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San Diego Padres

Stadium: Petco Park | Manager: Bud Black
NL West Division5th5th5th2nd
National League 14th12th11th3rd
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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 4@Colo Lost 10-120-1Ryan Speier (1-0)/Trevor Hoffman (0-1) 
Apr 6@Colo Won 14-61-1Chris Hammond (1-0)/Jason Jennings (0-1) 
Apr 7Pitt Won 1-02-1Rudy Seanez (1-0)/Rick White (0-1) 
Apr 8Pitt Lost 2-32-2Josh Fogg (1-0)/Brian Lawrence (0-1)Jose Mesa (1)
Apr 9Pitt Won 11-33-2Woody Williams (1-0)/Oliver Perez (0-2) 
Apr 10Pitt Lost 3-63-3Dave Williams (1-0)/Tim Redding (0-1)Jose Mesa (2)
Apr 11@CHC Won 1-04-3Adam Eaton (1-0)/Ryan Dempster (0-2)Trevor Hoffman (1)
Apr 12@CHCPPD  
Apr 13@CHC Won 8-35-3Jake Peavy (1-0)/Kerry Wood (0-1) 
Apr 13@CHC Lost 3-85-4Mark Prior (1-0)/Brian Lawrence (0-2) 
Apr 15@LAD Lost 0-45-5Derek Lowe (1-1)/Woody Williams (1-1) 
Apr 16@LAD Lost 3-85-6Scott Erickson (1-0)/Adam Eaton (1-1) 
Apr 17@LAD Lost 0-65-7Jeff Weaver (2-0)/Tim Redding (0-2) 
Apr 18SF Won 7-26-7Jake Peavy (2-0)/Brett Tomko (0-3) 
Apr 19SF Won 5-27-7Brian Lawrence (1-2)/Jerome Williams (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (2)
Apr 20LAD Lost 1-37-8Duaner Sanchez (1-1)/Scott Linebrink (0-1)Yhency Brazoban (4)
Apr 21LAD Won 6-18-8Adam Eaton (2-1)/Scott Erickson (1-1) 
Apr 22@Ariz Lost 3-58-9Brad Halsey (2-0)/Tim Redding (0-3)Brandon Lyon (7)
Apr 23@Ariz Lost 1-28-10Mike Koplove (2-1)/Akinori Otsuka (0-1) 
Apr 24@Ariz Lost 6-88-11Shawn Estes (2-1)/Brian Lawrence (1-3)Brandon Lyon (8)
Apr 25@SF Won 5-39-11Woody Williams (2-1)/Noah Lowry (1-2)Trevor Hoffman (3)
Apr 26@SF Lost 5-69-12Armando Benitez (1-1)/Akinori Otsuka (0-2) 
Apr 27@SF Lost 3-109-13Kirk Rueter (1-2)/Tim Redding (0-4) 
Apr 29Ariz Won 5-410-13Chris Hammond (2-0)/Brandon Lyon (0-2) 
Apr 30Ariz Won 2-011-13Brian Lawrence (2-3)/Shawn Estes (2-2)Trevor Hoffman (4)
May 1Ariz Lost 2-511-14Javier Vazquez (3-2)/Woody Williams (2-2) 
May 2Colo Won 5-412-14Adam Eaton (3-1)/Jeff Francis (1-1)Trevor Hoffman (5)
May 3Colo Won 2-113-14Akinori Otsuka (1-2)/Jay Witasick (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (6)
May 4Colo Won 8-714-14Dennys Reyes (1-0)/Marcos Carvajal (0-1) 
May 5@StL Won 8-315-14Chris Hammond (3-0)/Ray King (0-1) 
May 6@StL Won 6-516-14Randy Williams (1-0)/Randy Flores (1-1)Trevor Hoffman (7)
May 7@StL Won 5-417-14Adam Eaton (4-1)/Chris Carpenter (4-2)Trevor Hoffman (8)
May 8@StL Lost 5-1517-15Jason Marquis (5-1)/Tim Redding (0-5)Brad Thompson (1)
