Basketball Podcast: Kobe Bryant reaches 30,000 points

On Thursday's Pick-and-Troll podcast, Matt Moore and I look at Kobe Bryant's latest career milestone of passing 30,000 career points. He's just the fifth player in NBA history to enter such territory. He's the youngest player to do it, but he didn't do it in the fewest number of games. Should that matter in how we view the accomplishment? Is it going to be absolute bedlam when he passes Michael Jordan in career scoring?

After making a cross-sport comparison of the two (BARRY SANDERS TALK!), we start talking about which teams in the NBA are stabilizing. Have the Celtics righted the ship in Boston? Are the Timberwolves starting to come around? Is there anyway I can convince Matt the Bulls are for real? And why are the Mavericks sliding so much?

Then we preview Thursday night's Knicks-Heat game. Will this be a high-scoring game because of the outside shooting? Can the Heat's awesome pick-and-roll defense stop the Knicks' awesome pick-and-roll offense? And just how incredible was J.R. Smith's ending to the Knicks' victory over the Bobcats?

We discuss all of that, plus much more. 

We're also starting a mailbag segment on the show. Have any questions about basketball or life you'd like us to answer? Send your emails to

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