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Michigan International Speedway

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Track Diagram
Photo courtesy Michigan International Speedway Photo courtesy Michigan International Speedway
weather image  70°F Passing clouds. Mild.
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Track Information
Opened: 1968
Track Length: 2-mile oval
Banking in Corners: 18
Banking on Front Straight: 12
Banking on Back Straight: 5
Length of Frontstretch: 3,600 feet
Length of Backstretch: 2,242 feet
Grandstand Seating: 84,000
Qualifying Record: NASCAR: Marcos Ambrose, 203.241 mph - 6/16/12; IRL: Tomas Scheckter, 222.458 mph - 7/26/03
Race Record: NASCAR: Dale Jarrett, 173.997 mph - 6/13/99; IRL: Helio Castroneves, 193.972 mph - 7/30/06
Laps: 200 laps=400 miles
Track Schedules
Sprint Cup Schedule
Jun 16, 2013
Aug 18, 2013
Nationwide Schedule
Jun 15, 2013
Trucks Schedule
Aug 17, 2013
Past Winners
Sprint Cup
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012Sprint Cup(1)Dale Earnhardt Jr.Chevrolet139.144 mph 
2012Sprint Cup(2)Greg BiffleFord144.662 mph 
2011Sprint Cup(1)Denny HamlinToyota153.029 mph 
2011Sprint Cup(2)Kyle BuschToyota150.898 mph 
2010Sprint Cup(1)Denny HamlinToyota156.386 mph 
2010Sprint Cup(2)Kevin HarvickChevrolet144.029 mph 
2009Sprint Cup(1)Mark MartinChevrolet155.491 mph 
2009Sprint Cup(2)Brian VickersToyota131.531 mph 
2008Sprint Cup(1)Dale Earnhardt Jr.Chevrolet145.375 mph 
2008Sprint Cup(2)Carl EdwardsFord140.351 mph 
2007Nextel Cup(1)Carl EdwardsFord148.072 mph 
2007Nextel Cup(2)Kurt BuschDodge117.012 mph 
2006Nextel Cup(1)Kasey KahneDodge118.788 mph 
2006Nextel Cup(2)Matt KensethFord135.097 mph 
2005Nextel Cup(1)Greg BiffleFord150.596 mph 
2005Nextel Cup(2)Jeremy MayfieldDodge141.551 mph 
2004Nextel Cup(1)Ryan NewmanDodge139.292 mph 
2004Nextel Cup(2)Greg BiffleFord139.063 mph 
2003Winston Cup(1)Kurt BuschFord131.219 mph 
2003Winston Cup(2)Ryan NewmanDodge127.310 mph 
2002Winston Cup(2)Dale JarrettFord140.556 mph 
2001Winston Cup(1)Jeff GordonChevrolet134.203 mph 
2001Winston Cup(2)Sterling MarlinDodge140.513 mph 
2000Winston Cup(1)Tony StewartPontiac143.926 mph 
2000Winston Cup(2)Rusty WallaceFord132.597 mph 
1999Winston Cup(1)Dale JarrettFord173.997 mph 
1999Winston Cup(2)Bobby LabontePontiac144.332 mph 
1998Winston Cup(1)Mark MartinFord158.695 mph 
1998Winston Cup(2)Jeff GordonChevrolet151.995 mph 
1997Winston Cup(1)Ernie IrvanFord153.338 mph 
1997Winston Cup(2)Mark MartinFord126.883 mph 
1996Winston Cup(1)Rusty WallaceFord166.033 mph 
1996Winston Cup(2)Dale JarrettFord139.792 mph 
1995Winston Cup(1)Bobby LabonteChevrolet134.141 mph 
1995Winston Cup(2)Bobby LabonteChevrolet157.739 mph 
1994Winston Cup(1)Rusty WallaceFord125.022 mph 
1994Winston Cup(2)Geoffrey BodineFord139.914 mph 
1993Winston Cup(1)Ricky RuddChevrolet148.484 mph 
1993Winston Cup(2)Mark MartinFord144.564 mph 
1992Winston Cup(1)Davey AllisonFord152.672 mph 
1992Winston Cup(2)Harry GantOldsmobile146.056 mph 
1991Winston Cup(1)Davey AllisonFord142.972 mph 
1991Winston Cup(2)Dale JarrettFord142.972 mph 
1990Winston Cup(1)Dale EarnhardtChevrolet150.219 mph 
1990Winston Cup(2)Mark MartinFord138.822 mph 
1989Winston Cup(1)Bill ElliottFord139.023 mph 
1989Winston Cup(2)Rusty WallacePontiac157.704 mph 
1988Winston Cup(1)Rusty WallacePontiac153.551 mph 
1988Winston Cup(2)Davey AllisonFord156.863 mph 
1987Winston Cup(1)Dale EarnhardtChevrolet148.454 mph 
1987Winston Cup(2)Bill ElliottFord138.648 mph 
1986Winston Cup(1)Bill ElliottFord138.851 mph 
1986Winston Cup(2)Bill ElliottFord135.376 mph 
1985Winston Cup(1)Bill ElliottFord144.724 mph 
1985Winston Cup(2)Bill ElliottFord137.430 mph 
