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NBA Play by Play - Houston vs. Seattle

1st Qtr
12:00Start of period
12:00 HOUJumpball received by Luis Scola
11:452-0HOUBobby Jackson made Jump Shot
11:282-0SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
11:20 SEAOffensive Rebound by Nick Collison
11:13 HOUShooting foul on Dikembe Mutombo
11:132-1SEANick Collison made 1st of 2 Free Throws
11:132-2SEANick Collison made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
10:412-2HOUBobby Jackson missed Jump Shot
10:37 SEADefensive Rebound by Nick Collison
10:33 SEABad pass turnover on Jeff Green
10:112-2HOULuis Scola missed Layup
10:06 HOUOffensive Rebound by Luis Scola
10:04 HOULost ball turnover on Luis Scola, Stolen by Kevin Durant
9:562-2SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
9:53 HOUDefensive Rebound by Dikembe Mutombo
9:47 SEAShooting foul on Nick Collison
9:473-2HOULuis Scola made 1st of 2 Free Throws
9:473-2HOULuis Scola missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
9:47 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
9:33 SEALost ball turnover on Jeff Green, Stolen by Tracy McGrady
9:175-2HOULuis Scola made Layup
9:065-2SEAJeff Green missed Jump Shot
9:01 SEAOffensive Rebound by Johan Petro
9:015-4SEAJohan Petro made Jump Shot
8:445-4HOUTracy McGrady missed Jump Shot
8:41 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
8:375-4SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
8:37 SEAOffensive Rebound by Jeff Green
8:37 HOUShooting foul on Dikembe Mutombo
8:375-5SEAJeff Green made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:375-6SEAJeff Green made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:157-6HOUTracy McGrady made Floating Jump Shot
7:587-6SEANick Collison missed Jump Shot
7:54 SEAOffensive Rebound by Earl Watson
7:457-6SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
7:42 HOUDefensive Rebound by Tracy McGrady
7:3310-6HOUBobby Jackson made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Tracy McGrady
7:1910-6SEAJeff Green missed Jump Shot
7:15 HOUDefensive Rebound by Luis Scola
7:1010-6HOUTracy McGrady missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
6:5610-8SEAJohan Petro made Jump Shot
6:4210-8HOULuis Scola missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Johan Petro
6:36 HOUOffensive Rebound by Dikembe Mutombo
6:3612-8HOUDikembe Mutombo made Slam Dunk
6:1912-8SEANick Collison missed Jump Shot
6:12 HOUDefensive Rebound by Bobby Jackson
6:05 SEAPersonal foul on Jeff Green
5:5615-8HOUBobby Jackson made 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:4215-8SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
5:39 HOUDefensive Rebound by Tracy McGrady
5:36 SEAShooting foul on Nick Collison
5:36  TV Timeout
5:3615-8HOUTracy McGrady missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:3616-8HOUTracy McGrady made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:2316-8SEAKevin Durant missed Floating Jump Shot
5:17 HOUDefensive Rebound by Dikembe Mutombo
5:0816-8HOUTracy McGrady missed Turnaround Jump Shot
5:03 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
4:5816-10SEAJohan Petro made Jump Shot, Assist Earl Watson
4:40 HOULost ball turnover on Tracy McGrady, Stolen by Nick Collison
4:3116-10SEAEarl Watson missed Jump Shot
4:25 HOUDefensive Rebound by Luis Scola
4:15 SEAShooting foul on Jeff Green
4:1517-10HOUTracy McGrady made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:1518-10HOUTracy McGrady made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:0118-10SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
4:01 HOUPersonal foul on Chuck Hayes
3:4818-10SEANick Collison missed Jump Shot
