Clippers unveil new 'Back in Blue' jerseys

The Clippers debuted a new alternate jersey on Monday, part of the "Back in Blue" collection from Adidas. 

Jennings is going to need some aloe vera for that burn. (
Jennings is going to need some aloe vera for that burn. (

I'm not a huge fan, for a few reasons. 

1. Sleeves, ugh.

2. You can go with the baby blue, but this particular hue is that muted baby blue, as if baby blue wasn't soft enough. You find this hugh on boy's infant clothes, and it makes Blake Griffin seem like he's wearing a onesie. And no one needs that disturbing image. 

3. They kept the stronger red, which is a weird contrast. 

4. The weird placement of the jersey number on the front disturbs me.

There's also how those are going to look against other teams. It'll be a weird contrast. Personally, I'm hoping for them to use these in a game vs. the Lakers while they're wearin the "Hollywood Nights" jerseys for maximum weirdness. 

But that's just my opinion. What do you think about the Clippers' new threads? 

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