NBA Play by Play - Charlotte vs. New York

1st Qtr
12:00Start of period
12:00 NYJumpball received by Jamal Crawford
11:470-0NYQuentin Richardson missed Jump Shot
11:41 NYOffensive Rebound by David Lee
11:350-0NYDavid Lee missed Jump Shot
11:29 CHADefensive Rebound by Nazr Mohammed
11:200-0CHAEmeka Okafor missed Turnaround Jump Shot
11:020-0NYJared Jeffries missed Jump Shot
10:57 CHADefensive Rebound by Emeka Okafor
10:530-0CHAJason Richardson missed Jump Shot
10:47 CHAOffensive Rebound by Nazr Mohammed
10:352-0CHAJason Richardson made Layup, Assist Emeka Okafor
10:202-0NYJamal Crawford missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Jason Richardson
10:09 CHADefensive Rebound by Raymond Felton
10:082-0CHAJason Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
10:03 NYDefensive Rebound by Zach Randolph
9:592-0NYDavid Lee missed Jump Shot
9:53 CHADefensive Rebound by Jason Richardson
9:512-0CHAJason Richardson missed Jump Shot
9:45 NYDefensive Rebound by David Lee
9:402-0NYQuentin Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:38 NYOut of bounds turnover on Jared Jeffries
9:202-0CHANazr Mohammed missed Jump Shot
9:16 NYDefensive Rebound by David Lee
9:112-2NYZach Randolph made Jump Shot, Assist David Lee
8:502-2CHAEmeka Okafor missed Jump Shot
8:46 NYDefensive Rebound by Jared Jeffries
8:412-5NYJamal Crawford made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Zach Randolph
8:224-5CHAEmeka Okafor made Jump Shot, Assist Raymond Felton
8:014-7NYJared Jeffries made Layup
7:464-7CHAEmeka Okafor missed Jump Shot
7:41 NYDefensive Rebound by David Lee
7:384-9NYJamal Crawford made Floating Jump Shot
7:114-9CHAJason Richardson missed Jump Shot
7:06 NYDefensive Rebound by Zach Randolph
6:534-11NYQuentin Richardson made Layup
6:32 CHABad pass turnover on Matt Carroll
6:194-13NYZach Randolph made Jump Shot
6:16 CHAFull Timeout
6:046-13CHAMatt Carroll made Driving Layup
5:516-13NYJared Jeffries missed Jump Shot
5:44 CHADefensive Rebound by Matt Carroll
5:416-13CHAMatt Carroll missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:37 NYDefensive Rebound by Jamal Crawford
5:346-13NYJared Jeffries missed Layup
5:29 CHADefensive Rebound by Matt Carroll
5:168-13CHAEmeka Okafor made Turnaround Jump Shot
5:028-13NYQuentin Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:57 CHADefensive Rebound by Raymond Felton
4:5111-13CHARaymond Felton made 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:3111-15NYJamal Crawford made Jump Shot
4:2111-17NYZach Randolph made Layup
4:0613-17CHARaymond Felton made Layup
3:4913-20NYJamal Crawford made 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:2716-20CHAJason Richardson made 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:1316-23NYZach Randolph made 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:0016-23CHANazr Mohammed missed Jump Shot
2:53 NYDefensive Rebound by Zach Randolph
2:52 CHAPersonal foul on Jason Richardson
2:52 CHAFull Timeout
2:3618-23CHAEmeka Okafor made Jump Shot
2:1818-23NYJamal Crawford missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:14 CHADefensive Rebound by Jason Richardson
2:0721-23CHAMatt Carroll made 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:4221-26NYQuentin Richardson made 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:2621-28NYQuentin Richardson made Jump Shot
54.021-28NYQuentin Richardson missed Jump Shot
49.0 CHADefensive Rebound by Raymond Felton
40.024-28CHAMatt Carroll made 3-pt. Jump Shot
24.024-28NYJamal Crawford missed Jump Shot
12.0 NYOffensive Rebound by David Lee
1.024-28NYJamal Crawford missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
0.0 CHADefensive Rebound by Jared Dudley
0.0End of period.
