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Jeff Goodman's NBA Draft Prospect Rankings By Jeff Goodman College Basketball Insider

(Big Board updated: June 18)
College Basketball Insider Jeff Goodman offers his take on 2012 NBA Draft prospects ahead of the June 28 draft.

Goodman's Big Board
1 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Anthony Davis Kentucky Fr. 3/11/93 (19) PF/C 6-10 220
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: He's extremely long -- with a 7-foot-4 wingspan -- and can affect the game in numerous ways.... Fluid, quick and explosive -- a rare combination for someone his size. ... NBA-ready on the defensive end. ... Has terrific timing as a shot-blocker and also intimidates and alters shots with his presence. ... Covers ground and also recovers well. ... Will be an elite shot-blocker in the NBA. ... Disciplined and is able to defend ball screens effectively. ... Stays out of foul trouble -- a rarity for someone who blocks as many shots as Davis. ... Extremely coachable and terrific mental make-up. ... Keeps his composure and plays with a relentless motor. ... Tougher and more physical than his body frame suggests. ... More skilled on the offensive end than many realize. ... Went through a huge growth spurt in high school and has the ability to put it on the floor and also make shots from the perimeter. ... Will likely be a face-up power forward with the ability to also score on the low block once he physically matures. ... Is able to make jump hooks over both shoulders. ... Runs the court extremely well for someone his size. ... Has good hands on the offensive end.

WEAKNESSES: There isn't much to write about here. Strength is his primary issue. However, he's stronger than his frame would suggest. ... He'll still have to continue to work on both his perimeter shot and his low-post game, but Davis showed improvement throughout the season in both areas. ... Will not be a go-to scorer immediately in the NBA -- especially on the block. ... May also have difficulty defending NBA big men one-and-one in the post due to his lack of strength - especially in his lower body.

COMPARISON: Combination of Kevin Garnett, Marcus Camby and Chris Bosh
2 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Bradley Beal Florida Fr. 6/28/93 (18) SG 6-4 210
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Extremely well-rounded. Struggled early his freshman season, but shot it well the second half of the year -- and is a terrific perimeter shooter with a clean stroke and deep range. Has near flawless mechanics when he sets his feet -- with a quick release and good lift. Not a one-dimensional scorer as he can also put in on the floor and has a deceptively explosive first step. Finishes well around the basket due to his physicality. Rebounds extremely well for his position. Long arms which make him appear - and allow him to play - bigger than his size. Has a terrific feel for the game and a high basketball IQ. Passes well for a two-guard. Is willing and able to defend and has shown the desire to guard at the college level. Terrific team guy, who will blend in with anyone and possesses a great demeanor and poise. Makes quality decisions and rarely forces bad shots.

WEAKNESSES: Somewhat undersized in terms of a prototypical NBA shooting guard in terms of height. Needs to work on his ball handling abilities in order to handle pressure and log minutes at the point guard position at the next level. Plays too up and down and will need to play lower to the ground. Also needs to get his feet set before releasing the ball instead of shooting flat-footed. Needs to utilize his athleticism more at the basket. Not an elite athlete. Will need to improve his mid-range game -- which was extremely effective in his high school days. May need to be more selfish and vocal.

COMPARISON: Combination of Ray Allen and Eric Gordon
3 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Harrison Barnes North Carolina So. 5/30/92 (19) SF 6-8 215
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Shoot the ball well from the perimeter. Is at his best spotting up or off one-dribble. Can make mid-range jumpers and will also be able to extend to the NBA 3-point line without difficulty. Has the ideal size and body to play the small forward spot in the NBA. Enjoys -- and has thrived at times -- having the ball in his hands with the game on the line. Not afraid to take the big shot. Finishes well on the break. Will be able to post up smaller players in the NBA. Has the ability to be a good defender at the next level, but needs to make the commitment. Works hard on his game. Extremely confident in his abilities. Is prepared to make an immediate impact in the NBA -- both physically and mentally.

WEAKNESSES: Needs to become a better passer. Will have to improve his ability to put the ball on the floor at the next level and beat defenders off the bounce. Struggled in college when he shot it with two or more dribbles. Mechanical with the ball. High-character kid, but those around him maintain he is difficult to get a read on. Lacks leadership qualities. Is a terrific athlete, but often doesn't utilize his athleticism as well as he could -- or should. Needs to be tougher physically -- and also will have to become a more adept rebounder at his position Defensive commitment -- and lateral quickness -- will need work. Also needs to make more of an effort to win hustle plays and get his hands dirty. .. Plays with his body erect.

