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Last updated: Fri, July 21, 2017, 18:07 EDT
7/21Marco GonzalesPTraded From from Cardinals, St. Louis (for OF Tyler O'Neill)
7/20Shawn O'MalleySSSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/20David PhelpsPTraded From from Marlins, Miami (for OF Brayan Hernandez, 5-player deal)
7/20Sam GaviglioPSent to Minors
7/20Max PovsePCalled Up from Minors
7/20Max PovsePSent to Minors
7/19Shae SimmonsPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/18Sam GaviglioPCalled Up from Minors
7/17Boog PowellCFSent to Minors
7/7Shawn O'MalleySSSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/7Emilio PagánPCalled Up from Minors
7/6Shae SimmonsPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/6Sam GaviglioPSent to Minors
7/3Dan AltavillaPSent to Minors
7/3Andrew MoorePCalled Up from Minors
7/2Max PovsePSent to Minors
7/2Boog PowellCFCalled Up from Minors
6/28Pat LightPOutrighted to Minors
6/28Pat LightPCalled Up from Minors, - Not to Report
6/23Andrew MoorePSent to Minors
6/23Felix HernandezPRemoved From 10-Day DL, (Right shoulder bursitis)
6/23Felix HernandezPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/22Tyler CloydPOutrighted to Minors
6/21Andrew MoorePPurchased From Minors
6/21Tyler SmithSSSent to Minors
6/21Jean SeguraSSRemoved From 10-Day DL, (High right ankle sprain)
6/21Jean SeguraSSRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/21Tyler CloydPDesignated for Assignment
6/20Christian BergmanPSent to Minors
6/19Jean SeguraSSSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/18Max PovsePPurchased From Minors
6/18Rob WhalenPSent to Minors
6/18Dillon OvertonPDesignated for Assignment
6/17Ryne HarperPOutrighted to Minors
6/17Pat LightPSent to Minors
6/17Ryne HarperPCalled Up from Minors, - Not to Report
6/17Pat LightPAcquired Off Waivers From from Pirates, Pittsburgh
6/17Rob WhalenPCalled Up from Minors
6/16Chase De JongPSent to Minors
6/16Zac CurtisPSent to Minors
6/16Zac CurtisPCalled Up from Minors
6/14Hisashi IwakumaPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/14Chase De JongPCalled Up from Minors
6/13Casey LawrencePSent to Minors
6/12Casey LawrencePCalled Up from Minors
6/12Emilio PagánPSent to Minors
6/11Mitch HanigerLFRemoved From 10-Day DL, (Strained right oblique)
6/11Mitch HanigerLFRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/10Boog PowellCFSent to Minors
6/10Emilio PagánPCalled Up from Minors
6/10Tyler CloydPSent to Minors
6/7Jean SeguraSSSigned, ( 2018-2022; Opt 2023)(five-year extension)
6/6Felix HernandezPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/6Mitch HanigerLFSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/3Ryan Jackson2BSigned to a Minor League Contract
6/2Tyler CloydPPurchased From Minors
6/2Casey LawrencePSent to Minors
6/2Jean SeguraSSPlaced on 10-Day DL, (High right ankle sprain)
6/2Tyler SmithSSPurchased From Minors
6/2Ryan WeberPTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Right biceps strain)
5/31James PaxtonPRemoved From 10-Day DL, (Strained left forearm)
5/31James PaxtonPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
5/30Ryne HarperPSent to Minors
5/28Rob WhalenPSent to Minors
5/28Ryne HarperPPurchased From Minors
5/26James PaxtonPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
5/24Rob WhalenPCalled Up from Minors
5/24Emilio PagánPSent to Minors
5/23Robinson Cano2BRemoved From 10-Day DL, (Strained right quad)
5/23Chris HestonPDesignated for Assignment
5/22Mike ZuninoCCalled Up from Minors
5/22Emilio PagánPCalled Up from Minors
5/22Jeff KobernusCFSigned to a Minor League Contract
5/21Mike FreemanRFSent to Minors
5/21Tuffy GosewischCSent to Minors
5/21Chris HestonPSent to Minors
5/21Daniel Vogelbach1BCalled Up from Minors
5/21Daniel Vogelbach1BSent to Minors
5/21Chris HestonPCalled Up from Minors
5/20Dillon OvertonPSent to Minors
5/17Casey LawrencePCalled Up from Minors
5/17Chase De JongPSent to Minors
5/16Boog PowellCFCalled Up from Minors
5/16Robinson Canó2BPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Strained right quad)
5/15Zac CurtisPSent to Minors
5/15Steve CishekPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
5/15Steve CishekPRemoved From 10-Day DL, (Recovery from left hip surgery)
5/14Dan AltavillaPCalled Up from Minors
5/14Jean MachiPOutrighted to Minors
5/14Ryan WeberPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Right biceps strain)
5/13Ryan WeberPPurchased From Minors
5/13Jean MachiPDesignated for Assignment
5/11Danny Muno3BSigned to a Minor League Contract
5/11Casey LawrencePSent to Minors
5/11Casey LawrencePAcquired Off Waivers From from Blue Jays, Toronto
5/11Zac CurtisPCalled Up from Minors
5/11Tyler CloydPSigned to a Minor League Contract
5/11Steve CishekPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
5/11Evan ScribnerPTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Right flexor bundle strain)
5/10Hisashi IwakumaPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Right shoulder inflammation)
5/10Dan AltavillaPSent to Minors
5/10Sam GaviglioPPurchased From Minors
5/10Evan MarshallPTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Strained right hamstring)
