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Last updated: Sat, August 29, 2015, 02:17 EDT
8/26Jason FrasorPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Right shoulder strain)
8/26Jason FrasorPReleased
8/24David AardsmaPDesignated for Assignment
8/24Sugar Ray MarimonPCalled Up from Minors
8/24Christian BethancourtCCalled Up from Minors
8/23Eury PerezLFSent to Minors
8/22Manny BanuelosPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
8/19Freddie Freeman1BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Strained right oblique)
8/19Freddie Freeman1BRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
8/18Joey TerdoslavichLFSent to Minors
8/16Peter MoylanPPurchased From Minors
8/16Jake BrighamPSent to Minors
8/14Edwin JacksonPSigned as Free Agent, ( 2015)(one-year contract)
8/14Danny BurawaPSent to Minors
8/14Danny BurawaPAcquired Off Waivers From from Yankees, NY Yankees
8/13Freddie Freeman1BSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
8/12Ryan KellyPSent to Minors
8/8Todd CunninghamLFSent to Minors
8/8Daniel CastroSSSent to Minors
8/7Todd CunninghamLFCalled Up from Minors
8/7Josh OutmanPCleared Waivers and Became a Free Agent
8/4Jason FrasorPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right shoulder strain)
8/4Freddie Freeman1BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Strained right oblique)
8/4Ryan KellyPCalled Up from Minors
8/4Josh OutmanPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
8/4Joey TerdoslavichLFCalled Up from Minors
8/4Josh OutmanPReleased
8/4Josh OutmanPRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Left shoulder soreness)
8/1David CarpenterPOutrighted to Minors
7/31Williams PerezPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Left foot contusion)
7/31Williams PerezPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/30Matt MarksberryPPurchased From Minors
7/30Jake BrighamPCalled Up from Minors
7/30Jose PerazaSSCalled Up from Minors, - Not to Report
7/30Hector Olivera2BSent to Minors
7/30Ryan KellyPCalled Up from Minors
7/30Ryan KellyPSent to Minors
7/29Mike FoltynewiczPCalled Up from Minors
7/29David CarpenterPDesignated for Assignment
7/28David CarpenterPPurchased From Minors
7/28Manny BanuelosPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Left elbow inflammation)
7/25Joey TerdoslavichLFSent to Minors
7/25Adonis Garcia3BCalled Up from Minors
7/25Freddie Freeman1BRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/25Daniel CastroSSCalled Up from Minors
7/25Freddie Freeman1BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Right wrist contusion)
7/24Freddie Freeman1BSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/20Andrew McKirahanPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/20David CarpenterPOutrighted to Minors
7/20Brandon CunniffPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/20Brandon CunniffPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Strained right groin)
7/20Brandon CunniffPSent to Minors
7/20Andrew McKirahanPReinstated from Illegal Substance Suspension
7/19Ryan KellyPSent to Minors
7/17Joey TerdoslavichLFCalled Up from Minors
7/17Jake BrighamPSent to Minors
7/17Ryan KellyPCalled Up from Minors
7/17Jason GrilliPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Torn left Achilles)
7/17Jason FrasorPSigned as Free Agent, ( 2015)(one-year contract)
7/17Ross DetwilerPSigned as Free Agent, ( 2015)(one-year contract)
7/17David CarpenterPDesignated for Assignment
7/16Williams PerezPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/15Brandon CunniffPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/12Mike FoltynewiczPSent to Minors
7/10Vin MazzaroPSigned to a Minor League Contract
7/10Josh OutmanPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/8Nick MassetPReleased
7/8Dana EvelandPReleased
7/7Mike FoltynewiczPCalled Up from Minors
7/7Joey TerdoslavichLFSent to Minors
7/6Nick MassetPDesignated for Assignment
7/6Arodys VizcainoPReinstated from Illegal Substance Suspension
7/6David CarpenterPPurchased From Minors
7/6Dana EvelandPDesignated for Assignment
7/2Manny BanuelosPCalled Up from Minors
7/2Cody MartinPCalled Up from Minors, - Not to Report
7/1Ryan KellyPSent to Minors
6/28Sugar Ray MarimonPSent to Minors
6/28Ryan KellyPPurchased From Minors
6/27Jake BrighamPPurchased From Minors
6/27Williams PerezPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Left foot contusion)
6/26Brandon CunniffPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Strained right groin)
6/26Sugar Ray MarimonPCalled Up from Minors
6/23Joey TerdoslavichLFCalled Up from Minors
6/23Freddie Freeman1BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right wrist contusion)
6/22Wil NievesCReleased
6/21Trevor CahillPCleared Waivers and Became a Free Agent
6/19Trevor CahillPReleased
6/19Sugar Ray MarimonPSent to Minors
6/19Chien-Ming WangPReleased
6/19Joe BensonLFReleased
6/19Matt WislerPPurchased From Minors
6/18Eury PerezCFCalled Up from Minors
6/18Daniel CastroSSSent to Minors
6/17Daniel CastroSSPurchased From Minors
6/17Mike FoltynewiczPSent to Minors
6/15Christian BethancourtCSent to Minors
6/15Todd CunninghamLFSent to Minors
