Poll Position: Would Jimmie Johnson's sixth title be a bad thing for NASCAR?

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Johnson already has five Sprint Cup titles and is on the verge of his sixth. (Getty Images)  
Johnson already has five Sprint Cup titles and is on the verge of his sixth. (Getty Images)  

Does any dynasty have a negative impact on its particular sport? Every sport has seen a dominant team or player in its history, and NASCAR is no different. Whether it's the Yankees, Patriots, Bulls, Celtics, Canadiens or UCLA Bruins, dynasties have dotted the sports landscape for decades.

And stock car racing has had its share of dominance as well over the years with names like Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon and now Jimmie Johnson rising up to be magnificent forces in their eras.

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Would Jimmie Johnson's sixth title be bad for NASCAR?


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It's human nature to root for underdogs or want to see parity in competition. But there's also something to be said for watching greatness unfold and history made, which is exactly what Johnson has done with his five straight championships and now a possible sixth this season. It's truly a remarkable phenomenon to witness a driver who came from humble beginnings and pretty modest stats in his previous racing experience put his name in the NASCAR record book.

Johnson may be on top of the standings with two races to go but it's not been at all easy for him this year. He's had to race hard for victories and points, such as Sunday's epic battle with Brad Keselowski in Texas. While he's led a lot of laps in recent weeks by no means has Johnson run away from the field in his march to another possible title.

The NASCAR fan base can be a fickle one, but hating Johnson and company for their incredible success borders on just plain dumb. Point the finger at the other competitors for not being able to beat Johnson rather than at the Hendrick driver for accomplishing what most can only dream about. There's nothing wrong with having a dynasty like Jimmie Johnson in NASCAR.


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