Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Arizona Diamondbacks

NL West Division3rd2nd3rd3rd
National League 3rd2nd6th9th
Pitching - Extended
57Chase AndersonSP5.400000000
57Chase AndersonSP4.090000100
57Chase AndersonSP3.000000100
57Chase AndersonSP4.240000000
57Chase AndersonSP3.380000101
57Chase AndersonSP2.970000100
57Chase AndersonSP2.810000000
57Chase AndersonSP2.540000100
57Chase AndersonSP2.590000101
57Chase AndersonSP3.260000000
57Chase AndersonSP3.120000000
57Chase AndersonSP2.820000101
57Chase AndersonSP2.840000100
57Chase AndersonSP3.540000000
57Chase AndersonSP3.660000000
57Chase AndersonSP3.710000100
57Chase AndersonSP3.910000000
57Chase AndersonSP4.370000000
57Chase AndersonSP4.100000100
57Chase AndersonSP4.310000000
57Chase AndersonSP4.510000000
57Chase AndersonSP4.280000100
57Chase AndersonSP4.220000100
57Chase AndersonSP4.260000000
57Chase AndersonSP4.520000000
57Chase AndersonSP4.400000100
57Chase AndersonSP4.300000000
25Archie BradleySP1.800000000
25Archie BradleySP3.270000000
25Archie BradleySP5.800000000
36Enrique BurgosRP4.670000001
40Andrew ChafinRP2.760100000
55Josh CollmenterRP3.790010000
46Patrick CorbinSP3.600000001
12Rubby De La RosaSP6.000000100
12Rubby De La RosaSP5.400000000
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.380000100
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.500000000
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.080000100
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.500000000
12Rubby De La RosaSP5.840000000
12Rubby De La RosaSP5.270000100
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.960000100
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.690000100
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.600000000
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.890000000
12Rubby De La RosaSP5.060000000
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.830000100
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.520000100
12Rubby De La RosaSP4.590000000