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San Diego Padres

Stadium: Petco Park | Manager: Bud Black
NL West Division5th5th5th1st
National League 13th14th12th2nd
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All times are US/Eastern
DH = Double Header
  = Home Games
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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 6LAD Lost 1-40-1Hiroki Kuroda (1-0)/Jake Peavy (0-1)Jonathan Broxton (1)
Apr 7LAD Won 4-21-1Chris R. Young (1-0)/Randy Wolf (0-1)Heath Bell (1)
Apr 8LAD Lost 2-51-2Chad Billingsley (1-0)/Edward Mujica (0-1)Jonathan Broxton (2)
Apr 9LAD Won 4-32-2Cla C. Meredith (1-0)/Cory Wade (0-1)Heath Bell (2)
Apr 10SF Won 7-33-2Shawn Hill (0-0)/Barry Zito (0-0) 
Apr 11SF Won 6-34-2Jake Peavy (1-1)/Jonathan O. Sanchez (0-1)Heath Bell (3)
Apr 12SF Won 6-15-2Chris R. Young (2-0)/Tim Lincecum (0-1) 
Apr 13@NYM Won 6-56-2Edward Mujica (1-1)/Brian Stokes (0-1)Heath Bell (4)
Apr 15@NYM Lost 2-76-3Oliver Perez (1-1)/Kevin Correia (0-1) 
Apr 16@NYM Won 6-57-3Jake Peavy (2-1)/John Maine (0-1)Heath Bell (5)
Apr 17@Phi Won 8-78-3Cla C. Meredith (2-0)/Ryan Madson (1-1)Heath Bell (6)
Apr 18@Phi Won 8-59-3Cla C. Meredith (3-0)/Brad Lidge (0-1)Heath Bell (7)
Apr 19@Phi Lost 4-59-4Clay Condrey (2-0)/Edwin Moreno (0-1) 
Apr 20@PhiPPD   
Apr 21@SF Lost 3-89-5Matt Cain (2-0)/Jake Peavy (2-2) 
Apr 22@SF Lost 0-19-6Brian Wilson (1-0)/Edwin Moreno (0-2) 
Apr 24Pitt Won 4-310-6Edwin Moreno (1-2)/Matt Capps (0-1) 
Apr 25Pitt Lost 1-1010-7Zach Duke (3-1)/Shawn Hill (1-1) 
Apr 26Pitt Lost 3-810-8Ross Ohlendorf (2-2)/Jake Peavy (2-3) 
Apr 27@Colo Lost 7-1210-9Jason Grilli (1-1)/Chris R. Young (2-1) 
Apr 28@Colo Won 4-311-9Duaner Sanchez (1-0)/Manny Corpas (0-2)Heath Bell (8)
Apr 29@Colo Lost 5-711-10Aaron Cook (1-1)/Kevin Correia (0-2)Huston Street (2)
Apr 30@LAD Lost 5-811-11Ronald Belisario (0-0)/Luke Gregerson (0-0)Jonathan Broxton (0)
May 1@LAD Lost 0-111-12Jonathan Broxton (3-0)/Duaner Sanchez (1-1) 
May 2@LAD Lost 1-211-13Guillermo Mota (2-0)/Luke Gregerson (0-2) 
May 3@LAD Lost 3-711-14Chad Billingsley (5-0)/Chad Gaudin (0-1) 
May 4Colo Lost 6-911-15Glendon Rusch (2-0)/Edwin Moreno (1-3)Huston Street (3)
May 5Colo Won 2-112-15Heath Bell (1-0)/Matt Daley (0-1) 
May 6Ariz Lost 1-312-16Jon Garland (3-1)/Jake Peavy (2-4)Chad Qualls (7)
May 7Ariz Won 4-313-16Cla C. Meredith (4-0)/Esmerling Vasquez (0-1) 