May 9@Cin Won 6-518-15Chris Hammond (4-0)/Matt Belisle (1-4)Trevor Hoffman (9)
May 10@Cin Lost 1-518-16Todd Coffey (1-0)/Brian Lawrence (2-4) 
May 11@Cin Won 7-219-16Tim Stauffer (1-0)/Paul Wilson (1-4) 
May 13Fla Won 3-220-16Adam Eaton (5-1)/Josh Beckett (5-3)Trevor Hoffman (10)
May 14Fla Won 2-121-16Jake Peavy (3-0)/Al Leiter (1-4)Trevor Hoffman (11)
May 15Fla Won 12-422-16Rudy Seanez (2-0)/A.J. Burnett (3-4) 
May 16Atl Won 5-323-16Scott Linebrink (1-1)/Chris Reitsma (1-2)Trevor Hoffman (12)
May 17Atl Won 3-224-16Dennys Reyes (2-0)/Dan Kolb (1-4) 
May 18Atl Won 8-425-16Adam Eaton (6-1)/Horacio Ramirez (2-3)Trevor Hoffman (13)
May 20@Sea Won 6-126-16Jake Peavy (4-0)/Ryan Franklin (2-5) 
May 21@Sea Lost 3-526-17Gil Meche (4-2)/Brian Lawrence (2-5)Eddie Guardado (11)
May 22@Sea Lost 0-526-18Aaron Sele (3-4)/Tim Stauffer (1-1) 
May 24@Ariz Won 9-527-18Adam Eaton (7-1)/Russ Ortiz (4-3)Trevor Hoffman (14)
May 25@Ariz Lost 11-1227-19Jose Valverde (1-1)/Akinori Otsuka (1-3)Brian Bruney (5)
May 26@Ariz Won 10-028-19Jake Peavy (5-0)/Brandon Webb (6-1) 
May 27@SF Won 9-329-19Brian Lawrence (3-5)/Brad Hennessey (2-1) 
May 28@SF Won 5-330-19Rudy Seanez (3-0)/Jeff Fassero (1-2)Trevor Hoffman (15)
May 29@SF Won 9-631-19Chris Hammond (5-0)/Tyler Walker (2-1)Trevor Hoffman (16)
May 30Mil Won 2-132-19Scott Linebrink (2-1)/Jorge De La Rosa (2-1) 
May 31Mil Won 8-433-19Dennys Reyes (3-0)/Gary Glover (3-4) 
Jun 1Mil Lost 2-533-20Doug Davis (7-5)/Brian Lawrence (3-6)Julio Santana (1)
Jun 2CHC Lost 0-533-21Glendon Rusch (5-1)/Tim Stauffer (1-2) 
Jun 3CHC Won 6-234-21Adam Eaton (8-1)/Sergio Mitre (0-1)Akinori Otsuka (1)
Jun 4CHC Lost 5-1134-22Greg Maddux (4-3)/Darrell May (0-1) 
Jun 5CHC Lost 0-434-23Carlos Zambrano (4-3)/Woody Williams (2-3) 
Jun 7Cle Lost 0-234-24Rafael Betancourt (2-2)/Trevor Hoffman (0-2)Bob Wickman (15)
Jun 8Cle Lost 1-634-25Scott Elarton (3-2)/Jake Peavy (5-1)Bob Howry (2)
Jun 9Cle Won 3-235-25Adam Eaton (9-1)/Jake Westbrook (2-9)Trevor Hoffman (17)
Jun 10CHW Lost 2-435-26Jon Garland (10-2)/Woody Williams (2-4)Dustin Hermanson (15)
Jun 11CHW Won 2-136-26Scott Linebrink (3-1)/Dustin Hermanson (0-2) 
Jun 12CHW Lost 5-836-27Cliff Politte (3-0)/Trevor Hoffman (0-3) 
Jun 14@Det Lost 4-836-28Fernando Rodney (1-0)/Jake Peavy (5-2) 
Jun 15@Det Lost 2-836-29Mike Maroth (5-7)/Adam Eaton (9-2) 
Jun 16@Det Lost 1-336-30Jeremy Bonderman (8-4)/Woody Williams (2-5)Troy Percival (5)
Jun 17@Min Lost 4-536-31Juan Rincon (4-2)/Dennys Reyes (3-1) 
