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San Diego Padres

Stadium: Petco Park | Manager: Bud Black
NL West Division5th5th5th2nd
National League 14th12th11th3rd
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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 3SF Won 6-11-0Jake Peavy (1-0)/Jason Schmidt (0-1) 
Apr 4SFPPD  
Apr 5SF Lost 1-31-1Matt Morris (1-0)/Shawn Estes (0-1)Tim Worrell (1)
Apr 7Colo Lost 4-101-2Josh Fogg (1-0)/Clay Hensley (0-1) 
Apr 8Colo Lost 4-121-3Zach Day (1-0)/Dewon Brazelton (0-1) 
Apr 9Colo Lost 4-101-4Jason Jennings (1-0)/Jake Peavy (1-1) 
Apr 11@Fla Won 9-32-4Woody Williams (1-0)/Sergio Mitre (1-1) 
Apr 12@Fla Won 7-23-4Chris R. Young (1-0)/Brian Moehler (0-2) 
Apr 13@Fla Lost 2-93-5Jason M. Vargas (1-1)/Dewon Brazelton (0-2) 
Apr 14@Atl Lost 4-53-6Oscar Villarreal (4-0)/Scott Linebrink (0-1)Chris Reitsma (4)
Apr 15@Atl Lost 0-23-7John Smoltz (1-1)/Jake Peavy (1-2) 
Apr 16@Atl Won 4-34-7Scott Linebrink (1-1)/Mike Remlinger (1-1)Trevor Hoffman (1)
Apr 17@Colo Won 5-25-7Chris R. Young (2-0)/Jeff Francis (0-2)Trevor Hoffman (2)
Apr 18@Colo Lost 2-35-8David Cortes (1-0)/Jon Adkins (0-1) 
Apr 19@Colo Won 13-46-8Chan Ho Park (1-0)/Zach Day (1-2) 
Apr 20NYM Lost 2-76-9Duaner Sanchez (1-0)/Scott Linebrink (1-2) 
Apr 21NYM Won 2-17-9Brian Sweeney (1-0)/Chad Bradford (0-1) 
Apr 22NYM Lost 1-87-10Pedro Martinez (4-0)/Chris R. Young (2-1) 
Apr 23NYM Won 7-48-10Clay Hensley (1-1)/Victor Zambrano (1-2)Trevor Hoffman (3)
Apr 24Ariz Lost 1-48-11Brandon Webb (3-0)/Chan Ho Park (1-1)Jose Valverde (4)
Apr 25Ariz Lost 0-78-12Claudio Vargas (2-1)/Jake Peavy (1-3) 
Apr 26Ariz Lost 2-38-13Orlando Hernandez (2-3)/Woody Williams (1-1)Jose Valverde (5)
Apr 28LAD Lost 0-38-14Jae Seo (1-2)/Chris R. Young (2-2)Danys Baez (7)
Apr 29LAD Lost 2-48-15Brett Tomko (3-1)/Clay Hensley (1-2)Danys Baez (8)
Apr 30LAD Won 6-59-15Scott Linebrink (2-2)/Tim Hamulack (0-2) 
May 1@SF Won 10-410-15Jake Peavy (2-3)/Jamey Wright (2-2) 
May 2@SF Won 5-311-15Woody Williams (2-1)/Matt Morris (2-2)Trevor Hoffman (4)
May 3@LAD Won 11-512-15Scott R. Cassidy (1-0)/Franquelis Osoria (0-2) 
May 4@LAD Won 3-013-15Alan Embree (1-0)/Takashi Saito (2-2)Trevor Hoffman (5)
May 5CHC Won 1-014-15Scott R. Cassidy (2-0)/Scott Williamson (2-2) 
May 6CHC Won 2-115-15Scott R. Cassidy (3-0)/Bob Howry (2-1) 
May 7CHC Won 6-316-15Woody Williams (3-1)/Angel Guzman (0-2)Brian Sweeney (1)
May 8CHC Won 8-317-15Chris R. Young (3-2)/Greg Maddux (5-2) 
May 9Mil Lost 4-517-16Dan Kolb (2-0)/Trevor Hoffman (0-1)Derrick Turnbow (11)