May 8@Hou Lost 0-213-17Wandy Rodriguez (3-2)/Chad Gaudin (0-2)LaTroy Hawkins (4)
May 9@Hou Lost 4-513-18LaTroy Hawkins (1-0)/Luke Gregerson (0-3) 
May 10@Hou Lost 5-1213-19Roy Oswalt (1-2)/Josh Geer (0-1) 
May 12@CHC Lost 2-613-20Rich Harden (4-1)/Jake Peavy (2-5) 
May 13@CHC Lost 4-613-21Ted Lilly (5-2)/Chris R. Young (2-2)Carlos Marmol (3)
May 14@CHC Lost 3-1113-22Ryan Dempster (3-2)/Chad Gaudin (0-3) 
May 15Cin Won 5-314-22Kevin Correia (1-2)/Aaron Harang (3-4)Heath Bell (9)
May 16Cin Won 6-515-22Luis M. Perdomo (1-0)/Micah Owings (3-4) 
May 17Cin Won 3-116-22Jake Peavy (3-5)/Bronson Arroyo (5-3) 
May 19SF Won 2-117-22Chris R. Young (3-2)/Barry Zito (1-4)Heath Bell (10)
May 20SF Won 2-118-22Chad Gaudin (1-3)/Jonathan O. Sanchez (1-4)Heath Bell (11)
May 21SF Won 3-219-22Heath Bell (2-0)/Brian Wilson (2-3) 
May 22CHC Won 4-020-22Jake Peavy (4-5)/Carlos Zambrano (3-2)Heath Bell (12)
May 23CHC Won 3-121-22Josh Geer (1-1)/Randy Wells (0-1)Edward Mujica (1)
May 24CHC Won 7-222-22Chris R. Young (4-2)/Ted Lilly (5-4) 
May 25@Ariz Won 9-723-22Edward Mujica (2-1)/Tony A. Pena (4-2)Heath Bell (13)
May 26@Ariz Lost 5-623-23Max Scherzer (2-3)/Kevin Correia (1-3)Juan Gutierrez (1)
May 27@Ariz Won 8-524-23Jake Peavy (5-5)/Billy Buckner (1-1)Heath Bell (14)
May 29@Colo Lost 0-324-24Jason Marquis (7-3)/Chris R. Young (4-3)Huston Street (8)
May 30@Colo Lost 7-824-25Huston Street (1-1)/Heath Bell (2-1) 
May 31@Colo Won 5-225-25Chad Gaudin (2-3)/Jorge De La Rosa (0-6)Heath Bell (15)
Jun 1Phi Lost 3-525-26Joe Blanton (4-3)/Kevin Correia (1-4)Brad Lidge (13)
Jun 2Phi Lost 5-1025-27Antonio Bastardo (1-0)/Jake Peavy (5-6)Ryan Madson (2)
Jun 3Phi Lost 1-525-28J.A. Happ (4-0)/Chris R. Young (4-4) 
Jun 5Ariz Lost 0-825-29Doug Davis (3-6)/Chad Gaudin (2-4) 
Jun 6Ariz Won 6-426-29Kevin Correia (2-4)/Daniel Schlereth (0-2)Heath Bell (16)
Jun 7Ariz Lost 6-926-30Leo Rosales (1-0)/Josh Wilson (0-1) 
Jun 8Ariz Won 6-327-30Jake Peavy (6-6)/Jon Garland (4-6)Heath Bell (17)
Jun 9@LAD Lost 4-627-31Chad Billingsley (0-0)/Chris R. Young (0-0)Jonathan Broxton (0)
Jun 10@LAD Won 3-128-31Kevin Correia (0-0)/Clayton Kershaw (0-0)Heath Bell (0)
Jun 12@LAA Lost 6-1128-32Matt Palmer (6-0)/Chad Gaudin (2-5) 
Jun 13@LAA Lost 1-928-33Joe Saunders (7-4)/Josh Geer (1-2) 
Jun 14@LAA Lost 0-628-34Jered Weaver (7-2)/Chris R. Young (4-6) 
Jun 16Sea Lost 0-528-35Felix Hernandez (7-3)/Kevin Correia (3-5) 
Jun 17Sea Lost 3-428-36Garrett Olson (2-1)/Chad Gaudin (2-6)David Aardsma (12)