2nd Qtr
12:00Start of period
11:4724-28CHAJason Richardson missed Jump Shot
11:42 NYDefensive Rebound by David Lee
11:38 CHAPersonal foul on Nazr Mohammed
11:2224-30NYWilson Chandler made Floating Jump Shot
11:0726-30CHAJermareo Davidson made Driving Layup
10:4826-32NYZach Randolph made Layup, Assist Wilson Chandler
10:2526-32CHAJermareo Davidson missed Jump Shot
10:20 NYDefensive Rebound by Jamal Crawford
10:1926-34NYQuentin Richardson made Layup, Assist Jamal Crawford
10:0926-34CHANazr Mohammed missed Jump Shot
10:06 NYDefensive Rebound by Zach Randolph
10:0026-34NYZach Randolph missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:54 NYOffensive Rebound by Quentin Richardson
9:52 NYOut of bounds turnover on Jamal Crawford
9:3426-34CHAMatt Carroll missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:25 NYDefensive Rebound by Renaldo Balkman
9:2226-34NYRenaldo Balkman missed Jump Shot
9:09 CHADefensive Rebound by Jermareo Davidson
9:0729-34CHAEarl Boykins made 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:5829-34NYRenaldo Balkman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:49 CHADefensive Rebound by Jermareo Davidson
8:52 NYShooting foul on Wilson Chandler
8:52  Official Timeout
8:4530-34CHAJared Dudley made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:2531-34CHAJared Dudley made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:1931-37NYFred Jones made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Renaldo Balkman
8:2531-37CHAMatt Carroll missed Jump Shot
8:19 CHAOffensive Rebound by Jermareo Davidson
8:20 CHAShooting foul on Raymond Felton
8:2032-37CHAJared Dudley made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:2033-37CHAJared Dudley made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:1233-37NYMalik Rose missed Free Throw
8:1235-37CHAEarl Boykins made Jump Shot
8:1235-39NYMalik Rose made Jump Shot
7:2835-39CHAMatt Carroll missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:21 NYDefensive Rebound by Renaldo Balkman
7:18 NYLost ball turnover on Fred Jones, Stolen by Earl Boykins
7:0835-39CHAEarl Boykins missed Jump Shot
7:02 CHAOffensive Rebound by Ryan Hollins
7:0137-39CHARyan Hollins made Slam Dunk
6:4437-39NYFred Jones missed Layup
6:39 CHADefensive Rebound by Earl Boykins
6:3339-39CHAJermareo Davidson made Jump Shot
6:28 CHALoose ball foul on Earl Boykins
6:2839-42NYFred Jones made 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:3639-42CHAJared Dudley missed Jump Shot
5:33 NYDefensive Rebound by Nate Robinson
5:3239-42NYWilson Chandler missed Jump Shot
5:25 CHADefensive Rebound by Ryan Hollins
5:2539-42CHAEarl Boykins missed Jump Shot
5:19 NYDefensive Rebound by Wilson Chandler
5:1839-42NYNate Robinson missed Jump Shot
5:08 NYOffensive Rebound by Wilson Chandler
5:1539-45NYFred Jones made 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:5839-45CHAJason Richardson missed Layup
4:51 NYDefensive Rebound by Mardy Collins
4:43 CHAShooting foul on Emeka Okafor
4:4339-46NYWilson Chandler made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:4339-47NYWilson Chandler made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:20 CHALost ball turnover on Raymond Felton
4:0539-49NYRenaldo Balkman made Driving Layup
3:45 CHALost ball turnover on Jason Richardson, Stolen by Wilson Chandler
3:3839-51NYWilson Chandler made Layup
3:38 CHAShooting foul on Matt Carroll
3:3839-51NYWilson Chandler missed Free Throw
3:3139-53NYNate Robinson made Layup
3:03 CHA24-second shotclock violaton turnover on Matt Carroll
2:5839-55NYMardy Collins made Driving Layup
2:5439-55CHAEmeka Okafor missed Jump Shot
2:50 NYPersonal foul on Nate Robinson
