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St. Louis Cardinals

Stadium: Busch Stadium | Manager: Mike Matheny
NL Central Division2nd3rd5th1st
National League 5th8th12th6th
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All times are US/Eastern
DH = Double Header
  = Home Games
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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 5@Hou Won 7-31-0Chris Carpenter (1-0)/Roy Oswalt (0-1)Jason Isringhausen (1)
Apr 6@Hou Lost 1-41-1Chad Qualls (1-0)/Julian Tavarez (0-1)Brad Lidge (1)
Apr 8Phi Won 6-52-1Al Reyes (1-0)/Ryan Madson (0-1)Jason Isringhausen (2)
Apr 9Phi Lost 4-102-2Gavin Floyd (1-0)/Jeff Suppan (0-1) 
Apr 10Phi Lost 4-132-3Jon Lieber (2-0)/Chris Carpenter (1-1) 
Apr 12Cin Won 5-13-3Jason Marquis (1-0)/Aaron Harang (1-1) 
Apr 13Cin Lost 5-63-4Matt Belisle (1-1)/Mark Mulder (0-1)Danny Graves (2)
Apr 15@Mil Won 3-04-4Jeff Suppan (1-1)/Ben Sheets (1-2)Jason Isringhausen (3)
Apr 16@Mil Won 5-35-4Chris Carpenter (2-1)/Doug Davis (2-1)Jason Isringhausen (4)
Apr 17@Mil Won 3-26-4Jason Marquis (2-0)/Mike Adams (0-1)Jason Isringhausen (5)
Apr 18@Pitt Won 11-17-4Mark Mulder (1-1)/Dave Williams (1-1) 
Apr 19@Pitt Won 7-18-4Matt Morris (1-0)/Josh Fogg (1-1) 
Apr 20CHC Lost 1-38-5Carlos Zambrano (2-0)/Jeff Suppan (1-2)LaTroy Hawkins (3)
Apr 21CHC Won 4-09-5Chris Carpenter (3-1)/Ryan Dempster (1-3) 
Apr 22Hou Won 8-710-5Jason Marquis (3-0)/Brandon Duckworth (0-1)Jason Isringhausen (6)
Apr 23Hou Won 1-011-5Mark Mulder (2-1)/Chad Qualls (1-2) 
Apr 24Hou Won 8-512-5Matt Morris (2-0)/Brandon Backe (1-1)Jason Isringhausen (7)
Apr 25MilPPD  
Apr 26Mil Won 5-313-5Jeff Suppan (2-2)/Doug Davis (2-3)Randy Flores (1)
Apr 27Mil Won 6-314-5Chris Carpenter (4-1)/Victor Santos (1-1)Julian Tavarez (1)
Apr 28Mil Lost 3-414-6Chris Capuano (1-2)/Jason Marquis (3-1)Derrick Turnbow (2)
Apr 29@Atl Won 6-515-6Mark Mulder (3-1)/Tim Hudson (2-1)Al Reyes (1)
Apr 30@Atl Lost 2-315-7Dan Kolb (1-2)/Jimmy Journell (0-1) 
May 1@Atl Lost 1-215-8John Smoltz (2-3)/Jeff Suppan (2-3)Dan Kolb (7)
May 2@Cin Won 10-916-8Randy Flores (1-0)/Danny Graves (1-1)Julian Tavarez (2)
May 3@Cin Won 4-217-8Jason Marquis (4-1)/Aaron Harang (1-2)Al Reyes (2)
May 4@Cin Won 7-318-8Mark Mulder (4-1)/Brandon Claussen (1-3) 
May 5SD Lost 3-818-9Chris Hammond (3-0)/Ray King (0-1) 
May 6SD Lost 5-618-10Randy Williams (1-0)/Randy Flores (1-1)Trevor Hoffman (7)
May 7SD Lost 4-518-11Adam Eaton (4-1)/Chris Carpenter (4-2)Trevor Hoffman (8)
May 8SD Won 15-519-11Jason Marquis (5-1)/Tim Redding (0-5)Brad Thompson (1)
May 9LAD Won 4-220-11Mark Mulder (5-1)/Odalis Perez (4-3)Al Reyes (3)