May 10Mil Won 3-018-16Chan Ho Park (2-1)/Chris Capuano (4-3)Trevor Hoffman (6)
May 11Mil Won 8-519-16Jake Peavy (3-3)/Ben Hendrickson (0-1) 
May 12@CHC Won 10-520-16Brian Sweeney (2-0)/Glendon Rusch (1-5) 
May 13@CHC Won 4-321-16Cla C. Meredith (1-0)/Ryan Dempster (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (7)
May 14@CHC Won 9-022-16Clay Hensley (2-2)/Rich Hill (0-3) 
May 15@Ariz Lost 5-622-17Jose Valverde (1-1)/Scott R. Cassidy (3-1) 
May 16@Ariz Lost 2-522-18Jason Grimsley (1-1)/Jake Peavy (3-4)Jose Valverde (12)
May 17@Ariz Won 14-1023-18Mike Thompson (1-0)/Juan Cruz (1-2) 
May 19@Sea Lost 4-723-19Rafael Soriano (1-1)/Scott Cassidy (0-1) 
May 20@Sea Lost 3-623-20Gil Meche (4-2)/Clay Hensley (2-3)J.J. Putz (5)
May 21@Sea Lost 8-1023-21Felix Hernandez (3-5)/Chan Ho Park (2-2)J.J. Putz (6)
May 22Atl Lost 1-323-22John Smoltz (4-2)/Jake Peavy (3-5)Chris Reitsma (8)
May 23Atl Won 2-124-22Mike Thompson (2-0)/Jorge Sosa (1-6)Trevor Hoffman (8)
May 24Atl Lost 6-1024-23John Thomson (2-3)/Chris R. Young (3-3) 
May 26StL Won 7-125-23Clay Hensley (3-3)/Jeff Suppan (5-4) 
May 27StL Lost 3-425-24Sidney Ponson (4-0)/Chan Ho Park (2-3)Jason Isringhausen (16)
May 28StL Won 10-826-24Jake Peavy (4-5)/Mark Mulder (5-3)Trevor Hoffman (9)
May 29Colo Lost 0-526-25Jason Jennings (3-5)/Mike Thompson (2-1) 
May 30Colo Won 2-027-25Chris R. Young (4-3)/Aaron Cook (5-5)Trevor Hoffman (10)
May 31Colo Won 3-228-25Clay Hensley (4-3)/Jeff Francis (3-5)Trevor Hoffman (11)
Jun 2@Pitt Won 7-029-25Chan Ho Park (3-3)/Oliver Perez (2-6) 
Jun 3@Pitt Lost 4-629-26Zach Duke (4-6)/Mike Thompson (2-2)Mike Gonzalez (7)
Jun 4@Pitt Won 1-030-26Chris R. Young (5-3)/Victor Santos (3-6)Trevor Hoffman (12)
Jun 5@Mil Lost 2-530-27Chris Capuano (6-4)/Clay Hensley (4-4)Derrick Turnbow (16)
Jun 6@Mil Lost 1-530-28Dave Bush (4-5)/Jake Peavy (4-6) 
Jun 7@Mil Won 6-531-28Scott Cassidy (1-0)/Matt Wise (3-3)Trevor Hoffman (13)
Jun 8@Mil Lost 3-431-29Derrick Turnbow (3-3)/Scott R. Cassidy (3-3) 
Jun 9Fla Won 3-232-29Chris R. Young (6-3)/Ricky Nolasco (4-3)Trevor Hoffman (14)
Jun 10Fla Lost 1-232-30Scott Olsen (5-3)/Clay Hensley (4-5)Joe Borowski (8)
Jun 11Fla Lost 3-732-31Brian Moehler (4-5)/Jake Peavy (4-7)Taylor Tankersley (1)
Jun 13LAD Won 9-133-31Chan Ho Park (4-3)/Aaron Sele (3-1) 
Jun 14LAD Won 5-334-31Scott Linebrink (3-2)/Hong-Chih Kuo (0-4)Trevor Hoffman (15)
Jun 15LAD Lost 3-734-32Jonathan R. Broxton (1-0)/Brian Sikorski (0-1) 
Jun 16@LAA Won 5-435-32Alan Embree (2-0)/Francisco Rodriguez (0-2)Trevor Hoffman (16)
