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Washington Nationals

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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 2Fla Lost 2-90-1Dontrelle Willis (1-0)/John Patterson (0-1) 
Apr 3Fla Lost 3-90-2Scott Olsen (1-0)/Shawn Hill (0-1) 
Apr 4Fla Won 7-61-2Jon Rauch (1-0)/Jorge Julio (0-1) 
Apr 5Ariz Lost 3-41-3Edgar G. Gonzalez (1-0)/Jason Bergmann (0-1)Jose Valverde (2)
Apr 6Ariz Lost 1-71-4Micah Owings (1-0)/Jerome Williams (0-1) 
Apr 7Ariz Lost 1-71-5Brandon Webb (1-0)/John Patterson (0-2) 
Apr 8Ariz Lost 1-31-6Livan Hernandez (1-0)/Shawn Hill (0-2)Jose Valverde (3)
Apr 10@Atl Lost 0-81-7Tim Hudson (1-0)/Matt Chico (0-1) 
Apr 11@Atl Lost 3-81-8Chuck James (2-0)/Jerome Williams (0-2) 
Apr 12@Atl Won 2-02-8Jesus Colome (1-0)/John Smoltz (1-1)Chad Cordero (1)
Apr 13@NYM Lost 2-32-9Aaron Heilman (1-1)/Ryan Wagner (0-1)Billy Wagner (3)
Apr 14@NYM Won 6-23-9Shawn Hill (1-2)/Orlando Hernandez (1-1) 
Apr 15@NYMPPD  
Apr 16Atl Won 5-14-9Matt Chico (1-1)/Chuck James (2-1) 
Apr 17Atl Lost 4-64-10John Smoltz (2-1)/Jerome Williams (0-3)Bob Wickman (4)
Apr 18Phi Won 5-45-10Levale Speigner (1-0)/Francisco A. Rosario (0-1) 
Apr 19Phi Lost 2-45-11Jamie Moyer (2-1)/John Patterson (0-3)Tom Gordon (3)
Apr 20@Fla Won 6-56-11Jesus Colome (2-0)/Lee Gardner (0-1)Saul Rivera (1)
Apr 21@Fla Lost 3-96-12Anibal Sanchez (2-0)/Matt Chico (1-2) 
Apr 22@Fla Lost 6-126-13Wes Obermueller (1-0)/Jerome Williams (0-4)Kevin Gregg (1)
Apr 24@Phi Lost 3-66-14Antonio Alfonseca (1-0)/Micah Bowie (0-1)Tom Gordon (4)
Apr 25@Phi Lost 3-96-15Jon Lieber (1-0)/John Patterson (0-4) 
Apr 26@Phi Won 4-27-15Shawn Hill (2-2)/Cole Hamels (2-1)Chad Cordero (2)
Apr 27NYM Won 4-38-15Matt Chico (2-2)/Oliver Perez (2-2)Chad Cordero (3)
Apr 28NYM Lost 2-68-16Aaron Sele (1-0)/Saul Rivera (0-1) 
Apr 29NYM Lost 0-18-17John Maine (4-0)/Jason Bergmann (0-2)Billy Wagner (4)
Apr 30@SD Won 3-29-17John Patterson (1-4)/Jake Peavy (3-1)Chad Cordero (4)
May 1@SD Lost 0-39-18Chris R. Young (3-2)/Shawn Hill (2-3)Trevor Hoffman (6)
May 2@SD Lost 3-79-19Doug Brocail (2-0)/Matt Chico (2-3) 
May 4@CHC Lost 4-69-20Carlos Zambrano (3-2)/Jason Bergmann (0-3)Ryan Dempster (6)
May 5@CHC Lost 3-59-21Rich Hill (4-1)/John Patterson (1-5)Ryan Dempster (7)
May 6@CHC Lost 3-49-22Ryan Dempster (1-1)/Ryan Wagner (0-2) 
