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Last updated: Thu, July 30, 2015, 17:37 EDT
7/29Wandy RodriguezPDesignated for Assignment
7/29Jon EdwardsPCalled Up from Minors
7/29Alex ClaudioPCalled Up from Minors
7/29Phil KleinPSent to Minors
7/27Anthony BassPSent to Minors
7/27Phil KleinPCalled Up from Minors
7/27Ross OhlendorfPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Right groin strain)
7/27Ross OhlendorfPDesignated for Assignment
7/25Ross OhlendorfPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/20Nick MartinezPCalled Up from Minors
7/20Anthony RanaudoPSent to Minors
7/17Tomas TelisCCalled Up from Minors
7/17Carlos CorporanCPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Sprained left thumb)
7/17Martin PerezPRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Recovery from left elbow surgery)
7/15Ross DetwilerPReleased
7/13Roman MendezPSent to Minors
7/13Martin PerezPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/11Roman MendezPCalled Up from Minors
7/11Ross DetwilerPDesignated for Assignment
7/9Neftali FelizPRefused Minor League Assignment - Free Agent
7/5Delino DeShieldsCFRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
7/5Hanser Alberto2BSent to Minors
7/5Delino DeShieldsCFRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Strained left hamstring)
7/4Neftali FelizPDesignated for Assignment
7/4Anthony RanaudoPCalled Up from Minors
7/4Matt HarrisonPRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Recovery from back surgery)
7/4Chi Chi GonzalezPSent to Minors
7/2Nick MartinezPSent to Minors
7/2Neftali FelizPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Axillary abscess on right side)
7/2Neftali FelizPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/30Jared BurtonPReleased
6/30Antoan RichardsonCFRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/30Antoan RichardsonCFRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Herniated disk in back)
6/30Antoan RichardsonCFOutrighted to Minors
6/30Joey Gallo3BSent to Minors
6/30Josh HamiltonLFRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Strained left hamstring)
6/30Josh HamiltonLFRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/27Antoan RichardsonCFSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/27Delino DeShieldsCFSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/26Ross OhlendorfPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/25Michael ChoiceLFSent to Minors
6/25Spencer PattonPCalled Up from Minors
6/24Michael ChoiceLFCalled Up from Minors
6/24Alex ClaudioPSent to Minors
6/24Josh HamiltonLFSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/23Jon EdwardsPSent to Minors
6/23Adrian Beltre3BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Sprained left thumb)
6/22Martin PerezPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/19Ryan RuaLFRemoved From 60-Day DL, (Sprained right ankle)
6/19Anthony RanaudoPSent to Minors
6/19Alex ClaudioPCalled Up from Minors
6/19Jake SmolinskiLFDesignated for Assignment
6/19Ryan RuaLFRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/18Anthony RanaudoPCalled Up from Minors
6/18Kyle Blanks1BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Left and right Achilles tendinitis)
6/15Rougned Odor2BCalled Up from Minors
6/15Delino DeShieldsCFPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Strained left hamstring)
6/11Spencer PattonPSent to Minors
6/11Kyle Blanks1BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Cyst removal)
6/10Martin PerezPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/7Ross OhlendorfPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right groin strain)
6/7Spencer PattonPCalled Up from Minors
6/6Neftali FelizPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/4Josh HamiltonLFPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Strained left hamstring)
6/4Ryan RuaLFSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/4Ross DetwilerPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Left shoulder inflammation)
6/4Ross DetwilerPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
6/3Tommy Field2BOutrighted to Minors
6/3Matt HarrisonPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
6/2Joey Gallo3BPurchased From Minors
6/2Jake SmolinskiLFCalled Up from Minors
6/2Alex ClaudioPSent to Minors
6/2Adrian Beltre3BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Sprained left thumb)
5/30Chi Chi GonzalezPPurchased From Minors
5/30Tommy Field2BDesignated for Assignment
5/30Ross DetwilerPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
5/28Phil KleinPSent to Minors
5/28Hanser AlbertoSSCalled Up from Minors
5/27Jake SmolinskiRFSent to Minors
5/27Jon EdwardsPCalled Up from Minors
5/25Josh HamiltonLFRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
5/25Neftali FelizPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Axillary abscess on right side)
5/25Josh HamiltonLFRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Recovery from right shoulder surgery)
5/24Kyuji FujikawaPCleared Waivers and Became a Free Agent
5/24Jared BurtonPSigned to a Minor League Contract
5/22Kyuji FujikawaPReleased
5/22Kyle Blanks1BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Cyst removal)
5/22Jake SmolinskiRFCalled Up from Minors
5/20Stolmy PimentelPOutrighted to Minors
5/20Phil KleinPCalled Up from Minors
5/20Carlos PegueroRFDesignated for Assignment
5/17Kyuji FujikawaPDesignated for Assignment
