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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 1@NYM Lost 2-110-1Jonathon Niese (1-0)/Edinson Volquez (0-1) 
Apr 3@NYM Lost 4-80-2Matt Harvey (1-0)/Clayton Richard (0-1) 
Apr 4@NYM Won 2-11-2Eric Stults (1-0)/Dillon Gee (0-1)Huston Street (1)
Apr 5@Colo Lost 2-51-3Jeff Francis (1-0)/Jason Marquis (0-1)Rafael Betancourt (2)
Apr 6@Colo Lost 3-61-4Jon Garland (1-0)/Tyson Ross (0-1)Rafael Betancourt (3)
Apr 7@Colo Lost 1-91-5Jhoulys Chacin (1-0)/Edinson Volquez (0-2) 
Apr 9LAD Won 9-32-5Luke Gregerson (1-0)/Ronald Belisario (0-1) 
Apr 10LAD Lost 3-42-6Chad Billingsley (1-0)/Eric Stults (1-1)Brandon League (3)
Apr 11LAD Lost 2-32-7Matt Guerrier (1-0)/Luke Gregerson (1-1)Kenley Jansen (1)
Apr 12Colo Lost 5-72-8Rex Brothers (1-0)/Huston Street (0-1)Rafael Betancourt (4)
Apr 13Colo Lost 5-92-9Jhoulys Chacin (2-0)/Edinson Volquez (0-3) 
Apr 14Colo Lost 1-22-10Jorge De La Rosa (1-1)/Dale Thayer (0-1)Rafael Betancourt (5)
Apr 15@LAD Won 6-33-10Eric Stults (2-1)/Ronald Belisario (0-2)Huston Street (2)
Apr 16@LAD Won 9-24-10Jason Marquis (1-1)/Chris Capuano (0-1) 
Apr 17@LAD Won 7-25-10Brad Brach (1-0)/Clayton Kershaw (2-2) 
Apr 19@SF Lost 2-35-11Santiago Casilla (2-1)/Luke Gregerson (1-2) 
Apr 20@SF Lost 0-25-12Tim Lincecum (2-0)/Andrew Cashner (0-1)Sergio Romo (8)
Apr 21@SF Lost 0-55-13Barry Zito (3-1)/Eric Stults (2-2) 
Apr 22Mil Lost 1-75-14Kyle Lohse (1-1)/Jason Marquis (1-2) 
Apr 23Mil Lost 3-65-15Yovani Gallardo (2-1)/Clayton Richard (0-2)Jim Henderson (5)
Apr 24Mil Won 2-16-15Edinson Volquez (1-3)/Marco Estrada (2-1)Huston Street (3)
Apr 26SF Won 2-17-15Andrew Cashner (1-1)/Tim Lincecum (2-1)Huston Street (4)
Apr 27SF Won 8-78-15Joe Thatcher (1-0)/Sergio Romo (1-2) 
Apr 28SF Won 6-49-15Jason Marquis (2-2)/Ryan Vogelsong (1-2)Huston Street (5)
Apr 29@CHC Lost 3-59-16Michael Bowden (1-1)/Clayton Richard (0-3)Kevin Gregg (4)
Apr 30@CHC Won 13-710-16Edinson Volquez (2-3)/Edwin Jackson (0-4) 
May 1@CHC Lost 2-610-17Scott Feldman (2-3)/Andrew Cashner (1-2) 
May 2@CHC Won 4-211-17Joe Thatcher (2-0)/Travis Wood (2-2)Huston Street (6)
May 3Ariz Won 7-612-17Jason Marquis (3-2)/Wade Miley (2-1)Huston Street (7)
May 4Ariz Lost 1-812-18Patrick Corbin (4-0)/Clayton Richard (0-4) 
May 5Ariz Won 5-113-18Edinson Volquez (3-3)/Ian Kennedy (1-3) 
May 6Miami Won 5-014-18Andrew Cashner (2-2)/Wade LeBlanc (0-5) 
May 7Miami Won 5-115-18Eric Stults (3-2)/Alex Sanabia (2-5) 