May 7@Mil Lost 0-39-23Chris Capuano (5-0)/Matt Chico (2-4)Francisco Cordero (13)
May 8@Mil Lost 4-69-24Dave Bush (3-3)/Jason Simontacchi (0-1)Francisco Cordero (14)
May 9@Mil Lost 1-39-25Derrick Turnbow (1-0)/Micah Bowie (0-2)Francisco Cordero (15)
May 11Fla Won 6-010-25Shawn Hill (3-3)/Scott Olsen (3-3) 
May 12Fla Won 7-311-25Jon Rauch (2-0)/Taylor Tankersley (2-1) 
May 13Fla Won 6-412-25Jason Simontacchi (1-1)/Wes Obermueller (1-2)Jon Rauch (1)
May 14Atl Won 2-113-25Jason Bergmann (1-3)/John Smoltz (5-2)Jesus Colome (1)
May 15Atl Lost 2-613-26Tim Hudson (5-1)/Jerome Williams (0-5) 
May 16Atl Won 6-414-26Billy Traber (1-0)/Kyle Davies (1-2)Jon Rauch (2)
May 17Atl Won 4-315-26Matt Chico (3-4)/Chad Paronto (2-1)Jon Rauch (3)
May 18Balt Lost 4-515-27Steve Trachsel (2-3)/Jason Simontacchi (1-2)Chris Ray (9)
May 19Balt Lost 2-315-28John Parrish (2-0)/Chris Ray (10)
May 20Balt Won 4-316-28Jesus Colome (3-0)/Danys Baez (0-3)Chad Cordero (5)
May 21@Cin Lost 7-816-29Jon Coutlangus (2-0)/Jon Rauch (2-1)David Weathers (9)
May 22@Cin Won 8-417-29Jesus Colome (4-0)/Jon Coutlangus (2-1) 
May 23@Cin Won 12-718-29Jason Simontacchi (2-2)/Kyle Lohse (1-6) 
May 24@Cin Won 4-319-29Mike Bacsik (1-0)/Matt Belisle (4-4)Chad Cordero (6)
May 25@StL Won 5-420-29Micah Bowie (1-2)/Anthony Reyes (0-8)Chad Cordero (7)
May 26@StL Lost 6-820-30Brad Thompson (3-1)/Levale Speigner (1-1)Jason Isringhausen (13)
May 27@StL Won 7-221-30Saul Rivera (1-1)/Adam Wainwright (4-4) 
May 29LAD Lost 0-1021-31Brad Penny (7-0)/Jason Simontacchi (2-3) 
May 30LAD Lost 0-521-32Derek Lowe (5-5)/Mike Bacsik (1-1) 
May 31LAD Won 11-422-32Micah Bowie (2-2)/Mark Hendrickson (2-3) 
Jun 1SD Won 4-323-32Jon Rauch (3-1)/Cla C. Meredith (2-3) 
Jun 2SD Lost 3-1123-33Justin Germano (4-0)/Levale Speigner (1-2) 
Jun 3SD Lost 3-723-34David Wells (3-3)/Jason Simontacchi (2-4) 
Jun 5Pitt Lost 6-723-35Shawn Chacon (2-0)/Mike Bacsik (1-2)Matt Capps (2)
Jun 6Pitt Won 6-524-35Chad Cordero (1-0)/Salomon Torres (0-3) 
Jun 7Pitt Lost 2-324-36Matt Capps (3-2)/Chad Cordero (1-1) 
Jun 8@Min Won 8-525-36Jason Simontacchi (3-4)/Carlos Silva (3-7)Saul Rivera (2)
Jun 9@Min Won 3-126-36Levale Speigner (2-2)/Johan Santana (6-6)Chad Cordero (8)
Jun 10@Min Lost 3-626-37Boof Bonser (5-2)/Mike Bacsik (1-3)Joe Nathan (14)
Jun 12@Balt Won 7-427-37Micah Bowie (3-2)/Daniel Cabrera (5-7)Chad Cordero (9)