Jun 17@LAA Lost 2-335-33Ervin Santana (7-3)/Jake Peavy (4-8)Francisco Rodriguez (16)
Jun 18@LAA Won 7-336-33Chan Ho Park (5-3)/Bartolo Colon (0-3) 
Jun 20@Tex Won 6-537-33Mike Thompson (3-2)/Scott Feldman (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (17)
Jun 21@Tex Won 3-238-33Scott Linebrink (4-2)/Akinori Otsuka (2-3)Trevor Hoffman (18)
Jun 22@Tex Lost 3-538-34John Rheinecker/Clay HensleyAkinori Otsuka
Jun 23Sea Won 2-139-34Scott Linebrink (5-2)/Julio Mateo (4-1) 
Jun 24Sea Lost 5-939-35Jamie Moyer (5-6)/Chan Ho Park (5-4) 
Jun 25Sea Lost 4-939-36George Sherrill (2-1)/Alan Embree (2-1) 
Jun 27Oak Won 3-040-36Chris R. Young (7-3)/Barry Zito (8-4)Trevor Hoffman (19)
Jun 28Oak Won 8-141-36Clay Hensley (5-6)/Joe Blanton (7-7) 
Jun 29Oak Lost 5-641-37Ron J. Flores (1-1)/Scott R. Cassidy (4-4)Chad Gaudin (2)
Jun 30SF Won 6-542-37Brian Sikorski (1-1)/Jeremy Accardo (0-2) 
Jul 1SF Won 7-443-37Jon Adkins (1-1)/Brian Wilson (0-2)Trevor Hoffman (20)
Jul 1SF Lost 1-443-38Steve Kline (2-1)/Alan Embree (2-2)Armando Benitez (7)
Jul 2SF Lost 2-643-39Matt Morris (7-7)/Chris R. Young (7-4)Brian Wilson (1)
Jul 4@Phi Lost 5-643-40Tom Gordon (3-3)/Cla C. Meredith (1-1) 
Jul 5@Phi Won 6-344-40Scott Linebrink (6-2)/Arthur Rhodes (0-3)Trevor Hoffman (21)
Jul 6@Phi Won 5-345-40Chan Ho Park (6-4)/Ryan Madson (8-6)Trevor Hoffman (22)
Jul 7@Wash Won 3-246-40Woody Williams (4-1)/Ramon Ortiz (6-7)Trevor Hoffman (23)
Jul 8@Wash Won 5-247-40Chris R. Young (8-4)/Pedro Astacio (1-1)Trevor Hoffman (24)
Jul 9@Wash Won 10-948-40Scott R. Cassidy (5-4)/Chad Cordero (5-4)Scott Linebrink (1)
Jul 14Atl Lost 12-1548-41Jorge Sosa (3-10)/Clay Hensley (5-7)Tyler Yates (1)
Jul 15Atl Lost 3-1148-42John Smoltz (7-5)/Chan Ho Park (6-5) 
Jul 16Atl Lost 5-1048-43Chuck H. James (4-0)/Jake Peavy (4-9) 
Jul 17Phi Won 8-649-43Alan Embree (3-2)/Rheal Cormier (2-2)Trevor Hoffman (25)
Jul 18Phi Won 10-650-43Clay Hensley (6-7)/Ryan Madson (8-7) 
Jul 19Phi Lost 4-550-44Geoff Geary (6-0)/Trevor Hoffman (0-2)Tom Gordon (22)
Jul 20@SF Lost 3-950-45Noah Lowry (5-6)/Chan Ho Park (6-6) 
Jul 21@SF Lost 2-850-46Matt Cain (7-6)/Jake Peavy (4-10) 
Jul 22@SF Lost 3-450-47Jason Schmidt (7-6)/Woody Williams (4-2)Armando Benitez (13)
Jul 23@SF Won 6-551-47Jon Adkins (2-1)/Brian Wilson (1-3)Trevor Hoffman (26)
Jul 24@LAD Won 7-652-47Doug Brocail (1-0)/Giovanni Carrara (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (27)
Jul 25@LAD Won 7-353-47Chan Ho Park (7-6)/Mark Hendrickson (4-12) 
