Phoenix International Raceway

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Track Information
Opened: 1964
Track Length: 1-mile
Banking in Corners: Turns 1-2: 10-11; Turns 3-4: 8-9
Banking on Straights: Frontstretch: 3; Backstretch: 10-11
Length of Frontstretch: 1,179 feet
Length of Backstretch: 1,551 feet
Grandstand Seating: 55,000
Qualifying Record: NASCAR: Carl Edwards, 137.279 mph - 2/26/11; IRL: Arie Luyendyk, 183.599 mph (19.608 sec.) - 3/23/96
Race Record: NASCAR: Tony Stewart, 118.132 mph - 11/7/99; IRL: Roberto Guerrero, 138.020 mph - 4/12/87
Laps: 500 laps=500 miles
Track Schedules
Sprint Cup Schedule
Mar 3, 2013
Nov 10, 2013
Nationwide Schedule
Mar 2, 2013
Nov 9, 2013
Trucks Schedule
Nov 8, 2013
Ticket Information
Phone: (866) 408-7223
Past Winners
Sprint Cup
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012Sprint Cup(1)Denny HamlinToyota110.085 mph 
2011Sprint Cup(1)Kyle BuschToyota112.272 mph 
2011Sprint Cup(2)Kasey KahneChevrolet112.918 mph 
2010Sprint Cup(1)Ryan NewmanChevrolet99.372 mph 
2010Sprint Cup(2)Carl EdwardsFord110.758 mph 
2009Sprint Cup(1)Mark MartinChevrolet108.042 mph 
2009Sprint Cup(2)Jimmie JohnsonChevrolet110.486 mph 
2008Sprint Cup(1)Jimmie JohnsonChevrolet103.292 mph 
2008Sprint Cup(2)Jimmie JohnsonChevrolet97.804 mph 
2007Nextel Cup(1)Jeff GordonChevrolet107.710 mph 
2007Nextel Cup(2)Jimmie JohnsonChevrolet102.989 mph 
2006Nextel Cup(1)Kevin HarvickChevrolet92.250 mph 
2006Nextel Cup(2)Kevin HarvickChevrolet96.131 mph 
2005Nextel Cup(1)Kurt BuschFord102.707 mph 
2005Nextel Cup(2)Kyle BuschChevrolet102.641 mph 
2004Nextel CupDale Earnhardt Jr.Chevrolet94.848 mph 
2003Winston CupDale Earnhardt Jr.Chevrolet93.984 mph 
2002Winston CupMatt KensethFord113.857 mph 
2001Winston CupJeff BurtonFord102.613 mph 
2000Winston CupJeff BurtonFord105.041 mph 
1999Winston CupTony StewartPontiac118.132 mph 
1998Winston CupRusty WallaceFord108.211 mph 
1997Winston CupDale JarrettFord110.824 mph 
1996Winston CupBobby HamiltonPontiac109.709 mph 
1995Winston CupRicky RuddFord102.128 mph 
1994Winston CupTerry LabonteChevrolet107.463 mph 
1993Winston CupMark MartinFord100.375 mph 
1992Winston CupDavey AllisonFord103.885 mph 
1991Winston CupDavey AllisonFord95.746 mph 
1990Winston CupDale EarnhardtChevrolet96.786 mph 
1989Winston CupBill ElliottFord105.683 mph 
1988Winston CupAlan KulwickiFord90.457 mph 
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2005IRLSam Hornish Jr.Dallara-Toyota132.753 mph 
2004IRLTony KanaanHonda127.981 mph 
2003IRLTony KanaanHonda100.073 mph 
2002IRLHelio Castroneves 116.504 mph 
2001IRLSam Hornish Jr. 125.072 mph 
2000IRLBuddy Lazier 111.957 mph 
1999IRLScott Goodyear 102.856 mph 
1998IRLScott Sharp 98.110 mph 
1997IRLJim Guthrie 89.190 mph 
1996IRLArie Luyendyk 117.368 mph 
Nationwide Series
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012Nationwide(1)Elliott SadlerChevrolet116.317 mph 
2011Nationwide(1)Kyle BuschToyota89.330 mph 
2011Nationwide(2)Sam Hornish Jr.Dodge91.895 mph 
2010Nationwide(1)Kyle BuschToyota93.872 mph 
2010Nationwide(2)Carl EdwardsFord107.063 mph 
2009Nationwide(1)Greg BiffleFord92.965 mph 
2009Nationwide(2)Carl EdwardsFord100.798 mph 
2008Nationwide(1)Kyle BuschToyota98.764 mph 
2008Nationwide(2)Carl EdwardsFord95.373 mph 
2007Busch(1)Clint BowyerChevrolet87.851 mph 
2007Busch(2)Kyle BuschChevrolet89.111 mph 
2006Busch(1)Kevin HarvickChevrolet107.063 mph 
2006Busch(2)Matt KensethFord91.202 mph 
2005Busch(1)Greg BiffleFord83.007 mph 
2005Busch(2)Carl EdwardsFord97.893 mph 
2004BuschJamie McMurrayDodge96.031 mph 
2003BuschBobby Hamilton Jr.Ford96.734 mph 
Truck Series
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2011Truck SeriesJeff GordonChevrolet102.961 mph 
2010Truck SeriesClint BowyerChevrolet99.539 mph 
2009Truck SeriesKevin HarvickChevrolet99.743 mph 
2008Truck SeriesKevin HarvickChevrolet88.178 mph 
2007Truck SeriesKyle BuschChevrolet83.218 mph 
2006Truck SeriesJohnny BensonToyota86.221 mph 
2005Truck SeriesTodd BodineToyota96.515 mph 
2004Truck SeriesDavid StarrChevrolet90.756 mph 
2003Truck SeriesKevin HarvickChevrolet107.527 mph 
2002Truck SeriesKevin HarvickChevrolet108.014 mph 
2001Truck SeriesGreg BiffleFord92.726 mph 
1998Truck SeriesMike BlissFord103.686 mph 
1997Truck SeriesJoe RuttmanFord103.942 mph 
1996Truck SeriesJack SpragueChevrolet95.289 mph 
1995Truck SeriesMike SkinnerChevrolet91.102 mph