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Last updated: Thu, November 26, 2015, 23:55 EST
11/25Daniel NavaRFRefused Minor League Assignment - Free Agent
11/25Brandon GomesPRefused Minor League Assignment - Free Agent
11/23J.P. ArencibiaCReleased
11/20J.P. ArencibiaCDesignated for Assignment
11/20Grayson GarvinPOutrighted to Minors
11/20Brandon GomesPDesignated for Assignment
11/20Taylor GuerrieriPPurchased From Minors
11/20Daniel NavaRFDesignated for Assignment
11/20Burch SmithPDesignated for Assignment
11/20Chase WhitleyPAcquired Off Waivers From from Yankees, NY Yankees
11/20Kirby YatesPDesignated for Assignment
11/6Jeff BeliveauPRefused Minor League Assignment - Free Agent
11/6Burch SmithPRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Right elbow surgery - out for season)
11/6Grayson GarvinPRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Left back muscle tear)
11/6Jake Elmore1BOutrighted to Minors
11/6Jake Elmore1BRefused Minor League Assignment - Free Agent
11/6Alex CobbPRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Right elbow surgery - out for season)
11/5Logan Morrison1BTraded From from Mariners, Seattle (for RHP Nathan Karns, six-player deal)
11/5Danny FarquharPTraded From from Mariners, Seattle (for RHP Nathan Karns, six-player deal)
11/5Brad MillerSSTraded From from Mariners, Seattle (for RHP Nathan Karns, six-player deal)
11/4Jeff BeliveauPRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Torn left labrum - out for season)
11/2John JasoCDeclared Free Agency
11/2Asdrubal CabreraSSDeclared Free Agency
11/2Grady SizemoreRFDeclared Free Agency
10/5Ryan Brett2BCalled Up from Minors
10/5Curt CasaliCRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Strained left hamstring)
10/5Everett TeafordPRefused Minor League Assignment - Free Agent
10/5Ernesto FrieriPRefused Minor League Assignment - Free Agent
10/5Desmond JenningsLFRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Bruised left knee)
10/5Jake Elmore1BCalled Up from Minors
9/26Jake McGeePRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Torn meniscus, left knee)
9/11Steven Souza Jr.RFRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Fractured left hand)
9/11Steven Souza Jr.RFRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
9/8Andrew BellattiPCalled Up from Minors
9/8Nick Franklin2BCalled Up from Minors
9/5Steven Souza Jr.RFSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
9/1Mikie MahtookCFCalled Up from Minors
9/1C.J. RiefenhauserPCalled Up from Minors
9/1Matt MoorePCalled Up from Minors
9/1Kirby YatesPCalled Up from Minors
9/1Richie Shaffer1BCalled Up from Minors
9/1Luke MaileCPurchased From Minors
8/31Jose ConstanzaLFSigned to a Minor League Contract
8/28James Loney1BReinstated From League Suspension
8/27Joey ButlerDHCalled Up from Minors
8/27Desmond JenningsLFPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Bruised left knee)
8/27James Loney1BStarting to Serve Suspension
8/26J.P. ArencibiaCPurchased From Minors
8/26Grayson GarvinPPlaced on 60-Day DL, (Left back muscle tear)
8/26Grayson GarvinPCalled Up from Minors
8/26Curt CasaliCPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Strained left hamstring)
8/25James Loney1BSuspension Announced By League, (one game)
8/21Jose DominguezPOutrighted to Minors
8/20Jake McGeePPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Torn meniscus, left knee)
8/20Enny RomeroPCalled Up from Minors
8/19Matt AndriesePCalled Up from Minors
8/18Enny RomeroPSent to Minors
8/17Enny RomeroPCalled Up from Minors
8/16Drew SmylyPRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Left shoulder soreness)
8/16Richie Shaffer1BSent to Minors
8/16Drew SmylyPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
8/16Jose DominguezPDesignated for Assignment
8/15Kirby YatesPSent to Minors
8/14Desmond JenningsLFRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
8/14Desmond JenningsLFRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Left knee bursitis)
8/12Joey ButlerDHSent to Minors
8/5Daniel NavaRFAcquired Off Waivers From from Red Sox, Boston
8/5Mikie MahtookCFSent to Minors
8/3Richie Shaffer1BPurchased From Minors
8/3Matt MoorePSent to Minors
8/2Steven Souza Jr.RFPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Fractured left hand)
8/2Mikie MahtookCFCalled Up from Minors
8/1Grady SizemoreRFCalled Up from Minors
7/31Desmond JenningsLFSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/31Mikie MahtookCFSent to Minors
7/31Mikie MahtookCFCalled Up from Minors
7/31Kirby YatesPCalled Up from Minors
7/29Bobby WilsonCPurchased From Minors
7/28Asdrubal CabreraSSRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Strained right hamstring)
7/27Jake Elmore1BSent to Minors
7/26Drew SmylyPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/22Vince Belnome2BReleased