Jun 13@Balt Won 9-628-37Billy Traber (2-0)/Chris Ray (3-5)Saul Rivera (3)
Jun 14@Balt Won 3-129-37Jason Simontacchi (4-4)/Chad Bradford (0-3)Chad Cordero (10)
Jun 15@Tor Lost 2-729-38Roy Halladay (7-2)/Mike Bacsik (1-4) 
Jun 16@Tor Lost 3-729-39Shaun Marcum (4-2)/Levale Speigner (2-3) 
Jun 17@Tor Won 4-230-39Micah Bowie (4-2)/Josh Towers (2-5)Chad Cordero (11)
Jun 18Det Lost 8-930-40Mike Maroth (5-2)/Matt Chico (3-5) 
Jun 19Det Lost 1-1530-41Chad Durbin (6-3)/Jason Simontacchi (4-5) 
Jun 20Det Lost 4-830-42Jeremy Bonderman (8-0)/Saul Rivera (1-2) 
Jun 22Cle Won 4-131-42Saul Rivera (2-2)/Fausto Carmona (8-3)Chad Cordero (12)
Jun 23Cle Lost 3-431-43Thomas Mastny (5-2)/Chad Cordero (1-2)Joe Borowski (21)
Jun 24Cle Won 3-132-43Jason Simontacchi (5-5)/Jake Westbrook (1-3)Chad Cordero (13)
Jun 25@Atl Lost 1-432-44Tim Hudson (7-5)/Jason Bergmann (1-4)Bob Wickman (13)
Jun 26@Atl Lost 2-632-45Buddy Carlyle (2-2)/Mike Bacsik (1-5)Bob Wickman (14)
Jun 27@Atl Lost 0-1332-46John Smoltz (9-4)/Micah Bowie (4-3) 
Jun 29@Pitt Lost 2-332-47Matt Capps (4-4)/Jon Rauch (3-2) 
Jun 30@Pitt Lost 2-732-48Tom Gorzelanny (8-4)/Jason Bergmann (1-5) 
Jul 1@Pitt Won 3-233-48Mike Bacsik (2-5)/Paul Maholm (4-11)Chad Cordero (14)
Jul 2CHC Lost 2-733-49Ted Lilly (7-4)/Jason Simontacchi (5-6) 
Jul 3CHC Lost 1-333-50Carlos Zambrano (10-6)/Tim Redding (0-1)Bob Howry (3)
Jul 4CHC Won 6-034-50Matt Chico (4-5)/Rich Hill (5-6) 
Jul 5CHC Lost 2-434-51Will Ohman (1-4)/Luis Ayala (0-1)Bob Howry (4)
Jul 6Mil Lost 2-634-52Dave Bush (7-7)/Mike Bacsik (2-6) 
Jul 7Mil Won 5-435-52Jason Simontacchi (6-6)/Jeff Suppan (8-8)Chad Cordero (15)
Jul 8Mil Won 7-236-52Tim Redding (1-1)/Chris Capuano (5-6) 
Jul 13@Fla Won 14-1037-52Saul Rivera (3-2)/Dontrelle Willis (7-8) 
Jul 14@Fla Lost 2-537-53Sergio Mitre (4-4)/Matt Chico (4-6)Kevin Gregg (19)
Jul 15@Fla Lost 3-537-54Scott Olsen (7-7)/Jason Simontacchi (6-7)Kevin Gregg (20)
Jul 16Hou Won 4-338-54Saul Rivera (4-2)/Woody Williams (4-11)Chad Cordero (16)
Jul 17Hou Lost 2-438-55Chris Sampson (7-6)/Tim Redding (1-2)Brad Lidge (1)
Jul 18Hou Won 7-639-55Jason Bergmann (2-5)/Jason Jennings (1-6)Chad Cordero (17)
Jul 19Colo Won 5-440-55Jon Rauch (4-2)/LaTroy Hawkins (1-5) 
Jul 20Colo Lost 1-340-56Aaron Cook (6-6)/Billy Traber (2-1)Manny Corpas (4)
Jul 21Colo Won 3-041-56Mike Bacsik (3-6)/Rodrigo Lopez (5-3)Chad Cordero (18)
