2010 NBA Mock Draft: Jonathan Feigen

The predraft buzz was not all talk. Several trades have changed the draft order and will impact picks in the middle of the first round, and there could be much more to come, depending on how the draft unfolds after the first six or seven picks.

The bulk of the talk, however, does seem to be smoke, with teams hoping to leverage picks for possible moves. Despite rumors, and particularly talk that the Nets had moved off Derrick Favors to take Wesley Johnson with the third pick, the order of the top six still seems more likely to remain unchanged.

That, however, could change in a hurry if any of the teams seeking to move into the top five succeed, and the picks to immediately follow will also be targets for teams working to move up.
NBA Mock Draft - 06/24/2010
Round 1
1. Washington Wizards
John Wall, PG, Kentucky: In a draft in which little has seemed certain, Wall has been a lock to open the proceedings. The Wizards could have brought a No. 1 Wall jersey to the lottery.
2. Philadelphia 76ers
Evan Turner, SG, Ohio State: The Sixers had been discussing whether they should not let the big men available slip, but Turner is just too solid to pass up. They believe he can man the shooting guard spot for the next decade and produce as a scorer and playmaker.
3. New Jersey Nets
Derrick Favors, PF, Georgia Tech: There has been all sorts of buzz that the Nets had switched their choice to Wesley Johnson, but it will be difficult to pass on Favors' gifts and potential.
4. Minnesota Timberwolves
Wesley Johnson, SF, Syracuse: The Timberwolves have been perhaps the most active team in trade talks and have been a target for teams looking to move into the top five. If Johnson is still there, however, they likely can take the shooting help they need and limit their deals to their other first-round picks. If the Nets grab him, they could have to grab another big man or make a deal.
5. Sacramento Kings
DeMarcus Cousins, PF, Kentucky: Teams have looked to move up to grab Cousins, but the Kings are in a position to gamble on his upside. The acquisition of Samuel Dalembert, in the last season of his contract, should make a good transition as Cousins serves an apprenticeship.
6. Golden State Warriors
Greg Monroe, C, Georgetown: The Warriors will likely take the center left after the top five. With indications that Cousins will be gone, Monroe would be the solid big man the Warriors have lacked. The choice will come down to Monroe or Ekpe Udoh.
7. Detroit Pistons
Ed Davis, PF, North Carolina: The Pistons have wanted a big man and will try to get one bigger than Davis. If Detroit cannot move up, the choice will likely come down to Davis or Ekpe Udoh. Al-Farouq Aminu had looked like the choice, but Detroit is expected to opt for size.
8. Los Angeles Clippers
Al-Farouq Aminu, SF, Wake Forest: If the Pistons leave Aminu available, he would seem the logical, easy choice to step in at small forward. The Clippers do covet range shooting, however, and could be tempted to grab Luke Babbitt or Gordon Hayward.
9. Utah Jazz (from New York through Phoenix)
Luke Babbitt, SF, Nevada: Babbitt could fit the Jazz in a variety of ways, with the savvy to move without the ball and pass necessary in Jerry Sloan's front court, the shooting touch and toughness to replace Matt Harpring, and if Carlos Boozer moves on, even an ability to play some power forward.
10. Indiana Pacers
Ekpe Udoh, PF, Baylor: The Pacers have been active in trade talks, trying to move the pick for a point guard, and might have found a deal with Oklahoma City. The Thunder could impact the next five picks, but if Udoh is still around, he would be a solid pick for either team.
11. New Orleans Hornets
James Anderson, SG, Oklahoma State: The Hornets could move the pick to someone who wants to grab Xavier Henry, Cole Aldrich or Paul George here. The Hornets would likely choose Anderson, George or Henry at No. 11, with Anderson unlikely to go this early if someone else makes the pick. The next five picks could hinge on what happens here.
12. Memphis Grizzlies
Gordon Hayward, SF, Butler: The Grizzlies also have been extremely active in trade talks, with the 12th pick likely going to the Timberwolves. Both would be in a good position, however, as they seek perimeter shooting, making the choice likely between Hayward and Xavier Henry.
13. Toronto Raptors
Avery Bradley, SG, Texas: Though the wings and center Cole Aldrich will be tempting, the Raptors have seemed high on Texas guard Avery Bradley, who can bring defense the Raptors desperately need to the backcourt and could develop into a versatile combo guard.
14. Houston Rockets
Paul George, SF, Fresno State: The Rockets would seem to have a need for size and interior defense and would have to consider Cole Aldrich, who brings both. They have consistently insisted, however, they will ignore need to choose the best potential. That would likely make the choice between George and Xavier Henry, with the Rockets among the teams working hard to move up.