COMPARISON: Calbert Chaney, Sean Elliott
4 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Kentucky Fr. 9/26/93 (18) SF 6-7 232
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Has a terrific motor and possesses toughness that will be coveted at the NBA level. A warrior who competes on each and every possession and plays bigger around the basket than his size indicates. Can be an elite defender who can guard multiple positions - wings and even some point guards and power forwards -- and is a rare breed who already takes pride in that side of the ball. Thrives in transition, attacks in the open court and finishes well on the break. Has impressive body control, especially on the break, and is able to absorb contact. Rebounds well -- in and out of his area -- especially for a small forward. Good feel for the game. Extremely athletic, quick and explosive. Unselfish, has a winning attitude and possesses no shortage of intangibles.

WEAKNESSES: The biggest question mark for Kidd-Gilchrist is how he will be able to score the ball in the NBA - especially in the half court. A poor perimeter shooter with a significant hitch in his shot. Needs to play in the right system with shooters to succeed due to the question marks regarding his offensive game. Shot less than 26 percent from the college 3-point line. Average ball skills. Also size could be a factor as there are questions whether he is a tweener forward. Was able to physically overpower guys in college; won't be able to do that at the pro level. Needs to work on his left hand.

COMPARISON:Ron Artest (without the baggage)
5 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Andre Drummond Connecticut Fr. 8/10/93 (18) C 6-10 270
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Explosive athlete for someone his size. Has an NBA-ready man's body. Big, strong, powerful, long and fluid. Unlimited physical potential and an extremely high ceiling -- the highest in the class besides Anthony Davis. . Quick leaper - is able to get off the floor on his second jump before some big men are able to get off the floor the first time. Has a nice spin-move along the baseline that has become his favorite scoring option besides dunking the ball. Not a great passer, but a willing one. Runs the court awkwardly, but well for a big man. Moves well laterally on the defensive end. Extremely coachable.

WEAKNESSES: The mental part of the game. There are concerns regarding his love and commitment to the game. Toughness and inconsistent effort also a question mark. Disappears for long stretches. Has a tendency to want to play on the perimeter, although improved in that regard while in college. Needs to understand positioning and continue to learn the game. Abysmal free throw shooter. Needs a go-to move in the post and be able to develop an effective jump hook. Has not made major improvements over the last few years. Needs to become a more effective shot-blocker. Does not possess great timing or often a willingness to go after the ball. Regarded as a nice kid, but at only 18, he's immature - both on and off the court.

COMPARISON: Kwame Brown, Shawn Kemp
6 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Thomas Robinson Kansas Jr. 3/17/91 (21) PF 6-9 240
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: High-motor and rarely takes a possession off. Will be an effort and energy guy at the next level. Has NBA-ready body, with length and a strong frame, especially for the power forward position. Big-time athlete who combines strength and quickness. Rebounds extremely well - both in and out of his area. Brings a level of tenacity and toughness to the court and thrives with physical contact. Quick jumper. Runs the court well and finishes well in transition. Has improved his mid-range jumper and face-up game. Underrated passer who will improve that aspect of his game with more spacing on the floor. Has developed and matured in his three seasons in the college ranks.

WEAKNESSES: Needs to develop a consistent mid-range jumper and extend his range. Also needs to improve his back-to-the-basket game although he'll likely have more success facing up and getting garbage baskets in the NBA. Not a big-time skill guy. Has to learn how to control his emotions and avoid frustration and losing his composure. Needs to move his feet while playing post defense or else he will get into foul trouble. Struggles at times with decision-making. Will need to adjust to the speed of the NBA game. Tries to burst past players in face-up without elite explosiveness. Needs to stay out of foul trouble.

COMPARISON: Kenneth Faried, Paul Millsap
7 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Jared Sullinger Ohio State So. 3/4/92 (20) PF 6-9 265
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Can be a dominant rebounder. High basketball IQ. Skilled and physical. Versatile scorer who can knock down shots facing up and also be effective in the paint with his ability to utilize his frame to create space. Very good passer -- and passes well from the mid-post. Has very good hands -- and catches most anything thrown his way. Also possesses good footwork. Has worked on his body, which has improved dramatically in his time at Ohio State. Has 3-point range, and will be able to be a pick and pop big man who can step out and make 15-footers with consistency.

WEAKNESSES: Not a great athlete and doesn't play above-the-rim. Is he athletic enough not only to guard power forwards in the NBA, but does he have the footspeed to run the court with four-men at the next level? Lack of length makes it difficult for him to score over longer and bigger defenders. Needs to continue to learn how to handle adversity. Will need to be more consistent with his effort on the defensive end. Will need to continue to take care of his body and conditioning.