2:4739-56NYWilson Chandler made 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:4739-57NYWilson Chandler made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:30 NYShooting foul on Renaldo Balkman
2:3040-57CHARaymond Felton made 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:3040-57CHARaymond Felton missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:30 NYDefensive Rebound by Renaldo Balkman
2:3040-59NYRenaldo Balkman made Slam Dunk, Assist Fred Jones
2:1642-59CHAEmeka Okafor made Layup
2:1342-61NYMardy Collins made Driving Layup
1:5345-61CHAJason Richardson made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Jared Dudley
1:4245-61NYNate Robinson missed Layup
1:37 CHADefensive Rebound by Emeka Okafor
1:36 NYLoose ball foul on Wilson Chandler
1:2147-61CHARaymond Felton made Driving Layup
56.047-61NYNate Robinson missed Jump Shot
52.0 CHADefensive Rebound by Jason Richardson
37.047-61CHARaymond Felton missed Layup
33.0 CHAOffensive Rebound by Emeka Okafor
32.049-61CHAEmeka Okafor made Layup
27.0 NYLost ball turnover on Mardy Collins, Stolen by Jared Dudley
24.0 NYShooting foul on Renaldo Balkman
24.049-61CHAEmeka Okafor missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
24.049-61CHAEmeka Okafor missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
24.0 NYDefensive Rebound by Wilson Chandler
4.049-61NYMardy Collins missed Jump Shot
4.0 NYOffensive Rebound by Nate Robinson
4.049-63NYNate Robinson made Tip-in
0.0End of period.
3rd Qtr
12:00Start of period
11:4749-63CHAMatt Carroll missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:40 NYDefensive Rebound by Jared Jeffries
11:26 NYBad pass turnover on Wilson Chandler
11:0049-63CHARaymond Felton missed Jump Shot
10:52 NYDefensive Rebound by David Lee
10:5149-65NYZach Randolph made Layup
10:3452-65CHAJason Richardson made 3-pt. Jump Shot
10:3052-65NYJared Jeffries missed Jump Shot
10:23 CHADefensive Rebound by Raymond Felton
10:11 CHALost ball turnover on Raymond Felton, Stolen by Zach Randolph
9:5552-65NYZach Randolph missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:50 CHADefensive Rebound by Raymond Felton
10:10 NYShooting foul on Jared Jeffries
10:1053-65CHAJason Richardson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
10:1053-65CHAJason Richardson missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
10:10 NYDefensive Rebound by Zach Randolph
9:5653-65NYJamal Crawford missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:51 NYOffensive Rebound by Jamal Crawford
9:3853-65NYJamal Crawford missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:34 NYOffensive Rebound by David Lee
9:2553-65NYZach Randolph missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Emeka Okafor
9:21 NYOffensive Rebound by Zach Randolph
9:2153-65NYZach Randolph missed Jump Shot
9:18 CHADefensive Rebound by Matt Carroll
8:5055-65CHAEmeka Okafor made Layup, Assist Jared Dudley
8:4755-65NYQuentin Richardson missed Jump Shot
8:42 CHADefensive Rebound by Emeka Okafor
8:50 CHAOffensive foul on Matt Carroll
8:50 CHAOffensive Foul turnover on Matt Carroll
8:3855-65NYJamal Crawford missed Layup
8:34 CHADefensive Rebound by Jared Dudley
8:18 CHALost ball turnover on Jason Richardson, Stolen by Jamal Crawford
8:11 CHAShooting foul on Jason Richardson
8:08 CHAPersonal foul on Jared Dudley
8:03 CHAPersonal foul on Matt Carroll
8:0355-66NYQuentin Richardson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:0355-67NYQuentin Richardson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
7:4457-67CHARaymond Felton made Layup
7:3157-69NYDavid Lee made Layup
7:0659-69CHAEmeka Okafor made Jump Shot
6:4659-71NYJared Jeffries made Jump Shot
