2014 NBA Draft: Draft Night Trade Tracker

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Here are all of the 2014 NBA Draft Night proposed trades to help you keep track of the madness going on. Deals still need league approval to go through.

Sixers and Pelicans swap backup point guards
  • Sixers acquire Pierre Jackson
  • Pelicans acquire rights to Russ Smith (47th pick)

For the Sixers, Pierre Jackson is a tough little point guard who could inject energy into this team. He's unlikely to push Michael Carter-Williams for minutes but maybe he can challenge Tony Wroten enough to create healthy competition.

For the Pelicans, Russ Smith is a legitimate backup point guard in this league and he could easily take the job behind Jrue Holiday. It's a great value pickup at a position of need for the Pelicans.

Wolves sell second round pick to the Nets
  • Wolves acquire $1 million
  • Nets acquire rights to Markell Brown (44th pick)

For the Wolves, they have Target Center renovations they're paying for and they don't have enough rosters spots for all three second round picks.

For the Nets, Brown gives them a little guard depth if he can make the roster. He's a bit of a combo guard, but his athleticism is through the roof. 

Utah trades Jarnell Stokes to the Grizzlies
  • Jazz acquire 2016 second round pick
  • Grizzlies acquire rights to Jarnell Stokes (35th pick)

For the Jazz, they have acquired a second round pick two years from now without having to decide on a roster spot on a second round pick this year.

For the Grizzlies, Stokes is a big, tough power forward who can give them quite a bit of depth inside. Ed Davis can be a restricted free agent this summer and Zach Randolph's future is up in the air as well. Stokes can be a third or fourth big man in this league and gives them a rebounder off the bench.

Hornets and Heat exchanging first round picks
  • Hornets acquire rights to P.J. Hairston, 55th pick, and future second round pick
  • Heat acquire rights to Shabazz Napier (24th pick)

For the Hornets, they grab multiple second round picks and a big time outside shooter in P.J. Hairston. He was a great outside shooter at North Carolina and he put in good time in the D-League last year when he wasn't allowed to play college basketball. He had some big games there and can certainly provide needed outside shooting to a Bobcats team that struggled with perimeter scoring. 

For the Heat, they go out and get the point guard LeBron James allegedly wanted them to get. James was a big fan of Napier during the NCAA tournament and with Mario Chalmers as a free agent, it gives them plenty of insurance at point guard. Napier gives them someone who improved his 3-point shooting in all four years of his time at UCONN and led his team to the national title.

Sixers and Magic exchange lottery picks
  • 76ers acquire rights to Dario Saric (12th pick), 2015 2nd round pick, future first round pick
  • Magic acquire rights to Elfrid Payton (10th pick)

For the Sixers, they continue stockpiling players who will eventually help them. The Dario Saric selection is one that won't help them for at least two years, as he has a new deal in Europe to stay there for a while. The Sixers already selected Joel Embiid with the third pick, despite the fact that he's out for 4-6 months with a stress fracture in his foot. What have the Sixers walked away with in this draft? A great shot at the No. 1 pick next year. 

For the Magic, they get a point guard after adding Aaron Gordon with the fourth pick in the draft. Payton is a big point guard who can shine defensively and sling the ball around with his passing. He'll pair with Victor Oladipo in the backcourt to form a huge defensive duo. 

Bulls and Nuggets exchange first round picks
  • Bulls acquire Doug McDermott (11th pick) and Anthony Randolph
  • Nuggets acquire Jusuf Nurkic (16th pick) and Gary Harris (19th pick), 2015 second round pick

For the Bulls, they finall get another shooter on their roster and someone who can play either forward position. McDermott is a fantastic scorer and can possibly be a solid rebounder at his position. The Bulls' defense will help hide whatever problems he has on that end of the floor, but Tom Thibodeau can probably make him pretty serviceable guarding players.

The Nuggets turned the 11th pick into two first round picks and the first one they use at 16 is a pick-and-stash center with Jusuf Nurkic. He's a big bruising center in the mold of Nikola Pekovic in terms of how he scores in the post. But can he be mobile enough in the NBA on both ends of the floor? The Harris pick for the Nuggets gives depth to a shooting guard position they just filled with bringing back Arron Afflalo.

New Orleans Pelicans get center from Houston Rockets for future first round pick
  • Pelicans acquire Omer Asik , $1.5 million
  • Rockets acquire protected 2015 first round pick

Grade the Trade for Pelicans-Rockets deal is here

For the Pelicans, they're swinging for the fences on making the playoffs once again. When they drafted Anthony Davis No. 1 back in 2012, the organization seemed ready to fasttrack a return to the playoffs after trading away Chris Paul . During last year's draft, they dealt away Nerlens Noel and their 2014 first round pick for Jrue Holiday . Now they're trading a conditional 2015 first round pick for the defensive center you'd want next to Davis. They either have to get lucky in the lottery (top 3) or be a good enough team to make the playoffs and secure a 20-30 selection to keep their pick. In the meantime, they'll try to improve the sixth worst defense in the NBA from last season.

For the Rockets, they're clearing space for a run at either LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony . The first round pick they get from the Pelicans can also be moved in a trade for a superstar should those free agency targets decide on a different destination this summer. Morey has always been about acquiring assets while keeping flexibility to add a star. They still need to move Jeremy Lin 's contract but this draft pick could be the sweetener in that trade to make it happen.

Denver Nuggets re-acquire Arron Afflalo from Orlando Magic
  • Nuggets acquire Arron Afflalo
  • Magic acquire Evan Fournier, rights to Roy Devyn Marble (56th pick)

Grade the Trade for Nuggets-Magic deal is here

For the Nuggets, they're bringing back one of the assets they gave up in the four-team Dwight Howard deal in 2012 that brought them Andre Iguodala . Afflalo is a very manageable contract at around $7.5 million, which will only be a one-year rental when Afflalo decides to not opt in for 2014-15 at the same price. You can keep the shooting guard and hope to bring him back in free agency or you can move him in a bigger deal to a contender or someone needing to offload a star who may be destined to leave. 

For the Magic, Fournier is a nice player to acquire, but this deal is much more about clearing cap space. They can get down into the low $30 million range for cap space this summer and set themselves up to either acquire a big name free agent, absorb big contracts while acquiring future first round picks as assets, or keep their flexibility for the future contract extensions to their young core. You'd think they could get more for Afflalo but they've opted for versatility in their roster.

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