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Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Track Diagram
Photo courtesy Indianapolis Motor Speedway Photo courtesy Indianapolis Motor Speedway
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Track Information
Opened: 1909
Track Length: 2.5 mile oval
Banking in Corners: 9
Banking on Straights: None
Length of Frontstretch: 3,300 feet
Length of Backstretch: 3,300 feet
Length of Short Straightaways: 660 feet ea.
Grandstand Seating: 250,000+
Qualifying Record: IRL: Arie Luyendyk, 237.498 mph (37.895 sec.) - 5/11/96; NASCAR: Casey Mears, 186.293 mph (48.311 sec.) - 8/7/04
Race Record: IRL: Arie Luyendyk, 185.981 mph - 5/27/90; NASCAR: Bobby Labonte, 155.918 mph - 8/5/00
Laps: 160 laps=400 miles, 200 laps=500 miles
Road course opened: 2000
Track Length: 2.606 miles (4.195 km)
Main Straight Length: 3,037 feet (926 m)
Back Straight Length: 1,755 feet (535 m)
Left Turns: 4
Right Turns: 9
Average Track Width: 46 feet (14 m)
Grandstand Seating: 250,000+
Race Record: Michael Schumacher, 127.162 mph - 6/19/05
Laps: 73 laps=190.238 miles (306.093 km)
Track Schedules
Sprint Cup Schedule
Jul 28, 2013
Nationwide Schedule
Jul 27, 2013
Ticket Information
Phone: (317) 481-8500
Past Winners
Sprint Cup
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012Sprint CupJimmie JohnsonChevrolet137.680 mph 
2011Sprint CupPaul MenardChevrolet140.762 mph 
2010Sprint CupJamie McMurrayChevrolet136.054 mph 
2009Sprint CupJimmie JohnsonChevrolet145.882 mph 
2008Sprint CupJimmie JohnsonChevrolet115.117 mph 
2007Nextel CupTony StewartChevrolet117.379 mph 
2006Nextel CupJimmie JohnsonChevrolet137.182 mph 
2005Nextel CupTony StewartChevrolet118.782 mph 
2004Nextel CupJeff GordonChevrolet115.037 mph 
2003Winston CupKevin HarvickChevrolet134.554 mph 
2002Winston CupBill ElliottDodge125.033 mph 
2001Winston CupJeff GordonChevrolet130.79 mph 
2000Winston CupBobby LabontePontiac155.912 mph 
1999Winston CupDale JarrettFord148.194 mph 
1998Winston CupJeff GordonChevrolet126.772 mph 
1997Winston CupRicky RuddFord130.814 mph 
1996Winston CupDale JarrettFord139.508 mph 
1995Winston CupDale EarnhardtChevrolet155.206 mph 
1994Winston CupJeff GordonChevrolet131.977 mph 
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012IRLDario FranchittiDallara/Honda167.734 mph 
2011IRLDan WheldonDallara/Honda170.265 mph 
2010IRLDario FranchittiDallara/Honda161.623 mph 
2009IRLHelio CastronevesDallara/Honda150.318 mph 
2008IRLScott DixonDallara/Honda143.567 mph 
2007IRLDario FranchittiDallara/Honda151.774 mph 
2006IRLSam Hornish Jr.Dallara/Honda157.085 mph 
2005IRLDan WheldonDallara/Honda157.603 mph 
2004IRLBuddy RicePanoz G Force/Honda138.518 mph 
2003IRLGil de FerranPanoz G-Force/Toyota156.291 mph 
2002IRLHelio CastronevesDallara/Chevrolet166.499 mph 
2001IRLHelio CastronevesDallara/Aurora131.294 mph 
2000IRLJuan MontoyaG-Force/Oldsmobile167.704 mph 
1999IRLKenny BrackDallara/Oldsmobile153.176 mph 
1998IRLEddie Cheever Jr.Dallara/Oldsmobile145.155 mph 
1997IRLArie LuyendykG-Force/Oldsmobile145.827 mph 
1996IRLBuddy LazierReynard/Ford147.956 mph 
1995IRLJacques VilleneuveReynard/Ford153.616 mph 
1994IRLAl Unser Jr.Penske/Mercedes160.872 mph 
1993IRLEmerson FittipaldiPenske/Chevrolet157.207 mph 
1992IRLAl Unser Jr.Galmer/Chevrolet134.477 mph 
1991IRLRick MearsPenske/Chevrolet176.457 mph 
1990IRLArie LuyendykLola/Chevrolet185.981 mph 
1989IRLEmerson FittipaldiPenske/Chevrolet167.581 mph 
1988IRLRick MearsPenske/Chevrolet144.809 mph 
1987IRLAl UnserMarch/Cosworth162.175 mph 
1986IRLBobby RahalMarch/Cosworth170.722 mph 
1985IRLDanny SullivanMarch/Cosworth152.982 mph 