Jun 18Sea Won 4-329-36Heath Bell (3-1)/Miguel Batista (3-2) 
Jun 19Oak Lost 5-729-37Michael Wuertz (0-0)/Edward Mujica (0-0)Andrew Bailey (0)
Jun 20Oak Lost 3-629-38Michael Wuertz (0-0)/Cla C. Meredith (0-0)Andrew Bailey (0)
Jun 21Oak Won 4-130-38Kevin Correia (4-5)/Dallas Braden (5-6)Heath Bell (19)
Jun 23@Sea Won 9-731-38Chad Gaudin (0-0)/Garrett Olson (0-0)Heath Bell (0)
Jun 24@Sea Lost 3-431-39Sean White (2-0)/Edward Mujica (2-3)David Aardsma (15)
Jun 25@Sea Lost 3-931-40Jarrod Washburn (4-5)/Wade LeBlanc (0-1) 
Jun 26@Tex Lost 2-1231-41Kevin Millwood (8-5)/Walter Silva (0-1) 
Jun 27@Tex Won 7-332-41Kevin Correia (5-5)/Derek Holland (1-5) 
Jun 28@Tex Won 2-033-41Chad Gaudin (4-6)/Tommy Hunter (0-1)Heath Bell (21)
Jun 29Hou Lost 1-333-42Roy Oswalt (4-4)/Josh Geer (1-3) 
Jun 30Hou Won 4-334-42Josh Banks (1-0)/Chris Sampson (4-1)Heath Bell (22)
Jul 1Hou Lost 1-734-43Brian Moehler (5-4)/Walter Silva (0-2) 
Jul 2Hou Lost 2-734-44Wandy Rodriguez (7-6)/Kevin Correia (5-6) 
Jul 3LAD Lost 3-634-45Hiroki Kuroda (3-4)/Chad Gaudin (4-7)Jonathan Broxton (20)
Jul 4LAD Won 7-435-45Greg Burke (1-0)/Ronald Belisario (1-3)Heath Bell (23)
Jul 5LAD Lost 6-735-46Jeff Weaver (5-2)/Edward Mujica (2-4) 
Jul 6@Ariz Lost 5-635-47Jon Rauch (1-0)/Cla C. Meredith (4-2) 
Jul 7@Ariz Lost 3-435-48Doug Davis (4-8)/Kevin Correia (5-7)Chad Qualls (16)
Jul 8@Ariz Lost 2-635-49Clay Zavada (2-2)/Greg Burke (1-1) 
Jul 9@SF Lost 3-935-50Tim Lincecum/Josh Geer 
Jul 10@SF Lost 0-835-51Jonathan O. Sanchez (3-8)/Josh Banks (1-1) 
Jul 11@SF Lost 1-235-52Justin Miller (2-1)/Tim Stauffer (0-1)Brian Wilson (23)
Jul 12@SF Won 10-436-52Kevin Correia (6-7)/Barry Zito (5-9) 
Jul 16Colo Lost 1-1036-53Aaron Cook (9-3)/Chad Gaudin (4-8) 
Jul 17Colo Lost 3-536-54Ubaldo Jimenez (7-9)/Josh Geer (1-5)Huston Street (23)
Jul 18Colo Won 3-137-54Greg Burke (2-1)/Joel Peralta (0-3)Heath Bell (24)
Jul 19Colo Lost 1-637-55Jason Marquis (12-6)/Mat Latos (0-1) 
Jul 20Fla Lost 2-337-56Rick VandenHurk (1-0)/Greg Burke (2-2)Leo Nunez (5)
Jul 21Fla Lost 2-337-57Chris Volstad (7-9)/Chad Gaudin (4-9)Leo Nunez (6)
Jul 22Fla Lost 0-537-58Ricky Nolasco (7-7)/Josh Geer (1-6) 
Jul 23@Phi Lost 4-937-59Cole Hamels (6-5)/Kevin Correia (6-8) 
Jul 24@Wash Won 6-238-59Mat Latos (1-1)/Garrett Mock (0-4) 
Jul 25@Wash Lost 1-1338-60Tyler Clippard (1-0)/Tim Stauffer (0-2) 
Jul 26@Wash Lost 2-338-61Joe Beimel (1-5)/Greg Burke (2-3) 