7/21Steven Souza Jr.RFRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Right pinkie finger laceration)
7/21Steven Souza Jr.RFRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/20Grady SizemoreRFSent to Minors
7/18Steven Souza Jr.RFSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/12Tim Beckham2BCalled Up from Minors
7/12Asdrubal CabreraSSPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Strained right hamstring)
7/11Jake OdorizziPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/11Andrew BellattiPSent to Minors
7/11Jake OdorizziPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Strained left oblique)
7/8Andrew BellattiPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Right shoulder tendinitis)
7/8Matt AndriesePReturn of 26th man
7/8Andrew BellattiPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/8Everett TeafordPDesignated for Assignment
7/7Steven Souza Jr.RFPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right pinkie finger laceration)
7/7John JasoCRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Left wrist contusion)
7/7John JasoCRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/7Matt AndriesePCalled Up from Minors, (recalled as 26th roster player)
7/7Preston GuilmetPDesignated for Assignment
7/5Ronald BelisarioPRefused Minor League Assignment - Free Agent
7/4Marc Krauss1BDesignated for Assignment
7/4C.J. RiefenhauserPSent to Minors
7/4Everett TeafordPPurchased From Minors
7/3James Loney1BRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/3James Loney1BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Broken finger)
7/3Andy OliverPReleased
7/2Matt MoorePRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/2Preston GuilmetPSent to Minors
7/2Matt MoorePRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Recovery from left elbow surgery)
7/1Ronald BelisarioPDesignated for Assignment
7/1C.J. RiefenhauserPCalled Up from Minors
7/1Jake OdorizziPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
7/1Marc Krauss1BSent to Minors
7/1Preston GuilmetPCalled Up from Minors
6/30Andrew BellattiPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/30Kirby YatesPSent to Minors
6/30James Loney1BSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/28Grady SizemoreRFPurchased From Minors
6/28Desmond JenningsLFTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Left knee bursitis)
6/27Matt AndriesePSent to Minors
6/27John JasoCSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/26Tim Beckham2BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Right hamstring strain)
6/26Tim Beckham2BRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/26Tim Beckham2BSent to Minors
6/26Marc Krauss1BPurchased From Minors
6/26Allan Dykstra1BReleased
6/25Nick Franklin2BSent to Minors
6/25Marc Krauss1BTraded From from Angels, Los Angeles (for RHP Kyle Winkler)
6/23Kirby YatesPCalled Up from Minors
6/22Enny RomeroPSent to Minors
6/22Tim Beckham2BSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/17Ronald BelisarioPPurchased From Minors
6/16C.J. RiefenhauserPSent to Minors
6/15Grady SizemoreRFSigned to a Minor League Contract
6/14Bobby WilsonCOutrighted to Minors
6/13Curt CasaliCCalled Up from Minors
6/12Bobby WilsonCDesignated for Assignment
6/12Enny RomeroPCalled Up from Minors
6/12C.J. RiefenhauserPCalled Up from Minors
6/12Mikie MahtookCFSent to Minors
6/12Andrew BellattiPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right shoulder tendinitis)
6/12Matt AndriesePCalled Up from Minors
6/11Preston GuilmetPSent to Minors
6/10Preston GuilmetPCalled Up from Minors
6/9Andrew BellattiPCalled Up from Minors
6/9Kirby YatesPSent to Minors
6/9Enny RomeroPSent to Minors
6/9Jake OdorizziPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Strained left oblique)
6/9Kirby YatesPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/9Kirby YatesPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Right pectoral strain)
6/6Enny RomeroPCalled Up from Minors
6/5Andrew BellattiPSent to Minors
6/5Ernesto FrieriPOutrighted to Minors
6/4Kirby YatesPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/3Matt MoorePSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/2Ernesto FrieriPDesignated for Assignment
6/2Mikie MahtookCFCalled Up from Minors
6/1Andrew BellattiPCalled Up from Minors
6/1Tim Beckham2BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right hamstring strain)
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2015 Team Leaders
AVGLogan Forsythe , 2B.281
HREvan Longoria , 3B21
RBIEvan Longoria , 3B73
OBPLogan Forsythe , 2B.359
SLGLogan Forsythe , 2B.444
REvan Longoria , 3B74
SBKevin Kiermaier , CF18
WChris Archer , SP12
ERAChris Archer , SP3.23
WHIPErasmo Ramirez , SP1.13
KChris Archer , SP252
SVBrad Boxberger , RP41

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