May 10LAD Lost 8-920-12Wilson Alvarez (1-0)/Kevin Jarvis (0-1)Yhency Brazoban (10)
May 11LAD Won 9-321-12Jeff Suppan (3-3)/Brad Penny (2-1) 
May 12LAD Won 10-322-12Chris Carpenter (5-2)/Derek Lowe (2-4) 
May 13@NYM Lost 0-222-13Tom Glavine (2-4)/Jason Marquis (5-2)Braden Looper (9)
May 14@NYM Won 7-623-13Julian Tavarez (1-1)/Roberto Hernandez (2-1)Jason Isringhausen (8)
May 15@NYM Won 4-224-13Matt Morris (3-0)/Aaron Heilman (3-3)Jason Isringhausen (9)
May 17@Phi Lost 5-724-14Cory Lidle (3-3)/Jeff Suppan (3-4)Billy Wagner (10)
May 18@Phi Won 8-425-14Chris Carpenter (6-2)/Jon Lieber (5-3) 
May 19@Phi Lost 4-725-15Brett Myers (4-2)/Jason Marquis (5-3) 
May 20@KC Won 7-626-15Mark Mulder (6-1)/Zack Greinke (0-5)Jason Isringhausen (10)
May 21@KC Won 6-527-15Matt Morris (4-0)/Jaime Cerda (1-4)Jason Isringhausen (11)
May 22@KC Lost 2-927-16Ryan Jensen (1-0)/Jeff Suppan (3-5) 
May 23Pitt Won 4-228-16Chris Carpenter (7-2)/Dave Williams (4-4)Jason Isringhausen (12)
May 24Pitt Won 2-129-16Al Reyes (2-0)/Jose Mesa (0-4) 
May 25Pitt Won 11-530-16Mark Mulder (7-1)/Mark Redman (3-4) 
May 27Wash Won 6-331-16Matt Morris (5-0)/Tony Armas (1-3)Jason Isringhausen (13)
May 28Wash Won 3-132-16Jeff Suppan (4-5)/Esteban Loaiza (1-4)Jason Isringhausen (14)
May 29Wash Lost 2-332-17Livan Hernandez (8-2)/Chris Carpenter (7-3)Chad Cordero (11)
May 30@Colo Won 5-433-17Jason Marquis (6-3)/Jay Witasick (0-2)Jason Isringhausen (15)
May 31@Colo Lost 1-233-18Jason Jennings (3-6)/Mark Mulder (7-2)Brian Fuentes (3)
Jun 1@Colo Won 8-634-18Matt Morris (6-0)/Blaine Neal (0-2)Jason Isringhausen (16)
Jun 2@Colo Lost 7-834-19Brian Fuentes (1-3)/Jason Isringhausen (0-1) 
Jun 3@Hou Won 2-035-19Chris Carpenter (8-3)/Andy Pettitte (3-6)Julian Tavarez (3)
Jun 4@Hou Won 11-936-19Jason Marquis (7-3)/Wandy Rodriguez (1-2)Jason Isringhausen (17)
Jun 5@Hou Lost 4-636-20Roger Clemens (4-3)/Mark Mulder (7-3)Brad Lidge (13)
Jun 6Bos Won 7-137-20Matt Morris (7-0)/Tim Wakefield (4-6) 
Jun 7Bos Won 9-238-20Jeff Suppan (5-5)/Matt Clement (6-1) 
Jun 8Bos Lost 0-438-21David Wells (4-4)/Chris Carpenter (8-4) 
Jun 10NYY Won 8-139-21Jason Marquis (8-3)/Chien-Ming Wang (3-2) 
Jun 11NYY Lost 0-539-22Randy Johnson (6-5)/Mark Mulder (7-4)Mariano Rivera (14)
Jun 12NYY Won 5-340-22Ray King (1-1)/Tanyon Sturtze (1-1)Jason Isringhausen (18)
Jun 13@Tor Lost 1-440-23Roy Halladay (10-3)/Jeff Suppan (5-6) 
Jun 14@Tor Won 7-041-23Chris Carpenter (9-4)/Chad Gaudin (1-2) 
Jun 15@Tor Lost 2-541-24Ted Lilly (4-7)/Jason Marquis (8-4)Miguel Batista (12)
Jun 17@TB Won 6-442-24Mark Mulder (8-4)/Travis Harper (1-5)Jason Isringhausen (19)