COMPARISON: Elton Brand, Glen Davis
8 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Jeremy Lamb Connecticut So. 5/30/92 (19) SG 6-5 185
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Has the ability to score the ball in a variety of ways and at all three levels - from deep, mid-range and around the basket. Is a pure shooter from the perimeter with NBA range -- although he only shot 34 percent from beyond the arc last season. Is a very good athlete and has the ability to create his own shot. Good size for an NBA two-guard. Long for his position. Has a high ceiling due to his potential. Could be a good defender - if he makes the commitment. Tends to play well in the bigger games. While many criticize him for his lack of emotion, his even-keel approach can also be viewed as a strength.

WEAKNESSES: Most of the questions surrounding Lamb are focused on the mental aspect of the game. No leadership qualities. Disappears for long stretches throughout games. Does not play with virtually any emotion and doesn't possess a high motor -- often appearing dis-interested. Needs to get stronger to be able to handle the physicality of the game and absorb contact. Streaky shooter. Does little to make his teammates better and needs to improve his passing ability Often avoids contact, instead settling for floaters rather than taking it strong to the basket. Not capable of being a top guy on his team, but could be a complimentary piece.

COMPARISON: Kerry Kittles, Klay Thompson
9 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Austin Rivers Duke Fr. 8/1/92 (19) SG 6-4 206
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Is an explosive scorer. Has a terrific first step that helps him get to the basket and also possesses the strength to finish. Changes directions and speeds extremely well. Difficulty to defend due to an unorthodox style. Uses ball fakes and head fakes well to free himself up. Has a floater in the lane that should translate to the NBA. Has deep range, although is a streaky shooter from beyond the arc. Incredibly confident and sure of himself. Wants the ball in his hands with the game on the line and has that killer instinct. Is a gym rat constantly working on his game.

WEAKNESSES: Streaky shooter. Not an explosive above-the-rim athlete. Has an awkward game that is herky-jerky and isn't fundamentally sound. Decent ball handler. Is somewhat undersized as a two-guard and isn't a point guard. Has the ability to defend, but doesn't seem to have the desire or mindset to consistently guard. Needs to be able to handle with his left hand more effectively. Has a tendency to try and do too much by himself and it gets him into trouble. Needs to understand how to make his teammates better. Shot selection has been an issue. Body language will need to improve. Will need to refine his mid-range game since it'll be difficult for him to make a living on getting to the basket at the next level.

COMPARISON: Monta Ellis, Lou Williams
10 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Perry Jones III Baylor So. 9/24/91 (20) PF 6-11 235
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Blessed with an abundance of natural talent. Extremely high ceiling. Exceptional and rare combination of length, athleticism, versatility and skill level. Coachable and unselfish -- almost to a fault. Runs the court extremely well. His length should help him become an effective rebounder -- if he develops more toughness. Difficult matchup due to his ability to step out and make mid-range jumpers with his size and length. Can be a pick and pop four-man. Possesses a nice touch around the basket. Has NBA 3-point range, but not with consistency. Stronger than his frame suggests. Possesses terrific quickness for someone his size. High-character.

WEAKNESSES: There are questions regarding his mental and physical toughness. Needs to put on weight at the next level. Average basketball IQ. Needs to be more assertive and play with a higher motor. Has a tendency to play soft -- especially in big games. Unpredictable in his performance and often drifts. Shies away from contact. While he can score in a variety of ways, he lacks a go-to move. Needs to tighten his ball handling abilities. Will he be able to defend a power forward at the next level due to his lack of physicality? No leadership abilities. The acclimation process will take him time to the NBA level. Is he a winning basketball player?

COMPARISON: Anthony Randolph
11 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Dion Waiters Syracuse So. 12/1/91 (20) SG 6-4 214
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Can be an explosive scorer in a variety of ways. Quick and strong enough to get to the basket and finish - both in the halfcourt and also in transition Great body and frame. Is able to make plays for himself and for his teammates. Extremely tough and competitive. Loves to attack the basket and absorbs contact well. Changes directions well. Is effective in ball-screens. Has no shortage of confidence. Although played in a zone in college, will be able to transition - and could thrive -- as a man-to-man defender largely due to his ability to move well laterally. Matured in his time at Syracuse and accepted his role coming off the bench.

WEAKNESSES: Range and consistency on his perimeter shot. Is he a point guard or a two-guard at the next level? Somewhat undersized for a straight two-guard. Will need to work on his ballhandling and decision-making skills in order to play some point in the NBA. The mental aspect of the game and how he reacts, at times, to teammates, coaches and even officials. Will take time to adjust defensively afar playing in a zone the last two years.