5/9Justin De FratusPSigned to a Minor League Contract
5/7Shae SimmonsPTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Flexor strain, right forearm)
5/7Christian BergmanPPurchased From Minors
5/6Rob WhalenPCalled Up from Minors
5/6Emilio PagánPSent to Minors
5/6Evan MarshallPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Strained right hamstring)
5/6Dan AltavillaPCalled Up from Minors
5/6Rob WhalenPSent to Minors
5/5Mike FreemanRFCalled Up from Minors
5/5Tuffy GosewischCCalled Up from Minors
5/5Evan MarshallPCalled Up from Minors
5/5Mike ZuninoCSent to Minors
5/5James PaxtonPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Strained left forearm)
5/4Boog PowellCFSent to Minors
5/3Casey FienPOutrighted to Minors
5/3Steve CishekPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
5/2Daniel Vogelbach1BSent to Minors
5/2Emilio PagánPPurchased From Minors
5/2Shawn O'MalleySSTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Right shoulder tendinitis)
5/2Jean MachiPPurchased From Minors
5/2Casey FienPDesignated for Assignment
4/29Boog PowellCFCalled Up from Minors
4/29Evan ScribnerPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Right flexor bundle strain)
4/27Leonys MartinCFOutrighted to Minors
4/27Rob WhalenPRemoved From 10-Day DL, (Right elbow inflammation)
4/27Rob WhalenPSent to Minors
4/26Chase De JongPCalled Up from Minors
4/26Casey FienPPurchased From Minors
4/26Mitch HanigerLFPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Strained right oblique)
4/26Felix HernandezPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Right shoulder bursitis)
4/26Dillon OvertonPCalled Up from Minors
4/26Ben GamelRFCalled Up from Minors
4/25Jean SeguraSSRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
4/25Evan MarshallPSent to Minors
4/25Chris HestonPSent to Minors
4/25Jean SeguraSSRemoved From 10-Day DL, (Strained right hamstring)
4/24Jonathan AroPSuspension Announced By League, (50 games for violating MLB drug program)
4/23Chase De JongPSent to Minors
4/23Daniel Vogelbach1BCalled Up from Minors
4/23Leonys MartinCFDesignated for Assignment
4/23Chris HestonPCalled Up from Minors
4/23Mike FreemanRFSent to Minors
4/21Jean SeguraSSSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
4/21Chase De JongPCalled Up from Minors
4/21Dan AltavillaPSent to Minors
4/17Steve CishekPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
4/14Dillon OvertonPSent to Minors
4/14Tony ZychPRemoved From 10-Day DL, (Recovery from right biceps surgery)
4/14Tony ZychPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
4/12Casey FienPOutrighted to Minors
4/12Evan MarshallPCalled Up from Minors
4/11Jean SeguraSSPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Strained right hamstring)
4/11Mike FreemanRFPurchased From Minors
4/6Dillon OvertonPReinstated from Paternity Leave List
4/5Chase De JongPSent to Minors
4/4Drew SmylyPTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Left arm flexor strain)
4/4Evan MarshallPSent to Minors
4/4Evan MarshallPAcquired Off Waivers From from Diamondbacks, Arizona
4/3Chase De JongPCalled Up from Minors
4/3Dillon OvertonPPlaced on Paternity Leave List
4/1Mark LowePSigned to a Minor League Contract
3/31Gordon Beckham2BSigned to a Minor League Contract
3/31Rob WhalenPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Right elbow inflammation)
3/31Drew SmylyPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Left arm flexor strain)
3/31Shae SimmonsPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Flexor strain, right forearm)
3/31Shawn O'MalleySSPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Appendectomy)
3/31Ariel MirandaPCalled Up from Minors
3/31Tuffy GosewischCSent to Minors
3/31Ben GamelRFSent to Minors
3/31Steve CishekPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Recovery from left hip surgery)
3/31Tony ZychPPlaced on 10-Day DL, (Recovery from right biceps surgery)
3/26Chris HestonPSent to Minors
3/25Ariel MirandaPSent to Minors
3/23Dan Vogelbach1BSent to Minors
3/17Boog PowellCFSent to Minors
3/17Chase De JongPSent to Minors
3/13D.J. Peterson3BSent to Minors
3/13Zac CurtisPSent to Minors
3/4Mike FreemanRFOutrighted to Minors
3/1Mike FreemanRFDesignated for Assignment
2/28Caleb CothamPSigned to a Minor League Contract
2/1Jonathan AroPOutrighted to Minors
2/1Jesús SucreCOutrighted to Minors
1/31Nick HagadonePSigned to a Minor League Contract
1/30Jean MachiPSigned to a Minor League Contract
1/26Dillon OvertonPTraded From from Athletics, Oakland (for C Jason Goldstein)
1/26Tuffy GosewischCAcquired Off Waivers From from Braves, Atlanta
1/26Jonathan AroPDesignated for Assignment
1/26Jesus SucreCDesignated for Assignment
1/23Dae-Ho Lee1BSigned to Play in Korea, (Lotte Giants)
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2017 Team Leaders
AVGJean Segura , SS.346
HRNelson Cruz , DH20
RBINelson Cruz , DH74
OBPJean Segura , SS.385
SLGNelson Cruz , DH.525
RJarrod Dyson , CF49
SBJarrod Dyson , CF22
WJames Paxton , SP9
ERAAriel Miranda , SP4.35
WHIPAriel Miranda , SP1.16
KJames Paxton , SP107
SVEdwin Diaz , RP18

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