6/15Ryan LavarnwayCPurchased From Minors
6/15Sugar Ray MarimonPCalled Up from Minors
6/11Dana EvelandPPurchased From Minors
6/11Alex WhitePSigned to a Minor League Contract
6/11Trevor CahillPDesignated for Assignment
6/10Eric Young Jr.CFOutrighted to Minors
6/10Joey TerdoslavichLFSent to Minors
6/10Kelly Johnson3BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Right oblique strain)
6/10Kelly Johnson3BRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/9Cody MartinPSent to Minors
6/9David AardsmaPPurchased From Minors
6/8Kelly Johnson3BSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/7Dana EvelandPSigned to a Minor League Contract
6/7Mitchell BoggsPReleased
6/6David AardsmaPSigned to a Minor League Contract
6/5Joey TerdoslavichLFRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/5Joey TerdoslavichLFRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Sprained left wrist)
6/5Eric Young Jr.CFDesignated for Assignment
6/5Donnie VealPOutrighted to Minors
6/1Cody MartinPCalled Up from Minors
6/1Donnie VealPDesignated for Assignment
5/30Ryan LavarnwayCSigned to a Minor League Contract
5/27Chris Johnson3BRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
5/27Chris Johnson3BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Fractured left hand)
5/27Donnie VealPPurchased From Minors
5/25Joey TerdoslavichLFSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
5/25Chris Johnson3BSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
5/22Ian ThomasPCalled Up from Minors
5/22Adonis Garcia3BSent to Minors
5/19John CornelyPDesignated for Assignment
5/19Adonis Garcia3BPurchased From Minors
5/19Cody MartinPSent to Minors
5/19Nick MassetPSigned as Free Agent, ( 2015)(one-year contract)
5/18Phil Gosselin2BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Avulsion fracture, left thumb)
5/15Todd CunninghamLFCalled Up from Minors
5/15Kelly Johnson3BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right oblique strain)
5/13Wil NievesCSigned to a Minor League Contract
5/7Donnie VealPOutrighted to Minors
5/6Michael KohnPSent to Minors
5/6Williams PerezPCalled Up from Minors
5/5Brandon CunniffPCalled Up from Minors
5/5Donnie VealPDesignated for Assignment
5/2Ian ThomasPSent to Minors
5/2Mike MinorPTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Left rotator cuff inflammation)
5/2Pedro Ciriaco3BPurchased From Minors
5/2Matt CappsPReleased
5/1Mike FoltynewiczPCalled Up from Minors
5/1Chris Johnson3BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Fractured left hand)
4/30John CornelyPSent to Minors
4/30Donnie VealPPurchased From Minors
4/24John CornelyPPurchased From Minors
4/24Brandon CunniffPSent to Minors
4/24Michael KohnPPurchased From Minors
4/24Sugar Ray MarimonPSent to Minors
4/23Juan JaimePOutrighted to Minors
4/21Ian ThomasPCalled Up from Minors
4/20Mitchell BoggsPSigned to a Minor League Contract
4/20Andrew McKirahanPStarting to Serve Illegal Substance Suspension
4/16Carlos QuentinLFCleared Waivers and Became a Free Agent
4/14Carlos QuentinLFReleased
4/13Juan JaimePDesignated for Assignment
4/13Sugar Ray MarimonPPurchased From Minors
4/9Zoilo AlmonteLFRefused Minor League Assignment - Free Agent
4/8James RussellPSigned to a Minor League Contract
4/6Carlos QuentinLFDesignated for Assignment
4/6Brandon CunniffPCalled Up from Minors
4/6Josh OutmanPPlaced on 60-Day DL, (Left shoulder soreness)
4/5Eric YoungLFPurchased From Minors
4/5Eric StultsPPurchased From Minors
4/5Daniel WinklerPPlaced on 60-Day DL, (Recovery from right elbow surgery)
4/5Arodys VizcainoPPlaced on Restricted List
4/5Joey TerdoslavichLFPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Sprained left wrist)
4/5Cody MartinPPurchased From Minors
4/4Todd CunninghamLFSent to Minors
4/4Mike FoltynewiczPSent to Minors
4/3Melvin Upton Jr.CFPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Sesamoiditis, left foot)
4/3Wandy RodriguezPReleased
4/3Mike MinorPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Left rotator cuff inflammation)
4/3Jose ConstanzaLFReleased
4/2Arodys VizcainoPSuspension Announced By League, (80 games for violating MLB drug program)
4/2Brandon CunniffPSent to Minors
4/2Trevor CahillPTraded From from Diamondbacks, Arizona (with cash for OF Josh Elander)
4/1Andrew McKirahanPAcquired Off Waivers From from Marlins, Miami
3/31James RussellPCleared Waivers and Became a Free Agent
3/31Zoilo AlmonteLFOutrighted to Minors
3/31Kelly Johnson3BPurchased From Minors
3/30Arodys VizcainoPSent to Minors
3/29James RussellPReleased
3/27Eury PerezCFSent to Minors
3/26John BuckCRetired
3/19Tyler Pastornicky2BReleased
3/19Jose VerasPReleased
3/9Ian ThomasPSent to Minors
3/5Peter MoylanPSigned to a Minor League Contract
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2015 Team Leaders
AVGNick Markakis , RF.301
HRFreddie Freeman , 1B14
RBICameron Maybin , CF52
OBPNick Markakis , RF.371
SLGCameron Maybin , CF.395
RCameron Maybin , CF58
SBCameron Maybin , CF21
WJulio Teheran , SP9
ERAShelby Miller , SP2.62
WHIPShelby Miller , SP1.19
KShelby Miller , SP143
SVJason Grilli , RP24

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