Jul 26@LAD Won 10-354-47Jake Peavy (5-10)/Brad Penny (10-5) 
Jul 27@Colo Lost 8-954-48Brian Fuentes (3-3)/Scott Williamson (2-4) 
Jul 28@Colo Lost 1-354-49Byung-Hyun Kim (6-6)/Clay Hensley (6-8)Brian Fuentes (18)
Jul 29@Colo Won 4-255-49Chris R. Young (9-4)/Jeff Francis (8-9)Trevor Hoffman (28)
Jul 30@Colo Lost 1-355-50Jason Jennings (7-9)/Mike Thompson (3-3)Brian Fuentes (19)
Aug 1Hou Lost 0-155-51Andy Pettitte (10-11)/Jake Peavy (5-11)Brad Lidge (24)
Aug 2Hou Lost 1-755-52Brandon Backe (2-1)/Woody Williams (4-3) 
Aug 3Hou Won 5-256-52Clay Hensley (7-8)/Matt Albers (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (29)
Aug 4Wash Lost 2-656-53Ramon Ortiz (8-9)/Chris R. Young (9-5) 
Aug 5Wash Won 6-357-53Alan Embree (4-2)/Pedro Astacio (2-2)Trevor Hoffman (30)
Aug 6Wash Won 3-258-53Doug Brocail (2-0)/Micah Bowie (0-1) 
Aug 8@NYM Lost 2-358-54Steve Trachsel (11-5)/Woody Williams (4-4)Billy Wagner (25)
Aug 9@NYM Lost 3-458-55Pedro Martinez (9-4)/Clay Hensley (7-9)Billy Wagner (26)
Aug 10@NYM Lost 3-758-56Orlando Hernandez (8-8)/Doug Brocail (2-1) 
Aug 11@Hou Lost 2-458-57Andy Pettitte (11-12)/Chan Ho Park (7-7)Brad Lidge (26)
Aug 12@Hou Won 6-359-57Jake Peavy (6-11)/Jason Hirsh (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (31)
Aug 13@Hou Won 7-260-57Woody Williams (5-4)/Brandon Backe (3-2) 
Aug 14SF Lost 0-160-58Brad Hennessey (5-2)/Clay Hensley (7-10)Armando Benitez (14)
Aug 15SF Lost 2-360-59Mike Stanton (4-6)/Scott Linebrink (6-3)Armando Benitez (15)
Aug 16SF Lost 5-760-60Steve Kline (3-3)/Alan Embree (4-3)Mike Stanton (2)
Aug 17SF Lost 4-860-61Matt Cain (9-9)/Jake Peavy (6-12) 
Aug 18Ariz Won 8-261-61Woody Williams (6-4)/Enrique Gonzalez (3-5) 
Aug 19Ariz Lost 3-561-62Claudio Vargas (10-8)/Mike Thompson (3-4)Tony A. Pena (1)
Aug 20Ariz Won 2-162-62Cla C. Meredith (2-1)/Brandon Medders (5-3) 
Aug 21LAD Won 4-263-62Tim Stauffer (1-0)/Elmer Dessens (5-8)Trevor Hoffman (32)
Aug 22LAD Won 1-064-62Jake Peavy (7-12)/Mark Hendrickson (5-14)Trevor Hoffman (33)
Aug 23LAD Won 7-265-62Woody Williams (7-4)/Brad Penny (13-7) 
Aug 25@Colo Lost 5-1365-63Jeff Francis (10-10)/Mike Thompson (3-5) 
Aug 26@Colo Won 5-266-63Clay Hensley (8-10)/Jason Jennings (7-11)Trevor Hoffman (34)
Aug 27@Colo Lost 3-666-64Aaron Cook (9-12)/Jake Peavy (7-13) 
Aug 28@Ariz Lost 4-766-65Brandon Webb (14-5)/Woody Williams (7-5) 
Aug 29@Ariz Won 8-367-65Chris R. Young (10-5)/Enrique Gonzalez (3-6) 
Aug 30@Ariz Won 4-168-65Mike Thompson (4-5)/Claudio Vargas (10-9)Trevor Hoffman (35)
Sep 1Cin Lost 2-668-66Bronson Arroyo (11-9)/Clay Hensley (8-11) 