Jun 18@Min Won 7-237-31Brian Lawrence (4-6)/Brad Radke (5-6) 
Jun 19@Min Won 5-138-31Darrell May (1-1)/Johan Santana (7-3) 
Jun 20LAD Won 1-039-31Jake Peavy (6-2)/Brad Penny (3-4)Trevor Hoffman (18)
Jun 21LAD Won 2-140-31Woody Williams (3-5)/Derek Lowe (5-8)Trevor Hoffman (19)
Jun 22LAD Lost 4-640-32D.J. Houlton (3-1)/Tim Stauffer (1-3)Yhency Brazoban (12)
Jun 23LAD Lost 3-440-33Duaner Sanchez (2-3)/Trevor Hoffman (0-4)Yhency Brazoban (13)
Jun 24Sea Lost 5-1440-34Gil Meche (8-4)/Darrell May (1-2) 
Jun 25Sea Won 8-541-34Jake Peavy (7-2)/Aaron Sele (6-6)Trevor Hoffman (20)
Jun 26Sea Won 5-442-34Rudy Seanez (4-0)/Julio Mateo (2-3)Trevor Hoffman (21)
Jun 27@LAD Lost 4-542-35D.J. Houlton (4-1)/Tim Stauffer (1-4)Yhency Brazoban (14)
Jun 28@LAD Won 8-343-35Brian Lawrence (5-6)/Elmer Dessens (0-1) 
Jun 29@LAD Lost 2-443-36Jeff Weaver (7-7)/Darrell May (1-3)Yhency Brazoban (15)
Jul 1SF Lost 2-343-37Jason Christiansen (5-1)/Rudy Seanez (4-1)Tyler Walker (12)
Jul 2SF Won 5-344-37Woody Williams (4-5)/Jeff Fassero (1-6)Trevor Hoffman (22)
Jul 3SF Won 9-645-37Tim Stauffer (2-4)/Jason Schmidt (6-4)Trevor Hoffman (23)
Jul 4@Hou Lost 1-445-38Roy Oswalt (11-7)/Brian Lawrence (5-7) 
Jul 5@Hou Lost 2-645-39Brandon Backe (7-6)/Dennys Reyes (3-2) 
Jul 6@Hou Lost 4-545-40Andy Pettitte (6-7)/Jake Peavy (7-3)Dan Wheeler (3)
Jul 7@Hou Won 7-546-40Woody Williams (5-5)/Wandy Rodriguez (4-4)Trevor Hoffman (24)
Jul 8@Colo Won 12-247-40Tim Stauffer (3-4)/Jamey Wright (5-9) 
Jul 9@Colo Lost 0-147-41Jason Jennings (5-8)/Brian Lawrence (5-8)Brian Fuentes (12)
Jul 10@Colo Won 8-548-41Paul Quantrill (2-0)/Jeff Francis (8-6)Trevor Hoffman (25)
Jul 14Ariz Lost 0-648-42Javier Vazquez (8-8)/Brian Lawrence (5-9) 
Jul 15Ariz Won 10-749-42Scott Linebrink (4-1)/Greg Aquino (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (26)
Jul 16Ariz Won 4-150-42Jake Peavy (8-3)/Claudio Vargas (3-5)Trevor Hoffman (27)
Jul 17Ariz Lost 1-650-43Brad Halsey (6-7)/Tim Stauffer (3-5)Jose Valverde (2)
Jul 19@NYM Lost 1-350-44Braden Looper (3-4)/Chris Hammond (5-1) 
Jul 20@NYM Lost 3-750-45Tom Glavine (7-7)/Woody Williams (5-6)Juan Padilla (1)
Jul 21@NYM Lost 0-1250-46Kazuhisa Ishii (3-8)/Jake Peavy (8-4) 
Jul 22@Phi Lost 6-850-47Aaron Fultz (2-0)/Paul Quantrill (2-1) 
Jul 23@Phi Lost 0-250-48Robinson Tejeda (2-2)/Pedro Astacio (2-9)Billy Wagner (21)
Jul 24@Phi Lost 1-550-49Brett Myers (8-5)/Brian Lawrence (5-10) 
Jul 26StL Lost 2-450-50Mark Mulder (12-5)/Woody Williams (5-7)Jason Isringhausen (28)
Jul 27StL Won 2-151-50Trevor Hoffman (1-4)/Jason Marquis (9-8) 