May 8Miami Won 1-016-18Jason Marquis (4-2)/Ricky Nolasco (2-4)Huston Street (8)
May 10@TB Lost 3-616-19Jake McGee (1-2)/Dale Thayer (0-2)Fernando Rodney (5)
May 11@TB Lost 7-816-20Cesar Ramos (1-0)/Huston Street (0-2) 
May 12@TB Lost 2-416-21Roberto Hernandez (2-4)/Eric Stults (3-3)Fernando Rodney (6)
May 14@Balt Won 3-217-21Luke Gregerson (2-2)/Jim Johnson (1-3)Huston Street (9)
May 15@Balt Won 8-418-21Jason Marquis (5-2)/Freddy Garcia (0-2) 
May 16Wash Lost 2-618-22Stephen Strasburg (2-5)/Edinson Volquez (3-4) 
May 17Wash Lost 5-618-23Rafael Soriano (1-1)/Huston Street (0-3)Drew Storen (1)
May 18Wash Won 2-119-23Eric Stults (4-3)/Jordan Zimmermann (7-2)Huston Street (10)
May 19Wash Won 13-420-23Andrew Cashner (3-2)/Dan Haren (4-5) 
May 20StL Won 4-221-23Jason Marquis (6-2)/Shelby Miller (5-3)Huston Street (11)
May 21StL Lost 2-1021-24Adam Wainwright (6-3)/Edinson Volquez (3-5) 
May 22StL Lost 3-521-25Tyler Lyons (1-0)/Burch Smith (0-1) 
May 24@Ariz Lost 2-521-26Brandon McCarthy (2-3)/Eric Stults (4-4)Heath Bell (7)
May 25@Ariz Won 10-422-26Andrew Cashner (4-2)/Wade Miley (3-4) 
May 26@Ariz Lost 5-622-27Patrick Corbin (8-0)/Tommy Layne (0-1)Heath Bell (8)
May 27@Sea Lost 0-922-28Aaron Harang (2-5)/Clayton Richard (0-5) 
May 28@Sea Won 6-123-28Edinson Volquez (4-5)/Brandon Maurer (2-7) 
May 29Sea Won 3-224-28Luke Gregerson (3-2)/Yoervis Medina (1-1) 
May 30Sea Lost 1-724-29Felix Hernandez (6-4)/Andrew Cashner (4-3) 
May 31Tor Won 4-325-29Clayton Richard (1-5)/Todd Redmond (0-1) 
Jun 1Tor Won 4-326-29Robbie Erlin (1-0)/Mark Buehrle (2-4)Luke Gregerson (1)
Jun 2Tor Lost 4-726-30Casey Janssen (1-0)/Brad Boxberger (0-1)Aaron Loup (2)
Jun 3@LAD Lost 1-226-31Stephen Fife (1-0)/Eric Stults (4-5)Brandon League (12)
Jun 4@LAD Lost 7-926-32J.P. Howell (2-0)/Tyson Ross (0-2)Brandon League (13)
Jun 5@LAD Won 6-227-32Jason Marquis (7-2)/Clayton Kershaw (5-4) 
Jun 6@Colo Won 6-528-32Luke Gregerson (4-2)/Manny Corpas (0-1)Brad Boxberger (1)
Jun 7@Colo Lost 9-1028-33Matt Belisle (4-2)/Joe Thatcher (2-1) 
Jun 8@Colo Won 4-229-33Eric Stults (5-5)/Jeff Francis (2-4)Luke Gregerson (2)
Jun 9@Colo Lost 7-829-34Rex Brothers (2-0)/Tyson Ross (0-3) 
Jun 10Atl Won 7-630-34Jason Marquis (8-2)/Julio Teheran (4-3)Dale Thayer (1)
Jun 11Atl Won 3-231-34Andrew Cashner (5-3)/Tim Hudson (4-6)Luke Gregerson (3)
Jun 12Atl Won 5-332-34Edinson Volquez (5-5)/Paul Maholm (7-5)Nick Vincent (1)