Sep 2Cin Won 7-169-66Jake Peavy (8-13)/Kyle Lohse (3-7) 
Sep 3Cin Won 2-170-66Cla C. Meredith (3-1)/Rheal Cormier (2-3)Trevor Hoffman (36)
Sep 4Colo Won 7-571-66Rudy Seanez (3-1)/Brian Fuentes (3-4) 
Sep 5Colo Won 5-472-66Cla C. Meredith (4-1)/Jeff Francis (11-11)Trevor Hoffman (37)
Sep 6Colo Won 2-073-66Cla C. Meredith (5-1)/Nate Field (0-1) 
Sep 8@SF Lost 0-473-67Matt Cain (12-9)/Jake Peavy (8-14) 
Sep 9@SF Lost 4-573-68Mike Stanton (6-6)/Rudy Seanez (3-2) 
Sep 10@SF Won 10-274-68Woody Williams (8-5)/Matt Morris (10-13) 
Sep 12@Cin Lost 4-574-69Scott Schoeneweis (3-2)/Doug Brocail (2-2) 
Sep 13@Cin Won 10-075-69Jake Peavy (9-14)/Kyle Lohse (4-8) 
Sep 14@Cin Won 4-276-69Clay Hensley (9-11)/Aaron Harang (13-11)Trevor Hoffman (38)
Sep 15@LAD Lost 1-376-70Greg Maddux (13-13)/David Wells (2-4)Takashi Saito (19)
Sep 16@LAD Won 11-277-70Woody Williams (9-5)/Chad Billingsley (5-4)Brian Sweeney (2)
Sep 17@LAD Won 2-178-70Scott Linebrink (7-3)/Jonathan R. Broxton (3-1)Trevor Hoffman (39)
Sep 18@LAD Lost 10-1178-71Aaron Sele (8-6)/Rudy Seanez (3-3) 
Sep 19Ariz Won 5-279-71Clay Hensley (10-11)/Livan Hernandez (12-13)Trevor Hoffman (40)
Sep 20Ariz Lost 2-879-72Edgar G. Gonzalez (2-3)/David Wells (2-5) 
Sep 21Ariz Won 3-180-72Woody Williams (10-5)/Brandon Webb (16-7)Trevor Hoffman (41)
Sep 22Pitt Won 6-281-72Chris R. Young (11-5)/Tom S. Gorzelanny (2-4) 
Sep 23Pitt Won 2-182-72Jake Peavy (10-14)/Zach Duke (10-14)Trevor Hoffman (42)
Sep 24Pitt Won 2-183-72Clay Hensley (11-11)/Juan P. Perez (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (43)
Sep 25@StL Won 6-584-72Scott R. Cassidy (6-4)/Brad Thompson (1-2)Scott Linebrink (2)
Sep 26@StL Won 7-585-72Woody Williams (11-5)/Chris Carpenter (15-8)Trevor Hoffman (44)
Sep 27@StL Lost 2-485-73Tyler J. Johnson (1-4)/Scott Linebrink (7-4)Adam Wainwright (2)
Sep 28@Ariz Won 12-486-73Jake Peavy (11-14)/Miguel Batista (11-8) 
Sep 29@Ariz Lost 1-386-74Livan Hernandez (13-13)/Clay Hensley (11-12)Jose Valverde (18)
Sep 30@Ariz Won 3-187-74David Wells (3-5)/Edgar G. Gonzalez (3-4)Trevor Hoffman (45)
Oct 1@Ariz Won 7-688-74Woody Williams (12-5)/Brandon Webb (16-8)Trevor Hoffman (46)

2014 Team Leaders
AVGSeth Smith , LF.266
HRYasmani Grandal , C13
RBIJedd Gyorko , 2B50
OBPSeth Smith , LF.367
SLGSeth Smith , LF.444
RYangervis Solarte , 3B53
SBEverth Cabrera , SS18
WTyson Ross , SP13
ERATyson Ross , SP2.81
WHIPTyson Ross , SP1.21
KTyson Ross , SP195
SVJoaquin Benoit , RP9
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