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NBA Draft Big Board

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Jeff Goodman's NBA Draft Prospect Rankings By Jeff Goodman
CBSSports.com College Basketball Insider

(Big Board updated: June 18)
College Basketball Insider Jeff Goodman offers his take on 2012 NBA Draft prospects ahead of the June 28 draft.

Goodman's Big Board
16 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Terrence Jones Kentucky So. 1/09/92 (20) PF 6-9 252
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Versatile and should be able to play both forward spots. ... At 6-foot-8, the lefty has good length, strength and is well-built. ... Puts it on the floor and can also run the court well, rebound and score around the basket. ... Is at his best driving to the basket or finishing around the basket with his left hand. ... Has become a very good rebounder. ... Does not shy away from physical contact. In fact, embraces it. ... Good touch around the basket with both hands. ... Handles the ball well for someone his size. ... Good passing ability.

WEAKNESSES: Mental makeup. He is erratic with his effort and production -- and mental toughness is questionable. ... Will he be able to bring it for an 82-game schedule? ... Character questions. ... Unorthodox game that lacks fluidity. ... Below average 3-point shooter with a slow release who will need to work on the consistency and mechanics with his perimeter shot. ... Will also need to be able to consistently make the mid-range jumper. ... Struggles with his right hand and is does nearly all of his damage from the left side of the court. ... Often tries to do too much rather than making the simple play. ... Was able to do damage in the paint in college, but will that translate to the NBA? ... Poor body language.

COMPARISON: Brandon Bass, Lamar Odom
17 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Arnett Moultrie Miss. St. Jr. 11/18/90 (21) PF 6-11 230
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Has terrific rebounding instincts and a nose for the ball -- especially on the offensive end. ... Good size at 6-foot-11 and 240. .. Nice length and athleticism. ... Has developed into a player who plays hard nearly every possession and has a high motor. ... Can immediately handle the physical play in the league due to his NBA-body and ability to rebound. ... Doesn't have a go-to move, but finds a way to score in a variety of ways. ... Can score a little in the post, is able to step out and make mid-range jumpers and also gets garbage buckets. ... Handles it well for someone his size. ... Late-bloomer who was a point guard early in his high school career.

WEAKNESSES: Not much of a shot-blocker for someone his size. ... Average feel for the game and basketball IQ as he didn't start playing until high school. ... Passing abilities are sub-par. ... Needs to work on his overall decision-making. ... Low-post moves are lacking. ... Will need to improve his footwork in the post. ... Needs to become a consistent mid-range shooter at the next level. ... Continue to get stronger in order to battle big men in the post. ... Still tends to drift on the perimeter on the offensive end, although that area has improved significantly from his days at UTEP.

COMPARISON: Amir Johnson. Shawn Marion
18 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Damian Lillard Weber State Jr. 7/15/90 (21) PG 6-3 193
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Will be a scoring point guard at the next level. ... Can shoot it from deep and won't have any difficulty extending his range to the NBA 3-point line. ... Has the ability to get to the rim and possesses a good first step. ... Fundamentally sound. ... Deceptive athlete. ... High basketball IQ. ... High-character with a terrific work ethic. ... Good good length and is strong enough to finish through contact. ... Huge hands for a point guard. ... Rebounds well for his position.

WEAKNESSES: Not a true point guard who will have to learn how to run a team as a pass-first guy. ... Will need to work on his court vision and ability to take care of the basketball. ... Needs to develop a mid-range game at the next level -- which means he'll need to add runners and floaters to his ability to shoot the ball from deep. ... Average athlete. ... Needs to work on his right hand. ... Could become a solid defender, with long arms and decent athleticism, but needs to make more of a commitment to the defensive end of the court. ... Not a vocal leader; prefers to lead by example. ... Played in the Big Sky in college -- and didn't go up against big-time athletes on a consistent basis. ... Needs to become a better shooter on the move.

COMPARISON: Mo Williams, Rodney Stuckey, George Hill
19 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Kendall Marshall North Carolina So. 8/19/91 (20) PG 6-4 195
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Consummate point guard who makes his teammates better. ... Has terrific court vision, passing ability and a tremendous feel for the game. ... Advances the ball well - both with the dribble and the even more so with the pass. ... Has great size, strength and length for the position. ... Not an explosive athlete, but his speed is deceiving -- and he uses angles well. ... Terrific team leader. ... Understands how to run a team and manage egos. ... Reads defenses extremely well. ... Will be able to thrive in ball-screen offense. ... Makes plays and knows how role. ... High-character who teammates will enjoy playing alongside due to his unselfishness.