1984IRLRick MearsMarch/Cosworth163.612 mph 
1983IRLTom SnevaMarch/Cosworth162.117 mph 
1982IRLGordon JohncockWildcat/Cosworth162.029 mph 
1981IRLBobby UnserPenske/Cosworth139.084 mph 
1980IRLJohnny RutherfordChaparral/Cosworth142.862 mph 
1979IRLRick MearsPenske/Cosworth158.899 mph 
1978IRLAl UnserLola/Cosworth161.361 mph 
1977IRLA.J. FoytCoyote/Ford161.331 mph 
1976IRLJohnny RutherfordMcLaren/Offy148.275 mph 
1975IRLBobby UnserEagle/Offy149.213 mph 
1974IRLJohnny RutherfordMcLaren/Offy158.589 mph 
1973IRLGordon JohncockEagle/Offy159.036 mph 
1972IRLMark DonohueMcLaren/Offy162.962 mph 
1971IRLAl UnserColt/Ford157.735 mph 
1970IRLAl UnserColt/Ford155.749 mph 
1969IRLMario AndrettiHawk/Ford156.867 mph 
1968IRLBobby UnserEagle/Offy152.882 mph 
1967IRLA.J. FoytCoyote/Ford151.207 mph 
1966IRLGraham HillLola/Ford144.317 mph 
1965IRLJim ClarkLotus/Ford150.686 mph 
1964IRLA.J. FoytWatson/Offy147.350 mph 
1963IRLParnelli JonesWatson/Offy143.137 mph 
1962IRLRodger WardWatson/Offy140.293 mph 
1961IRLA.J. FoytTrevis/Offy139.131 mph 
1960IRLJim RathmannWatson/Offy138.767 mph 
1959IRLRodger WardWatson/Offy135.857 mph 
1958IRLJimmy BryanEpperly/Offy133.791 mph 
1957IRLSam HanksEpperly/Offy135.601 mph 
1956IRLPat FlahertyWatson/Offy128.490 mph 
1955IRLBob SweikertKK50C/Offy128.209 mph 
1954IRLBill VukovichKK500A/Offy130.840 mph 
1953IRLBill VukovichKK500A/Offy128.740 mph 
1952IRLTroy RuttmanKuzma/Offy128.922 mph 
1951IRLLee WallardKurtis/Offy126.244 mph 
1950IRLJohnnie ParsonsKurtis/Offy124.002 mph 
1949IRLBill HollandDeidt/Offy121.327 mph 
1948IRLMauri RoseDeidt/Offy119.814 mph 
1947IRLMauri RoseDeidt/Offy116.338 mph 
1946IRLGeorge RobsonAdams/Sparks114.820 mph 
1945IRLNot Held   
1944IRLNot Held   
1943IRLNot Held   
1942IRLNot Held   
1941IRLFloyd Davis and Mauri RoseWetteroth/Offy115.117 mph 
1940IRLWilbur ShawMaserati114.277 mph 
1939IRLWilbur ShawMaserati115.035 mph 
1938IRLFloyd RobertsWetteroth/Miller117.200 mph 
1937IRLWilbur ShawShaw/Offy113.580 mph 
1936IRLLouis MeyerStevens/Miller109.069 mph 
1935IRLKelly PetilloWetteroth/Offy106.240 mph 
1934IRLWilliam CummingsMiller104.863 mph 
1933IRLLouis MeyerMiller104.162 mph 
1932IRLFred FrameWetteroth/Miller104.144 mph 
1931IRLLouis SchneiderStevens/Miller96.629 mph 
1930IRLBilly ArnoldSummers/Miller100.448 mph 
1929IRLRay KeechMiller97.585 mph 
1928IRLLouis MeyerMiller99.482 mph 
1927IRLGeorge SoudersDuesenberg97.545 mph 
1926IRLFrank LockhartMiller95.904 mph 
1925IRLPeter DePaoloDuesenberg101.127 mph 
1924IRLL.L.Corum and Joe BoyerDuesenberg98.234 mph 
1923IRLTommy MiltonMiller90.954 mph 
1922IRLJimmy MurphyDuesenberg/Miller94.484 mph 
1921IRLTommy MiltonFrontenac89.621 mph 
1920IRLGaston ChevroletFrontenac/Miller88.618 mph 
1919IRLHoward WilcoxPeugeot88.050 mph 
1918IRLNot Held   
1917IRLNot Held   
1916IRLDario RestaPeugeot84.001 mph 
1915IRLRalph DePalmaMercedes89.840 mph 
1914IRLRene ThomasDelage82.474 mph 
1913IRLJules GouxPeugeot75.933 mph 
1912IRLJoe DawsonNational78.719 mph 
1911IRLRay HarrounMarmon74.602 mph 
Formula One
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2007Formula 1Lewis HamiltonMcLaren125.145 mph 
2006Formula 1Michael SchumacherFerrari120.618 mph 
2005Formula 1Michael SchumacherFerrari127.162 mph 
2004Formula 1Michael SchumacherFerrari113.523 mph 
2003Formula 1Michael SchumacherFerrari121.891 mph 
2002Formula 1Rubens BarrichelloFerrari125.191 mph 
2001Formula 1Mika HakkinenMcLaren123.055 mph 
2000Formula 1Michael SchumacherFerrari118.294 mph 
Nationwide Series
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012NationwideBrad KeselowskiDodge126.050 mph