermann (1-2)Mariano Rivera (36)
Sep 16CHW Lost 2-681-71Gavin Floyd (16-7)/Andy Pettitte (13-14) 
Sep 17CHW Won 5-182-71Brian Bruney (3-0)/Clayton Richard (2-5) 
Sep 18CHW Won 9-283-71Mike Mussina (18-9)/Javier Vazquez (12-14) 
Sep 19Balt Won 3-284-71Carl Pavano (4-1)/Radhames Liz (6-6)Mariano Rivera (37)
Sep 20Balt Won 1-085-71Mariano Rivera (6-5)/Jim Miller (0-2) 
Sep 21Balt Won 7-386-71Andy Pettitte (0-0)/Chris Waters (0-0) 
Sep 23@Tor Won 3-187-71Mike Mussina (19-9)/Jesse Litsch (12-9)Mariano Rivera (38)
Sep 24@Tor Won 6-288-71Jose Veras (5-2)/Jesse Carlson (7-2) 
Sep 25@Tor Lost 2-888-72Roy Halladay (20-11)/Carl Pavano (4-2) 
Sep 26@Bos Won 19-889-72David Robertson (4-0)/David Pauley (0-1) 
Sep 27@BosPPD  
Sep 28@Bos Won 6-290-72Mike Mussina (20-9)/Daisuke Matsuzaka (18-3)Mariano Rivera (39)
Sep 28@Bos Lost 3-490-73Devern Hansack (1-0)/Jose Veras (5-3) 

2015 Team Leaders
AVGCarlos Beltran , RF.276
HRAlex Rodriguez , DH33
RBIBrian McCann , C94
OBPAlex Rodriguez , DH.356
SLGAlex Rodriguez , DH.486
RBrett Gardner , LF94
SBJacoby Ellsbury , CF21
WNathan Eovaldi , SP14
ERACC Sabathia , SP4.73
WHIPCC Sabathia , SP1.42
KMichael Pineda , SP156
SVAndrew Miller , RP36

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