WEAKNESSES: Average athlete who could have difficulty finishing around the basket at the next level. ... The lack of athleticism will also be a factor on the defensive end of the floor -- where he'll be hard-pressed to stay in front of quicker point guards. Needs to work on his lateral quickness to be an adequate defender. ... Perimeter shot has improved, but it's still a flat-footed push shot that needs continued work. ... Is effective finishing going to his left, but will need to be able to finish going to his right in the NBA.

COMPARISON: Mark Jackson, Marcus Williams, Ricky Rubio
20 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Marquis Teague Kentucky Fr. 2/28/93 (19) PG 6-2 185
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Has the speed, quickness and athleticism to play the point guard position. ... Can really push the ball in transition and also get to the basket in the halfcourt and finish with his quickness and strength. ... Very good first step and handle that helps allow him beat defenders off the dribble. ... Has matured into someone who has learned how to score and also run a team and get his teammates the ball. ... Has the ability to be a terrific on-ball defender. ... Not quite as explosives as his older brother, Jeff, at the rim -- but still able to finish above-the-rim with ease.

WEAKNESSES: Needs to be more consistent with his jump shot -- both mid-range and from beyond the arc -- but mechanics aren't such where it can't be fixed. ... While he improved his floor game, still needs to improve decision-making abilities and continue to learn to value the ball and let the game come to him. ... Is a good on-ball defender and can really force steals and impact the game on that end, but needs to work on off-ball defense. ... Needs to consistently play hard and with intensity.

21 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Terrence Ross Washington So. 2/5/91 (21) SG 6-6 200
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Quality size, quickness and length for an NBA two-guard. ... Shoots it well from the perimeter, with NBA range and also possessing a quick release. ... Is able more than capable of pulling up with mid-range jumpers. ... Makes contested shots. ... Is a terrific athlete who plays well-above the rim. ... Uses his athleticism to finish well in transition and is also a weapon on the receiving end of lobs. ... High-character. ... Will be able to rebound well for his position - on both ends of the court. ... Decent defender who can bother opponents with his length and athleticism.

WEAKNESSES: Needs to improve his ballhandling abilities, especially in the halfcourt, in order to be able to break down opposing defenders to create his own shot. ... Needs to get stronger in his upper body to be able to withstand contact and finish in the NBA. ... Has a tendency to let the game come to him and play within the flow instead of being assertive. ... His shot-selection must improve. ... Has been a solid defender in college -- both on-ball and as a team defender -- but could be an above-average defender at the next level due to his length and athleticism.

22 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Royce White Iowa St. So. 4/10/91 (21) PF 6-8 270
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Versatile. ... Extremely unique player due to his skill set at his size. ... Huge hands. ... Terrific passer who makes teammates better. ... Handles ball well for his position. ... Great feel for the game and high basketball IQ. ... Quality decision-maker. ... Has good rebounding instincts and terrific hands help in this aspect. ... Has the strength and toughness to step in and compete at the next level immediately. ... Deceptive athlete for someone 270 pounds. ... Plays with a high motor. ... Is able to guard perimeter.

WEAKNESSES: Caught in-between positions due to questions on who he can guard at the next level. At 6-foot-7, can he play the power forward spot? Is he quick enough to defend small forwards? ... Perimeter shooting. Needs to become more consistent and be able to make open mid-range jumpers. ... Will need to play for a coach who knows how to utilize him. Will not be effective in all systems - and will need to have plays run through him due to his ability to make teammates better. ... Poor free throw shooter who shot 50 percent last season. ... Not an above-the-rim athlete. ... Emotional stability questioned dating back to his days at Minnesota. Has admitted to anxiety disorder. Will that affect him down the road?