Jul 22Colo Won 3-042-56Jon Rauch (5-2)/Jorge Julio (0-3)Chad Cordero (19)
Jul 24@Phi Lost 3-442-57Ryan Madson (2-2)/Luis Ayala (0-2)Antonio Alfonseca (8)
Jul 25@Phi Lost 5-742-58Clay Condrey (4-0)/Chris Booker (0-1) 
Jul 26@Phi Won 7-643-58Jon Rauch (6-2)/Jose Mesa (1-3)Chad Cordero (20)
Jul 27@NYM Won 6-244-58Mike Bacsik (4-6)/Jorge Sosa (7-6) 
Jul 28@NYM Lost 1-344-59Orlando Hernandez (7-4)/Saul Rivera (4-3)Billy Wagner (24)
Jul 28@NYM Won 6-545-59Jon Rauch (7-2)/Pedro Feliciano (2-2)Chad Cordero (21)
Jul 29@NYM Lost 0-545-60John Maine (12-5)/Billy Traber (2-2) 
Jul 31Cin Won 6-346-60Matt Chico (5-6)/Bobby Livingston (2-2)Chad Cordero (22)
Aug 1Cin Won 7-247-60John Lannan (1-0)/Bronson Arroyo (4-12) 
Aug 2Cin Won 7-348-60Mike Bacsik (5-6)/Phil Dumatrait (0-1) 
Aug 3StL Won 3-249-60Chad Cordero (2-2)/Ryan Franklin (4-1) 
Aug 4StL Won 12-150-60Joel Hanrahan (1-0)/Joel Pineiro (1-2) 
Aug 5StL Won 6-351-60Ray King (1-0)/Ryan Franklin (4-2)Chad Cordero (23)
Aug 6@SF Lost 2-351-61Brad Hennessey (2-3)/Ray King (1-1) 
Aug 7@SF Won 8-652-61Chris Schroder (1-0)/Kevin Correia (1-6)Chad Cordero (24)
Aug 8@SF Lost 0-552-62Matt Cain (4-12)/Tim Redding (1-3) 
Aug 9@SF Won 3-153-62Joel Hanrahan (2-0)/Patrick Misch (0-2)Chad Cordero (25)
Aug 10@Ariz Lost 4-1153-63Livan Hernandez (8-7)/Saul Rivera (4-4) 
Aug 11@Ariz Lost 0-153-64Brandon Webb (12-8)/John Lannan (1-1) 
Aug 12@Ariz Won 7-654-64Jon Rauch (8-2)/Jose Valverde (1-4)Chad Cordero (26)
Aug 14Phi Lost 2-354-65Antonio Alfonseca (4-1)/Jon Rauch (8-3)Brett Myers (10)
Aug 15Phi Won 4-255-65Tim Redding (2-3)/Kyle Kendrick (5-3)Chad Cordero (27)
Aug 16Phi Lost 2-455-66Cole Hamels (14-5)/Joel Hanrahan (2-1)Brett Myers (11)
Aug 17NYM Lost 2-655-67Tom Glavine (11-6)/Matt Chico (5-7) 
Aug 18NYM Lost 4-755-68Oliver Perez (11-8)/John Lannan (1-2)Billy Wagner (29)
Aug 19NYM Lost 2-855-69Orlando Hernandez (8-4)/Jon Rauch (8-4) 
Aug 20@Hou Won 7-056-69Tim Redding (3-3)/Jason Jennings (2-9) 
Aug 21@Hou Won 11-657-69Joel Hanrahan (3-1)/Wandy Rodriguez (7-12) 
Aug 22@Hou Lost 2-357-70Woody Williams (8-12)/Mike Bacsik (5-7)Brad Lidge (12)
Aug 23@Hou Won 7-658-70John Lannan (2-2)/Juan Gutierrez (0-1)Chad Cordero (28)
Aug 24@Colo Lost 5-658-71Brian Fuentes (1-5)/Chad Cordero (2-3) 
Aug 25@Colo Lost 1-558-72Ubaldo Jimenez (3-2)/Tim Redding (3-4) 