Jul 28StL Lost 3-1151-51Chris Carpenter (15-4)/Tim Stauffer (3-6) 
Jul 29Cin Lost 3-851-52Luke Hudson (2-5)/Brian Lawrence (5-11) 
Jul 30Cin Lost 1-951-53Aaron Harang (7-9)/Pedro Astacio (2-10) 
Jul 31Cin Lost 1-751-54Eric Milton (5-11)/Woody Williams (5-8) 
Aug 2@Pitt Won 11-352-54Jake Peavy (9-4)/Kip Wells (6-12) 
Aug 3@Pitt Lost 8-952-55Jose Mesa (2-6)/Akinori Otsuka (1-4) 
Aug 4@Pitt Won 12-753-55Brian Lawrence (6-11)/Mark Redman (5-12) 
Aug 5@Wash Won 6-554-55Scott Linebrink (5-1)/Chad Cordero (2-3)Trevor Hoffman (28)
Aug 6@Wash Won 3-255-55Pedro Astacio (3-10)/Ryan Drese (7-11)Trevor Hoffman (29)
Aug 7@Wash Won 3-056-55Jake Peavy (10-4)/Esteban Loaiza (6-8) 
Aug 9NYM Won 8-357-55Chan Ho Park (9-5)/Pedro Martinez (12-4) 
Aug 10NYM Lost 1-957-56Kris Benson (8-4)/Brian Lawrence (6-12) 
Aug 11NYM Won 2-158-56Woody Williams (6-8)/Tom Glavine (8-10)Trevor Hoffman (30)
Aug 12Phi Lost 2-358-57Jon Lieber (11-10)/Jake Peavy (10-5)Billy Wagner (26)
Aug 13Phi Lost 2-558-58Ugueth Urbina (4-3)/Trevor Hoffman (1-5)Billy Wagner (27)
Aug 14Phi Lost 3-858-59Robinson Tejeda (3-2)/Chan Ho Park (9-6) 
Aug 16@Fla Won 4-259-59Brian Lawrence (7-12)/Jason M. Vargas (3-1)Trevor Hoffman (31)
Aug 17@Fla Lost 0-659-60Dontrelle Willis (16-8)/Woody Williams (6-9) 
Aug 18@Fla Lost 0-259-61Josh Beckett (12-6)/Jake Peavy (10-6)Todd Jones (26)
Aug 19@Atl Won 12-760-61Chan Ho Park (10-6)/Mike Hampton (5-3) 
Aug 20@Atl Won 7-261-61Rudy Seanez (5-1)/Joey Devine (0-1) 
Aug 21@Atl Lost 2-661-62Jorge Sosa (8-2)/Akinori Otsuka (1-5) 
Aug 22Hou Lost 2-661-63Roy Oswalt (15-10)/Woody Williams (6-10) 
Aug 23Hou Won 2-062-63Jake Peavy (11-6)/Roger Clemens (11-6) 
Aug 24Hou Won 7-463-63Chan Ho Park (11-6)/Wandy Rodriguez (8-6)Trevor Hoffman (32)
Aug 26Colo Lost 3-463-64Jeff Francis (12-9)/Adam Eaton (9-3)Brian Fuentes (24)
Aug 27Colo Lost 2-463-65Sun-Woo Kim (3-2)/Brian Lawrence (7-13)David Cortes (2)
Aug 28Colo Won 4-364-65Pedro Astacio (4-10)/Jamey Wright (6-16)Trevor Hoffman (33)
Aug 29Ariz Lost 5-764-66Russ Ortiz (5-8)/Woody Williams (6-11) 
Aug 30Ariz Won 5-365-66Jake Peavy (12-6)/Brad Halsey (8-12)Trevor Hoffman (34)
Aug 31Ariz Won 9-566-66Chan Ho Park (12-6)/Javier Vazquez (10-14) 
Sep 1@Mil Won 6-567-66Rudy Seanez (6-1)/Kane Davis (1-1)Trevor Hoffman (35)
Sep 2@Mil Lost 2-1267-67Chris Capuano (15-9)/Brian Lawrence (7-14) 
Sep 3@Mil Won 6-168-67Woody Williams (7-11)/Wes Obermueller (1-3) 
Sep 4@Mil Lost 2-368-68Derrick Turnbow (6-1)/Akinori Otsuka (1-6) 