COMPARISON: Anthony Mason
23 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Jeffrey Taylor Vanderbilt Sr. 5/23/89 (22) SF 6-7 225
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Terrific physical tools. Great size, length and speed for an NBA wing. Big-time, explosive athlete. Has improved his skill level since arriving in college and become an above-average 3-point shooter and also someone who can make mid-range jumpers on a semi-consistent basis. Has been a terrific defender at the college level and could be the same in the NBA due to size, length, quick feet, lateral quickness Good footwork and fundamentally sound overall. Won't be a go-to scorer, but can get buckets in a variety of ways -- can make 3's, slash to the basket and also on the offensive glass. Thrives in transition and in the open court. Has a high ceiling due to his physical attributes.

WEAKNESSES: Doesn't create his shot well in the halfcourt largely due to his average handle -- which must improve at the next level. For someone so athletic, doesn't finish through contact at the rim as well as he should. Mediocre passing ability and also average basketball IQ. Needs to become more consistent on the offensive end. Mental toughness has been questioned. Tendency to drift and be passive throughout games; needs to be more assertive.

COMPARISON: Aaron Afflalo, Danny Granger
24 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Festus Ezeli Vanderbilt Sr. 10/21/89 (22) C 6-11 265
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: NBA size and body for the center spot. Has good length and athleticism. ... Also extremely strong and is able to hold his ground against most big men. Will be able to physically matchup with most NBA centers. ... Defense is clearly his biggest asset. ... Is an above-average shot-blocker who can also rebound the ball and guard five-men. ... Is able to defend the pick-and-roll. ... Runs the court well. ... High-character. ... Solid, well-rounded player who is considered a safe pick due to the lack of risk. ... Hails from Nigeria and hasn't played basketball since he was young, so considered to still have plenty of room for growth.

WEAKNESSES: Needs to improve his offensive game and develop a go-to post move, but he'll likely never be a guy teams throw the ball to down on the block. ... Will have to be able finish with both hands around the basket. ... The mental aspect of the game - Ezeli had difficulty this past season dealing with the mental component of overcoming a knee injury. Also has to work through nerves. ... Confidence sometimes a factor. ... Has a tendency to disappear. ... Needs to become a more consistent rebounder. ... Doesn't possess great hands. ... Average basketball IQ. ... Doesn't always understand how to utilize his strength.

COMPARISON: Emeka Okafor
25 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Doron Lamb Kentucky So. 11/6/91 (20) SG 6-4 200
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Makes shots consistently from the perimeter -- both from 3-point range and also from mid-range. ... Is dangerous coming off screens. ... Has good size and length. ... Has also shown the ability to slide over and spend limited time at the point guard spot after backing up Brandon Knight and Marquis Teague for the past two years. ... Has turned himself into a quality perimeter defender, utilizing his length and quickness -- and also taking pride in that end of the court. ... Accepted his role in his two seasons at Kentucky. ... Competes and plays hard the majority of the time.

WEAKNESSES: Some view Lamb as a tweener guard, someone that isn't really a point and is too small to be a two-guard. ... Will have to work on his decision-making and ball handling abilities to be able to play the point in the NBA. ... Not an explosive athlete -- especially in terms of his jumping ability. ... Must get stronger to be able to defend NBA two-guards. ... Will need to expand his offensive game with the ability to put it on the floor and get to the basket. ... Will also have to extend his range to the NBA 3-point line. ... Needs to play with a high-motor all the time.

COMPARISON: Cuttino Mobley, O.J. Mayo
26 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Evan Fournier France Intl. 10/29/92 (19) SG 6-7 205
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Creates well with the ball in his hands and gets to the basket due to his size, skill level and craftiness. ... Is a scoring wing who gets his points in a variety of ways, but does most of his damage in penetration utilizing angles . ... Handles the ball well for someone his size. ... High basketball IQ and possesses a terrific feel for the game. ... Good passing ability and court vision. ... Good size for his position. ... High-level experience against overseas competition playing in the top division in France. ... Extremely poised for someone his age.

WEAKNESSES: Below average shooter -- especially from 3-point range. ... Needs to get stronger to be able to defend -- and score against -- strong and athletic small forwards in the NBA. ... Considered "soft" and will need to become tougher as his body develops. ... Average athleticism who isn't explosive and rarely plays above the rim. ... Needs to work on his lateral quickness to be able to defend quick, athletic NBA wings. ... Will have to become a better decision-maker with his shot selection.

