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American League 8th11th13th10th
Last updated: Tue, June 30, 2015, 19:14 EDT
6/28Toru MurataPCalled Up from Minors, (recalled as 26th roster player)
6/28Toru MurataPSent to Minors
6/28Toru MurataPPurchased From Minors
6/28Scott AtchisonPReleased
6/28Toru MurataPReturn of 26th man
6/23Scott AtchisonPDesignated for Assignment
6/23Austin AdamsPCalled Up from Minors
6/21Cody AndersonPCalled Up from Minors
6/21Jarrett GrubePSigned to a Minor League Contract
6/20Shaun MarcumPOutrighted to Minors
6/20Kyle CrockettPSent to Minors
6/18Jeff ManshipPPurchased From Minors
6/18Shaun MarcumPDesignated for Assignment
6/18Kyle CrockettPCalled Up from Minors
6/18Michael BournCFSuspension Announced By League, (one game)
6/17Zach WaltersSSSent to Minors
6/16Anthony SwarzakPSigned to Play in Korea, (Doosan Bears)
6/14Francisco LindorSSPurchased From Minors
6/14Nick SwisherRFPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Left knee inflammation)
6/13Scott AtchisonPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Sprained left ankle)
6/13Scott AtchisonPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/13C.C. LeePSent to Minors
6/11C.C. LeePCalled Up from Minors
6/10Scott AtchisonPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/10Austin AdamsPSent to Minors
6/9Jose RamirezSSSent to Minors
6/9Giovanny Urshela3BCalled Up from Minors
6/9Zach WaltersSSCalled Up from Minors
6/7Lonnie Chisenhall3BSent to Minors
6/6Jerry SandsRFOutrighted to Minors
5/31Carlos Santana1BReinstated from Paternity Leave List
5/31Jerry SandsRFDesignated for Assignment
5/28Carlos Santana1BPlaced on Paternity Leave List
5/28Jerry SandsLFPurchased From Minors
5/28Scott AtchisonPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Sprained left ankle)
5/28Austin AdamsPCalled Up from Minors
5/26Brett HayesCOutrighted to Minors
5/24Brett HayesCDesignated for Assignment
5/24Yan GomesCRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Right knee sprain)
5/24Yan GomesCRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
5/23Brett HayesCSent to Minors
5/21TJ HousePRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Left shoulder inflammation)
5/21TJ HousePSent to Minors
5/21TJ HousePRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
5/20Shaun MarcumPPurchased From Minors
5/19Zach Walters3BSent to Minors
5/18Austin AdamsPSent to Minors
5/18Mike AvilesSSReinstated From Restricted List
5/18Bruce ChenPOutrighted to Minors
5/18Bruce ChenPRetired
5/16Austin AdamsPCalled Up from Minors
5/16Bruce ChenPDesignated for Assignment
5/15Yan GomesCSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
5/15Mike AvilesSSPlaced on Restricted List
5/15TJ HousePSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
5/15Mike AvilesSSReinstated from Bereavement/Family Medical Emergency List
5/14Anthony SwarzakPOutrighted to Minors
5/9Bruce ChenPPurchased From Minors
5/9Anthony SwarzakPDesignated for Assignment
5/8Zach Walters3BCalled Up from Minors
5/8Carlos MarmolPSigned to a Minor League Contract
5/8Mike AvilesSSPlaced on Bereavement/Family Medical Emergency List
5/5Nick Swisher1BRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
5/5Nick Swisher1BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Recovery from bi-lateral knee surgery)
5/3Tyler HoltRFSent to Minors
5/3Jerry SandsLFOutrighted to Minors
5/1Tyler HoltRFCalled Up from Minors
5/1TJ HousePPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Left shoulder inflammation)
4/29Jerry SandsLFDesignated for Assignment
4/29Ryan WebbPPurchased From Minors
4/24Zach Walters3BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Strained right oblique)
4/24Nick Swisher1BSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
4/24Zach Walters3BRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
4/24Zach Walters3BSent to Minors
4/22Zach Walters3BSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
4/18Danny SalazarPCalled Up from Minors
4/18Austin AdamsPSent to Minors
4/15Shaun MarcumPOutrighted to Minors
4/14Shaun MarcumPDesignated for Assignment
4/14Jhoulys ChacinPSigned to a Minor League Contract
4/14Brett HayesCPurchased From Minors
4/14Charles BrewerPCleared Waivers and Became a Free Agent
4/13Ryan WebbPSigned to a Minor League Contract
4/12Charles BrewerPReleased
4/12Kyle CrockettPSent to Minors
4/12Austin AdamsPCalled Up from Minors
4/12Yan GomesCPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right knee sprain)
4/12Shaun MarcumPPurchased From Minors
4/10Austin AdamsPSent to Minors
4/10Jerry SandsLFPurchased From Minors
4/10Josh TomlinPTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Right shoulder surgery - out 3-4 months)
4/5Zach Walters3BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Strained right oblique)
4/5Josh TomlinPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right shoulder surgery - out 3-4 months)
4/5Josh TomlinPVoided Option
4/5Nick Swisher1BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Recovery from bi-lateral knee surgery)
4/5Anthony SwarzakPPurchased From Minors
4/5Gavin FloydPPlaced on 60-Day DL, (Right elbow surgery - out for season)
4/5Corey KluberPSigned, ( 2015-2019; Opt 2020-2021)(five-year restructured contract)
4/5Carlos CarrascoPSigned, ( 2016-2018; Opt 2019-2020)(three-year extension)
4/2Jesus Aguilar1BSent to Minors
3/30Scott DownsPReleased
3/30Tyler HoltRFSent to Minors
3/29Josh TomlinPSent to Minors
3/27Danny SalazarPSent to Minors
3/26C.C. LeePSent to Minors
3/17Charles BrewerPSent to Minors
2/16Bruce ChenPSigned to a Minor League Contract
2/16Jason GiambiDHRetired
2/11Michael Martinez2BSigned to a Minor League Contract
1/16Bryan ShawPSigned, ( 2015)(avoids arbitration)
1/16David MurphyRFSigned, ( 2015)(avoids arbitration)
1/16Josh TomlinPSigned, ( 2015)(avoids arbitration)
1/16Brandon Moss1BSigned, ( 2015)(avoids arbitration)
1/15Lonnie Chisenhall3BSigned, ( 2015)(avoids arbitration)
1/15Marc RzepczynskiPSigned, ( 2015)(avoids arbitration)
1/15Anthony SwarzakPSigned to a Minor League Contract
1/15Carlos CarrascoPSigned, ( 2015)(avoids arbitration)
1/12Tyler CloydPSigned to Play in Korea, (Samsung Lions)
1/6Michael RothPSigned to a Minor League Contract
1/6Tyler CloydPReleased
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2015 Team Leaders
AVGJason Kipnis , 2B.348
HRBrandon Moss , RF12
RBIMichael Brantley , LF38
OBPJason Kipnis , 2B.424
SLGJason Kipnis , 2B.510
RJason Kipnis , 2B51
SBJason Kipnis , 2B10
WCarlos Carrasco , SP9
ERACorey Kluber , SP3.66
WHIPCorey Kluber , SP1.15
KCorey Kluber , SP127
SVCody Allen , RP14

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