Basketball Podcast: The one-on-one era is dead

I'm joined again by senior blogger Matt Moore for a midweek hoops discussion. We get into the Pistons' troubles, Danny Granger's injury and the one-on-one era potentially being a thing of the past.

The Pistons are off to a terrible start at 0-4, and there doesn't seem to be much light at the end of the tunnel right now. Greg Monroe is getting numbers but struggling, Andre Drummond can't get serious playing time and the backcourt doesn't seem to know how to run the team. Is there any hope?

Then we talk about Chris Paul wanting Kyrie Irving to guard him during the Cavs-Clippers game a couple of days ago. Is this a sign that the one-on-one era is dead? With so many specialists and schemes designed around help defense, we're rarely going to see the two best players going at each other for most of a game.

How bad is Granger's knee injury, and what does it mean to the Pacers? Can they survive the next three months? Will Paul George step it up? Are they missing Darren Collison that much?

We discuss all of that and preview Wednesday night's schedule.

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