Aug 26@Colo Lost 5-1058-73Elmer Dessens (2-1)/Joel Hanrahan (3-2) 
Aug 27@LAD Lost 4-558-74Derek Lowe (11-11)/Mike Bacsik (5-8)Takashi Saito (35)
Aug 28@LAD Lost 3-458-75Chad Billingsley (9-4)/Chris Schroder (1-1)Takashi Saito (36)
Aug 29@LAD Lost 9-1058-76Scott Proctor (5-5)/Saul Rivera (4-5) 
Aug 31SF Lost 2-358-77Kevin Correia (3-6)/Tim Redding (3-5)Brad Hennessey (17)
Sep 1SF Won 4-159-77Joel Hanrahan (4-2)/Jonathan O. Sanchez (1-3)Chad Cordero (29)
Sep 2SF Won 2-160-77Chad Cordero (3-3)/Brian Wilson (1-1) 
Sep 3Fla Won 6-361-77Jason Bergmann (3-5)/Rick VandenHurk (4-5)Chad Cordero (30)
Sep 4Fla Won 4-362-77Chris Schroder (2-1)/Kevin Gregg (0-5) 
Sep 5Fla Won 6-463-77Luis Ayala (1-2)/Matt Lindstrom (2-4)Chad Cordero (31)
Sep 7@Atl Lost 1-763-78John Smoltz (13-7)/Joel Hanrahan (4-3) 
Sep 8@Atl Lost 2-963-79Chuck James (10-10)/Matt Chico (5-8) 
Sep 9@Atl Won 7-464-79Jason Bergmann (4-5)/Lance Cormier (2-5)Chad Cordero (32)
Sep 10@Fla Won 5-465-79Shawn Hill (4-3)/Scott Olsen (9-13)Chad Cordero (33)
Sep 11@Fla Lost 8-1365-80Matt Lindstrom (3-4)/Chris Schroder (2-2) 
Sep 12@Fla Lost 4-565-81Daniel Barone (1-2)/Saul Rivera (4-6) 
Sep 14Atl Lost 5-865-82Jose Ascanio (1-1)/Jesus Colome (4-1) 
Sep 15Atl Won 7-466-82Jason Bergmann (5-5)/Lance Cormier (2-6)Chad Cordero (34)
Sep 16Atl Lost 0-366-83Tim Hudson (16-8)/Shawn Hill (4-4) 
Sep 17NYM Won 12-467-83Jonathan Albaladejo (1-0)/Aaron Sele (3-2) 
Sep 18NYM Won 9-868-83Jesus Colome (5-1)/John Maine (14-10)Chad Cordero (35)
Sep 19NYM Lost 4-868-84Mike Pelfrey (3-7)/Matt Chico (5-9) 
Sep 20Phi Lost 6-768-85J.C. Romero (2-2)/Jonathan Albaladejo (1-1)Brett Myers (18)
Sep 21Phi Lost 3-668-86Adam Eaton (10-9)/Shawn Hill (4-5)Brett Myers (19)
Sep 22Phi Lost 1-468-87Brett Myers (5-7)/Chris Schroder (2-3)Clay Condrey (2)
Sep 23Phi Won 5-369-87Luis Ayala (2-2)/Antonio Alfonseca (5-2)Chad Cordero (36)
Sep 24@NYM Won 13-470-87Matt Chico (6-9)/Mike Pelfrey (3-8) 
Sep 25@NYM Won 10-971-87Jason Bergmann (6-5)/Tom Glavine (13-7)Jon Rauch (4)
Sep 26@NYM Won 9-672-87Joel Hanrahan (5-3)/Joe Smith (3-2)Luis Ayala (1)
Sep 28@Phi Lost 0-672-88Cole Hamels (15-5)/Tim Redding (3-6) 
Sep 29@Phi Won 4-273-88Matt Chico (7-9)/Adam Eaton (10-10)Chad Cordero (37)
Sep 30@Phi Lost 1-673-89Jamie Moyer (14-12)/Jason Bergmann (6-6) 

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