6:2659-71CHAEmeka Okafor missed Layup
6:16 NYDefensive Rebound by Zach Randolph
6:34 NYTravelling turnover on Jared Jeffries
6:33 NYShooting foul on Jared Jeffries
6:3360-71CHAJason Richardson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
6:3361-71CHAJason Richardson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
6:1261-71NYQuentin Richardson missed Layup
6:06 NYOffensive Rebound by Zach Randolph
6:0561-73NYJamal Crawford made Jump Shot
5:56 NYPersonal foul on Jamal Crawford
5:56  TV Timeout
5:51 CHALost ball turnover on Emeka Okafor
5:4561-75NYJamal Crawford made Jump Shot
5:2461-75CHAJason Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:20 NYDefensive Rebound by Jamal Crawford
5:1261-77NYJared Jeffries made Layup
4:5663-77CHARaymond Felton made Floating Jump Shot
4:3963-77NYJared Jeffries missed Jump Shot
4:35 NYOffensive Rebound by David Lee
4:3463-79NYDavid Lee made Layup
4:2465-79CHAMatt Carroll made Jump Shot
4:1465-79NYQuentin Richardson missed Layup
4:10 NYOffensive Rebound by Zach Randolph
3:4665-79NYZach Randolph missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:42 NYOffensive Rebound by David Lee
3:4165-79NYZach Randolph missed Slam Dunk
3:33 CHADefensive Rebound by Jared Dudley
3:33 NYShooting foul on Quentin Richardson
3:3366-79CHAMatt Carroll made 1st of 2 Free Throws
3:3367-79CHAMatt Carroll made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
3:1167-81NYJared Jeffries made Layup
2:5270-81CHAMatt Carroll made 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:4170-81NYDavid Lee missed Jump Shot
2:37 NYOffensive Rebound by David Lee
2:37  TV Timeout
2:3372-81CHARaymond Felton made Layup
2:1572-83NYQuentin Richardson made Jump Shot
1:5072-83CHARaymond Felton missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:45 CHAOffensive Rebound by Jason Richardson
1:4474-83CHAJason Richardson made Jump Shot
1:2674-85NYJamal Crawford made Jump Shot
1:0477-85CHAMatt Carroll made 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:03 NYBack court violation turnover on Jared Jeffries
55.079-85CHARaymond Felton made Driving Layup
38.079-85NYJamal Crawford missed Turnaround Jump Shot
29.0 CHADefensive Rebound by Nazr Mohammed
26.082-85CHAJason Richardson made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Raymond Felton
22.0 NYLost ball turnover on Jamal Crawford, Stolen by Jason Richardson
5.082-85CHAJason Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
4th Qtr
12:00Start of period
11:4282-87NYDavid Lee made Jump Shot
11:1282-87CHAMatt Carroll missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:06 CHADefensive Rebound by Jason Richardson
11:0682-87CHAJason Richardson missed Layup
10:58 NYDefensive Rebound by David Lee
10:5882-89NYWilson Chandler made Layup
10:4882-89CHANazr Mohammed missed Jump Shot
10:43 NYDefensive Rebound by David Lee
10:3884-89CHARaymond Felton made Floating Jump Shot
10:2384-89NYDavid Lee missed Layup
10:20 CHADefensive Rebound by Nazr Mohammed
10:11 NYPersonal foul on Jamal Crawford
10:0286-89CHARaymond Felton made Floating Jump Shot
9:4386-89NYMalik Rose missed Jump Shot
9:33 NYOffensive Rebound by Quentin Richardson
9:3286-89NYQuentin Richardson missed Jump Shot
9:27 CHADefensive Rebound by Jason Richardson
9:26 NYShooting foul on Quentin Richardson
9:2687-89CHANazr Mohammed made 1st of 2 Free Throws
9:2587-89CHANazr Mohammed missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
9:21 NYDefensive Rebound by Malik Rose
9:1887-89NYNate Robinson missed Layup
9:12 CHADefensive Rebound by Nazr Mohammed
9:0087-89CHAJared Dudley missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:55 CHADefensive Rebound by Raymond Felton
8:5489-89CHARaymond Felton made Layup