15. Milwaukee Bucks (from Chicago)
Xavier Henry, SG, Kansas: Henry could go at several spots earlier, but if he lasts this long, it would be difficult to let him slide further.
16. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Charlotte through Denver)
Cole Aldrich, C, Kansas: The Grizzlies could have the Wolves' pick here but also could move it again if Aldrich is there. Aldrich could be good value at this point.
17. Chicago Bulls (from Milwaukee)
Hassan Whiteside, C, Marshall: The Bulls could move out of the first round, and if Whiteside is still available at 17, will likely find some takers. He would be a good selection in Chicago, with big men on hand to allow Whiteside time to develop and Whiteside bringing the defensive attitude to fit new coach Tom Thibodeau.
18. Miami Heat
Patrick Patterson, PF, Kentucky: The Heat, as expected, traded out of the first round, reserving cap space for free agents. The Thunder could move the pick again, but Patterson would be a solid choice for their frontcourt. Larry Sanders has a chance to go to Oklahoma City here.
19. Boston Celtics
Solomon Alabi, C, Florida State: The Celtics are among the teams that could move their pick, but Alabi is a project that would fit a team that can give him time to grow with the defense, rebounding and attitude that the Celtics treasure.
20. San Antonio Spurs
Elliot Williams, SG, Memphis: The Spurs are among the teams that could look to move out of the first round, and failing that, might be interested in stashing a player overseas. They have been interested in Williams throughout the process. He could add depth at a position where the Spurs need another young player.
21. Oklahoma City Thunder
Larry Sanders, PF, Virginia Commonwealth: If the Pacers hold on to the pick, Sanders would offer a big man to develop to work next to Roy Hibbert. The pick could be moved again. Oklahoma City would be more likely to choose Kevin Seraphin to let him grow overseas.
22. Portland Trail Blazers
Kevin Seraphin, PF, Cholet: The Trail Blazers have been working hard to move up in the draft and will have several chances. They could target Solomon Alabi just a few spots sooner, though there is a chance he could slide to 22. If not, Seraphin would be a player to stash overseas.
23. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Utah through Philadelphia)
Daniel Orton, PF, Kentucky: Orton did not expect to slide this far but could slip even more. A team willing to gamble on potential, despite considerable risk, could make a move for the pick.
24. Atlanta Hawks
Tibor Pleiss, C, Kohn 99ers: Gani Lawal has been moving up and would be an interesting choice for the hometown Hawks, but Atlanta is still more likely to choose a player it can keep overseas, with, as a bonus, the chance of eventually getting the interior size the Hawks have lacked. Damion James could be considered here as well.
25. Memphis Grizzlies (from Denver)
Thomas Heurtel, PG, SIG Strasbourg: Heurtel has moved up in the final weeks and could sneak into the first round. He would be a player attractive to teams looking to keep a player overseas. Another French project, he could benefit from the success of other French prospects in recent seasons. Xavier's Jordan Crawford could fit here as well.
26. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Phoenix)
Dominique Jones, SG, South Florida: A combo guard, Jones would need time to grow into a full-time point guard role. He moved up well through the process to likely get a first-round spot. If the Thunder keep the pick, they could choose an international player to keep overseas if they have not already made that move with an earlier selection.
27. New Jersey Nets (from Dallas)
Craig Brackins, PF, Iowa State: He was not expected to be a first-round pick through much of the process, but there have been signs he has moved up to the sights of several teams picking late in the first round and early second. His range shooting in workouts has improved his stock.
28. Memphis Grizzlies (from L.A. Lakers)
Willie Warren, PG, Oklahoma: Warren slipped early in the process but still seems likely to land a spot late in the first round with several teams willing to gamble on his offensive skills. Eric Bledsoe could also earn consideration among those teams.
29. Orlando Magic
Armon Johnson, PG, Nevada: Though he would be a project at point guard, Johnson is an outstanding athlete and has impressed several teams in workouts enough that he could slip into the first round. Terrico White and Eric Bledsoe might figure at this spot as well.
30. Washington Wizards (from Cleveland)
Quincy Pondexter, SF, Washington: A solid senior, Pondexter improved with the extra time at Washington but has not seemed to have changed his draft stock much. He would benefit from any time playing with John Wall as the Wizards begin and end the first round.
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