COMPARISON: Vinnie Johnson, James Harden
12 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Tyler Zeller North Carolina Sr. 1/11/90 (22) C 7-0 250
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Runs the court extremely well for someone his size - maybe as well as anyone in recent memory. Versatile scorer. Can score with either hand in the paint. Despite rarely showing it in college, has the ability to step out and make mid-range jumpers. Is capable of beating opposing big men down the court and finishes well on the break. Long, athletic, mobile and strong despite his deceptive frame. Possesses quality rebounding instincts. He can score over either shoulder in the post without having to put the ball on the floor. Can play center or be a pick and pop power forward due his ability to step out and make shots from 17 feet. Good hands. Underrated screener who will help get open shots for team's stars. Consistently plays hard.

WEAKNESSES: Needs to continue to get stronger. Will have to learn how to put the ball on the floor and develop a counter-move off the dribble. Will also need to become more comfortable facing the basket. Needs to work on his defensive technique - both in the post and on the perimeter. Not an explosive athlete. Doesn't have great balance. Despite his length, isn't much of a shot-blocker. Not as much upside as other guys in the draft. Does not pass well out of double-teams in the post.

COMPARISON: Jason Smith, Robert Swift (without the mental question marks)
13 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Meyers Leonard Illinois So. 2/27/92 (20) C 7-1 250
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Legitimate size for the center position at 7-feet and 250 pounds with an NBA-ready body and nice length. Big-time athlete, especially for his position, and extremely mobile. Phenomenal skill package for someone his size. Runs the floor extremely well for a 7-footer. Can become a quality shot blocker. Has an extremely high ceiling due to his physical tools. Tougher than people realize. Can step out and make mid-range jumpers. . Good passer for a big man.

WEAKNESSES: Has a tendency to spend too much time on the perimeter. Immaturity is a question and Leonard needs to work on the mental aspect of the game. Needs more of a willingness to play through contact and be physical all the time. Has a decent jump hook, but needs to to develop a go-to move on the block. Needs to bulk up another 20 pounds or so to handle NBA big men. .. Needs to be more consistent in terms of his focus, effort and production. Will have to work on his on-ball defense.

COMPARISON: Tyson Chandler
14 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
John Henson North Carolina So. 12/28/90 (21) PF 6-11 220
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Extremely long and athletic. Henson's biggest asset at this point is his ability to block and alter shots -- especially as a weak-side defender. Very good rebounder. Runs the floor extremely well for someone his size. Is able to guard smaller players on the perimeter. Has expanded his offensive game, both in the post and on the perimeter. Now able to score over both shoulders -- although prefers to go over his left . Also able to face-up now and make mid-range jumpers. Is a solid passer in the post, usually getting the ball to the right man. High-character kid and consistently plays with a motor.

WEAKNESSES: Strength. Henson's most glaring weakness right now is just that -- being weak physically. Has difficulty holding his position as a one-on-one defender in the post. Is driven off-balance and often to the rim often by smaller and stronger opponents The physicality could also effect him in terms of his ability to finish in traffic. . Narrow shoulders that may prohibit him from putting on weight. Questionable mental toughness to go along with a lack of physical toughness. Could be too nice of a kid. While he has improved on the offensive end, Henson is still a work in progress. Needs to develop a more consistent mid-range jump shot as well as a go-to post move. Free throw shooting has been abysmal.

COMPARISON: Brandan Wright, Ed Davis
15 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Moe Harkless St. John's Fr. 5/11/93 (19) SF 6-8 208
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Extremely long, athletic and wiry. While he needs to put on weight and strength, has an ideal frame for an NBA small forward. Has a good first step, can put the ball on the floor and finish on the rim on penetration. Rebounds well -- especially on the defensive end. Has solid mechanics to improve his perimeter shot with repetition. Is dangerous in transition due to his athleticism, ability to run the floor and his and explosiveness. High ceiling because of his skill set, body and youth.

WEAKNESSES: Needs to work on the mental aspect of the game and become consistent with his effort on each play and for each game. Mental toughness is a legitimate concern. Immature and can be moody at times. Struggled to make perimeter shots in his one season in college, but should improve with work in the NBA and has the mechanics to be an above-average shooter. Raw on the offensive end. Will need to take more ownership on the defensive end of the floor in locking down his opponent. Needs to get stronger, but enjoys working in the weight room and that shouldn't be an issue.

COMPARISON: Josh Howard, Paul George
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