Jul 27@Cin Lost 4-638-62Homer Bailey (2-2)/Josh Geer (1-7)Francisco Cordero (23)
Jul 28@Cin Won 3-239-62Kevin Correia (7-8)/Bronson Arroyo (10-10)Heath Bell (25)
Jul 29@Cin Won 7-140-62Mat Latos (2-1)/Aaron Harang (5-12) 
Jul 30@Cin Won 7-441-62Tim Stauffer (1-2)/Johnny Cueto (8-8) 
Jul 31Mil Won 11-742-62Edward Mujica (3-4)/Tim Dillard (0-1) 
Aug 1Mil Won 4-243-62Greg Burke (0-0)/Mike Burns (0-0)Heath Bell (0)
Aug 2Mil Lost 1-643-63Mitch Stetter (3-1)/Kevin Correia (7-9) 
Aug 3Atl Won 4-244-63Mat Latos (3-1)/Kenshin Kawakami (5-9)Heath Bell (27)
Aug 4Atl Lost 2-944-64Javier Vazquez (9-7)/Tim Stauffer (1-3) 
Aug 5Atl Lost 2-644-65Tommy Hanson (6-2)/Chad Gaudin (4-10) 
Aug 6NYM Won 8-345-65Clayton Richard (5-3)/Livan Hernandez (7-6) 
Aug 7NYM Won 6-246-65Heath Bell (4-1)/Francisco J. Rodriguez (2-3) 
Aug 8NYM Won 3-147-65Mat Latos (4-1)/Bobby Parnell (2-4)Heath Bell (28)
Aug 9NYM Lost 1-547-66Johan Santana (13-8)/Tim Stauffer (1-4) 
Aug 11@Mil Won 13-648-66Clayton Richard (6-3)/Braden Looper (10-6) 
Aug 12@Mil Won 6-549-66Kevin Correia (8-9)/Todd Coffey (4-2)Heath Bell (29)
Aug 13@Mil Lost 9-1249-67Manny Parra (8-8)/Cesar Carrillo (0-1)Trevor Hoffman (26)
Aug 14@StL Lost 2-949-68Adam Wainwright (14-7)/Mat Latos (4-2) 
Aug 15@StL Lost 4-749-69Joel Pineiro (11-9)/Tim Stauffer (1-5)Ryan Franklin (29)
Aug 16@StL Lost 5-749-70Trever Miller (4-0)/Heath Bell (4-2) 
Aug 17CHC Won 4-150-70Heath Bell (5-2)/Kevin Gregg (4-5) 
Aug 18CHC Won 6-351-70Cesar Carrillo (1-1)/Ryan Dempster (6-7)Heath Bell (30)
Aug 19CHC Lost 1-751-71Rich Harden (8-7)/Mat Latos (4-3) 
Aug 20StL Lost 1-551-72Joel Pineiro (12-9)/Tim Stauffer (1-6) 
Aug 21StL Won 4-052-72Clayton Richard (7-3)/Kyle Lohse (5-8) 
Aug 22StL Lost 0-752-73Chris Carpenter (14-3)/Kevin Correia (8-10) 
Aug 23StL Lost 2-552-74John Smoltz (3-5)/Cesar Carrillo (1-2)Ryan Franklin (32)
Aug 25@Atl Won 2-153-74Joe Thatcher (1-0)/Kris Medlen (3-4)Edward Mujica (2)
Aug 26@Atl Won 12-554-74Tim Stauffer (2-6)/Kenshin Kawakami (6-10) 
Aug 27@Atl Lost 1-954-75Javier Vazquez (11-9)/Clayton Richard (7-4) 
Aug 28@Fla Won 9-555-75Kevin Correia (9-10)/Chris Volstad (9-11) 
Aug 29@Fla Won 7-456-75Adam Russell (1-0)/Luis Ayala (1-5)Heath Bell (31)
Aug 30@Fla Lost 4-656-76Sean West (6-5)/Mat Latos (4-4)Leo Nunez (17)
Aug 31Wash Won 3-157-76Tim Stauffer (3-6)/Livan Hernandez (7-9)Heath Bell (32)
Sep 1Wash Won 4-158-76Clayton Richard (8-4)/J.D. Martin (3-4)Heath Bell (33)