3:43 HOUDefensive Rebound by Shane Battier
3:3918-10HOUChuck Hayes missed Layup
3:29 HOUOffensive Rebound by Shane Battier
3:40 HOUPersonal foul on Bobby Jackson
3:2718-10SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
3:22 SEAOffensive Rebound by Nick Collison
3:2218-12SEANick Collison made Layup
3:22 HOUShooting foul on Bobby Jackson
3:2218-13SEANick Collison made Free Throw
3:0620-13HOULuis Scola made Layup, Assist Shane Battier
2:4120-13SEAKevin Durant missed Turnaround Jump Shot
2:32 SEAOffensive Rebound by Johan Petro
2:3220-13SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
2:27 HOUDefensive Rebound by Chuck Hayes
2:3320-13HOUTracy McGrady missed Jump Shot
2:33 SEADefensive Rebound by Nick Collison
2:33  TV Timeout
2:1920-13SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
2:16 SEAOffensive Rebound by Adrian Griffin
2:11 SEALost ball turnover on Adrian Griffin, Stolen by Aaron Brooks
1:5520-13HOUTracy McGrady missed Layup
1:50 HOUOffensive Rebound by Luis Scola
1:4020-13HOUTracy McGrady missed Jump Shot
1:36 SEADefensive Rebound by Adrian Griffin
1:3520-15SEAKevin Durant made Layup, Assist Luke Ridnour
1:05 HOU24-second shotclock violaton turnover on Luis Scola
55.020-15SEAKevin Durant missed Layup
50.0 HOUDefensive Rebound by Luis Scola
48.0 SEAShooting foul on Johan Petro
48.021-15HOUAaron Brooks made 1st of 2 Free Throws
48.022-15HOUAaron Brooks made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
36.022-15SEAAdrian Griffin missed Layup
32.0 HOUDefensive Rebound by Chuck Hayes
24.022-15HOULuis Scola missed Jump Shot
20.0 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
6.022-17SEAAdrian Griffin made Layup
1.022-17HOUTracy McGrady missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
2nd Qtr
12:00Start of period
11:4722-17SEAAdrian Griffin missed Layup
11:41 HOUDefensive Rebound by Dikembe Mutombo
11:2924-17HOUCarl Landry made Jump Shot
11:1324-17SEAFrancisco Elson missed Jump Shot
11:08 SEAOffensive Rebound by Adrian Griffin
10:4724-19SEAJeff Green made Jump Shot
10:44 SEAPersonal foul on Luke Ridnour
10:3927-19HOUShane Battier made 3-pt. Jump Shot
10:1427-21SEAAdrian Griffin made Jump Shot
10:14 HOUShooting foul on Mike Harris
10:1427-22SEAAdrian Griffin made Free Throw
9:5127-22HOUShane Battier missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:44 SEADefensive Rebound by Francisco Elson
9:3027-24SEAFrancisco Elson made Jump Shot
9:1529-24HOUAaron Brooks made Floating Jump Shot
8:5529-24SEAAdrian Griffin missed Floating Jump Shot
8:50 SEAOffensive Rebound by Nick Collison
8:4929-24SEANick Collison missed Layup
8:42 SEAOffensive Rebound by Jeff Green
8:4029-26SEANick Collison made Jump Shot, Assist Luke Ridnour
8:1829-26HOUCarl Landry missed Jump Shot
8:14 SEADefensive Rebound by Adrian Griffin
8:07 SEAOut of bounds turnover on Adrian Griffin
8:07  TV Timeout
7:53 HOUOffensive foul on Carl Landry
7:52 HOUOffensive Foul turnover on Carl Landry
7:39 HOUPersonal foul on Chuck Hayes
7:3829-27SEALuke Ridnour made 1st of 2 Free Throws
7:3029-28SEALuke Ridnour made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
7:1729-28HOUAaron Brooks missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:15 SEADefensive Rebound by Jeff Green
7:01 SEALost ball turnover on Jeff Green
6:43 HOULost ball turnover on Luther Head, Stolen by Adrian Griffin
6:3229-28SEAJeff Green missed Layup
6:27 HOUDefensive Rebound by Chuck Hayes
6:27 SEAShooting foul on Francisco Elson
6:2730-28HOUCarl Landry made 1st of 2 Free Throws
6:2730-28HOUCarl Landry missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
6:27 SEADefensive Rebound by Nick Collison
6:21 HOUPersonal foul on Carl Landry
