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Track Diagram
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Track Information
Opened: 1968
Grandstand seating: 76,812
Track Length: 2.5 mile tri-oval
Banking in Corners: Turn 1: 14; Turn 2: 8; Turn 3: 6
Length of Frontstretch: 3,740 feet
Length of Shortstretch: 1,780 feet
Length of Backstretch: 3,055 feet
Qualifying Record: Joey Logano, 179.598 mph - 6/9/12
Race Record: Rusty Wallace, 144.892 mph - 7/21/96
Laps: 200 laps=500 miles, 160 laps400 miles
Track Schedules
Sprint Cup Schedule
Jun 9, 2013
Aug 4, 2013
Trucks Schedule
Aug 3, 2013
Ticket Information
Phone: (800) RACEWAY.
Past Winners
Sprint Cup
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012Sprint Cup(1)Joey LoganoToyota131.004 mph 
2012Sprint Cup(2)Jeff GordonChevrolet139.249 mph 
2011Sprint Cup(1)Jeff GordonChevrolet145.384 mph 
2011Sprint Cup(2)Brad KeselowskiDodge137.878 mph 
2010Sprint Cup(1)Denny HamlinToyota136.303 mph 
2010Sprint Cup(2)Greg BiffleFord132.246 mph 
2009Sprint Cup(1)Tony StewartChevrolet138.515 mph 
2009Sprint Cup(2)Denny HamlinToyota126.396 mph 
2008Sprint Cup(1)Kasey KahneDodge125.209 mph 
2008Sprint Cup(2)Carl EdwardsFord130.567 mph 
2007Nextel Cup(1)Jeff GordonChevrolet135.608 mph 
2007Nextel Cup(2)Kurt BuschDodge131.627 mph 
2006Nextel Cup(1)Denny HamlinChevrolet131.656 mph 
2006Nextel Cup(2)Denny HamlinChevrolet132.626 mph 
2005Nextel Cup(1)Carl EdwardsFord129.177 mph 
2005Nextel Cup(2)Kurt BuschFord125.283 mph 
2004Nextel Cup(1)Jimmie JohnsonChevrolet112.129 mph 
2004Nextel Cup(2)Jimmie JohnsonChevrolet126.271 mph 
2003Winston Cup(1)Tony StewartChevrolet134.892 mph 
2003Winston Cup(2)Ryan NewmanDodge127.705 mph 
2002Winston Cup(1)Dale JarrettFord143.426 mph 
2002Winston Cup(2)Bill ElliottDodge125.809 mph 
2001Winston Cup(1)Ricky RuddFord134.389 mph 
2001Winston Cup(2)Bobby LabontePontiac134.590 mph 
2000Winston Cup(1)Jeremy MayfieldFord139.741 mph 
2000Winston Cup(2)Rusty WallaceFord130.662 mph 
1999Winston Cup(1)Bobby LabontePontiac118.898 mph 
1999Winston Cup(2)Bobby LabontePontiac116.982 mph 
1998Winston Cup(1)Jeremy MayfieldFord117.809 mph 
1998Winston Cup(2)Jeff GordonChevrolet134.660 mph 
1997Winston Cup(1)Jeff GordonChevrolet139.828 mph 
1997Winston Cup(2)Dale JarrettFord142.068 mph 
1996Winston Cup(1)Jeff GordonChevrolet139.104 mph 
1996Winston Cup(2)Rusty WallaceFord144.892 mph 
1995Winston Cup(1)Terry LabonteChevrolet137.720 mph 
1995Winston Cup(2)Dale JarrettFord134.038 mph 
1994Winston Cup(1)Rusty WallaceFord128.801 mph 
1994Winston Cup(2)Geoff BodineFord136.075 mph 
1993Winston Cup(1)Kyle PettyPontiac138.005 mph 
1993Winston Cup(2)Dale EarnhardtChevrolet133.343 mph 
1992Winston Cup(1)Alan KulwickiFord144.023 mph 
1992Winston Cup(2)Darrell WaltripChevrolet134.058 mph 
1991Winston Cup(1)Darrell WaltripChevrolet122.666 mph 
1991Winston Cup(2)Rusty WallacePontiac115.459 mph 
1990Winston Cup(1)Harry GantOldsmobile120.600 mph 
1990Winston Cup(2)Geoff BodineFord124.007 mph 
1989Winston Cup(1)Terry LabonteFord131.320 mph 
1989Winston Cup(2)Bill ElliottFord117.847 mph 
1988Winston Cup(1)Geoff BodineChevrolet126.147 mph 
1988Winston Cup(2)Bill ElliottFord122.866 mph 
1987Winston Cup(1)Tim RichmondChevrolet122.166 mph 
1987Winston Cup(2)Dale EarnhardtChevrolet121.745 mph 
1986Winston Cup(1)Tim RichmondChevrolet113.279 mph 
1986Winston Cup(2)Tim RichmondChevrolet124.218 mph 
1985Winston Cup(1)Bill ElliottFord138.974 mph 
1985Winston Cup(2)Bill ElliottFord134.008 mph 
1984Winston Cup(1)Cale YarboroughChevrolet138.164 mph 
1984Winston Cup(2)Harry GantChevrolet121.351 mph 
1983Winston Cup(1)Bobby AllisonBuick128.636 mph 
1983Winston Cup(2)Tim RichmondPontiac114.818 mph 
1982Winston Cup(1)Bobby AllisonBuick113.579 mph 
1982Winston Cup(2)Bobby AllisonBuick115.496 mph 
1981Winston CupDarrell WaltripBuick119.111 mph 
1980Winston CupNeil BonnettMercury124.395 mph 
1979Winston CupCale YarboroughChevrolet115.207 mph 
1978Winston CupDarrell WaltripChevrolet142.540 mph 
1977Winston CupBenny ParsonsChevrolet128.379 mph 
1976Winston CupRichard PettyDodge115.875 mph 
1975Winston CupDavid PearsonMercury111.179 mph 
1974Winston CupRichard PettyDodge115.593 mph 
Truck Series
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012Truck SeriesJoey CoulterChevrolet121.523 mph 
2011Truck SeriesKevin HarvickChevrolet99.582 mph 
2010Truck SeriesElliott SadlerChevrolet111.966 mph