1984Winston Cup(1)Bill ElliottFord134.705 mph 
1984Winston Cup(2)Darrell WaltripChevrolet153.863 mph 
1983Winston Cup(1)Cale YarboroughChevrolet138.728 mph 
1983Winston Cup(2)Cale YarboroughChevrolet147.511 mph 
1982Winston Cup(1)Cale YarboroughBuick118.101 mph 
1982Winston Cup(2)Bobby AllisonBuick136.454 mph 
1981Winston Cup(1)Bobby AllisonBuick130.589 mph 
1981Winston Cup(2)Richard PettyBuick123.457 mph 
1980Winston Cup(1)Benny ParsonsChevrolet131.808 mph 
1980Winston Cup(2)Cale YarboroughChevrolet145.352 mph 
1979Winston Cup(1)Buddy BakerChevrolet135.798 mph 
1979Winston Cup(2)Richard PettyChevrolet130.376 mph 
1978Winston Cup(1)Cale YarboroughOldsmobile149.563 mph 
1978Winston Cup(2)David PearsonMercury129.566 mph 
1977Winston Cup(1)Cale YarboroughChevrolet135.033 mph 
1977Winston Cup(2)Darrell WaltripChevrolet137.944 mph 
1976Winston Cup(1)David PearsonMercury141.148 mph 
1976Winston Cup(2)David PearsonMercury140.078 mph 
1975Winston Cup(1)David PearsonMercury131.398 mph 
1975Winston Cup(2)Richard PettyDodge107.583 mph 
1974Winston Cup(1)Richard PettyDodge127.098 mph 
1974Winston Cup(2)David PearsonMercury133.045 mph 
1973Winston CupDavid PearsonMercury153.485 mph 
1972Winston Cup(1)David PearsonMercury146.639 mph 
1972Winston Cup(2)David PearsonMercury134.416 mph 
1971Winston Cup(1)Bobby AllisonMercury149.567 mph 
1971Winston Cup(2)Bobby AllisonMercury149.862 mph 
1970Winston Cup(1)Cale YarboroughMercury139.254 mph 
1970Winston Cup(2)Charlie GlotzbachDodge147.571 mph 
1969Winston Cup(1)Cale YarboroughMercury139.254 mph 
1969Winston Cup(2)David PearsonFord115.508 mph 
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2007IRLTony KanaanHonda141.481 mph 
2006IRLHelio CastronevesHonda193.972 mph 
2005IRLBryan HertaHonda167.197 mph 
2004IRLBuddy RiceHonda182.123 mph 
2003IRLAlex BarronToyota180.917 mph 
2002IRLTomas ScheckterInfiniti179.044 mph 
Nationwide Series
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012NationwideJoey LoganoToyota132.979 mph 
2011NationwideCarl EdwardsFord144.834 mph 
2010NationwideBrad KeselowskiChevrolet150.678 mph 
2009NationwideBrad KeselowskiChevrolet133.077 mph 
2008NationwideCarl EdwardsFord136.571 mph 
2007BuschDenny HamlinChevrolet156.467 mph 
2006BuschDale Earnhardt Jr.Chevrolet124.524 mph 
2005BuschRyan NewmanDodge136.986 mph 
2004BuschKyle BuschChevrolet122.166 mph 
2003BuschKevin HarvickChevrolet140.850 mph 
2002BuschMichael WaltripChevrolet135.644 mph 
2001BuschRyan NewmanFord139.557 mph 
2000BuschTodd BodineChevrolet162.749 mph 
1999BuschDale Earnhardt Jr.Chevrolet158.975 mph 
1998BuschJeff BurtonFord167.910 mph 
1997BuschSteve ParkChevrolet159.681 mph 
1996BuschJeff PurvisChevrolet161.038 mph 
1995BuschMark MartinFord169.571 mph 
1994BuschBobby LabonteChevrolet142.461 mph 
1993BuschMark MartinFord124.611 mph 
1992BuschTodd BodineChevrolet125.414 mph 
Truck Series
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012Truck SeriesNelson Piquet Jr.Chevrolet139.508 mph 
2011Truck SeriesKevin HarvickChevrolet126.338 mph 
2010Truck SeriesAric AlmirolaToyota118.558 mph 
2009Truck SeriesColin BraunFord130.838 mph 
2008Truck SeriesErik DarnellFord140.433 mph 
2007Truck SeriesTravis KvapilFord135.364 mph 
2006Truck SeriesJohnny BensonToyota116.534 mph 
2005Truck SeriesDennis SetzerChevrolet122.387 mph 
2004Truck SeriesTravis KvapilToyota125.479 mph 
2003Truck SeriesBrendan GaughanDodge154.044 mph 
2002Truck SeriesRobert PressleyDodge142.208 mph 
2000Truck SeriesGreg BiffleFord138.408 mph 
1999Truck SeriesGreg BiffleFord121.889 mph 
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2002Winston Cup (1)Matt KensethFord154.822 mph