Jun 18@TB Won 5-243-24Matt Morris (8-0)/Mark Hendrickson (2-4)Jason Isringhausen (20)
Jun 19@TB Won 8-544-24Jeff Suppan (6-6)/Doug Waechter (3-4)Jason Isringhausen (21)
Jun 20@Cin Won 6-145-24Chris Carpenter (10-4)/Aaron Harang (4-6) 
Jun 21@Cin Lost 4-1145-25Brandon Claussen (4-4)/Jason Marquis (8-5) 
Jun 22@Cin Lost 6-745-26Ramon Ortiz (3-5)/Mark Mulder (8-5)Kent Mercker (1)
Jun 23Pitt Lost 7-1145-27Dave Williams (6-5)/Matt Morris (8-1)Rick White (2)
Jun 24Pitt Won 8-146-27Jeff Suppan (7-6)/Kip Wells (5-7) 
Jun 25Pitt Won 8-047-27Chris Carpenter (11-4)/Mark Redman (4-6) 
Jun 26Pitt Lost 4-547-28John Grabow (2-0)/Al Reyes (2-1)Jose Mesa (19)
Jun 28Cin Won 2-148-28Mark Mulder (9-5)/Brandon Claussen (4-5)Jason Isringhausen (22)
Jun 29Cin Won 11-349-28Matt Morris (9-1)/Ramon Ortiz (3-6) 
Jun 30Colo Lost 0-749-29Jeff Francis (7-5)/Jeff Suppan (7-7) 
Jul 1Colo Won 6-050-29Chris Carpenter (12-4)/Joe Kennedy (4-8) 
Jul 2Colo Lost 1-350-30Jamey Wright (5-8)/Jason Marquis (8-6)Brian Fuentes (10)
Jul 3Colo Won 5-451-30Ray King (2-1)/Jay Witasick (0-3) 
Jul 4@Ariz Won 10-352-30Matt Morris (10-1)/Brandon Webb (8-5) 
Jul 5@Ariz Won 7-153-30Jeff Suppan (8-7)/Shawn Estes (6-7) 
Jul 6@Ariz Won 2-154-30Chris Carpenter (13-4)/Javier Vazquez (7-8)Jason Isringhausen (23)
Jul 7@Ariz Lost 1-254-31Lance Cormier (4-0)/Ray King (2-2) 
Jul 8@SF Won 3-155-31Mark Mulder (10-5)/Jason Schmidt (6-5)Jason Isringhausen (24)
Jul 9@SF Lost 0-255-32Brad Hennessey (3-2)/Matt Morris (10-2)Tyler Walker (13)
Jul 10@SF Won 4-356-32Jeff Suppan (9-7)/Noah Lowry (5-9)Jason Isringhausen (25)
Jul 15Hou Won 4-357-32Brad Thompson (1-0)/Chad Harville (0-1) 
Jul 16Hou Won 4-258-32Jason Marquis (9-6)/Roy Oswalt (12-8)Jason Isringhausen (26)
Jul 17Hou Won 3-059-32Chris Carpenter (14-4)/Roger Clemens (7-4) 
Jul 18Mil Won 11-460-32Matt Morris (11-2)/Victor Santos (2-10) 
Jul 19Mil Lost 4-560-33Matt Wise (4-2)/Julian Tavarez (1-2)Derrick Turnbow (20)
Jul 20Mil Won 4-261-33Mark Mulder (11-5)/Ben Sheets (5-7)Jason Isringhausen (27)
Jul 21Mil Lost 7-1261-34Chris Capuano (11-6)/Jason Marquis (9-7) 
Jul 22CHC Won 2-162-34Al Reyes (3-1)/Sergio Mitre (2-5) 
Jul 23CHC Lost 5-662-35Jerome Williams (3-3)/Matt Morris (11-3)Ryan Dempster (14)
Jul 24CHC Lost 4-862-36Ryan Dempster (3-3)/Al Reyes (3-2) 
Jul 26@SD Won 4-263-36Mark Mulder (12-5)/Woody Williams (5-7)Jason Isringhausen (28)
Jul 27@SD Lost 1-263-37Trevor Hoffman (1-4)/Jason Marquis (9-8) 
Jul 28@SD Won 11-364-37Chris Carpenter (15-4)/Tim Stauffer (3-6) 
Jul 29@LAD Lost 5-764-38Duaner Sanchez (3-4)/Matt Morris (11-4)Yhency Brazoban (20)
Jul 30@LAD Won 9-465-38Jeff Suppan (10-7)/Derek Lowe (7-11) 
