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Los Angeles has retained big man Jordan Hill.
Miami may have lost LeBron James, but it appears the other two stars will be back after Chris Bosh agrees to a five-year, $118 million deal.
Los Angeles is keeping shooting guard Nick Young around.
Could Dwyane Wade also head home?
Dallas Mavericks' summer league forward Eric Griffin shows Shane Larkin he should get out of the way.
On a mural of the Miami Heat in the city of Miami, LeBron James has been defaced after signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
LeBron James is headed home and the Heat can't believe it.
Now that LeBron James has announced he will be returning to the Cavaliers, there likely will be plenty of player movement today. Keep track of it all here.
Despite potentially stiff competition from the Cavaliers, Golden State has no plans to offer Klay Thompson to Minnesota.
Gilbert says he deeply regrets letter and he realized it was wrong just months after the decision. Which is the exact opposite of what he said months ago.
SI's Lee Jenkins found out on Thursday that LeBron James was going back to the Cavs.
The author who penned a long form tale of essentially hating LeBron James and the connection to his own personal issues is suddenly cool with the King again.
Cleveland paper celebrates return of the prodigal son after four years of partying and winning titles in Miami.
If his departure from Cleveland was a clumsy, mismanaged debacle, LeBron James' return was a tour de force. Four years later, the Cavs are getting a much different and better version of the King.

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