5/17Ross DetwilerPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Left shoulder inflammation)
5/17Tanner ScheppersPCalled Up from Minors
5/17Ross OhlendorfPPurchased From Minors
5/14Spencer PattonPSent to Minors
5/14Kyuji FujikawaPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Right groin strain)
5/13Kyuji FujikawaPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
5/13Sam FreemanPPurchased From Minors
5/13Mitch Moreland1BRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
5/13Mitch Moreland1BRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Left elbow surgery - out 2-3 weeks)
5/13Stolmy PimentelPDesignated for Assignment
5/13Jake SmolinskiRFSent to Minors
5/12Lendy CastilloPSigned to a Minor League Contract
5/11Thomas Field2BPurchased From Minors
5/11Rougned Odor2BSent to Minors
5/10Josh HamiltonLFSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
5/10Mike KickhamPCalled Up from Minors, - Not to Report
5/10Mike KickhamPOutrighted to Minors
5/9Mitch Moreland1BSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
5/5Mike KickhamPSent to Minors
5/5Mike KickhamPAcquired Off Waivers From from Mariners, Seattle
5/5Ryan RuaLFTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Sprained right ankle)
5/4Roman MendezPSent to Minors
5/4Spencer PattonPCalled Up from Minors
5/4Logan VerrettPDrafted Player Returned to Minors
4/29Kyle Blanks1BPurchased From Minors
4/29Mitch Moreland1BPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Left elbow surgery - out 2-3 weeks)
4/29Alex HassanRFDesignated for Assignment
4/27Alex ClaudioPCalled Up from Minors
4/27Josh HamiltonLFTraded From from Angels, Los Angeles (for future considerations)
4/27Tanner ScheppersPSent to Minors
4/27Nick TepeschPTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Nerve inflammation, right arm)
4/24Wandy RodriguezPPurchased From Minors
4/24Logan VerrettPDesignated for Assignment
4/22Nick TepeschPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Nerve inflammation, right arm)
4/17Tanner ScheppersPRemoved From 15-Day DL, (Sprained right ankle)
4/17Tanner ScheppersPRecalled From Minors, Rehab Assignment
4/15Anthony RanaudoPSent to Minors
4/15Sam FreemanPOutrighted to Minors
4/15Anthony RanaudoPCalled Up from Minors
4/14Phil KleinPSent to Minors
4/14Kyuji FujikawaPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
4/12Jon EdwardsPSent to Minors
4/11Lisalverto BonillaPTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Right elbow surgery - out for season)
4/11Jon EdwardsPCalled Up from Minors
4/11Carlos PegueroRFPurchased From Minors
4/11Stolmy PimentelPAcquired Off Waivers From from Pirates, Pittsburgh
4/11Nate SchierholtzRFSigned to Play in Japan, (Hiroshima Carp)
4/11Ryan RuaLFPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Sprained right ankle)
4/11Derek HollandPPlaced on 60-Day DL, (Subscapular strain in right shoulder)
4/9Tanner ScheppersPSent to Minors, For Rehabilitation
4/9Matt HarrisonPTransferred to 60-Day DL, (Recovery from back surgery)
4/9Alex HassanRFAcquired Off Waivers From from Athletics, Oakland
4/9Alex HassanRFSent to Minors
4/6Wandy RodriguezPSigned to a Minor League Contract
4/5Tanner ScheppersPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Sprained right ankle)
4/5Keone KelaPPurchased From Minors
4/5Matt HarrisonPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Recovery from back surgery)
4/5Kyuji FujikawaPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right groin strain)
4/5Sam FreemanPDesignated for Assignment
4/5Lisalverto BonillaPPlaced on 15-Day DL, (Right elbow impingement)
4/5Yu DarvishPPlaced on 60-Day DL, (Right elbow surgery - out for season)
4/5Anthony BassPPurchased From Minors
4/4Alex ClaudioPSent to Minors
4/4Jon EdwardsPSent to Minors
4/2Antoan RichardsonCFPlaced on 60-Day DL, (Herniated disk in back)
4/2Logan VerrettPAcquired Off Waivers From from Orioles, Baltimore
3/31Jamey WrightPReleased
3/30Nick TepeschPSent to Minors
3/29Ryan LudwickLFReleased
3/28Sam FreemanPTraded From from Cardinals, St. Louis (for future considerations)
3/28Juan Carlos OviedoPReleased
3/28Anthony RanaudoPSent to Minors
3/28Nate SchierholtzRFReleased
3/26Joe BeimelPCleared Waivers and Became a Free Agent
3/23Spencer PattonPSent to Minors
3/23Joe BeimelPReleased
3/23Tomas TelisCSent to Minors
3/22Tyler Pastornicky2BSigned to a Minor League Contract
3/17Michael KirkmanPReleased
3/17Michael ChoiceLFSent to Minors
3/11Martin PerezPPlaced on 60-Day DL, (Recovery from left elbow surgery)
3/11Antoan RichardsonCFPurchased From Minors
3/6Joe BeimelPSigned as Free Agent, ( 2015)(one-year contract)
3/1Mark RogersPSigned to a Minor League Contract
2/24Jurickson Profar2BPlaced on 60-Day DL, (Right shoulder surgery - out for season)
2/24Edgar OlmosPAcquired Off Waivers From from Mariners, Seattle
2/23Adrian Beltre3BSigned, ( 2016)(restructured one-year contract extension)
2/23Elliot JohnsonRFSigned to a Minor League Contract
2/14Jamey WrightPSigned to a Minor League Contract
2/6Nate SchierholtzRFSigned to a Minor League Contract
2/4Ryan LudwickLFSigned to a Minor League Contract
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2015 Team Leaders
AVGPrince Fielder , DH.333
HRMitch Moreland , 1B16
RBIPrince Fielder , DH58
OBPPrince Fielder , DH.404
SLGPrince Fielder , DH.505
RPrince Fielder , DH48
SBDelino DeShields , LF16
WColby Lewis , SP11
ERAYovani Gallardo , SP3.19
WHIPColby Lewis , SP1.19
KColby Lewis , SP101
SVShawn Tolleson , RP18

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