COMPARISON: Nicolas Batum
27 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Will Barton Memphis So. 1/6/91 (21) SG 6-6 170
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Length and athleticism. Barton is extremely long for a wing guard. ... Scoring ability. Barton is able to get to the basket and finish despite his lack of strength. He can also pull-up from mid-range and thrives in transition. ... Plays with a high-motor. ... Rebounds extremely well for his position - especially in traffic. ... Terrific hands that allow him to catch just about everything -- including getting tough rebounds. ... Has the potential to be a quality defender due to his length, lateral quickness and toughness. ... Fearless and possesses no shortage of swagger. ... Has matured and developed leadership skills in his two seasons at Memphis.

WEAKNESSES: Strength. His body frame is extremely thin and he could have trouble putting on weight. ... Needs to develop a consistent 3-point shot at the NBA level. ... Has to continue to learn decision-making. ... Sometimes tries to do too much instead of letting the game come to him. ... Will need to continue to tighten up his ballhandling in order to be able to beat guys off the dribble.

COMPARISON: Richard Hamilton
28 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Andrew Nicholson St. Bonaventure Sr. 12/08/89 (22) PF 6-9 240
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Possesses terrific length for the power forward position. ... Extremely skilled and a multi-dimensional scorer who can put the ball in the basket in a variety of ways. Will be a stretch power forward. ... Is able to face-up and knock down shots from the perimeter -- all the way to the NBA 3-point line -- with consistency. ... Can also score in the post with both hands -- and has a nice jump hook. ... Also able to score from mid-range. ... High basketball IQ. ... Great, soft hands and terrific footwork. ... Moves his feet well enough to guard opposing forwards on the perimeter. ... Runs awkward, but gets up and down the court quickly. ... High-character.

WEAKNESSES: Needs to get stronger -- especially in his lower body -- to handle the rigors of the NBA. ... Will have difficulty guarding big men in the post. ... Average athlete, but is somewhat deceptive. ... Will have to improve on the defensive end and exert more effort on that end of the floor. ... Needs to learn how to stay out of foul trouble. ... Needs to become a better passer, especially out of the double-team in the post. ... Needs to show more toughness and tenacity on the glass. ... Runs awkward.

COMPARISON: Robert Horry, Vin Baker
29 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Draymond Green Michigan St. Sr. 3/04/90 (22) PF 6-7 230
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Extremely versatile who could be a point forward at the next level. ... Plays hard virtually every possession and plays with intensity and passion. ... Terrific leadership skills, toughness and intangibles. ... Passes extremely well and has a high basketball IQ. ... Is able to make shots from the perimeter and also score in the post. ... Rebounds well for someone his size -- especially on the offensive glass. ... Handles the ball well for his position. ... High-character kid who has improved each of his four seasons in college. ... Is able to make those around him better and will accept a role.

WEAKNESSES: Tweener forward who could be caught in-between positions. ... Is undersized to play the power forward position. ... Will be difficult to imagine him being able to defend a small forward. ... Does not play above the rim and isn't a high-level athlete. ... Will need to become a consistent shooter from NBA 3-point range. ... May need the right system and coach to effectively utilize his skills. ... Needs to continue to improve his stamina. ... Is a jack of all trades, but will need to become great at something for the next level.

COMPARISON: Anthony Mason
30 Player School Year Birthday Pos. Ht. Wt.
Fab Melo Syracuse So. 06/20/90 (21) C 7-0 255
Goodman's scouting report:

STRENGTHS: Long and mobile big man who will make an impact on the defensive end. ... Can be a shot-blocker at the NBA level and also a decent rebounder for a center. ... Good size for the position. ... Has made significant strides with both his body and also his effort and production from his freshman to sophomore season. ... Runs the court well for a big man. ... Athletic enough to defend ball screens. ... Can be a pick and pop guy who can make mid-range shots. ... Also effective in ball-screens due to his ability to roll to the basket quickly and finish above the rim at full speed.

WEAKNESSES: Low-post scoring ability. Isn't a guy you can throw the ball to in the post right now. ... In fact, his entire offensive game is a weakness -- and he's raw on that end of the court. ... Needs to become a more adept rebounder. ... The mental aspect of the game -- coming to play each and every night for an 82-game season. ... Needs to continue to take care of his body. ... Character issues arising from multiple suspensions. ... Below-average basketball IQ who hails from Brazil and is still learning the game.

COMPARISON: Brendan Haywood
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