Andrew Bogut suffers back strain, leaves preseason game

Andrew Bogut suffered a back strain in a preseason game.   (USATSI)
Andrew Bogut suffered a back strain in a preseason game. (USATSI)

Andrew Bogut is finally healthy, he has said. After years of dealing with ankle surgery and a dislocated elbow and various ailments, he's finally been "100 percent." 

So much for that. 

The Warriors played the Lakers in another preseason game in China Friday and Bogut had to leave early with injury. 

Back problems for big men are never a good thing (ask Dwight Howard) but the good news is that Bogut wanted to return to the game, but the coaches and training staff were the one to shut him down.

Granted, a lot of injuries start off as "no concern" so it's something to keep watch on. But really, Bogut's tough enough and so determined to be healthy this year he can play through any minor problem. If there's any real cause for concern it's that Bogut missed most of last season not just with ankle issues, but a protruding disc in his back

The Warriors certainly need him on the floor, as they have a chance to contend in the West this year but only with a healthy Bogut. 

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