8:54 NYShooting foul on Wilson Chandler
8:54  TV Timeout
8:3790-89CHARaymond Felton made Free Throw
8:1990-91NYMardy Collins made Turnaround Jump Shot
8:12 NYShooting foul on Fred Jones
8:1291-91CHAJason Richardson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:1291-91CHAJason Richardson missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:12 NYDefensive Rebound by Wilson Chandler
7:4991-91NYFred Jones missed Jump Shot
7:46 CHADefensive Rebound by Jason Richardson
7:3891-91CHAJason Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:33 NYDefensive Rebound by Fred Jones
7:2891-94NYFred Jones made 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:04 CHALost ball turnover on Nazr Mohammed
6:5591-94NYWilson Chandler missed Jump Shot
6:51 CHADefensive Rebound by Nazr Mohammed
6:3991-94CHARaymond Felton missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
6:33 NYDefensive Rebound by Renaldo Balkman
6:2091-94NYWilson Chandler missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
6:16 NYOffensive Rebound by Renaldo Balkman
6:1591-96NYRenaldo Balkman made Layup
6:14  TV Timeout
5:5491-96CHAEmeka Okafor missed Layup
5:54 CHAOffensive Rebound by Emeka Okafor
5:5493-96CHAEmeka Okafor made Layup
5:54 NYShooting foul on Renaldo Balkman
5:5493-96CHAEmeka Okafor missed Free Throw
5:54 NYDefensive Rebound by Renaldo Balkman
5:4693-99NYNate Robinson made 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:26 NYPersonal foul on Renaldo Balkman
5:2694-99CHARaymond Felton made 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:2695-99CHARaymond Felton made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:14 CHAPersonal foul on Raymond Felton
5:01 NYDouble dribble turnover on Renaldo Balkman
4:4097-99CHAEmeka Okafor made Layup
4:35 CHAPersonal foul on Raymond Felton
4:3297-99NYFred Jones missed Jump Shot
4:27 CHADefensive Rebound by Jason Richardson
4:20 NYShooting foul on Mardy Collins
4:2098-99CHAEmeka Okafor made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:2099-99CHAEmeka Okafor made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:0599-99NYNate Robinson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:59 CHADefensive Rebound by Raymond Felton
3:5899-99CHARaymond Felton missed Layup
3:53 CHAOffensive Rebound by Jason Richardson
3:50101-99CHAJason Richardson made Layup
3:43101-102NYFred Jones made 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:07101-102CHAJason Richardson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:03 CHAOffensive Rebound by Emeka Okafor
3:03101-102CHAEmeka Okafor missed Layup
2:59 NYDefensive Rebound by Renaldo Balkman
2:38101-104NYNate Robinson made Driving Layup
2:18101-104CHARaymond Felton missed Layup
2:08 CHAOffensive Rebound by Emeka Okafor
2:07103-104CHAEarl Boykins made Layup
1:56103-106NYNate Robinson made Floating Jump Shot
1:35 CHATravelling turnover on Earl Boykins
1:17103-106NYMardy Collins missed Layup
1:11 NYOffensive Rebound by Jared Jeffries
1:10103-108NYMardy Collins made Tip-in
1:03 NYShooting foul on Renaldo Balkman
1:03104-108CHAJason Richardson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
1:03104-108CHAJason Richardson missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
1:03 CHAPersonal foul on Matt Carroll
41.0104-108NYNate Robinson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
37.0 CHADefensive Rebound by Matt Carroll
27.0104-108CHARaymond Felton missed Jump Shot
21.0 CHAOffensive Rebound by Emeka Okafor
20.0106-108CHAEmeka Okafor made Layup
0.0106-108NYFred Jones missed Layup
0.0 CHADefensive Rebound by Matt Carroll
0.0 CHAFull Timeout
1.0106-108CHAEmeka Okafor missed Jump Shot
0.0End of period.