Jun 14Ariz Won 2-133-34Eric Stults (6-5)/Trevor Cahill (3-8) 
Jun 15Ariz Won 6-434-34Jason Marquis (9-2)/Wade Miley (4-6)Huston Street (12)
Jun 16Ariz Won 4-135-34Clayton Richard (2-5)/David Hernandez (2-4)Huston Street (13)
Jun 17@SF Won 5-336-34Nick Vincent (1-0)/Jose Mijares (0-1)Huston Street (14)
Jun 18@SF Lost 4-536-35Jean Machi (2-0)/Dale Thayer (0-3)Sergio Romo (17)
Jun 19@SF Lost 2-436-36Madison Bumgarner (7-4)/Luke Gregerson (4-3)Sergio Romo (18)
Jun 20LAD Won 6-337-36Nick Vincent (2-0)/Matt Guerrier (2-3) 
Jun 21LAD Won 5-238-36Tim Stauffer (1-0)/Clayton Kershaw (5-5)Huston Street (15)
Jun 22LAD Lost 1-638-37Zack Greinke (4-2)/Edinson Volquez (5-6) 
Jun 23LAD Lost 1-338-38Brandon League (3-3)/Huston Street (0-4)Kenley Jansen (4)
Jun 24Phi Won 4-339-38Joe Thatcher (3-1)/Justin De Fratus (2-1) 
Jun 25Phi Lost 2-639-39Kyle Kendrick (7-4)/Jason Marquis (9-3) 
Jun 26Phi Lost 5-739-40Joe Savery (1-0)/Tommy Layne (0-2)Jonathan Papelbon (15)
Jun 28@Miami Won 9-240-40Edinson Volquez (6-6)/Ricky Nolasco (4-8) 
Jun 29@Miami Lost 1-740-41Jacob Turner (2-0)/Eric Stults (6-6) 
Jun 30@Miami Lost 2-640-42Steve Cishek (2-4)/Tyson Ross (0-4) 
Jul 1@Miami Lost 0-440-43Jose Fernandez (5-4)/Jason Marquis (9-4)Steve Cishek (15)
Jul 2@Bos Lost 1-440-44John Lackey (6-5)/Robbie Erlin (1-1)Koji Uehara (5)
Jul 3@Bos Lost 1-240-45Koji Uehara (2-0)/Luke Gregerson (4-4) 
Jul 4@Bos Lost 2-840-46Allen Webster (1-2)/Eric Stults (6-7) 
Jul 5@Wash Lost 5-840-47Gio Gonzalez (6-3)/Andrew Cashner (5-4)Rafael Soriano (23)
Jul 6@Wash Lost 4-540-48Ross Ohlendorf (2-0)/Nick Vincent (2-1)Rafael Soriano (24)
Jul 7@Wash Lost 7-1140-49Stephen Strasburg (5-6)/Robbie Erlin (1-2) 
Jul 8Colo Lost 2-440-50Tyler Chatwood (5-2)/Edinson Volquez (6-7)Rafael Betancourt (12)
Jul 9Colo Won 2-141-50Eric Stults (7-7)/Jhoulys Chacin (8-4) 
Jul 10Colo Lost 4-541-51Jorge De La Rosa (9-5)/Andrew Cashner (5-5)Rafael Betancourt (13)
Jul 11SF Lost 2-441-52Madison Bumgarner (10-5)/Luke Gregerson (4-5)Sergio Romo (21)
Jul 12SF Lost 1-1041-53Chad Gaudin (3-1)/Sean O'Sullivan (0-1) 
Jul 13SF Lost 0-941-54Tim Lincecum (5-9)/Edinson Volquez (6-8) 
Jul 14SF Won 10-142-54Eric Stults (8-7)/Barry Zito (4-7) 
Jul 19@StL Lost 6-942-55Jake Westbrook (6-4)/Jason Marquis (9-5)Edward Mujica (27)
Jul 20@StL Won 5-343-55Edinson Volquez (7-8)/Lance Lynn (11-5)Huston Street (16)
Jul 21@StL Lost 2-343-56Adam Wainwright (13-5)/Eric Stults (8-8)Edward Mujica (28)