6:1330-28SEAFrancisco Elson missed Jump Shot
5:5230-28HOUTracy McGrady missed Jump Shot
5:50 SEADefensive Rebound by Jeff Green
5:4630-31SEALuke Ridnour made 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:2830-31HOULuther Head missed Layup, Blocked by Nick Collison
5:22 SEADefensive Rebound by Jeff Green
5:1730-31SEAAdrian Griffin missed Layup
5:18  TV Timeout
5:1130-31SEAKevin Durant missed Layup
5:06 SEAOffensive Rebound by Johan Petro
5:05 SEALost ball turnover on Johan Petro, Stolen by Carl Landry
4:5530-31HOUBobby Jackson missed Jump Shot
4:5130-31HOULuis Scola missed Layup
4:45 HOUOffensive Rebound by Carl Landry
4:4530-31HOUCarl Landry missed Layup
4:35 SEADefensive Rebound by Nick Collison
4:1030-31SEALuke Ridnour missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:05 HOUDefensive Rebound by Luis Scola
3:5333-31HOUShane Battier made 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:37 SEALost ball turnover on Luke Ridnour, Stolen by Bobby Jackson
3:3035-31HOUBobby Jackson made Layup
3:1135-31SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
3:00 SEAPersonal foul on Kevin Durant
2:5535-31HOUBobby Jackson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:51 SEADefensive Rebound by Earl Watson
2:4535-31SEAJohan Petro missed Hook Shot
2:39 HOUDefensive Rebound by Luis Scola
2:3437-31HOUShane Battier made Jump Shot
2:2037-31SEANick Collison missed Jump Shot
2:16 SEAOffensive Rebound by Johan Petro
2:15 HOUPersonal foul on Luther Head
2:15  TV Timeout
2:0737-31SEAJohan Petro missed Hook Shot
2:01 HOUPersonal foul on Luis Scola
1:4637-31SEAAdrian Griffin missed Layup, Blocked by Luther Head
1:4137-33SEAEarl Watson made Jump Shot, Assist Nick Collison
1:2137-33HOUBobby Jackson missed Layup
1:17 SEADefensive Rebound by Nick Collison
1:1337-33SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Tracy McGrady
1:07 SEAOffensive Rebound by Johan Petro
1:0737-35SEAJohan Petro made Layup
53.040-35HOUBobby Jackson made 3-pt. Jump Shot
46.040-35SEAEarl Watson missed Layup
36.0 SEAOffensive Rebound by Adrian Griffin
36.040-37SEAAdrian Griffin made Layup
49.0 SEAShooting foul on Adrian Griffin
49.040-37HOULuther Head missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
49.041-37HOULuther Head made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
25.041-37SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
25.0 SEAOffensive Rebound by Ronald Dupree
25.0 HOUPersonal foul on Luis Scola
25.041-38SEARonald Dupree made 1st of 2 Free Throws
22.041-39SEARonald Dupree made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
21.041-39HOULuis Scola missed Hook Shot
16.0 SEADefensive Rebound by Ronald Dupree
4.041-41SEANick Collison made Jump Shot, Assist Earl Watson
3.041-41HOULuther Head missed Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
3rd Qtr
12:00Start of period
11:55 HOUShooting foul on Dikembe Mutombo
11:4541-42SEAJeff Green made 1st of 2 Free Throws
11:4441-43SEAJeff Green made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
11:3241-43HOUShane Battier missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Johan Petro
11:32 HOUOffensive Rebound by Dikembe Mutombo
11:32 HOUShooting foul on Dikembe Mutombo
11:3242-43HOUDikembe Mutombo made 1st of 2 Free Throws
11:3242-43HOUDikembe Mutombo missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
11:32 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
11:2442-43SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
11:20 SEAOffensive Rebound by Nick Collison
11:20 SEALost ball turnover on Nick Collison, Stolen by Shane Battier
11:08 SEAPersonal foul on Johan Petro
11:0244-43HOUTracy McGrady made Jump Shot