Jul 31@LAD Won 7-566-38Cal Eldred (1-0)/Wilson Alvarez (1-4)Jason Isringhausen (29)
Aug 1Fla Lost 5-666-39Ismael Valdez (1-0)/Jason Marquis (9-9)Todd Jones (21)
Aug 2Fla Won 3-167-39Chris Carpenter (16-4)/Dontrelle Willis (14-7) 
Aug 3Fla Won 9-668-39Matt Morris (12-4)/Ron Villone (2-4) 
Aug 4Fla Lost 3-468-40A.J. Burnett (9-6)/Jeff Suppan (10-8)Todd Jones (22)
Aug 5Atl Won 11-369-40Mark Mulder (13-5)/John Smoltz (12-6) 
Aug 6Atl Lost 1-869-41Tim Hudson (8-6)/Jason Marquis (9-10) 
Aug 7Atl Won 5-370-41Ray King (3-2)/Chris Reitsma (3-3) 
Aug 8@Mil Won 8-471-41Randy Flores (2-1)/Matt Wise (4-4) 
Aug 9@Mil Won 5-272-41Anthony Reyes (1-0)/Doug Davis (9-8)Jason Isringhausen (30)
Aug 10@Mil Won 3-073-41Jeff Suppan (11-8)/Ben Sheets (8-8)Jason Isringhausen (31)
Aug 11@CHC Lost 4-1173-42Greg Maddux (9-9)/Mark Mulder (13-6) 
Aug 12@CHC Lost 1-473-43Carlos Zambrano (9-5)/Jason Marquis (9-11) 
Aug 13@CHC Won 5-274-43Chris Carpenter (17-4)/Jerome Williams (3-6) 
Aug 14@CHC Lost 4-574-44Mark Prior (8-4)/Matt Morris (12-5)Ryan Dempster (16)
Aug 16Ariz Won 8-275-44Jeff Suppan (12-8)/Brad Halsey (8-9) 
Aug 17Ariz Won 5-076-44Mark Mulder (14-6)/Brandon Webb (10-9) 
Aug 18Ariz Lost 2-976-45Claudio Vargas (7-6)/Jason Marquis (9-12) 
Aug 19SF Won 5-477-45Julian Tavarez (2-2)/Jeremy Accardo (0-3) 
Aug 20SF Won 4-278-45Matt Morris (13-5)/Kevin J. Correia (2-4)Jason Isringhausen (32)
Aug 21SF Lost 2-478-46Jason Schmidt (10-6)/Jeff Suppan (12-9)Armando Benitez (5)
Aug 22@Pitt Won 3-179-46Mark Mulder (15-6)/Josh Fogg (6-9)Jason Isringhausen (33)
Aug 23@Pitt Lost 0-1079-47Salomon Torres (4-4)/Jason Marquis (9-13) 
Aug 24@Pitt Won 8-380-47Chris Carpenter (18-4)/Kip Wells (7-13) 
Aug 25@Pitt Won 6-381-47Matt Morris (14-5)/Dave Williams (10-10)Jason Isringhausen (34)
Aug 26@Wash Lost 1-481-48Esteban Loaiza (9-9)/Jeff Suppan (12-10)Chad Cordero (41)
Aug 27@Wash Won 6-082-48Jason Marquis (10-13)/Matt J. White (0-1) 
Aug 28@Wash Won 6-083-48Brad Thompson (2-0)/John Halama (1-2) 
Aug 29@Fla Won 6-184-48Chris Carpenter (19-4)/A.J. Burnett (12-8) 
Aug 30@Fla Lost 6-784-49Guillermo Mota (2-2)/Matt Morris (14-6)Todd Jones (32)
Aug 31@Fla Won 10-585-49Jeff Suppan (13-10)/Jason M. Vargas (5-2) 
Sep 2@Hou Lost 5-685-50Chad Qualls (4-4)/Julian Tavarez (2-3) 
Sep 3@Hou Won 4-286-50Chris Carpenter (20-4)/Russ Springer (4-4) 
Sep 4@Hou Won 4-187-50Jason Marquis (11-13)/Wandy Rodriguez (9-7) 
Sep 5CHC Won 6-488-50Ray King (4-2)/Roberto Novoa (3-5)Julian Tavarez (4)
Sep 6CHC Lost 2-588-51Glendon Rusch (6-8)/Matt Morris (14-7)Ryan Dempster (23)
Sep 7CHC Lost 1-288-52Greg Maddux (12-11)/Mark Mulder (15-7)Ryan Dempster (24)
