Rockingham Speedway

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Track Diagram
Rockingham Speedway Photo and Diagram Rockingham Speedway Photo and Diagram
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Track Information
Opened: 1965
Track Length: 1.017 mile oval
Banking in Corners: Turns 1-2: 22; Turns 3-4: 25
Banking on Straights: 8
Length of Frontstretch: 1,300 feet
Length of Backstretch: 1,367 feet
Grandstand Seating: 34.500
Qualifying Record: Rusty Wallace, 158.035 mph (23.167 sec.) - 2/25/00
Race Record: Jeff Burton, 131.103 mph - 10/24/99
Laps: 393 laps=399.6 miles
Track Schedules
Trucks Schedule
Apr 14, 2013
Ticket Information
Phone: 1-855-NC ROCKS
Past Winners
Sprint Cup
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2004Winston CupMatt KensethFord112.016 mph 
2003Winston Cup(1)Dale JarrettFord117.852 mph 
2003Winston Cup(2)Bill ElliottDodge111.677 mph 
2002Winston CupMatt KensethFord115.478 mph 
2001Winston CupSteve ParkChevrolet111.966 mph 
2000Winston CupBobby LabontePontiac127.875 mph 
1999Winston CupMark MartinFord120.750 mph 
1998Winston CupJeff GordonChevrolet117.065 mph 
1997Winston CupJeff GordonChevrolet121.371 mph 
1996Winston CupDale EarnhardtChevrolet113.959 mph 
1995Winston CupJeff GordonChevrolet125.305 mph 
1994Winston CupRusty WallaceFord125.239 mph 
1993Winston CupRusty WallacePontiac124.486 mph 
1992Winston CupBill ElliottFord126.125 mph 
1991Winston CupKyle PettyPontiac124.083 mph 
1990Winston CupKyle PettyPontiac122.864 mph 
1989Winston CupRusty WallacePontiac115.122 mph 
1988Winston CupNeil BonnettChevrolet120.159 mph 
1987Winston CupDale EarnhardtChevrolet117.556 mph 
1986Winston CupTerry LabonteOldsmobile120.488 mph 
1985Winston CupNeil BonnettChevrolet114.953 mph 
1984Winston CupBobby AllisonBuick122.931 mph 
1983Winston CupRichard PettyPontiac113.055 mph 
1982Winston CupCale YarboroughBuick108.992 mph 
1981Winston CupDarrell WaltripBuick114.594 mph 
1980Winston CupCale YarboroughOldsmobile108.735 mph 
1979Winston CupBobby AllisonFord121.727 mph 
1978Winston CupDavid PearsonMercury116.681 mph 
1977Winston CupRichard PettyDodge97.865 mph 
1976Winston CupRichard PettyDodge113.665 mph 
1975Winston CupCale YarboroughChevrolet117.588 mph 
1974Winston CupRichard PettyDodge121.622 mph 
1973Winston CupDavid PearsonMercury118.655 mph 
1972Winston CupBobby IsaacDodge113.895 mph 
1971Winston CupRichard PettyPlymouth118.696 mph 
1970Winston CupRichard PettyPlymouth116.117 mph 
1969Winston CupDavid PearsonFord102.569 mph 
1968Winston CupDonnie AllisonFord99.338 mph 
1967Winston CupRichard PettyPlymouth104.682 mph 
1966Winston CupPaul GoldsmithPlymouth100.027 mph 
Nationwide Series
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2004Busch SeriesJamie McMurrayDodge112.450 mph 
2003Busch Series(1)Jamie McMurrayDodge101.815 mph 
2003Busch Series(2)Jamie McMurrayDodge119.830 mph 
2002Busch Series(1)Jason KellerFord115.419 
2002Busch Series(2)Jamie McMurrayChevrolet118.667 mph 
2001Busch Series(1)Todd BodineChevrolet112.049 mph 
2001Busch Series(2)Kenny WallaceChevrolet124.012 mph 
2000Busch Series(1)Mark MartinFord123.334 mph 
2000Busch Series(2)Jeff GreenChevrolet113.138 mph 
1999Busch Series(1)Jeff BurtonFord103.599 mph 
1999Busch Series(2)Mark MartinFord113.835 mph 
1998Busch Series(1)Matt KensethChevrolet120.209 mph 
1998Busch Series(2)Elliott SadlerChevrolet116.126 mph 
1997Busch Series(1)Mark MartinFord116.256 mph 
1997Busch Series(2)Mark MartinFord100.426 mph 
1996Busch Series(1)Mark MartinFord105.974 mph 
1996Busch Series(2)Mark MartinFord124.397 mph 
1995Busch Series(1)Chad LittleFord120.753 mph 
1995Busch Series(2)Todd BodineChevrolet98.694 mph 
1994Busch Series(1)Terry LabonteChevrolet106.161 mph 
1994Busch Series(2)Mark MartinFord110.032 mph 
1993Busch Series(1)Mark MartinFord113.032 mph 
1993Busch Series(2)Mark MartinFord117.144 mph 
1992Busch Series(1)Ward BurtonBuick96.646 mph 
1992Busch Series(2)Mark MartinFord118.433 mph 
1991Busch Series(1)Dale JarrettPontiac110.775 mph 
1991Busch Series(2)Ernie IrvanChevrolet104.333 mph 
1990Busch Series(1)Dale EarnhardtChevrolet106.948 mph 
1990Busch Series(2)Steve GrissomOldsmobile105.896 mph 
1989Busch Series(1)Rob MorosoOldsmobile113.566 mph 
1989Busch Series(2)Harry GantBuick111.788 mph 
1988Busch Series(1)Mark MartinFord104.651 mph 
1988Busch Series(2)Harry GantBuick109.132 mph 
1987Busch Series(1)Not Held     
1987Busch Series(2)Morgan ShepherdBuick106.396 mph 
1986Busch Series(1)Dale EarnhardtPontiac109.148 mph 
1986Busch Series(2)Morgan ShepherdBuick101.177 mph 
1985Busch Series(1)Dale EarnhardtPontiac105.787 mph 
1985Busch Series(2)Brett BodinePontiac103.629 mph 
1984Busch Series(1)Sam ArdOldsmobile116.070 mph 
1984Busch Series(2)Geoffrey BodinePontiac94.765 mph 
1983BuschDale EarnhardtPontiac91.892 mph 
1982BuschDavid PearsonPontiac99.074 mph 
Truck Series
YearSeriesWinnerCarAvg. Speed 
2012Truck SeriesKasey KahneChevrolet107.239 mph