10:4544-45SEANick Collison made Layup
10:45 HOUShooting foul on Dikembe Mutombo
10:4444-45SEANick Collison missed Free Throw
10:40 HOUDefensive Rebound by Luis Scola
10:3046-45HOUTracy McGrady made Jump Shot
10:1346-45SEANick Collison missed Jump Shot
10:09 HOUDefensive Rebound by Shane Battier
10:0348-45HOUTracy McGrady made Jump Shot
9:4148-45SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
9:29 SEAOffensive Rebound by Francisco Elson
9:28 SEALost ball turnover on Earl Watson, Stolen by Bobby Jackson
9:2048-45HOUTracy McGrady missed Slam Dunk
9:15 HOUDefensive Rebound by Shane Battier
9:1450-45HOULuis Scola made Layup
8:5850-45SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
8:54 HOUDefensive Rebound by Luis Scola
8:40 HOULost ball turnover on Dikembe Mutombo, Stolen by Jeff Green
8:3150-45SEAJeff Green missed Layup
8:26 SEAOffensive Rebound by Nick Collison
8:2550-47SEANick Collison made Layup
8:1053-47HOUShane Battier made 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:4653-47SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
7:41 SEAOffensive Rebound by Kevin Durant
7:37 SEAOffensive foul on Kevin Durant
7:37 SEAOffensive Foul turnover on Kevin Durant
7:2255-47HOUTracy McGrady made Jump Shot
7:21 SEAFull Timeout
7:15 HOUPersonal foul on Luis Scola
7:1155-47SEAEarl Watson missed Jump Shot
7:02 HOUDefensive Rebound by Shane Battier
6:5455-47HOUTracy McGrady missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
6:50 HOUDefensive Rebound by Bobby Jackson
6:4957-47HOUBobby Jackson made Tip-in
6:39 SEA30-second Timeout
6:2657-49SEAJohan Petro made Jump Shot
6:0559-49HOUDikembe Mutombo made Slam Dunk, Assist Tracy McGrady
5:51 SEALost ball turnover on Jeff Green
5:3159-49HOUTracy McGrady missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:1759-49HOUTracy McGrady missed Layup
5:14 HOUDefensive Rebound by Tracy McGrady
5:1361-49HOUTracy McGrady made Layup
5:07 HOUShooting foul on Luis Scola
5:0761-49SEAJohan Petro missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:0761-50SEAJohan Petro made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:5161-50HOUBobby Jackson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:48 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
4:4061-50SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Dikembe Mutombo
4:34 SEAOffensive Rebound by Kevin Durant
4:3461-52SEAKevin Durant made Jump Shot
4:1461-52HOUShane Battier missed Jump Shot
4:10 SEADefensive Rebound by Nick Collison
4:0061-54SEAEarl Watson made Jump Shot
3:3061-54HOUBobby Jackson missed Jump Shot
3:26 SEADefensive Rebound by Kevin Durant
3:25 SEALost ball turnover on Kevin Durant
3:30  TV Timeout
3:11 SEAPersonal foul on Johan Petro
2:5961-54HOUShane Battier missed Jump Shot
2:56 SEADefensive Rebound by Nick Collison
2:37 SEALost ball turnover on Kevin Durant
2:2263-54HOUTracy McGrady made Jump Shot
2:0663-54SEAEarl Watson missed Jump Shot
1:59 HOUDefensive Rebound by Chuck Hayes
1:5965-54HOUTracy McGrady made Layup
1:5965-54SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
1:4667-54HOUAaron Brooks made Jump Shot
1:3867-54SEAEarl Watson missed Layup
1:33 HOUDefensive Rebound by Shane Battier
1:2468-54HOUAaron Brooks made Technical Free Throw
1:13 SEAPersonal foul on Adrian Griffin
1:0370-54HOUTracy McGrady made Jump Shot
29.0 SEALost ball turnover on Johan Petro, Stolen by Aaron Brooks
21.070-54HOULuther Head missed Layup, Blocked by Earl Watson
16.0 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
1.070-54SEAJeff Green missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
4th Qtr
12:00Start of period
11:4070-54HOUCarl Landry missed Jump Shot