Sep 8NYM Won 5-089-52Chris Carpenter (21-4)/Kris Benson (9-7) 
Sep 9NYM Won 3-290-52Jason Marquis (12-13)/Jae Seo (7-2)Jason Isringhausen (35)
Sep 10NYM Won 4-291-52Jeff Suppan (14-10)/Steve Trachsel (1-2)Jason Isringhausen (36)
Sep 11NYM Lost 2-791-53Pedro Martinez (14-7)/Matt Morris (14-8) 
Sep 12Pitt Won 4-392-53Jason Isringhausen (1-1)/Salomon Torres (4-5) 
Sep 13Pitt Won 5-493-53Brad Thompson (3-0)/Rick White (4-7) 
Sep 14Pitt Lost 3-593-54Ryan Vogelsong (2-1)/Jason Marquis (12-14)Mike Gonzalez (2)
Sep 15@CHC Won 6-194-54Jeff Suppan (15-10)/Mark Prior (11-6) 
Sep 16@CHC Lost 3-594-55Glendon Rusch (7-8)/Matt Morris (14-9)Ryan Dempster (28)
Sep 17@CHC Won 5-195-55Mark Mulder (16-7)/Greg Maddux (12-13) 
Sep 18@CHC Lost 4-795-56Carlos Zambrano (14-5)/Anthony Reyes (1-1) 
Sep 20@Cin Lost 5-695-57Josh Hancock (1-0)/Ray King (4-3)David Weathers (14)
Sep 21@Cin Won 5-196-57Jason Marquis (13-14)/Ramon Ortiz (9-11) 
Sep 22@Cin Lost 2-696-58Todd Coffey (4-0)/Ray King (4-4) 
Sep 23@Mil Lost 6-996-59Chris Capuano (18-10)/Chris Carpenter (21-5)Derrick Turnbow (34)
Sep 24@Mil Lost 7-896-60Gary Glover (4-4)/Mark Mulder (16-8)Derrick Turnbow (35)
Sep 25@Mil Won 2-097-60Jeff Suppan (16-10)/Doug Davis (11-11)Jason Isringhausen (37)
Sep 27Hou Lost 1-397-61Roy Oswalt (19-12)/Matt Morris (14-10)Brad Lidge (39)
Sep 28Hou Lost 6-797-62Chad Qualls (6-4)/Jason Isringhausen (1-2)Brad Lidge (40)
Sep 30Cin Won 12-698-62Al Reyes (4-2)/Luke Hudson (6-9) 
Oct 1Cin Won 9-699-62Randy Flores (3-1)/Allan Simpson (0-1)Jason Isringhausen (38)
Oct 2Cin Won 7-5100-62Brad Thompson (4-0)/Brandon Claussen (10-11)Jason Isringhausen (39)
Oct 4SD Won 8-51-0Chris Carpenter (1-0)/Jake Peavy (0-1) 
Oct 6SD Won 6-22-0Mark Mulder (1-0)/Pedro Astacio (0-1) 
Oct 8@SD Won 7-43-0Matt Morris (1-0)/Woody Williams (0-1)Jason Isringhausen (1)
Oct 12Hou Won 5-34-0Chris Carpenter (2-0)/Andy Pettitte (1-1)Jason Isringhausen (2)
Oct 13Hou Lost 1-44-1Roy Oswalt (2-0)/Mark Mulder (1-1)Brad Lidge (1)
Oct 15@Hou Lost 3-44-2Roger Clemens (2-1)/Matt Morris (1-1)Brad Lidge (2)
Oct 16@Hou Lost 1-24-3Chad Qualls (1-0)/Jason Marquis (0-1)Brad Lidge (3)
Oct 17@Hou Won 5-45-3Jason Isringhausen (1-0)/Brad Lidge (0-1) 
Oct 19Hou Lost 1-55-4Roy Oswalt (3-0)/Mark Mulder (1-2) 

2014 Team Leaders
AVGMatt Adams , 1B.287
HRJhonny Peralta , SS21
RBIMatt Holliday , LF87
OBPMatt Carpenter , 3B.372
SLGMatt Adams , 1B.457
RMatt Carpenter , 3B95
SBKolten Wong , 2B20
WAdam Wainwright , SP19
ERAAdam Wainwright , SP2.45
WHIPAdam Wainwright , SP1.05
KAdam Wainwright , SP171
SVTrevor Rosenthal , RP44
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