New Hampshire Motor Speedway

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New Hampshire Motor Speedway
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Track Information
Opened: 1990
Track Length: 1.058 mile oval
Banking in Corners: 12
Banking on Straights: 2
Length of Frontstretch: 1,500 feet
Length of Backstretch: 1,500 feet
Grandstand Seating: 91,000
Qualifying Record: Ryan Newman, 135.232 mph - 7/15/11
Race Record: Jeff Burton, 117.134 mph - 7/13/97
Laps: 300 laps=317.4 miles
Track Schedules
Sprint Cup Schedule
Jul 14, 2013
Sep 22, 2013
Nationwide Schedule
Jul 13, 2013
Ticket Information
Phone: (603) 783-4931
Past Winners
Sprint Cup
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed
2012Sprint Cup(1)Kasey KahneChevrolet116.226 mph
2011Sprint Cup(1)Ryan NewmanChevrolet104.100 mph
2011Sprint Cup(2)Tony StewartChevrolet116.679 mph
2010Sprint Cup(1)Jimmie JohnsonChevrolet113.308 mph
2010Sprint Cup(2)Clint BowyerChevrolet106.769 mph
2009Sprint Cup(1)Joey LoganoToyota97.497 mph
2009Sprint Cup(2)Mark MartinChevrolet100.753 mph
2008Sprint Cup(1)Kurt BuschDodge106.719 mph
2008Sprint Cup(2)Greg BiffleFord105.468 mph
2007Nextel Cup(1)Denny HamlinChevrolet108.209 mph
2007Nextel Cup(2)Clint BowyerChevrolet110.475 mph
2006Nextel Cup(1)Kyle BuschChevrolet101.384 mph
2006Nextel Cup(2)Kevin HarvickChevrolet102.195 mph
2005Nextel Cup(1)Tony StewartChevrolet102.608 mph
2005Nextel Cup(2)Ryan NewmanDodge95.891 mph
2004Nextel Cup(1)Kurt BuschFord97.862 mph
2004Nextel Cup(2)Kurt BuschFord109.753 mph
2003Winston Cup(1)Jimmie JohnsonChevrolet96.924 mph
2003Winston Cup(2)Jimmie JohnsonChevrolet106.580 mph
2002Winston Cup(1)Ward BurtonDodge92.342 mph
2002Winston Cup(2)Ryan NewmanFord105.081 mph
2001Winston Cup(1)Dale JarrettFord102.131 mph
2001Winston Cup(2)Robby GordonChevrolet103.594 mph
2000Winston Cup(1)Tony StewartPontiac103.145 mph
2000Winston Cup(2)Jeff BurtonFord102.003 mph
1999Winston Cup(1)Jeff BurtonFord101.876 mph
1999Winston Cup(2)Joe NemechekChevrolet100.673 mph
1998Winston Cup(1)Jeff BurtonFord102.996 mph
1998Winston Cup(2)Jeff GordonChevrolet112.078 mph
1997Winston Cup(1)Jeff BurtonFord117.134 mph
1997Winston Cup(2)Jeff GordonChevrolet100.364 mph
1996Winston CupErnie IrvanFord98.930 mph
1995Winston CupJeff GordonChevrolet107.029 mph
1994Winston CupRicky RuddFord87.599 mph
1993Winston CupRusty WallacePontiac105.947 mph
Nationwide Series
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed
2012NationwideBrad KeselowskiDodge106.899 mph
2011NationwideKyle BuschToyota92.221 mph
2010NationwideKyle BuschToyota110.673 mph
2009NationwideKyle BuschToyota111.925 mph
2008NationwideTony StewartToyota109.025 mph
2007BuschKevin HarvickChevrolet100.669 mph
2006BuschCarl EdwardsFord105.624 mph
2005BuschMartin Truex Jr.Chevrolet92.093 mph
2004BuschMatt KensethFord93.709 mph
2003BuschDavid GreenPontiac108.005 mph
2002BuschBobby Hamilton Jr.Ford110.368 mph
2001BuschJason KellerChevrolet108.714 mph
2000BuschTim FedewaChevrolet89.366 mph
1999BuschElton SawyerFord103.324 mph
1998BuschBuckshot JonesPontiac100.829 mph
1997BuschMike McLaughlinChevrolet76.752 mph
1996BuschRandy LaJoieChevrolet96.953 mph
1995BuschChad LittleFord104.972 mph
1994BuschDerrike CopeFord88.527 mph
1993BuschRobert PressleyChevrolet89.560 mph
1992Busch(1)Jeff BurtonOldsmobile95.907 mph
1992Busch(2)Joe NemechekChevrolet94.897 mph
1991Busch(1)Kenny WallacePontiac109.093 mph
1991Busch(2)Ricky CravenChevrolet90.832 mph
1990Busch(1)Tommy EllisBuick85.797 mph
1990Busch(2)Rick MastBuick94.405 mph
Truck Series
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed
2011Truck SeriesKyle BuschToyota118.707 mph
2010Truck SeriesKyle BuschToyota100.579 mph
2009Truck SeriesKyle BuschToyota112.106 mph
2008Truck SeriesRon Hornaday Jr.Chevrolet98.279 mph
2007Truck SeriesRon Hornaday Jr.Chevrolet109.780 mph
2006Truck SeriesJohnny BensonToyota92.323 mph
2005Truck SeriesRick CrawfordFord101.244 mph
2004Truck SeriesTravis KvapilToyota89.482 mph
2003Truck SeriesJimmy SpencerDodge103.867 mph
2002Truck SeriesTerry CookFord103.549 mph
2001Truck SeriesJack SpragueChevrolet109.244 mph
2000Truck SeriesKurt BuschFord98.491 mph
1999Truck SeriesDennis SetzerDodge101.810 mph
1998Truck SeriesAndy HoustonChevrolet104.222 mph
1997Truck SeriesJay SauterChevrolet97.138 mph
1996Truck SeriesRon HornadayChevrolet97.129 mph