11:36 SEADefensive Rebound by Francisco Elson
11:2770-54SEAFrancisco Elson missed Jump Shot
11:22 HOUDefensive Rebound by Tracy McGrady
11:1072-54HOUAaron Brooks made Reverse Layup
10:40 SEALost ball turnover on Francisco Elson
10:3372-54HOUChuck Hayes missed Layup
10:26 SEADefensive Rebound by Nick Collison
10:0672-54SEAJeff Green missed Jump Shot
10:02 HOUDefensive Rebound by Luther Head
9:52 HOUOffensive foul on Luther Head
9:52 HOUOffensive Foul turnover on Luther Head
9:3672-54SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
9:29 HOUDefensive Rebound by Carl Landry
9:2372-54HOUTracy McGrady missed Layup
9:0972-56SEANick Collison made Slam Dunk, Assist Earl Watson
8:4974-56HOUCarl Landry made Jump Shot, Assist Tracy McGrady
8:2674-56SEADonyell Marshall missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:22 SEAOffensive Rebound by Kevin Durant
8:2174-56SEAKevin Durant missed Layup
8:21  TV Timeout
8:0974-56HOUTracy McGrady missed Jump Shot
7:5974-56HOUCarl Landry missed Jump Shot
7:56 SEADefensive Rebound by Kevin Durant
7:5274-58SEAFrancisco Elson made Jump Shot, Assist Kevin Durant
7:22 HOULost ball turnover on Shane Battier, Stolen by Donyell Marshall
7:1374-60SEADonyell Marshall made Slam Dunk
7:0577-60HOUAaron Brooks made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Tracy McGrady
6:4977-60SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
6:2977-60HOUBobby Jackson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
6:0277-62SEAAdrian Griffin made Floating Jump Shot
5:4377-62HOUTracy McGrady missed Layup
5:38 SEADefensive Rebound by Donyell Marshall
5:37 SEALost ball turnover on Luke Ridnour
5:46 SEATV Timeout
5:39 SEAPersonal foul on Adrian Griffin
5:2877-62HOUShane Battier missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:21 SEADefensive Rebound by Donyell Marshall
5:1477-62SEALuke Ridnour missed Layup
5:08 HOUDefensive Rebound by Luis Scola
5:08 SEAPersonal foul on Adrian Griffin
4:5077-62HOUTracy McGrady missed Layup
4:47 SEADefensive Rebound by Donyell Marshall
4:4377-62SEAAdrian Griffin missed Jump Shot
4:39 HOUDefensive Rebound by Shane Battier
4:1977-62HOUShane Battier missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:15 SEADefensive Rebound by Donyell Marshall
4:10 SEALost ball turnover on Luke Ridnour, Stolen by Tracy McGrady
3:5380-62HOULuther Head made 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:3680-62SEALuke Ridnour missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:32 HOUDefensive Rebound by Luther Head
3:1180-62HOUTracy McGrady missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:07 HOUDefensive Rebound by Bobby Jackson
2:59 HOULost ball turnover on Shane Battier, Stolen by Luke Ridnour
2:5180-64SEALuke Ridnour made Jump Shot, Assist Kevin Durant
2:26 HOULost ball turnover on Tracy McGrady, Stolen by Donyell Marshall
2:27 HOUPersonal foul on Luther Head
2:27  TV Timeout
2:1980-64SEARonald Dupree missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:11 HOUDefensive Rebound by Shane Battier
2:01 HOUOut of bounds turnover on Luther Head
1:40 HOUPersonal foul on Bobby Jackson
1:26 SEAOffensive foul on Adrian Griffin
1:0080-64HOUAaron Brooks missed Jump Shot
58.0 HOUDefensive Rebound by Aaron Brooks
35.080-64HOUSteve Novak missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
28.0 SEADefensive Rebound by Jeff Green
28.0 HOUPersonal foul on Aaron Brooks
44.080-65SEALuke Ridnour made 1st of 2 Free Throws
44.080-66SEALuke Ridnour made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
19.080-66HOULuther Head missed Jump Shot
13.0 HOUOffensive Rebound by Luther Head
0.0End of period. Shop

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