Sep 2Wash Won 7-059-76Kevin Correia (10-10)/John Lannan (8-10) 
Sep 4@LAD Won 2-060-76Wade LeBlanc (0-0)/Clayton Kershaw (0-0)Heath Bell (0)
Sep 5@LAD Lost 4-760-77Randy Wolf (0-0)/Mat Latos (0-0)Jonathan Broxton (0)
Sep 6@LAD Won 4-361-77Tim Stauffer (0-0)/Hiroki Kuroda (0-0)Heath Bell (0)
Sep 7@SF Lost 4-961-78Brad Penny (9-8)/Clayton Richard (8-5) 
Sep 8@SF Won 4-362-78Luke Gregerson (1-3)/Jeremy Affeldt (1-2)Heath Bell (36)
Sep 9@SF Won 4-263-78Wade LeBlanc (2-1)/Barry Zito (9-12)Heath Bell (37)
Sep 11Colo Lost 1-463-79Rafael Betancourt (4-3)/Heath Bell (5-3)Franklin Morales (6)
Sep 12Colo Won 3-264-79Sean Gallagher (2-2)/Franklin Morales (3-1) 
Sep 13Colo Won 7-365-79Adam Russell (2-0)/Jason Marquis (15-11) 
Sep 14Ariz Lost 2-465-80Clay Zavada (3-3)/Adam Russell (2-1)Juan Gutierrez (4)
Sep 15Ariz Lost 2-465-81Dan Haren (14-8)/Heath Bell (5-4)Juan Gutierrez (5)
Sep 16Ariz Won 6-566-81Heath Bell (6-4)/Yusmeiro Petit (3-10) 
Sep 18@Pitt Lost 1-566-82Charlie Morton (4-8)/Tim Stauffer (4-7) 
Sep 19@Pitt Won 2-167-82Luke Gregerson (2-3)/Phil Dumatrait (0-2)Heath Bell (38)
Sep 20@Pitt Won 4-068-82Kevin Correia (11-10)/Paul Maholm (8-9)Heath Bell (39)
Sep 21@Pitt Won 11-669-82Sean Gallagher (3-2)/Jeff Karstens (3-5) 
Sep 22@Colo Lost 10-1169-83Matt Belisle (2-1)/Cesar Ramos (0-1)Franklin Morales (7)
Sep 23@Colo Won 6-370-83Ryan Webb (1-0)/Jason Marquis (15-12)Heath Bell (40)
Sep 24@Colo Won 5-471-83Adam Russell (3-1)/Joe Beimel (1-6)Luke Gregerson (1)
Sep 25@Ariz Won 4-072-83Kevin Correia (12-10)/Max Scherzer (9-11) 
Sep 26@Ariz Lost 5-872-84Daniel Schlereth (1-4)/Luke Gregerson (2-4)Juan Gutierrez (7)
Sep 27@Ariz Lost 4-772-85Billy Buckner (3-6)/Edward Mujica (3-5)Juan Gutierrez (8)
Sep 29LAD Won 3-173-85Ryan Webb (2-0)/Chad Billingsley (12-11)Heath Bell (41)
Sep 30LAD Won 5-074-85Clayton Richard (0-0)/Jon Garland (0-0) 
Oct 2SF Lost 2-774-86Brandon Medders (5-1)/Kevin Correia (12-11) 
Oct 3SF Won 2-075-86Wade LeBlanc (3-1)/Matt Cain (14-8)Heath Bell (42)
Oct 4SF Lost 3-475-87Jeremy Affeldt (2-2)/Ryan Webb (2-1)Brian Wilson (38)

2014 Team Leaders
AVGSeth Smith , LF.267
HRYasmani Grandal , C13
RBIJedd Gyorko , 2B51
OBPSeth Smith , LF.369
SLGSeth Smith , LF.444
RYangervis Solarte , 3B53
SBEverth Cabrera , SS18
WTyson Ross , SP13
ERATyson Ross , SP2.81
WHIPTyson Ross , SP1.21
KIan Kennedy , SP196
SVJoaquin Benoit , RP9
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