Sep 6Colo Lost 5-668-69Aaron Cook (4-1)/Chan Ho Park (12-7)Brian Fuentes (26)
Sep 7Colo Won 4-269-69Adam Eaton (10-3)/Jeff Francis (12-11)Trevor Hoffman (36)
Sep 8Colo Won 3-270-69Scott Linebrink (6-1)/Jose Acevedo (2-4) 
Sep 9@LAD Won 3-171-69Woody Williams (8-11)/D.J. Houlton (5-9)Trevor Hoffman (37)
Sep 10@LAD Lost 1-371-70Derek Lowe (10-13)/Clay Hensley (0-1)Duaner Sanchez (6)
Sep 11@LAD Lost 3-771-71Brad Penny (7-9)/Scott R. Cassidy (0-1) 
Sep 12@SF Lost 3-471-72Matt Kinney (1-0)/Adam Eaton (10-4)Armando Benitez (13)
Sep 13@SF Lost 4-571-73Noah Lowry (13-12)/Brian Lawrence (7-15)Armando Benitez (14)
Sep 14@SF Won 5-472-73Rudy Seanez (7-1)/LaTroy Hawkins (2-7)Trevor Hoffman (38)
Sep 16Wash Lost 1-572-74John Patterson (9-5)/Jake Peavy (12-7) 
Sep 17Wash Won 8-573-74Scott Linebrink (7-1)/Jon Rauch (1-4) 
Sep 18Wash Won 2-174-74Akinori Otsuka (2-6)/Joey Eischen (2-1) 
Sep 19@Colo Won 8-775-74Scott Linebrink (8-1)/Brian Fuentes (2-4)Trevor Hoffman (39)
Sep 20@Colo Lost 1-2075-75Jamey Wright (8-16)/Woody Williams (8-12) 
Sep 21@Colo Won 5-276-75Jake Peavy (13-7)/Michael Esposito (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (40)
Sep 22@Colo Lost 2-476-76Aaron Cook (6-1)/Adam Eaton (10-5)Brian Fuentes (30)
Sep 23@Ariz Won 5-377-76Pedro Astacio (5-10)/Claudio Vargas (9-9)Trevor Hoffman (41)
Sep 24@Ariz Lost 5-877-77Tim Worrell (1-2)/Akinori Otsuka (2-7)Jose Valverde (11)
Sep 25@Ariz Lost 3-477-78Jose Valverde (3-4)/Akinori Otsuka (2-8) 
Sep 26SF Lost 2-377-79Tyler Walker (6-4)/Trevor Hoffman (1-6)Armando Benitez (19)
Sep 27SF Won 9-678-79Clay Hensley (1-1)/Jeff Fassero (4-7)Trevor Hoffman (42)
Sep 28SF Won 9-179-79Pedro Astacio (6-10)/Jason Schmidt (12-7) 
Sep 29SF Won 1-080-79Scott R. Cassidy (1-1)/Jeremy Accardo (1-5) 
Sep 30LAD Won 3-181-79Woody Williams (9-12)/Derek Lowe (12-15)Scott Linebrink (1)
Oct 1LAD Lost 1-281-80Jonathan Broxton (1-0)/Chan Ho Park (12-8)Duaner Sanchez (8)
Oct 2LAD Won 3-182-80Adam Eaton (11-5)/Elmer Dessens (1-2)Trevor Hoffman (43)
Oct 4@StL Lost 5-80-1Chris Carpenter (1-0)/Jake Peavy (0-1) 
Oct 6@StL Lost 2-60-2Mark Mulder (1-0)/Pedro Astacio (0-1) 
Oct 8StL Lost 4-70-3Matt Morris (1-0)/Woody Williams (0-1)Jason Isringhausen (1)

2014 Team Leaders
AVGSeth Smith , LF.266
HRYasmani Grandal , C13
RBIJedd Gyorko , 2B50
OBPSeth Smith , LF.367
SLGSeth Smith , LF.444
RYangervis Solarte , 3B53
SBEverth Cabrera , SS18
WTyson Ross , SP13
ERATyson Ross , SP2.81
WHIPTyson Ross , SP1.21
KTyson Ross , SP195
SVJoaquin Benoit , RP9
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