Jul 22@Mil Won 5-344-56Andrew Cashner (6-5)/Tom Gorzelanny (1-4)Huston Street (17)
Jul 23@Mil Won 6-245-56Tyson Ross (1-4)/Donovan Hand (0-2) 
Jul 24@Mil Lost 1-345-57Kyle Lohse (7-7)/Sean O'Sullivan (0-2)Jim Henderson (11)
Jul 25@Mil Won 10-846-57Edinson Volquez (8-8)/Yovani Gallardo (8-9)Huston Street (18)
Jul 26@Ariz Lost 0-1046-58Randall Delgado (3-3)/Eric Stults (8-9) 
Jul 27@Ariz Won 12-347-58Andrew Cashner (7-5)/Tyler Skaggs (2-3) 
Jul 28@Ariz Won 1-048-58Tyson Ross (2-4)/Patrick Corbin (12-2)Huston Street (19)
Jul 29Cin Won 2-149-58Luke Gregerson (5-5)/Aroldis Chapman (3-4) 
Jul 30Cin Won 4-250-58Dale Thayer (1-3)/Manny Parra (1-2)Huston Street (20)
Jul 31Cin Lost 1-450-59Homer Bailey (6-10)/Eric Stults (8-10)Aroldis Chapman (25)
Aug 2NYY Won 7-251-59Andrew Cashner (8-5)/CC Sabathia (9-10) 
Aug 3NYY Lost 0-351-60Ivan Nova (5-4)/Tyson Ross (2-5)Mariano Rivera (35)
Aug 4NYY Won 6-352-60Ian Kennedy (4-8)/Phil Hughes (4-10)Huston Street (21)
Aug 6Balt Lost 1-452-61Bud Norris (8-9)/Edinson Volquez (8-9)Jim Johnson (39)
Aug 7Balt Lost 3-1052-62Francisco Rodriguez (2-1)/Luke Gregerson (5-6) 
Aug 9@Cin Lost 2-752-63Bronson Arroyo (10-9)/Andrew Cashner (8-6) 
Aug 10@Cin Won 3-153-63Tyson Ross (3-5)/Tony Cingrani (5-2)Huston Street (22)
Aug 11@Cin Lost 2-353-64Sam LeCure (2-1)/Tim Stauffer (1-1) 
Aug 12@Colo Lost 2-1453-65Jhoulys Chacin (11-6)/Edinson Volquez (8-10) 
Aug 13@Colo Won 7-554-65Tim Stauffer (2-1)/Jeff Manship (0-2)Huston Street (23)
Aug 14@Colo Lost 2-454-66Jorge De La Rosa (12-6)/Andrew Cashner (8-7)Rex Brothers (11)
Aug 15NYM Lost 1-454-67Scott Atchison (3-1)/Luke Gregerson (5-7)Gonzalez Germen (1)
Aug 16NYM Lost 2-554-68Jonathon Niese (5-6)/Ian Kennedy (4-9)LaTroy Hawkins (4)
Aug 17NYM Won 8-255-68Edinson Volquez (9-10)/David Aardsma (2-2) 
Aug 18NYM Won 4-356-68Huston Street (1-4)/Pedro Feliciano (0-2) 
Aug 19Pitt Lost 1-356-69Francisco Liriano (14-5)/Andrew Cashner (8-8)Mark Melancon (8)
Aug 20Pitt Lost 1-856-70A.J. Burnett (6-8)/Tyson Ross (3-6) 
Aug 21Pitt Won 2-157-70Ian Kennedy (5-9)/Gerrit Cole (6-6)Huston Street (24)
Aug 23CHC Won 8-658-70Nick Vincent (3-1)/James Russell (1-5)Huston Street (25)
Aug 24CHC Lost 2-358-71Jeff Samardzija (8-11)/Eric Stults (8-11)Kevin Gregg (26)
Aug 25CHC Won 3-259-71Dale Thayer (2-3)/Hector Rondon (2-1) 
Aug 26@Ariz Lost 1-659-72Brandon McCarthy (3-8)/Tyson Ross (3-7) 
Aug 27@Ariz Lost 9-1059-73Heath Bell (5-2)/Dale Thayer (2-4) 
Aug 28@Ariz Won 5-160-73Robbie Erlin (2-2)/Wade Miley (9-9) 
Aug 30@LAD Lost 2-960-74Hyun-Jin Ryu (13-5)/Eric Stults (8-12) 
Aug 31@LAD Lost 1-260-75Brian Wilson (1-0)/Nick Vincent (3-2)Kenley Jansen (23)
Sep 1@LAD Lost 1-260-76Zack Greinke (14-3)/Dale Thayer (2-5)Kenley Jansen (24)
Sep 2SF Won 4-161-76Ian Kennedy (6-9)/Barry Zito (4-11)Huston Street (26)
Sep 3SF Won 3-262-76Tim Stauffer (3-1)/Jake Dunning (0-2)Huston Street (27)
Sep 4SF Lost 5-1362-77Tim Lincecum (9-13)/Eric Stults (8-13) 
Sep 6Colo Won 4-363-77Huston Street (2-4)/Rex Brothers (2-1) 
Sep 7Colo Won 2-164-77Luke Gregerson (6-7)/Matt Belisle (5-6)Huston Street (28)
Sep 8Colo Won 5-265-77Nick Vincent (4-2)/Roy Oswalt (0-5)Huston Street (29)
Sep 10@Phi Won 8-266-77Andrew Cashner (9-8)/Tyler Cloyd (2-4) 
Sep 11@Phi Lost 2-466-78Cliff Lee (13-6)/Nick Vincent (4-3)Jonathan Papelbon (26)
Sep 12@Phi Lost 5-1066-79Justin De Fratus (3-3)/Tyson Ross (3-8) 
Sep 13@Atl Won 4-367-79Nick Vincent (5-3)/Jordan Walden (4-3)Huston Street (30)
Sep 14@Atl Lost 1-267-80Kris Medlen (14-12)/Robbie Erlin (2-3)Craig Kimbrel (47)
Sep 15@Atl Won 4-068-80Burch Smith (1-1)/Julio Teheran (12-8) 
Sep 16@Pitt Won 2-069-80Andrew Cashner (10-8)/A.J. Burnett (8-11) 
Sep 17@Pitt Won 5-270-80Eric Stults (9-13)/Jeff Locke (10-6)Luke Gregerson (4)
Sep 18@Pitt Won 3-271-80Dale Thayer (3-5)/Mark Melancon (2-2)Huston Street (31)
Sep 19@Pitt Lost 1-1071-81Gerrit Cole/Ian Kennedy 
Sep 20LAD Won 2-072-81Robbie Erlin (3-3)/Edinson Volquez (9-12)Huston Street (32)
Sep 21LAD Lost 0-472-82Clayton Kershaw/Burch Smith 
Sep 22LAD Lost 0-172-83J.P. Howell (4-1)/Andrew Cashner (10-9)Kenley Jansen (27)
Sep 23Ariz Won 4-173-83Eric Stults (10-13)/Brandon McCarthy (5-10)Huston Street (33)
Sep 24Ariz Lost 1-273-84Josh Collmenter (5-4)/Luke Gregerson (6-8)Brad Ziegler (12)
Sep 25Ariz Won 12-274-84Ian Kennedy (7-10)/Randall Delgado (5-7) 
Sep 26Ariz Won 3-275-84Nick Vincent (6-3)/Josh Collmenter (5-5) 
Sep 27@SF Lost 3-775-85Ryan Vogelsong (4-6)/Burch Smith (1-3) 
Sep 28@SF Won 9-376-85Eric Stults (11-13)/Yusmeiro Petit (4-1) 
Sep 29@SF Lost 6-776-86Sergio Romo (5-8)/Huston Street (2-5) 

2014 Team Leaders
AVGSeth Smith , LF.266
HRYasmani Grandal , C15
RBIJedd Gyorko , 2B51
OBPSeth Smith , LF.367
SLGSeth Smith , LF.440
RYangervis Solarte , 3B56
SBEverth Cabrera , SS18
WTyson Ross , SP13
ERATyson Ross , SP2.81
WHIPTyson Ross , SP1.21
KIan Kennedy , SP207
SVJoaquin Benoit , RP11
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